Unreal… The Story Changes Again – No Shots Were Fired on SEALs Inside the House

Worst. Communication. Screw-Up. Ever.
Team Obama has changed the story again…

Yesterday, the head of the CIA admitted that there was no live video footage of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound as further doubts emerged about the US version of events.

So it’s not clear what they were watching…
The White House released this photo of the security team watching the raid on the Osama compound in Abbottabad. Now we know the feed was not working.

(White House website)

Now they say no shots were fired on the SEALs from inside the house at Osama’s compound.
The New York Times reported:

The new details suggested that the raid, though chaotic and bloody, was extremely one-sided, with a force of more than 20 Navy Seal members quickly dispatching the handful of men protecting Bin Laden.

Administration officials said that the only shots fired by those in the compound came at the beginning of the operation, when Bin Laden’s trusted courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, opened fire from behind the door of the guesthouse adjacent to the house where Bin Laden was hiding.

After the Seal members shot and killed Mr. Kuwaiti and a woman in the guesthouse, the Americans were never fired upon again.

This account differs from an official version of events issued by the Pentagon on Tuesday, and read by the White House spokesman, Jay Carney, which said the Seal members “were engaged in a firefight throughout the operation.”

When the commandos reached the top floor, they entered a room and saw Osama bin Laden with an AK-47 and a Makarov pistol in arm’s reach. They shot and killed him, as well as wounding a woman with him.

Add this to the list.

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  • Granny

    Like I said – the Seals are being set up to take a big fall for the Obama regime’s political agenda.

  • Mark1957

    What’s next, “The Navy Seals shot pool at a bar in Virginia Beach” ?

  • mg4us

    Obama is trying to discredit the Navy Seals because they are getting all the accolades when he thinks it should be him. . .

    Obama. . all about me, me, me. .oh and Angry Big Mama too!

    Obama — An American Zero if ever there was one.

    Incompetent, Inept, Inexperience and now Inexcusable and Ineffective

  • Freeway

    Granny has it right.. the Seals are going to some how become the “Bad guys” when this is all said and done… this is horrible.. I salute the men and women of our military.!!!!!

  • Ginger
  • RedBeard

    The White House is being run by the same kind of people who ran Animal House. But these jerks are not amusing in the slightest.

  • workingclass artist

    smells like a set up….

  • Neo

    Regarding the UBL “mansion” …

    Asked why they had not checked out a building so close a major military facility the ISI said that the compound had actually been raided when the house was under construction in 2003 when the authorities believed an Al Qaeda operative Abu Faraj Al Libbi was there. On that occasion he escaped.

    … with a known Al Qaeda link

  • Number of changes

    davidr says:
    May 4, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Just to make sure I have the story straight…

    1) There was a firefight.
    2) There was no firefight.
    3) Bin Laden was “resisting.”
    4) Bin Laden wasn’t armed. (Makes the concept of “resisting” interesting.)
    [4.a) And the newest one: the SEALS thought bin Laden was reaching for a weapon.]
    5) He used his wife as a shield.
    6) His wife was killed too.
    7) He didn’t use his wife as a shield. She ran at a SEAL who shot her in the leg, but she’s fine.
    8 ) Some other woman — the maid? — was used as a shield. By somebody. Downstairs.
    9) That other woman — downstairs — was killed.
    10) Maybe not. She was killed unless she wasn’t — and who was she, anyway?
    11) Bin Laden’s son was killed.
    12) Unless it was some other guy.
    13) Bin Laden’s daughter saw him get killed. She’s undoubtedly traumatized, poor dear.
    14) They were going to capture Bin Laden until the problem with the helicopter, which was:

    …..A) It had mechanical trouble
    …..B) It did a hard landing
    …..C) It crashed
    …..D) It clipped a wall with a tail rotor, effectively a crash

