WI Attorney General Releases 100 PAGES of Documented Threats Against Lawmakers During the Budget “Negotiations”

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen released 100 pages of documented threats against lawmakers. The released documents include threats against both Republicans and democrats but, of course, the most vile and violent threats were sent to Republican officials.

The bold leftist thugs even slipped death threats under the Republican senator’s doors.

JS Online reported:

More than 100 pages of public records released Thursday reveal again how high emotion, bad judgment and anti-social media combined in February to generate a nationwide investigation of threats against Gov. Scott Walker and lawmakers on both sides of his budget-repair bill.

Emails, Twitter streams, Facebook and Craigslist postings, phone calls and even a few notes sent by U.S. mail ranged from overt threats of violence to promises of political retaliation to benign-sounding requests for investigations of lawmakers’ actions. A surprising number of even the most vile messages came from readily-identifiable senders.

The vast majority of about 90 matters referred to the state authorities were determined to present “no criminal nexus or viable threat,” but about a dozen remain open as cases with the Division of Criminal Investigation, according to Assistant Attorney General Kevin Potter.

Of the 78 actions made public, about 30 were directed at Democrats, a few less at Walker and other Republicans, with the balance made up of vague or implied threats against no specific target, or concerns over demonstrators.

The records – a spreadsheet of referrals and copies of suspect communications, both written and oral – were released in response to a public records request from the Journal Sentinel and news media after the protracted budget-repair bill showdown that began in February.

Dozens of emails suggest Walker or legislators should be shot or hanged, or should watch their backs, look over their shoulders or resign. One man tweeted that he prayed an anvil would fall from the sky onto Walker.

FBI agents from Maine to California to Florida also got involved, the records show. A suspect in Maine was arrested after sending letters to that state’s Republican U.S. senators suggesting that Walker should be killed and that all Republican governors resign.

A Burbank, Calif., resident who sent a long email rant offering a $50,000 bounty for Walker was interviewed by federal agents who determined he was mentally challenged and not a true threat.

Police in Nebraska tracked down a man who posted to a Wisconsin man’s Facebook page that he expected the shooting to start soon and that he would be ready to inflict nonlethal shots so others could hear screams.

He told officers he got “carried away,” didn’t intend to harm anyone and has never been to Wisconsin.

Only one person has been charged so far with making threats, Katherine R. Windels, 26, of Cross Plains.

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  • Joe College

    This ought to get about as much press as the death threats themselves did.

    By the way, Kloppenburg is still pressing her dishonorable and disgraceful recount attempt.


    Throw the voters under the bus, and democracy with it, in a disgraceful pursuit of her own personal gain. This speaks very poorly of her character.

    Just what we want in a judge, right?

  • Militant Conservative

    This is the lefts M.O. This is also why the ass whoopin in 2012 is going to be huge.

    Skippy the Master of disaster is married to his ideology of distruction.

    powder is dry

  • Ipso Facto

    These are clearly acts of tyranny. Too many people on the Left feel so self-righteous that their behavior no longer has any boundaries. They feel that stealing elections (ACORN) is justified, challenging valid elections to high heaven is justified and if they can’t fairly win elections, they shop around for activist judges to overturn the results. The threats of violence from the left, which are the subject of this article, are yet another symptom of their irrational intolerant and hypocritical behavior.

    People are not going to just sit back eternally and watch as leftists violate the law in order to take control of the government. The majority of the law abiding people will not tolerate this. One day, the previously law abiding people will rise up and revolt against the tyranny. When that occurs, the left will cry out in their most histrionic manner at the INJUSTICE of it all.

    WARNING TO LIBS – the handwriting is on the wall. Read it now or DO NOT complain in the future when the actions you have precipitated come down. We will laugh at your cries of injustice at that time.


    Kloppen turd will not steal this election…There so far has been a handful of votes uncovered, no where near the 7,000 vote difference…

  • ahem

    Prosecute them all.

  • Milwaukee

    Laughable? Or Loughner? Wasn’t he just mentally challenged? Thank you Sheriff Dupnik. The bullets fired by a mentally deranged person inflict just as much pain, suffering and death as those fired by a sane person. Is any thing being done to protect society from these mentally challenged people? No. But authorities are hyper-vigilant against threats against our current President and clearly what was said about President Bush was just First Amendment free speech.

    Apparently this doesn’t go both ways. The left will protect their own.

  • rabble-rouser

    Are they taking precautions to keep all of the Republicans safe?

  • Dewormer

    Only one arrest. “Not credible threats.” “They weren’t *really* serious because they’re from an institutionally acceptable agitation group.” There cannot possibly be intent, in spite of nonstop action.

    Meanwhile we have DHS and many states issuing publications warning law enforcement to be careful of people carrying gadsen flags, advocating lower taxes and identifying with “tea party” because they’re most certainly domestic terrorists. They should be subject to surveillance, thrown into IRS audits, detained and arrested even without any actual action, because their existence in opposition to progressofascism is intent.

    Tyranny is here in our pre-totalitarian stage. As Barack correctly estimates, we’re very much between revolutions, given the first which removed Bush and the neocons, and the upcoming second which will establish the progressive vanguard.

  • Andreas K.

    “A surprising number of even the most vile messages came from readily-identifiable senders.”


    The vast majority of internet users are idiots. If they weren’t viruses, identity theft, etc, wouldn’t be an issue.

  • tommy mc donnell

    this is from the peace, love and brotherhood crowd. just more people that did not hear the magnificent speech on political civility in arizona. has any one notice that since the myth made that speech there has a been a quantum leap in this kind of political activity. i starting to think the only people that heard it were o’reilly and krauthammer.

    i wonder if the myth of the media and the andy sterns and pete trumka were planning this in all those white house meetings and the speech was just a cover for all these intimidation tactics.

  • gus

    Funny how Sarah Palin was blamed for shootings she had nothing to do with, but these threats are not “credible”. Right, they’re not credible until someone is killed.

  • avery

    Nothing will be done these are “Obama” peoples.

  • Cujat13

    Well if being mentally challenged exempts one from prosecution I can’t see how any cases can be brought against the leftists sending the threats!

  • orangemtl

    Someone remind me: aren’t these the people that pilloried Palin for somehow being culpable in the Arizona shootings?
    “Civility for thee, but not for me”, apparently.

  • plewis1956

    Read the published threats. Many are against protesters or democratic legislators who fled Wisconsin

  • Classic. You quote a story that says Democrats got the most threats, then you freak out about “union thugs.”

    You really should read the stories you quote.

  • LarryG

    Brown shirts. If you know your history, you will know what happened to them.

  • azcIII

    Leftists are trying to start the “revolution”. I’d say they really should consider the reality of that and be careful what they wish for. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” They may find that it doesn’t turn out at all the way they think.

  • ReadingComprehension

    #16 May 17, 2011 at 3:45 pm – Wisco commented: “Classic. You quote a story that says Democrats got the most threats, then you freak out about ‘union thugs.’”

    The article states the percentages are “Of the 78 actions MADE PUBLIC” you f*cking moron. Just go back to sniffing glue and reading Democratic Underground.

  • AuntieMadder

    What gets me is how Libtardians constantly – CONSTANTLY – accuse the right of being angry and hateful.

    The hypocrisy of Libtardians knows no bounds.