Blogger Roughed Up at Indiana Rally (Video)

This past weekend blogger Rebel Pundit traveled to Indiana to attend a rally for Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock and interview the candidate. It didn’t go so well. Mourdock’s team roughed up the blogger for asking a tax question.
Rebel Pundit reported:

This weekend we attended a Tea Party event in Kokomo, Indiana. As we were interviewing Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock; his campaign manager, Chief Deputy & General Counsel for Indiana, Jim Holden surprisingly loses it and stops the interview.

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  • Granny


  • Rose

    That is what I am talking about – like with Gerald Ford, Robert Dole, and John McCain, the Republicans want to be Democrat Marxists and still blackmail the Conservatives to vote for them as if they were not flying raging flaming Marxist colors.

    I’ll write in a Conservative – but I won’t vote for a RINO like Mourdock, Romney, Newt, Pawlenty, or the rest of these donkeys who are not even bothering with RINO costumes anymore.

    They can all KISS MY GRITS! Including Ron Paul who wants to hide behind a Libertarian Banner – he is very Marxist to me – esp. towards Israel and Drugs and whacko taxes and other fiscal insanity.
    Including Cain the Federal Reservist and Diversity Czar.

    Newt announced today his staff leaving didn’t upset him too much because “he understands the rigors of campaigning”!

    Haw Haw Haw! How can he do that from the ship of a Greek Cruise immediately after announcing his run.

    He’ll be vacationing like Odrama Queen – every time he creates a new “bump in the road” and wants to hide from the voters!

  • Doc54

    just more political BS! they are willing to acknowledge you enough to get you to vote for them but not willing to support your views in anyway. It’s all about their own agenda! These are exactly the kind of people we have to keep out of office!

  • Nick

    All I want to know is, whats a tracker?

  • Ghost

    What every true Tea Partier has known since 2008, this is a two-front war…
    and there are other things every realistic Tea Partier knows is coming, but refrains from saying

  • workingclass artist

    That doesn’t look good….nope

  • Sasja

    A tracker is someone who tracks their quarry. Don’t know what that idiot meant by using that phrase unless he perceives Rebel Pundit to be the hunter and they are the prey? Me thinks this Mourdock guy is a RINO and does not really have the support of the true Tea Party but is trying to lure them into voting for him.

  • toongoon

    If he were honest he wouldn’t need a bully.

  • Valerie

    Oh, yes. Let’s pass a purity test. Declare every major Republican figure a RINO. Insist that you will accept Conservatives, only, and be sure to spell it with a capital “C”.

    Make absolutely sure that the weird wing of the Democratic party gets four more years.

  • RedBeard

    BIG mistake by Holden, two ways.

    1. Assault is inexcusable.

    2. He revealed the fact that the campaign is just using the Tea Party, and that Mourdock might not be as philosophically grounded as he tries to portray himself.

  • donh

    He says it right there in the interview that he is just a ” best alternative ” candidate. The republican party continues to run these slightly lesser evil people. Mourdock is another Scott Brown. When will the T Party field its own people, and be done with these. …” I am from the Republican Party, and I am here to represent you ” fascist frauds.

  • wtd

    via TrevorLoudon SEIU Plans to Infiltrate Republican Party to Defeat Tea Party

    By: Janet Smiles
    Gulag Bound
    Reported at

    SEIU On California’s Conservatives: ‘If we can’t get them out, we’ll breed them out.’
    There is a scene in the movie Braveheart in which King Edward I (Longshanks) laments that there …

  • toongoon

    Valerie, I don’t know if your being sarcastic but if we don’t elect true conservatives, what difference does it make if zero has four more years?

  • RedBeard

    Valerie, I agree with your stance during the general election, but right now we need to find the best (a viable and principled conservative) to be on that general election ticket.

    I would enthusiastically vote for a tree stump in opposition to Obama, but we really need better than a tree stump to start with.

  • MikeSilver

    A tracker is an operative from the opposition that video tapes and/or voice records every public event the candidate attends and often tries to get the candidate to flub an answer on tape.

    Then they use those ‘visuals’ in a ‘gotcha’ campaign ad.

  • RedBeard

    Mike, thanks for that info. I didn’t know the term.

