REWARD OFFERED For Information Leading to Arrest and Conviction of Weinergate Hacker

Enough Is Enough.

On Friday night a a photo surfaced on Congressman Weiner’s yfrog account and in his verified Twitter timeline of a man in tight underwear with a bulging erection. The photo was sent to one of the many young attractive coeds who Rep. Weiner “follows” on Twitter for his news and entertainment. The image was immediately deleted. Rep. Weiner claimed his account was hacked but the upstanding Congressman has not contacted the FBI or Capitol Police. However, he did lawyer up and insisted we move on.

Help bring the Weinergate hacker to justice.

What you can do to help:
The humble Rep. Weiner may want to play down this criminal action but now you can help. We (Gateway Pundit Truth Alliance) are offering a $200 reward for anyone who offers information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the Weinergate penis hacker.

This is a cause we can all rally around. Hacking into a public official’s personal account is a crime and a national security threat. Be a patriot. Do your part.

Help us find the Weinergate penis hacker.

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  • Mr. Potato Head

    I cannot lie, that is gross.

  • thegoldman

    The little prick is guilty…

    He doesn’t have the balls to say so…

    Be a man/boy say your guilty…

  • DaMav

    lmao Jim, good one

  • Laurie Wasserman
  • listingstarboard

    Just think, we taxpayers will be paying the retirement for this lying maggot for the rest of his miserable immoral life.

  • Roger

    This guy is a weiner.

  • jorgen

    I think Weiner did it himself and I claim the reward.

  • American Patriot

    Right, Weiner. And OJ is going to find the “real killer”, right?

    Give us a break, you little weasel …..

    Man up! No pun intended ….

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Get Weiner Out!!! Get Weiner Out!!! Get Weiner Out!!! bahahaa

  • As a professional comedian for over 20 years the Gods have smiled upon once again. We pray for things like this. Thank you Congressman Weiner for these pics of the house Member

  • Joe College

    Whoa! Drudge STILL not covering…

    And the conservative Daily Mail lists Weiner as a Republican…

    “But the Republican politician – a well-known avid Twitter fan – may yet walk away with his dignity intact after Miss Cordova publicly denied that the pair had ever met.”

  • Ginger

    This is WONDERFUL! 🙂 I just love it when a demo-rat/communist/muslim scum bag like Weiner is caught! Please ….Jim DO NOT let up…If you and the other conservative web sites keep talking about it the liberals will too! That way the heat will stay on the scum bag! I am sick and tired of the demo-rat liberals/communist/muslims getting by with their EVIL and CORRUPTED ways. Maxine Waters for one.

  • Conservative to the Core

    It was either Beavis and/or Butthead.

    Send my reward to:
    NAMI (The nation’s largest organization for people with mental illness and their families)
    P.O. Box 759155
    Baltimore, MD 21275

  • Joe College

    Ultimately, Weiner will go if and when Obama says he will go.

    My own personal prediction is that NY Mayor Bloomberg will be Obama’s running mate in ’12, and Weiner is slated to take Bloomberg’s job as NY mayor, just as Rahm took Chicago. If Obama fights to protect Weiner now — and this may be happening — then it lends credence to the theory that Weiner is important to Obama.

  • Militant Conservative

    That is a pathetic lil weiner. So is the human.

    Want a good laugh.

    Google “little girl and a dead squirrel” OMG hilarious, I’m still crying.

    powder is dry

  • tc

    I think weiner’s goose is cooked but the more appropriate analogy is that his chicken is choked.

  • Mrs. X

    Weiner is being overly dismissive about this incident, which is telling.

    The few times I have seen him on TV he usually comes across as the hyper type.

    Hacking an E-mail account may seem a more severe offense, but this should warrant an investigation at the very least. I mean, this does compromise Mr. Weiner’s identity and all. Something a Congressman/woman is generally concerned about.

  • Mrs. X

    @Joe College, it may be true that 0bama needs to shake things up–make the campaign more exciting so-to-speak. Joe Biden is a bit of a drag honestly… even al Quaeda agrees.

    Oh, Bill Hemmer just spoke briefly about the Weiner situation.

  • David_V.

    Now do you all understand his lack of brains? and is his nose getting bigger and his brain getting smaller? LOL.

  • David_V.

    Jamie Farr is happy he doesn’t have the biggest nose. Weiner for brains is taking that title. (Jamie Farr M A SH 4077).

  • The slippery “hacker/prankster” will be hard to catch. A firm reliance on the FBI staff may be the only hope for change.

  • Gimme a Break

    Weinie is counting on the “D” behind his name to get a pass on this. After all, Clinton got away with BJs in the oval office and Barney Frank got away with a gay prostitution ring run out of his house. Why should the Little Weiner be concerned about anything more than the public embarrassment? The MSM will let this slip or buy into the hacker denial.

    By the way, is anyone else surprised this jerk isn’t wearing Depends?

  • john03

    It’s Bush. Bush is out to get some Wiener.

  • Militant Conservative

    Remember the kid that hacked Sarah Palins E-mail?

