Today when Barack Obama told Israel to move back to the 1967 borders he effectively gave half of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, The Temple Mount, Old Jerusalem, The holiest Christian Church in the world, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre to the Hamas-Fatah terror alliance.

This is what Barack Obama wants to give to Hamas.

I traveled to Jerusalem in 2007.

A map of the few historic sites of Jerusalem.

The Golden Gates (the two enclosed arches on the Eastern Wall) were cemented shut centuries ago to prevent the prophets from returning to the Temple Mount.

Another skyline shot of Jerusalem.

A Russian priest says Mass in the Franciscan Chapel at the Church of All Nations at the Garden of Gethsemane.

The olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane are around 2,000 years old.

A mosaic on the Franciscan Church of All Nations at the Garden of Gethsemane.

Originally built by the mother of Emperor Constantine in 330 A.D., the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Church of the Holy Sepulchre) commemorates the hill of crucifixion and the tomb of Christ’s burial. Greek Orthodox, Catholic, Armenian, Syrian, Coptic, and Ethiopian Churches celebrate this holy place as the site of the death and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Outside the Holy Sepulchre inside the Church.

Oil lamps hang outside the Holy Sepulchre.

The Wailing Wall or Western Wall of the Temple.
(FYI: Window on the Wall carries live video feed from the Wailing Wall.)

Young IDF members were visiting the Western Wall.

The Western Wall (Hebrew: הכותל המערבי, translit.: HaKotel HaMa’aravi), or simply The Kotel, is a retaining wall in Jerusalem that dates from the time of the Jewish Second Temple (516 BCE – 70 CE). It is sometimes referred to as the Wailing Wall (Arabic: il-Mabka), referring to Jews mourning the destruction of the Temple. The Western Wall is part of the bigger religious site in the Old City of Jerusalem called Har ha-Bayit (the Temple Mount) to Jews and Christians, or Al-Haram al-Qudsi al-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary) to Muslims. The Western Wall is revered for its proximity to the sacred Holy of Holies on the Temple Mount, which is the Most Holy Place in Judaism. This makes the Western Wall the holiest location in Judaism that is currently generally accessible to the Jewish people for prayer.

Obama wants to give this to Hamas.
Where’s the outrage?

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    If you wonder what the Muslims will do with their new found Christian and Jewish holy sites… Please refer to the centuries old Buddhist carvings in the cliffs of Afghanistan that were blown off the side of the mountain with artillery and dynamite by the Taliban.

    Yes, that’s right, they will destroy them. But then again, maybe this is all part of the Lords plan.

  • ditto

    Its not his to give. If this country does not rise up, and Congress does not stop this man, we are in for a world of trouble.

    I suggest Congress step up and Impeach him, NOW! Or everyone of you will soon be out of a job.

  • USMC Thomas

    All you American Jew’s that voted for this asshat clown stand up and take a bow.


    oidiot he thinks he can do no wrong…why don’t you try fixin the US economy, gas prices, etc…there will never be peace over there because the moo slums like you only wnat to kill

  • Todd

    It seems like every time we “dis” Israel bad things happen to America. Why is that?

  • bigkahuna

    Hey Obama Allah Damn you, ….screw you and the the horse( seabiscuit Meechelle) you rode in on.

  • bigkahuna

    Hey Obama just keeps adding nails to his own coffin…Let the clown keep doing stupid crap like this…. It is not like the Isreal is not going to tell him to pound sand.

  • Helen

    I stand with Israel

  • rbosque

    P!ss on Obama and his Marxist/terrorist friends!

  • Bruce O’H.

    An American Citizens Personal “Apology Tour”…

    I am a private, unknown, middle class, American citizen. I would like to apologize to the State of Israel and the Jewish people for the President of the United States…Barack Hussein Obama.

    I am ashamed of the speech that he gave on this, the 19th day of May, 2011, where he proposed on the world stage that Israel return to pre-1967 national boundary’s.

    I didn’t vote for him, as in my research during the ’08 Primary, I determined that he was, at the least, sympathetic to the muslims, and NOT sympathetic to Israel. This was easy to ascertain based on his associations.

    I am apologizing that despite the best efforts of those who saw him for what he was, and is, we were not able to convince those who did vote for him, not to.

    I am apologizing for the extreme Far Left media in America that makes it appear that my whole country is against Israel. This is far from the truth. The Far Left media represents a minority opinion in America. They just have the loudest voice.

    I would also like to apologize to Britain, Honduras, the Green Movement in Iran, and any other nation or truly Democratic movement that has been injured or insulted by the misguided, Far Left, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Semitic, or racist policies of the President of the United States…Barack Hussein Obama.