    Add a third way that Holden screwed up, then. He also handed a golden opportunity to any real trackers in that crowd who managed to get this episode on tape.

  • obfuscatenot

    Looks like an arrogant SOB to me. I’ll take your vote and kiss my grits.

  • lakewriter

    I dont know this candidate; he is not from my voting district.

    This interview was a set-up. The interviewer was obviously biased. He talked too much – usually the idea of an interview is to shoot out a question short and fast and direct – and give the candidate room to hang himself or whatever.

    A candidate always has a ‘watcher’ (my own terminology) who tracks time. A candidate has only so much time to spend in an area – he has plenty of ground to cover. No one interviewer is ever allowed to monopolize the interview(s). He watches the time and says “It’s time to go” – or words that mean the same. Holden was doing his job. He also may have recognized the ‘set-up’ while the candidate was focusing on the question – that’s why you have the back-up guy whose sole duty is to keep an eye on the clock and the interview.

    The interviewer’s questions were slow, thought out and deliberately slanted. I dont know the interviewer or the candidate, but the interview was far from informative. It was a set up.

    Again, I dont know the candidate – maybe I wouldnt support him personally but looking at this as an observer, that is what I saw.

  • StrangernFiction

    Ruling Class Republican

  • Cris

    Anyone who’s been around politics knows guys like Holden. He’s a jerk, a stooge, and a suck-up. He’s what we call in Chicago a ‘coat-holder’. He’ll do anything to curry favor from the big cheese, in this case Mourland. Politics as usual.
    Mourland isn’t very impressive, either.

  • Robert

    I think that people like this candidate do not want to recognize the precarious nature of our financial position. They just want to go along like they have before, running up more debt at record rates.

    This person is not a true conservative, he is using the Tea Party.

    At this time, yes, we should seek ideological conservatives. Let’s flush out the RINO’s now, and deal with the lesser of two evil’s during the general election.

  • StrangernFiction

    this is a two-front war…

    It’s a one-front war with the Repubicans standing between us and the ‘rats.

  • RedBeard

    #18: Lakewriter, you may be right. But in the final analysis, i really doesn’t matter much what the objectives of the blogger were. He could be from Obama’s camp, and the resultant issue would remain the same. The real problem here is the reaction of Jim Holden. As soon as he physically assaulted the blogger, he crossed a very important line. This gives his boss a black eye, whether deserved or not.

  • Jeannette

    Did you at least get some “bakes” while you were there?

  • Face palm FAIL

  • teapartydoc

    If he doesn’t get rid of Holden he needs to explain why.


    #14. Redbeard, I am a Silver Beard, and a tree stump has more brains than BO. It would get my vote too. Mitt ,the new wooden one, unfortnetly will most likely be the Republican runner, and he is not any better.

  • gastorgrab

    Using the Tea Party as a foil for his message?

  • Colin Fraizer

    A few comments:

    1. I think it’s an exaggeration to say “roughed up” in this video. The campaign manager _was_ rude and (IMHO) inappropriate, but not violent. It cheapens real acts of violence to exaggerate like this.
    2. I think the video was deceptively edited. That is, the early clips make it seem like the campaign manager spontaneously cut off the questioner because of the content of the question, when actually he had requested the cut-off twice just before. That full context–at the end of the video–shows things more honestly. [I appreciate you including the context, but you should have disclosed it up front.]
    3. I think strategically candidates are correct to say, “I appreciate the Tea Party and the support of its members,” while not necessarily endorsing every position that might be associated with it. [Given the decentralized nature of the Tea Party–which I heartily support–it would be easy for the MSM to tar a candidate with “far out” quotes from someone who claims Tea Party membership or leadership.]
    4. Given the choice between Mr. Mourdock and Mr. Lugar, I’d take the former hands down! He is much more aligned with Tea Party principles than is Senator Lugar.

    Full disclosure: I’ve given relatively small amounts of money to the Mourdock for Senate campaign (and his previous campaigns). I’ve also given money to Senator Lugar’s previous campaigns–when he was the better choice.


  • Peter Warner

    Good points, Lakewriter and RedBeard.

