Thatcher Foundation Responds to the ‘Palin Was Snubbed’ Report Saying, “The Guardian Has Minimal Credibility”

The far left Palin-hating cranks at The Guardian reported this week that aides to Margaret Thatcher told them, “Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin… That would be belittling for Margaret – Sarah Palin is nuts.”

We all knew this did not sound like something Lady Thatcher would say.
It looks like we were right.

Reader DaMav (name withheld by request) sent this email to The Thatcher Foundation today.

Just sent to [email protected]

Margaret Thatcher being used to smear Sarah Palin?

As a strong conservative American with family origins in Britain this simply does not seem right. In a week that Obama sides with Argentina and calls the Falklands the “Malvinas”, comments attributed to Lady Thatcher’s staff are being used to discredit a leader of American conservatism.

Further, the remarks are an insult to me and to other Sarah Palin backers. I am a 60 year old with advanced degrees in medicine and business who has started businesses and been the CEO of two of them. Is Lady Thatcher’s position that I am unable to judge the sanity of those I support?

I urge Lady Thatcher, who is a real hero to many Americans, to re-evaluate this alleged derogation of Sarah Palin, and if possible to meet with her directly to strengthen the cross Atlantic ties of freedom loving Brits and Americans.

Respectfully yours,

Here is the reply:

From: Margaret Thatcher Foundation
To: ————
Sent: Friday, June 10, 2011 4:51 PM
Subject: Mrs Palin

Dear Mr ——-,

Thank you for your message.

I have no inside knowledge of this business to offer I am afraid and certainly am not in a position to make any kind of statement on Lady Thatcher’s behalf. I’m happy though to give you my personal view.

The Guardian, of course, is not a newspaper at all sympathetic to Lady Thatcher (or to Mrs. Palin), so reports on this topic, from that source, have minimal credibility. If nothing else, would Lady Thatcher have ever described a prominent US conservative politician as ‘nuts’, or approved an ‘ally’ who used the description? I would hope that question answers itself.

Of course, sadly, Lady Thatcher’s health is not good these days and such considerations naturally dominate her schedule. That much is true. Someone once said that if you plaster together the true and the false you thereby manufacture the plausible, but in this case I don’t think even that much has been achieved by the Guardian.

On the ‘Malvinas’, the OAS never learns and the State Department endlessly seeks to curry favour with it for the sake of the a quiet life. The question is a closed one as far as we in Britain are concerned, as it is in the Falklands themselves where opinion is undivided.

Best wishes,
Christopher Collins
Margaret Thatcher Foundation

We were right.
The Guardian‘s article was likely just another lame Palin smear by the left.
What a horrible rag.

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  • “Marxists get up early to further their cause. We must get up even earlier to defend our freedom.”

    Margaret Thatcher

  • JimmyT

    That’s why they call her “Lady” Thatcher. Would not happen the way they said. Anyway, with her being one of my conservative icons from the 80’s, I feel comfortable saying I believe she would love Palin. Neither one takes bull from anybody.

  • jorgen

    I lived in the UK for 19 years: you can trust the Guardian as far as you can trust Obama = NOT AT ALL! Horrible piece of fish wrap.

  • The Guardian paper is run by communists and pro-Obama morons.

  • Andrew X

    Mildly OT, but is anyone starting to think this Palin email dump could prove to be a massive boon to Mrs. Palin?

    If there is anything at all remotely bad in there, we will know it , obviously. If that is the case (unlikely), so be it, chips will fall.

    But what if, after all the sturm and drang, the end result is…… nada. Press “suddenly finds more improtant things to cover”. (oh yeah, and asks it’s millions of readers/viewers to “help out” in that too, uh huh.)

    Should that be the case (probably), well then –

    – the message will be sent far and wide that she has survived yet another full bore attack by our allegedly unbiased media organs, and obviously there is flat out NOTHING there, and how many of US would be able to say the same, were our email scrutinized that way.

    – then it will be time for conservatives to pore over those emails, and find and publicize that which demonstrates why we like her so.

    – people will see the scrutiny for what it is, including it’s desperate “please help us find something… anything on her”… nature, it’s result of nada, and start ever more to question just what unfathomable motivations lie behind her opposition. The first interesting story to come out tonight is the death threats. Every day we see more clearly the nature of her opposition, and, unlike her, it ain’t pretty.

    All in all, this could be not just a good thing for her, but a major one.

    Further proof that the left has lost the ‘Mandate of Heaven’. When everything they do to further their cause drives the knife deeper into their own gut. Popcorn all around!

  • Jim

    What else can one expect from the Guardian besides lies and a platform for all sorts of Left-wing ideologues and Islamofascists? Seriously. As much as I support the principle of free speech, the Guardian is all too eager to offer space to some really venal, evil people ranging from Islamofascist apologists like Inayat Bungalawala or Left-wing totalitarian apologists like Seamus Milne. That any newspaper would allow these types of people to spew their venom, lies, and poison is beyond me.