    I am truly sorry that he represents my country, and I promise to do everything in my power, within the confines of the Constitution of the United States, to remove him from the Presidency at the end of his first term.

    I stand with Israel.

    Thank You,
    Bruce O’H.

  • Valerie

    I wouldn’t mind it at all, if Islam were a Religion of Peace.

  • Gini

    Muslims tend to turn Christian churches into mosques – that is those churches they don’t destroy. But then what does Obama know about history and Christianity?

  • DomesticGoddess

    Wow – maybe the world WILL come to an end on Saturday!

  • bigkahuna

    While I think Obama is an idiot the idiot jewish people have made this possible by supporting this jerk off and the democrat party. They raise millions and milliuons and the many jewish people in the media support Obama and the democrats and they are gonna pay.

  • This is what happens when America gives the keys to our country to someone they had no clue who he is or where he’s from.

  • money gets votes

    I knew he wasn’t a christian–just think –we’re next–he is a hamas mole-democrats sold us for this guy–and all the atheists….look at the new 15 person death panels,….trust me he is after us too–we need to impeach him…he wants to destroy all the jews…its hitler all over again..communism is on its way! And no republicans do nothing!!! nothing!!!!!

  • kato

    Most American Jews will vote for the clueless blowhard again in 2012.

    The religion of most Jews is liberalism, and there is no better way that a Jew can show his fealty to his religion than to take the Palestinian side.

  • Whenever you give something to the Palestinians, they desolate it, ruin it, or fight over it. Instead of spending money on the upkeep of the precious sites, the desecrate the land and they spend the aid money on weapons. If they don’t spend money on weapons or anti Israel propaganda, the corrupt leaders horde it for themselves for personal use.

    Israel gave Gaza away and the Palestinians are ruining it. You give the desert to the Israelis, and the land will bloom and blossom. Give it to the Islamofacists who believe that God is pleased with killing innocent women and children, especially the Jewish ones, and the land becomes much like the surface of the moon or El Paso, Texas.

  • Valerie


    The outrage may be that AP has misreported the speech.

    I didn’t watch it, Ed Morrisey did, and he then picked up the transcript. And then the AP reported something he neither heard nor read.


    So, what’s going on here? After watching the White House performance after the killing of bin Laden, one might wonder if certain proponents of a bald return to the 1967 borders thought he’d promised them something, and ran to the AP with their idea of a draft of the speech. And it got edited at the very last minute, so that we have a speech that could pass muster with the State Department, due to the insertion of a few key phrases. That would explain the pre-speech hype for a very pedestrian text, and the claims that there had actually been a substantial change.

  • saveus

    The Islamists will be more than happy to destroy the holy sites with obama’s blessing.
    Obama will be delighted to prevent Israel from defending itself and give it all to the terrorists.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Is Obama brain-dead or something?

    What kind of idiot would do this sort of thing when he’s scheduled to address AIPAC next week?

  • kansas

    Maybe what Obama tells Israel to do isn’t as important as what Israel actually does.

    Anyway, I’ve read conflicting reports about what Obama said. Haaretz says it’s a victory for Netanyahu. Too complicated for me.

  • eaglewingz08

    Well the arabs have done such a good job respecting the Tomb of Joseph, the Tomb of the Patriarchs, the Church of the Nativity, the Tomb of Rachel, why shouldn’t we trust Hamas with the Wailing Wall, and the Tomb of the Sepulchre? /sarc.

  • I was asking the same thing, why now right before his speech to AIPAC.
    something is up with this.

  • eaglewingz08

    sorry-Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

  • Oh Noes!

    Can you say Psalm 83 war / Isaiah 17/ Damascus will be destroyed , never to rise again/ and Ezekiel 38,39 / Gog and Magog war. It is coming sooner than we all think. Who know maybe Obummer is the Anti Christ, if not he is paving the way for him.

  • Jim

    This is only the begining of the tribulations inspired by POTUS HopeNChange and his cabal of left-wing. anti-American. anti-Israeli ideologues. HopeNChange may back off his speech and lie to liberal useful idiot American Jews to get their votes and money but the goal of the destruction of Israel will remain ever present.

    Should HopeNChange be elected to a second term, then the full weight of the US government will be aligned against Israel, including standing with Israel’s enemies.

    Pray for Israel and work towards getting this anti-American thing and his barely literate hate-box of a wife voted out of the White House .

  • Ruebacca

    I don’t mind if this gives Obama cover to keep bombing Packistan.

  • retire05

    The money quote from Obama:

    Israel has a right to defend itself – BY ITSELF”

    Obama just threw Israel under the bus and let the Muslim world know that it Israel is attacked by them, Obama will not intervene or back our ally, Israel.