    Neither the interviewer nor the candidate manager impress. The blogger has a harassment tone with his drawn-out (leading?) questions, and his presentation video does indeed have the finish of a ‘tracker’ mode. Which does NOT excuse the manager from becoming violent. Along with their conduct, using ‘Dude’ in their conversation makes them both look juvenile.

    Regardless, the candidate group is the one obligated to present a respectable face, so the candidate loses credibility in this exchange.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • ginghamturtle

    Colin Fraizer, while I appreciate your honesty I believe you are someone on this Murduck’s staff. This moron insults the tea party at a tea party rally. I don’t think so.

  • RedBeard

    #29: Colin, I’m a Hoosier by blood, and I recall when Lugar was a decent sort. Then big government liberal thought began to corrupt his soul. I would love to see him replaced with a more conservative candidate. But, that said, I would still vote for Lugar if he is the only choice against the Dems.

    #27: Lynndh, truth be known, my beard would only have been red a long time ago. 😉

  • Murdock must be absolutely overjoyed his campaign manager just provided his campaign with its very own Macaca by proxy moment. . .

  • Colin Fraizer

    @ginghamturtle, like I said, I’m not employed by Mourdock and I don’t work with his campaign. You can look me up on You’ll see donations I’ve made to candidates like Fred Thompson (in ’07). I work for a software company and I comment under my real, given name.

    @RedBeard, I’m also a native Hoosier. I’m certainly in favor of replacing Sen. Lugar with someone more attuned to the Tea Party, but I’ll pull the lever for him if he’s the most libertarian/conservative viable choice.

  • Colin Fraizer

    One more thing: I think the composition of the U.S. Senate is too important to let over-sensitivity or imagined sleights distract us. Tea Party supporters should look at the candidates and pick the one that matches their values.

    I’m open to the idea that there is someone better than Mr. Mourdock, but it’s hard for me to believe that Sen. Lugar is.

  • CT

    I don’t know Richard Mourdock from Shinola, but a candidate is who he surrounds himself with (think Rev. Wright) and Jim Holden is one arrogant ass.

  • Farmer

    And here, my friends, is the future of politics in our country. Liars telling lies to liars who then lie to other liars who lie about being lied to as they tell their version of one of those lies to influence other liars toward the propagation the last liar’s agenda.

    GEEZE LOUISE!!! Is THIS all we’ve got?!?! Are there no “candidates” who will not use “conventional campaign ‘wisdom'” in order to actually SERVE their consituency????

    After seeing this … this … self-serving abomination over and over and over again, in every political venue, I must finally admit that I am beyond disappointed.

    I am disheartened, and leaning toward despair.

    Please God … save our country. It’s a sure thing that Mourdock and his ilk won’t lift a finger for us.


  • Steve

    I was at this rally in Kokomo.

    This “blogger” was identified by several people as a “paid tracker” who they have seen before at other appearances as someone who follows the candidate and intentionally tries to set up the candidate in a situation that benefits those that are paying him. One person who should know indicated to me that this “blogger” was paid by Lugar to track Mourdock.

    I will add that the video clip is edited to reflect maximum damage to Mourdock. He was not assaulted but confronted. During the follow up to the confrontation, he was talked to politely and and when he mentioned “freedom of the press to interview the candidate” he was asked for his press credentials which he did not have.

    I am a Tea Party person and have been active for over 2 years working to elect true Conservatives. Richard Mourdock is the real deal my tea party friends and your failure to recognize who is and who is not a true Conservative will prove to be our downfall. I suggest you educate yourselves on Mr. Mourdock and listen to him speak rather than form your opinion based on a paid tracker video that is designed to do exactly what you are doing.

    You say you are tea party but yet you allow yourselves to be hijacked by a socialist blogger. Ya that’s real tea party thinking alright. It is people like you that give the movement a bad name.

  • Simply a case of Mad RINO Disease … primary indication for Primary Bait.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • stanx

    Hahahaha Rebel Pundit is one of the top Tea Party blogs in Chicago …… hahaha now it’s a socialist blog ?

    Steve put down the CRACK

  • Chisum


    Socialist blogger? Are you for real?

