Andrew Breitbart on Huma’s Pregnancy: This Information Was a PR Attempt and a Ploy (Video)

Andrew Breitbart told Greta Van Susteren tonight that the Weiner camp selectively released the news today that Huma was pregnant. Andrew says it was a PR attempt and a ploy to make people not want to report on the Weinergate scandal.

Andrew was on with Greta tonight:

Andrew is right about this… But the left is going to eviscerate him for saying it anyway. After all, how could he say this about a woman whose husband had been sending lewd emails to strange women the entire first year of their marriage?

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  • bobbi85710

    Wouldn’t the most effective time to have used the “pregnancy” angle been the presser? Since it’s not real & only cover for the Clinton/Obama scandal that’s coming down the pike, it ain’t working. Everyone has turned a blind eye to the bigger story of the “affair” that is painfully ready to pop out. Arranged power marriages, to use for cover, fail to factor in the real human needs of man.

  • MariaA

    Maybe Andrew should keep a low profile for a while. Initially he was great during this episode. Lately, with his juvenile behavior of showing the X-rated pic to the shock jocks… not so much.

  • MrGoodWench

    Andrew says it was a PR attempt and a ploy to make people not want to report on the Weinergate scandal.
    If that doesn’t work and the reporting continues,
    the media ( matters) will report that weener’s puppy died .
    But the putz won’t just resign

  • DSM

    I’m praying for girl!

  • Charlie

    In nine months, divorce or a baby? Betting starts now. I’m putting my money on divorce.

  • ditto

    Im betting on a divorce and huge alimony and child support payments!

  • MrGoodWench

    Charlie commented:
    In nine months, divorce or a baby?
    In nine months, no divorce, no baby

  • donh

    Andrew is too shrewd to say something that nasty on speculation. He must know it from an inside staffer. I am glad somebody in the media has the courage to expose how these creeps control the public opinion by playing on their emotions. Lots of people thought John Edwards was exploiting his wife’s cancer for political gain, but you dare not speak out or you be crucified as the cold cruel heartless conservative….It turned out to be true.

  • Lorraine

    They say she’s “very early on” – meaning, not even showing yet. Considering that Weiner is a proven liar, and that it’s been proven Huma knew about all this…. Throw in the Hillary/Huma rumors…. What are the odds that she’s not really pregnant, and when the media hasn’t let up in a few days, the Weiner camp will claim Huma had a miscarriage induced because of all the “stress” of this situation?

    If she is pregnant… I hope she has a healthy pregnancy. After 4 miscarriages of my own, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  • MrGoodWench

    Maybe she is really not pregnant but just to prove Breitbart wrong and save her husband , she’ll listen to the Clintons and get herself pregnant. There is too much at stake for her lifestyle and her islamic overlords

  • Sparky

    Ah, yes, the old pregnancy ploy! Weiner should resign before the damage control becomes even totally ludicrous and before more women crawl out of the woodwork with lurid tales of sexting with Weiner.

  • Donna

    Andrew is correct, Apparently.
    In the NY Post tonight there is a story “Weiner on Wife support”
    It states “Publicly humilated Huma Abedin won’t ditch her lecherous husband and is actually working overtime to help salvage his gravely wounded political career, A close friend told the post.
    The friend also said shes adamant that her husband not resign they hunkered down in a NY hotel Monday night.
    They are still talking about what to do (To survive the scandal) the source said, Adding that they PLOTTED HIS POLITICAL COMEBACK WHILE AT THE HOTEL.

  • epador

    Here’s a thought: Huma conspires with Tony, they decide to float the pregnancy news, they mate like bunnies until she IS pregnant, THEN she files for divorce and child support. Sounds like justice to me.

  • big L

    Does this woman have a Green Card? Is she a Saudi or Pak citizen?is she a citizen of the USA?
    What Passport does she use? She is off to Africa with Hillary Clinton for a few weeks maybe more. Why now. (why is MO off to Africa too with Mom and the kids?)
    I was told the relationship was like Older sister to Younger sister, Much like Oprah and Gail King, her producer are Older sister/younger sister…
    And Bill Clinton married Weiner and Huma. How could that be an official Marriage? Is he a Mail-order Universalist minister?

  • [email protected]

    To Big L @ 14:

    Most states have a law whereby a person can get a one-day license to perform a marriage. My husband and i were married this way.

  • jorgen

    whose husband had been sending lewd emails to strange women the entire first year of their marriage

    He has been busy doing the ground work in preparation for the second year of their mariage.

  • Nancy

    Of course she is standing by him. It’s what Hillary has done through all those years of marriage to Bill.

  • [email protected]

    My guess is that right now The Dick and Cheesey Schemer are in Schemer’s office rolodex-dialing to find The Dick another employment situation so they can pull the plug on The Dick by Friday. He needs another job so he can have a soft landing from all this. He’ll probably end up on speechifying tour with Bubba hustling women for Bubba or in some back office of the Oscumbag administration, or a bank or financial house, or a law firm. He could also end up in the back office of a lobbying firm as a bag man for Schemer and his corruptocrat buddies. It could be tough as The Dick doesn’t seem to have any skills to recommend him for much. Electronics certainly isn’t his forte.

  • Rose

    Sorry, folks – but the Dims have surpassed our worst suspicions and parodies for so many years, that I felt like a vicious person to post it was a ploy and she isn’t even pregnant, and will leak that she’s had a miscarriage in a few weeks, then saw others had done it – on another site a bit ago – it seems to be “not uncommon” suspicion of this pair – I even saw one of the famous old “turkey baster” jokes brought out and sadly, my first thought was – I thought of that but would not say it.
    Yeah there was a few “shame on yous”, but they were outweighed by suspicions.

    In my case, I heard she brainstormed all night in a hotel room with him before leaving on this latest trip with Hillary – several hours before I heard she was pregnant – and I’m too cynical about Dims to think the timing of it all just so stinks.

    How often have we felt like dirty suspicious mean-minded folks the last 20 yrs only to find the Truth was even worse?

    I hate to find myself, once again in life, to be so jaded – but I hate STUPID “NAIVE” DENIAL even worse.

    Why is it they no longer can shock us? Even if something “new” is a “momentary surprise” we are no longer shocked by the depths they go to.

    So we’ll beat ourselves up for a few hours, then the truth will out, and we’ll all go – AHA! See, it wasn’t being nasty – it was a gut feeling all along!

    I’ll gladly eat crow if she has a beautiful baby in 6 or 7 months or less.

    I worked hard to get rid of a bad stage of jadedness about 30 yrs ago – I don’t feel good thinking these things, these days, like all that very difficult work was down the drain again.

    God, please heal this Nation and her Patriots. And forgive us our trespasses, help us to forgive others, all the sins and the bruises of iniquities.

    I feel like Golda Meier, “We can forgive you for killing our children, but we cannot forgive you for making us kill yours.”

    Substitute “innocent naivete” for “children”. And Opposite. Ok this way, “we can forgive you for you being jaded, we cannot forgive you for making us jaded and making us feel so dirty for being so suspicious of you all the time.”

    Or something.

  • Rose

    #12 – Donna -= yeah, that is the story I heard hours before I heard about her (sorry) *supposedly*sic being preggers.

    My “Dim Antennae” suspicions are just naturally out. Sorry.

    It’s like ya know, when we heard William Jefferson wanted to tour the damage in New Orleans when Katrina hit as the flood waters were coming UP, then found he only went to his own house and came out with a mini refrigerator, then left La again!

    We just could never buy that he went to check on his poor constituents at all after that.