    15.) They were never going to try to capture him; it was always a kill mission.
    16.) No, it wasn’t.
    17) The chopper blew up.
    18) The SEALs blew it up.
    19.) Panetta said yesterday the world needed proof and the photo would be released.
    20.) Obama said today in an interview he taped with Steve Kroft for “60 Minutes” to be broadcast Sunday that it won’t be released. It’s too gruesome, would offend Muslim sensibilities (something he worries about a lot — I personally do not give a warm fart on a wet Wednesday about Muslim sensibilities), and how would Americans feel if Muslims released pictures of dead Americans?
    21.) Kroft — who’s not a total idiot — pointed out that ever since “Black Hawk Down” days, Muslims have been doing precisely that, filming American bodies being dragged through the streets, filming Daniel Pearl’s head being cut off, filming any and everything.
    22) Obama gets pissed at CBS, the tape gets cleaned up, that question disappears. (Inside info.)
    23.) We got a “treasure trove” of stuff from hard drives, etc.
    24.) There were no phone lines, and no internet access at the “mansion,” they didn’t even have TV — what “treasure trove?”
    25.) There is obviously in the pictures of the place a large satellite dish. I guess they used it for making salads.
    26.) And now, just today: apparently the idea was to capture him, but only if he was naked. There was a suspicion he might be wearing a suicide bomber type explosive vest, or belt. So if he’s not naked and you can’t see if he has a vest on or not – shoot him.
    27) The administration watched a live video feed of the operation.
    28) There was no live video feed of the operation.
    29) Osama is in no way a Muslim nor a leader.
    30) We must show Osama the respect we’d show any Muslim leader.

    via Weasel Zippers

  • Trialdog

    Lying is leftist standard operating procedure. It is hardwired in their DNA because everything they do is subversive. Thus, even when they accidently do something to be proud of, they cannot tell the truth about it. They do not know what objective truth is. They are sociopaths.

  • http://shelfreliancedenver.com/team/katy/ katy

    Are they setting up the SEALs to take the fall on this? As absurd as it sounds…it is plausible with this admin…

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Worst. Communication. Screw-Up. Ever.

    Obama’s bunch is the worst ever, PERIOD.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    So then it is abundantly clear that Obama broke international law by murdering an unarmed citizen of a foreign country on their own soil. Great! Now we can expect foreign countries to start murdering US ctizens on US soil. Thanks Barack!

  • http://blogs.the-american-interest.com/wrm/2011/03/27/black-and-blue-2-blacks-flee-blue-states-in-droves/ Rob Crawford

    “shot and killed Mr. Kuwaiti”

    Ah, the vaunted sophistication and worldliness of the NYT…

    “al-Kuwaiti” means “the Kuwaiti” as in “he was born and raised in Kuwait”.

  • donh

    Obama makes a forgery of the most significant news story of our generation …and yet nobody dare question his birth certificate is a forgery ?

  • Valerie


    No video feed? Good.

    I have no concern for terrorist feelings whatsoever. I think we all ought to talk about the fact that we are using DOGS to hunt terrorists, and that some Somalis are glad to know we have put an end to Bin Laden’s evil.

    I wish this administration had had the good sense and cojones to let the President’s initial statement stand, and then stfu. Because that didn’t happen, the next best thing is to take what advantage can be had from the cloud of dust kicked up by all the conflicting stories and look like the keystone cops, entertaining and appalling the whole world while our heroes roll up the network. It’s distasteful to me to do it this way, but if we can get ’em on our screens and in our sights while they are laughing, so be it.

  • Ginger

    There is a poll going on at Fox right now if you are for or against seeing the pictures of the dead terrorist Bin Laden. Right now the No’s are way ahead of the Yes’s.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    the entire administration does what their hero does. open their mouth when they don’t know what the hell they are talking about. after this fiasco will anybody ever believe another word the media says about the myth. obama must be the dumbest smart guy in history.

  • JoeyO

    ahhhh, okay, so let’s see….

    “OBAMA IS A MURDERER!!!!!!!”



    I mean, after-all, that’s exactly what this news means, right? I think thats how the rules went for Bush at least…

  • Capn Angus

    If Obama tries really hard maybe he can get these Seals in the docket at the Haque by Friday.