  • Colin Fraizer


    [A minor aside.] I certainly hope that Mourdock’s campaign doesn’t believe in a “Freedom of the Press” that includes only credentialed journalists. The First Amendment does not refer to the entity referenced in reverential tones as “The Press”, but rather refers to the rights of all Americans to publish their views–with or without J-school endorsement!

    That said, I hope we are all disciplined enough not to snipe at each other about minor offenses. I’d rather have a U.S. Senator who votes for smaller government and individual liberty than have a failed candidate. You can bet that our opponents will try to use every trick to paint liberty-loving candidates as part of a fringe. Let’s not make life harder on them.

  • Mark S.

    Geez louise, this campaign manager owes him an apology… I’m sorry, but those of you who are whining that he shouldn’t be going after a Republican… if you’re a believer in the beliefs of what you espouse as tea party individuals, you shouldn’t care if he’s asking these questions of a Republican, a Democrat, a Whig, a Bull Moose, whatever party affiliation!

    But no, to some of you, it’s important that we leave nice-Republicans alone? Does anyone remember PUMA? You seem to love it when it’s Democrat-PUMA, but Republican-PUMA? Oh Noes! Protect ‘our’ guy!

    As for anyone who calls RebelPundit a “socialist” blogger… BWAHAHAHAH!! Now I KNOW you’re reaching for any way to defend Mourdock (and trust me, I’ve read enough of Lugar to know Mourdock is a better alternative!), but to assault (yes, it was assault) someone who MIGHT be trying to get them in a “catch-you” question?

    If Mourdock can’t handle a “catch-you” question (if one occurs), then maybe he’s in the wrong line of work as a politician?

  • dmitryb

    I’m from CA, so I don’t have a dog in this fight. But I too find the title of this post misleading and the video deceptively edited. This is not a comment on Mourdock’s campaign since I don’t know anything about it. This is a comment on the video as I see it shown here.

    1. I don’t understand what you want from this Mourdock guy? He is seems pretty open about not being of the Tea Party. Yet, in this video he is being accused of… not truly being a Tea Party candidate. Well, yeah…

    2. The staffer asked to end the interview before he even knew what the second question was about. It is misleading to claim that he was trying to avoid answering the tax question.

    3. The staffer behaved inappropriately, but it’s a very long stretch to claim that the blogger was “roughed up.”

  • chili palmer

    The terms RINO and ‘true conservative’ are no longer helpful. Many so-called true conservatives in the Beltway either participated in the destruction of our country or did nothing to warn us about it in time to stop it (I refer to the entire sub-prime scam which led to Obama and ObamaCare). Lifetimes of work and sacrifice were lost. In order to destroy this country and its people countless regulations have been put in place over the past 22 years including many involving global warming and the environment. They must be undone, one by one. George Soros is in the oval office. He must be removed. The United Nations, a criminal, terrorist organization, must be completely removed from American life. I have not mentioned one social issue here, or one so-called conservative issue. Our government has been given away or taken over, take your pick. It is a matter of life and death, nothing to do with politics. As it happens, these topics are considered right of center and probably Tea Party. These are the urgent topics of today to me and what I’d like candidates to talk about.

  • Colin Fraizer

    @Mark S,

    I agree that we shouldn’t be ignoring principles and blindly voting for the guy with the (R) by his name. That’s why I would encourage Tea Party supporters to look at Mourdock’s stand on the issues and not be put off if he doesn’t put an implicit (Tea Party) after his name either.

    It’s not about the labels. It’s about getting the best possible senator we can get. If there are issues where Mourdock is more liberal than Lugar, can someone please post examples?

    Note: I noticed the “socialist blogger” swipe and thought it unfounded too. Let’s all try not to engage in name calling and try to *be forgiving* when someone gets carried away and engages in it. We can’t have a movement to counter the Progressives if we just fight with one another.

    I think Mourdock’s campaign needs to make a sincere apology for their rudeness to the camera blogger, pledge to do better, and make a case for why Tea Party supporters should
    choose him over Lugar (or some other candidate). Based on what I’ve seen, there is a lot for us to like.