    He got tried and convicted and sentenced. This is a felony either way.

    Reporting a crime when none happened of the crime IF it happened.

    He’s toast.

    powder is dry

  • Joe College

    Mrs. X, I think Obama’s arrangement with Bloomberg to make him his veep in ’12 explains why Bloomberg was so hot to get that Ground Zero mosque built. I think the mosque is one of Obama’s pet project (possibly for religious reasons), and the deal is Bloomberg goes out on a limb against the wishes of his constituents to build the mosque and Obama rewards him with the VP spot.

  • Joanne

    Yes, the guy is probably a pervert, just like so many of them, but below is news where people should feel outrageous indignation. The United States is beyond corrupt but what is even more perplexing is there is no outrage…..perhaps this can be contributed to the much lower level of testosterone produced by males these days and the fluoride in the water.

    “Obama Nullifies and Ends US Constitution

    With the vernacular of the times, Mr. Obama illegally threatened the then-sovereign State of Texas with the US government’s establishment of a “No Fly Zone” (a term previously used by the US government to enact wars against enemy countries) over Texas if the State leaders and its population refused to go along with illegal sexual groping intimidation techniques delivered by a US government entity misnamed as the “Transportation Safety Agency.”

    “As this illegal act by the Obama regime (also see “Obama Syndicate”) was never met by any real or lasting resistance from US Congressional leaders or the old Marxist-Leninist court system, the US Constitution was effectively rendered null and void and the United States of America—along with the world—entered into what has come to be known as the “Second Dark Age” of mankind. The legislators and bulk of the US population’s inattention to this criminal act and others regarding both the country’s dissolution of additional liberties and individual economic wealth are said to be the principal reasons the USA was topple—from within—as a world power. This is believed to have been the beginning of the rise of humanity’s forceful suppression and enslavement worldwide.””

  • kato

    Rather than worrying about this screwball, we ought to be concerned about all the acorns who ran wild this weekend. Miami, Boston, Rochester, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, etc. See the Drudge Report.

  • Chisum

    Wow, $200 reward. That works out to be about $60 per inch.

  • The Tonester

    Grey boxer briefs…$8
    Cell phone service…$160
    Twitter and Facebook Account…$0

    Liberal media that wont allow this boner story to harm you….Priceless.

  • Mutnodjmet

    Come on people — being a Congressman is hard work. This type of extra-curricular activity is really patriotic. Besides, it’s nice to know that Congressman Weiner can take a few moments from his busy schedule of creating a budget and solving Mediscare to interact so personally with the young. /major sarc

  • jerseyj

    I think the photo just shows a misplaced gerkin. He was probably trying to tweet Mae West.

  • Glenmore
  • 2centsworth

    He may as well step down… noone on either side of the aisle will be able to pay attention to anything he says because they won’t be able to stop snickering.

    Hilary is offering his wife “stand by your man” counseling and every young woman he was “following” should be filing stalking charges and getting restraining orders.

    I always knew the “nasty” posturing was actually the core characteristic of this sleazy creep.

  • equaljustice

    BE SERIOUS.. if there was a HACKER, the feds would be at his door within hours.. think about it. They manage to find 13 year old kids on facebook and a wrestler who even dares to say he wants Obama in the ring next.. BUT they can’t find a twitter hacker? DHS has crowd scanners for “behavior” and even has spy cameras at WAL MARTS now….PUULEEAAZZZZEE! LITTLE WEINER got tired of his nickname and had something to PROVE maybe? haha I bet that college girl would recognize his chicken legs anywhere!

  • kansas

    I predict we are going to see more stories like this that may or may not be true but will be used as a distraction and a way to blame conservatives for the issue. Reverse dirty tricks.

  • daryl

    Pity Weiner didn’t ever make this actual penis hacker’s acquaintence. Probably would have

    taught him to have more respect toward the ladies.

  • truth teller

    Please, let’s bring this penis wacker…I mean hacker to justice!!!

  • befuddled

    Summer’s dueling banjos:
    Palin goes on bus tour
    Weiner mobile goes on display

  • Digger99

    I think someone told him to “put a sock in it’!

  • Mark

    Call Tony the Tool Weiner in Washington at 202.225.6616
    Visit the little pervert at

    Urge him to resign and seek psychiatric help. His pathetic phone answerers are pretending this incident never happened.

  • What we need is to have a tally whacker line-up:

  • Chisum #28

    Gross.. considering he was chatting a 17 year old minor.

  • Chisum


    Genette is reported to be a ‘co-ed’ and 21 years old.

  • aprilnovember811

    Sure. It’s you Weiner. You communists just can’t stop lying can you. He needs to involve the FBI. This Democrat/Socialist party is full of creeps.

  • Finncrisp

    The reward part reminds me of Monopoly money. Ya know you would get that card that told you to go directly to jail without collecting the $200.00…

    I think that is what he should do…

  • Xino

    His wife would certainly recognize whether the underwear in the photo is his. If she has any self-respect (looking your way, Hilary) she’ll ditch the bum.