    Also, it’s important to note that the Guardian is notorious for typographical errors, hence the nickname the ‘Grauniad’.

  • Rose

    THIS is the Margaret Thatcher we all know and love and reflects the FACT that we all know her monumental effort to attend the Funeral of Ronald Reagan was obviously far beyond the strains her health demanded, THEN.

    God bless and Keep Mrs. Thatcher and her Inheritance.
    Psalm 91, Shalom Peace and Contentment

  • Bogdan from Australia

    AndrewX. Yo are right. If you go to you shall find a CNN video where its “journalist”reports the first efforts related to searching throgh the e-mails and finds nothing eles that a prrof that Palin was a hard-working, methodical, commited to her work governor and a patriot – things we have ALWAY known.

  • Ciccio

    Those e-mails are for 20 months in office. 24,000 pages. Busy girl.

  • derised1

    Another day, another false Palin smear bites the dust!

    When it comes to the Guardian or any other liberal-leaning rag, don’t trust but always verify from a solid source (not the “unnamed sources” quoted in their stories) when it comes to anything Palin.

  • jann

    So agree with derised1 they won’t find anything but they will start “making stuff up” especially Pulutico. So if you hear something from them remember the Bruce rule, ignore it, remember we are in a war for our freedom and our way of life as we want it.

  • PalinPatriot

    Just like the Liberals in the media, who pounced on Gov. Palin, with their misperceived and incorrect American Historical facts about Paul Revere,  which they disdain and loathe anything Patriotic and American in the first place..  their hypocrisy, inaccurate facts about American History, and their implied and stated assessment of Gov. Palin’s simpleton stupidity. only served to highlight their own uneducated elitist arrogant stupidity, attitude, and vindictive biased bitterness toward Gov. Palin, and all Patriotic Constitutional Conservative Americans, thus highlighted Gov. Palin’s intelligence, intellect, education, and broad based knowledge and expertise of American History, as well as everything and anything Americana. As this this the exact same level of disdain and loathing, that the Liberal Socialists, in the UK and their media propaganda hacks, like “the Guardian”, and so on, had for PM Lady Margaret Thatcher, who was a Staunch Conservative, and was why PM Lady Thatcher and President Ronald Reagan, got along so well as the great team they were, which by the way, they hate as well..  as they attacked Lady Thatcher as viciously and as vile back then, as they Liberal media does now to Gov. Palin..

    There’s no amount of Hypocrisy the leftist Liberal Socialists, can apply and accomplish, that would ever shame themselves into sanity and reality..  as this is how they are..  They exude and perpetuate the meaning of Moral Relavitism.

  • Tawny Jones

    I used to support & defend Gov. Palin in ‘Guardian’ comment threads. I never used profanity or attacked, or even responded to, other posters; yet I was banned from posting. One of their main Sarah-bashers was the JournoLister Michael Tomasky, who has been hired by Palin-bashing ‘Daily Beast’. And so it goes…

  • Militant Conservative

    We have two universe’s one of reality and one of propaganda.

    Whatever the MSM wants you to believe, the opposite is true.

    Simple enough for a non Harvard graduate, gun carrying

    God fearing conservative configure out. Remember half of

    America is below averag intelligence. This is why the economy

    Will be Obama’s political death. It affects ALL , especially the stupid.

    Powder is dry

  • MikeSilver

    I’m not sure who is hated more by the lame stream media ….. Lady Thatcher or Gov. Palin.

    In today’s English news, they are breathlessly planning Lady Thatcher’s funeral.

    Lady Thatcher to be honoured with State funeral, but Palace fears there might not be enough troops to line streets of London

    Read more:

    I’ll predict that Gov. Palin will in fact meet with Lady Thatcher and it will be the photo op of the century.

    Go Sarah Go!

  • SSBN 627(B)

    Hey, completely off-subject, but did you folks see the Fox News item regarding a 29-year-old severely-mentally-handicapped guy getting pulled by TSA in Detroit due to adult diapers? Family traveling to Disney, his dad tried to explain but the TSA wienies would have none of it – now they’re apologizing…
    THIS is good logic.

    BTW, God Bless Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin. In a perfect world, one would be me Mum, the other would be my wife. Kidding. Don’t let either of the real ones see this!

  • tommy mc donnell

    in one day margaret thatcher refuse to meet with sarah palin, her e-mails are being perused, in new zeland she is evil. not a bad days work for the leftist media.

    #8…if sarah palin’s e-mails show that sarah palin is a methodical, hard working, governor and a patroitic american, these are just the kind of smears the left-wing media are looking for.

  • No Man

    Lying liberal . . .

    No, wait! lying is synonymous with liberal.

  • No Man

    Rumor has it they found Obama’s real birth certificate among Governor Palin’s emails!

  • DaMav

    Another great job by The Gateway Pundit. Thanks for laying it out so well, Jim!

  • Mark1960

    #5 Andrew X commented:

    “then it will be time for conservatives to pore over those emails, and find and publicize that which demonstrates why we like her so.”