    [Less importantly, I think the blogger should consider clarifying that he was not, in fact, “roughed up” unless there is something more than what was in the video. I think Mourdock’s campaign worker’s action was _inexcusable_, but I don’t think it was _unforgivable_. Serious apology from Mourdock and from the campaign worker are required, but this was not a Ken Gladney-style beating, as far as I can tell.]

  • ginghamturtle

    I am not so concerned about Rebel Pundit getting “roughed up” as I am concerning this candidate’s total disrespect of the Tea Party at a Tea Party Event. He doesn’t want a “T” by his name then please get someone who is not a Rino to step up to the plate.

  • icc


  • RedBeard

    Focus. Eyes on the prize. Support a conservative in the primary, then vote Republican in the general.

    That said, if the primary choice of viable candidates comes down to Mourdock and Lugar, and Mourdock is the better (if not perfect) candidate, then this rude behavior by his top aide isn’t going to help us very much.

  • E. Fluvius Maximus

    Heh, Mourdock’s damage control spinners appear to be here in force. And they are so obvious. How laughably sad. First rule of holes, guys.
    And Holden? Watch that drunken frat boy shtick, before somebody straightens you out.

  • ginghamturtle

    E. Fluvius Maximus #50

    It is sad.

  • AnnaK

    I too was at this event. I am also a Tea Party member.
    Anyone who has ever heard Richard Mourdock speak knows who and what he is all about. He is a true conservative who is determined to rescue what is left of our once great country. As a two term State Treasurer of Indiana, Mourdock received more votes in the last election than ALL the Indiana candidates combined. WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIANA, KNOW WHO HE IS!
    Those of you who make comments pertaining to a great man that you DO NOT KNOW, have NEVER heard speak, have NO knowledge of his history…need to do your homework before leaving ignorant comments.
    We need 100 Richard Mourdock’s in DC!

  • TEA Party Conservative


    The guy from Rebel Pundit went nuts. I was an objective observer and saw the whole thing.

    The rebel pundit guy went nuts and was looking to make a scene.

    THERE WAS NOT ASSAULT and the blogger could have walked away at any time. He was the instigator and perpetuated the situation.

  • TEA Party Conservative

    Although i don’t support Mourdock’s aide touching the camera, under Indiana code, touching a camera does not constitute any level of assault.

    There is a difference between “assault” and “rudeness”.

    Using the word “assault” just shows how desperate rebel pundit is for publicity.

  • SuzeC

    too bad this is not the real truth of the matter……”assaulted” was hardly a description, now, was it. Wow…..this is how folks blow out of all proportion what happened in order to gain notoriety. If you were assaulted……why did you not call the policeman in? He was there for you to lodge a complaint…..but you didn’t, now, did you.

    You’re a little like Chicken Little crying “the sky is falling:” ….only you are crying “I was assaulted….or, eh…….my camera was bumped! my camera was bumped!”

  • RedBeard

    I don’t know how Indiana applies penalties under the law, but by definition this act by Jim Holden can be viewed as both assault (the threat) and battery (contact).

    But all legal niceties aside, and despite whatever provocation there might have been, it was a stupid thing for him to do.

  • Jeannette

    Looks like Mourdock needs some lessons from Sarah Palin on how to handle rough media. What a wuss!

  • This “blogger” was identified by several people as a “paid tracker” who they have seen before at other appearances as someone who follows the candidate and intentionally tries to set up the candidate in a situation that benefits those that are paying him. One person who should know indicated to me that this “blogger” was paid by Lugar to track Mourdock.

    If all of that was known, then that makes their behavior even more inexcusable . You have a guy that you know is trying to make the candidate look bad, and you assault him? That’s unforgivable incompetence if nothing else.

    “This guy want something on tape to make us look like goons. I know, let’s shove him around!”

  • lakewriter

    Just checked out Rebel Pundit’s site. I am saddened that he is labeled as being Conservative – this is the first such behavior I’ve seen from a Conservative.

    Excellent points were made above in regard to the ‘set-up.’

    I am involved in politics and campaigns (boots on the ground -state and national- and managing – local) and have always backed the person, not the party.

    I tire of people immediately attacking a candidate if the person does not agree with a stated opinion from another. Statements like “Mourdock’s damage control spinners appear to be here in force” fade into oblivion when there are no facts backing up the speaker’s opposing view.

    Anna K. (#52) credibility stands out – she refers to the person’s record. Facts, not unfounded accusations.

    I am from NY and dont’ know this candidate or what he stands for. My comments are strictly pertaining to the interview.

    Physical assault? I saw a hand go over a camera.

    Do I support Holden’s behavior? No. It’s too bad he didnt handle it better. If it were up to me, Holden would issue an apology and then step down.

    As a whole, I support the Tea Party but many are not politically in tune. For instance, before a Primary support the candidate that most meets your qualifications. But after the Primary, dont introduce a third candidate – that only gives a win to the one furthest from your ideal as he slips in between the votes split down the middle for the other two guys. I will say these people study the Constitution and Founding Fathers and know our history better than I. But they also have no ‘leader’ so that while some are right on target, others are suicidal and mob mentality.

    I am saddened by Rebel Pundit’s behavior and saddened further by Jim Hoft whom I assume created the misleading headline. btw – I lean Conservative so guess it can be said I am speaking against ‘one of my own.’

  • Kelly Havens

    As a Tea Party person, I can tell you that Richard Mourdock is everything we are looking for in an elected official. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, a man of courage, and above all, a man of integrity. I understand fully the distinction he is making between Republican and Tea Party. I make it all the time myself. Who can speak for all of us who are loosely networked under the banner of Tea Party? No one. But I can tell you this as an individual: After 20 years of tracking Hoosier elections closely, I believe there has never been a finer candidate than Richard Mourdock. I was at the rally in the video. It is unfortunate that his manager pre-empted him from answering the Fair Tax question as I am looking forward to Richard’s answer. I am all for a consumption tax and the elimination of the IRS, but until we can eliminate the prebate component, I think Fair Tax would be a major mistake and take us in a much more socialist direction than most of us want to go. I look forward to hearing Richard’s considered opinion on the subject. And I plan to work tirelessly to see him elected! P.S. If you check other websites, you can see that Richard has chastised his manager for over-reacting, and says it will not be happening again.

  • Buzz

    Unreal. People are screaming “RINO!!!!” at the guy who is challenging Lugar from the right. Is anyone ever pure enough for you morons? (No need to answer that question).

    If nothing else motivates you to vote for the Republican nominee in 2012, think about the Supreme Court. Kennedy will definitely not make it 4 more years, and if one of the conservatives dies or retires and both are replaced by activist left-wingers we will be screwed beyond repair.

  • stanx
  • lakewriter

    Thanks, stanx, for the link. Nice that Mourdock is taking responsibility for his people’s actions. I wonder if the ‘conservative’ blogger/interviewer will apologize for his dramatization of the incident. Probably not.

    The more I think of this, the more I admire Mourdock. The Tea Party has no national leader – or local. It is supposed to be a group of concerned citizens united for less govt, lower taxes. Some groups are more militant, while others more respectful and worthy of the cause. Some have been infiltrated. Mourdock’s call was wise.

    Thanks for making me aware of this – I’ll be watching the race closely.

  • @ Valerie of #9, I do appreciate the fact that any party in America is actually a coalition of smaller political cliques and factions, but the fact is that there *are* certain purity tests I would administor to *any* candidate running in any party I belong to. “Keep your hands to yourself while talking to people asking you questions and have your minions do the same!” is among them. If that is too harsh a purity test for a candidate then he shouldn’t be running for office. 😛

  • SuzeC

    More truth about this blogger will come out. He is not what he appears. He and his little friend were there for a purpose other than getting a good interview……..and that truth will come out eventually.

    All I can say is…….judge not, lest you be so judged. When you point a finger, there are 3 coming back at you. Richard Mourdock is one of the finest people I know…..and I know him. He – in case all you naysayers didn’t know – was the only POLITICIAN….who stood toe to toe against Obama when BO tried to disqualify the Indiana public pensioners who had invested in Chrysler before the bailout…..their very retirements would have been destroyed by BO, if it had not been for Indiana State Treasurer, Richard Mourdock. I note that this little blogger in his sing-song little litany neglects to keep his camera rolling on what Mourdock said about Tea Partiers: “I have 3 words for you in the Tea Party: GOD BLESS YOU!!!” And why would he do that???? because we – in Indiana – have his back. And because he knew he could count on that backing when he went up against the Almighty Barrack Hussein. Obama. 13 STATES ATTORNEYS GENERAL WERE IN THE BATTLE WITH HIM UNTIL THE USURPER THREATENED THEM. THEN THEY ALL TURNED TAIL AND RAN. RICHARD MOURDOCK STOOD AGAINST HIM AND WENT TO THE SUPREME COURT …….so quit listening to the little whiner from the blogosphere. He’s out for something besides the truth.