    That is key, becasue we all know the Republican “Establishment” will not lift a finger to champion this woman or her cause. It’s up to the online conservative community and the Tea Party to rally and spread the word…

  • BarryO

    …..meanwhile, Sarah Palin just keeps smiling and moving forward.

  • Jack Deth

    I didn’t buy the Guardian’s initial statement from Lady Thatcher’s aide to start with. My guess is that the aide is looking for a new job while the Guardian loses even more of its dwindling relevance.

    I also believe that The Great Palin E-Mail Scavenger Hunt will produce nothing viable and will backfire and explode in the media’s face…. Again!

  • jorgen

    #19: No Man commented:

    Rumor has it they found Obama’s real birth certificate among Governor Palin’s emails!

    Is there any proof he has been born? I think he has been hatched.

  • No Man

    They have a SCOOP!



    Governor Palin’s Secrets For Keeping Alaska’s Unemployment Way Better Than The Bottom-48’s Her Entire Term!

  • JPeden

    I’m very sure that Margaret Thatcher has Alzheimer’s disease and has had it for several years at least. So she probably doesn’t even have a position on Palin. Therefore, any such report would be uncredible at best, and intentionally abusive and manifestly evil at worst.

    On the other hand, those afflicted with Palin Derangement Syndrome have no excuse for their “demonic”* obsession with and pursuit of Sarah Palin. And they are almost certainly permanently afflicted with multiple similar and incurable psychoderangements. So they’ll be rightfully suffering for most of their lives, as they already spare no pain in demonstrating, while trying to inflict it on the rest of us.

    *fits in with the ~’rabid mob’ explanatory concept Ann Coulter rightly lays on Liberals/Progressives in her new book, “Demonic”

  • mg4us

    The left fears Sarah and for good reason. .she is Conservative, pro-US Constitutional, and principled. . .something Obama is not nor the RATS in the DemocRATS.

    Why else pour over all ex-gov Palin’s email while ignoring secret tapes (LA times) or emails from Obama. . .while he was in IL State Senate, US Senate and now President?

    Is it because while Palin was busy working with over 24,000 pages of emails in 20 months in office, O-dumbo barely has 100 pages as the Community organizer is out playing golf too much?

    All I can say is “Run, Sarah, Run”!!!!

    And our prayers are with Lady Thatcher for recovery to good health.

  • JPeden

    Is there any proof he has been born? I think he has been hatched.

    Yes, I’m on the lookout for large pods.

  • Ritchie The Riveter

    The Guardian, like the NYT, is a paper of choice for the Ruling Class … to use to line the cages where they keep the Re-, er, Progressive parrots.

    After all, the “betters” can’t be around all the time to train the parrots … but the parrots can pick up the desired talking points from their cage liner!

    Of course, it can get hard for them to tell the difference between the talking points and the droppings …

  • Raymond

    The exposure of these 24,000 pages of Palin’s e-mails during her governance will back-fire at the lefty media whose boy wonder is Obama-san. Such exposure will be on Sarah Palin’s advantage because the know nothing independents will finally know how Sarah Palin governed Alaska with effectiveness. They will come to know how Sarah was able to create jobs for the Alaskans and how she was able to balance the Alaska budget with 5 billion dollar surplus. Well, perhaps Obama discreetly told the media to facilitate in re-opening up 24,000 pages Palin e-mails so that he can learned something from Palin’s strategy of effective governance. 🙂 anyway, poor Mitt Romney, he is starting to get insecured now.

  • bg


    re: #24 & #28

    no no no, he alit from here..



  • bg


    DaMav #20

    again, thanks for sharing..


  • bg



    re: “Credibility”



  • bitterclinger

    The CNN video has its own post at, and the following audio is posted there.

    The speaker is kind of monotone, but he went through 100 of the emails and reported on his favorites. Wait till you get near the end to hear the exchange Sarah had with Huff N Puff.

  • Skinner

    Well written letter by DaMav – kudos to you sir for reaching out.

    Yet again the power of the internet in the hands of civilians lays bare the lies and liars in the western press.

    As remarked on earlier, the GUARDIAN is a communist rag, and always shall be.

    Well done Jim!


  • hstad

    Out of the 12 national dailies in the U.K., the Guardian is ranked 9th. It has been loosing readers steadily and is now down to 260,000+ as of May, 2011 (down from 300,000 for May, 2010). Hell even the Financial Times, which has a very narrow readership beats the Guardian! As a leftist rag it is trying to hang on to a marketplace that is dying. As Thatcher’s spokesperson mentioned, why would anyone give creditability to the Guardian?

  • Molon Lobe

    Lying Leftists is just an oxymoron.

  • Molon Lobe

    Ooops, should have read “isn’t an oxymoron.”

  • Travis

    Massive butt hurt for Charles Johnson.

  • kato

    Liberal = Liar

  • Nick Shaw

    *5-Andrew X
    Wapo and the New York Times readership can be measured in the 10s of hundreds.
    Where do you get this “millions” figure?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    What a horrible rag.

    This describes most of the “newspapers” in the U.S.