  • Chisum

    Wow SuzeC,

    You need to keep up. Mourdock has publicly said that he will apologize to that “whiny blogger” who you say “is not what he appears”.

    Why would he do that if that “whiny blogger” was “out for something besides the truth?”

  • Obamahater

    I’ll start by admitting to not being particular impressed by phonies that are out to distroy the United States that I love, like Obama. And I have the same lack of respect for all RINOs. Having said that, and I did not see the actual confrontation between Holden and the “Rebel Pundet” reporter, and I use the term lightly, but I did notice that this “reporter” was making a general ass of himself during the rally. I agree Holden should not have touched the camera, but “assault”? Notice the first three letters. This jerk was disturbing people who were trying to listen to the speeches. He was deliberately walking in front of people trying to take pictures and was plainly what I would call an opponent’s plant. He was there to take pictures, record sound bites and manipulate both when he got home, also adding his own sound bites. Richard Mourdock, affirmed by his past voting record, is far from a RINO. The dictionary I have has pictures of Richard Lugar and Olympia Snow in the definition of RINO. Disregard this jerk. If it become SOP for Holden to act this way, I am sure Mourdock will fire him. Research both Lugar’s RINO record and Mourdock’s record and make an informed decision when it comes time to vote. By the way, if the general election comes down to Donnelly and Lugar, Donnelly will get my vote. At least he admits to being a Democrat, unlike Lugar.

  • RedBeard

    #62: That’s good. It’s the best thing Mourdock can do at this point.

    Too much focus is on the motives of the blogger, when that’s really not relevant. The guy could have been a plant sent by Lugar’s camp, or even operating under orders from the White House, and it wouldn’t alter the need for Mourdock to set this right.

    Facts are facts. Jim Holden did grab or push the blogger’s camera, and that is not acceptable behavior, plain and simple. I give points to Mourdock for recognizing this.

  • BigE

    I was also at the rally in Kokomo on Saturday. I noticed these two “dudes” during the rally and wondered what they were up to. And I stood by as they were causing a scene after most of the attendees had left, along with they police officer. One lady asked him if he needed an ambulance, and he refused. He was just there to cause problems and try to make a name for himself. Although I don’t condone the actions of Jim Holden, this blogger was also over-reacting and generally making a spectacle of himself.

  • Cracker Mike

    RE #3, Mourdock is no Rino. I’m from Indiana and remember when Mourdock had his Ind 8th U.S. House election stolen by the Dems with one of their earliest hanging chad type thefts. Don’t know what the deal was here, but Mourdick is a not bad or crooked or liberal politician. He did a good job here in Indiana.

  • Tom

    The “roughed up” headline as compared to the actuality of putting a hand in front of the camera, is exaggerating to point of deceit. Hysteria is not a good platform for credibility.
    We need you as a credible voice.

  • Coolone

    I too, attended the Kokomo event. I was part of the detail assisting people in parking and being watchful for potentially disruptive people. A Police Officer was present at the event until it ended. I witnessed part of the incident. The Rebel Pundit blogger waited until the Police Officer had left before he began to “interview” Richard Mourdock. It was apparent that the blogger was attempting to create an incident that he could blog about. I don’t believe that his camera should have been grabbed, but I also don’t feel the blogger was going to leave without being coerced in some manner. His interest in interviewing the candidate was not to hear the candidate’s point of view, rather to catch him saying something he could cast in a negative light. Candidate Mourdock, himself, behaved very calmly, professionally, and attempted to respond truthfully to questions. It was the blogger who became ill-mannered, and that provoked the defensive response by the campaign worker. The blogger then proceeded to claim the incident was an “assault”. It was not.

    For the record, Mr. Mourdock is a true Conservative who believes in limited government, constitutional adherence, and fiscal responsibility. It is those qualities and his integrity that endear him to the Tea Party people.

  • Chisum

    Tom at #71.

    The “roughed up” headline as compared to the actuality of putting a hand in front of the camera, is exaggerating to point of deceit. Hysteria is not a good platform for credibility.
    We need you as a credible voice.


    From the link at #62.

    Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (R) will issue an apology for his campaign manager roughing up a conservative blogger during an interview over the weekend, according to his spokesman.

    So tell me, how is Jim Hoft not credible?

  • I attended the rally at Kokomo supporting Richard Mourdock on Saturday, June 11. I was one of the event organizers “It’s REAL T.E.A. Time Indiana.” All the organizers are TEA Party members from various TEA Parties across the state of Indiana. As individuals, we recognized over the past two years that Richard Mourdock is the TEA Party conservative. Richard Mourdock attended and spoke at the first Tax Day Rally sponsored by the Indianapolis TEA Party in 2009. I have seen Richard Mourdock at many TEA Party events across the state of Indiana during the past two years. Richard Mourdock makes it a point to support the TEA Party movement. NO ONE can say the same about Richard Lugar. In fact, Richard Lugar told the TEA Party to, “get real.” The organizers decided to use the word “real” in the title of our event in Kokomo because of Lugar’s reference.

    Although Mourdock’s campaign manager used poor judgment in his actions, the interviewer was not assaulted by any stretch of the word. Everyone at the event was suspicious of the two men and what they were doing while there. We all know the game of politics and how dirty it gets. Can anyone say, “Sarah Palin e-mails?” These guys were collecting any hint of dirt they could muster up to use against Richard Mourdock. As well, the interviewer wanted his 15 minutes of fame and glory and to only promote his blog site.

    Richard Mourdock is a true conservative worthy of TEA Party support. He fought all the way to the US Supreme Court for the pensions of the employees of the state of Indiana when Obama handed over GM and Chrysler to the unions as payback for campaign contribution monies and the pensions or the stockholders disappeared. And, he did it all alone. Would any other politican do that? No. Richard Mourdock is what Indiana needs. Richard Mourdock will get the US fiscal house in order. Richard Mourdock is what the US Senate needs.

    If any Indiana voter out there wants to take the action of someone putting a hand in front of a camera as a reason to keep a true conservative out of office; then, you deserve the government you get. We just ask that you get the h*ll out of our way because we do not intend to suffer through another 6 years of Richard Lugar destroying our country. We, as TEA Party Conservatives, are behind Richard Mourdock for Indiana State Senate, and will continue to support Richard Mourdock to the very end of the 2012 election when we plan, host and attend Richard Mourdock’s victory party.

  • realitybites

    Look Mourdock zombies , if you could look past your sheeple ways and watch the video , rebel pundit asked for a clarification to an odd statement ( and the candidate cleared that up ) and a simple tax question to a sitting Treasurer .

    Would “hanging” around also equal , just waiting to ask a few questions ? Seems your glossing over the main point , two easy questions don’t equal the action that was given . It appears that apologizes were excepted at RebelPundit’s site on his update .

    Try not to zombie yourself this early hoosiers

  • realitybites

    UPDATE: An apology for what occurs in the video below has been issued by Treasurer Mourdock today on the Dana Show. An apology has also been received from Deputy Treasurer Jim Holden. Both explained they believe this was a case of mistaken identity.

    At Rebel Pundit, we do accept the apologies offered. However we do feel after this unfortunate event, it is important to remember, this type of behavior is something we hope to never see at a Tea Party or conservative rally of any kind. Regardless of who is questioning a candidate, be it a main stream media reporter, blogger, average citizen, or an opponent, candidates and their staff must be held to a higher standard, if they seek to represent us.

  • TEA Party Conservative


    You should be proud. I witnessed the whole thing and this guy has some anger issues. Instead of leaving, he made a huge scene for at least 10 minutes.

    He exposes his intentions by referring to a touching of his camera as “assault”. If you are assaulted, file a police report. There was a police office there and he made no attempt to contact him.