  • dnb

    Since I one day would like to visit those holy Christian places, I would hope Israel tells Obama to pound sand. Muslims would love to blow those sites away, just like the centuries old statues they leveled.

  • We have a traitor for a president. He is a traitor to Israel, and he is a traitor to America

  • BCE? CE? WTF? It is BC and AD!

  • Marsh626

    When are retards on the Left going to realize that there is no solution besides crushing the arab/muslim world? They’ll never let non-muslims live in peace unless they’re subjugated under sharia law. No amount of concessions will ever civilize/pacify them. They’re sub-human animals. Muslims only offer you 3 options for peace. Conversion, submission or death. We should choose the 4th option – destroying them.

  • Randy

    You give me Bin Laden and I’ll give you Israel.

    It’s time for our military to intervene.

  • mg4us

    Shame on Obama and shame on those American. . Jews & Christian, that voted for this pathetic man. . .

    Rumor has it, The UN will bring forward a resolution to recognize an official state of Palestine this fall. . . as it has done in the past. . .and OBAMA WILL support it. . . so too will those liberal Senators. .DEMS and RINOs!!!

    then all hell will break out. . .

    thank goodness the Israelis built walls these past few years. . . ever go into Bethlehem to the Church of the Nativity?. . how sad and pathetic. . . and young palestinian children are brainwashed by a mickey mouse copycat that speaks of killing jews. . .

    Pray to GOD that he awakens this country and we return to our God-fearing conservative and constitutional roots. . .and that we not only vote Obama out in 2012 but the Dems and liberal RINOs. . .need to take the Senate back as well!!!

    Obama — Incompetent, Inept, Inexperienced & now Inexcusable

  • Peggy R

    Just a Q for clarification from some one not informed in detail here: Do the 1967 borders inherently mean the separation of Jersualem as Jim has described here? I didn’t see a detailed list of these sites going to Hamas in the speech.


  • Christie116

    I think today we can put the argument that Obama is a Christian to rest. He announced loud and clear that he is NO Christian. It wasn’t like him misquoting the bible everytime he wanted to parade the “Jesus card” around but was able to quote the kuran (word for word in arabic) during his Cairo speech, wasn’t clue enough.
    For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed of my country! Buckle up boys and girls I think things are going to get ugly!

  • aprilnovember811

    Don’t panic everyone, our Congress, Military, and Supreme Court are all hiding under their desks, and Obama is a Christian. We know Christians think like this.

  • Kevin

    Obama is evil and works for Satan but God is in control and this is all a part of God’s Almighty Plan of Salvation!

  • Asclonhater

    That’s right, all you secular Jews in America are so caught up in your liberalism that you forgot to vet Obama!

  • Rock

    saveus commented:

    The Islamists will be more than happy to destroy the holy sites with obama’s blessing.

    Much like what happen in Afghanistan with A Buddha of Bamiyan statue.


    Bruce O’H. commented:

    An American Citizens Personal “Apology Tour”…

    Sir that works for me, would love to send a copy to the Israeli Embassy, no way this President speaks for me or the America I grew up in

  • jimg

    Looks to me like President Gutsy Call is itching to start World War III.

  • Rich Carrington

    Using the pre-1967 borders as a basis for drawing up the final borders is not saying the President is going to stick to those borders. But then judging by the comments made here none if you understand diplomancy. It is a basis for a negotiation not a done deal.

  • Redwine
  • Lady

    It looks like obammer is calling for distraction of Israel: going back to the borders of 1967 equals suicide for Israel.

  • squeaky

    it isn’t what obama says as much as what hamas et al thinks that he said. what they read into it. and manipulators know this.

  • I agree ,obama is paving the way for the antichrist,impeach impeach, and pray, pray, and pray!!!

  • Rock

    Diplomacy, sometimes known as Kissing a$$, being politically correct, and where everyone loses, and winning is a no no, much as our children are being taught in school.

    It has been my experience that when the motor mouths fail young people die, so please take diplomacy and its practitioners and put the whole mess where the sun doesn’t shine. I do not need some loser weakening my deck.

    I would remind you, one of the Lefts favorite idols is Mao who famously said “Mao That Political Power Comes Largely From The Barrel Of A Gun”

  • penny

    Pretty close to 90% of American Jews voted for Obama. No matter what mortal blow Obama delivers to Israel the secular liberal Jewish types here would still vote to re-elect him.

    Hubris, arrogance, the sheer stupidity of a people that have failed to learn the lessons of their own history, take your pick for a reason. Israelis are so very different. Yes, you can have an adequate IQ, alleged education and still be idiots.

    I am so done with most American Jews and their warped superficial socialist libtard politics in the US. I never thought I’d say that.


    DISGUSTING! For what is done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops!!!

  • Joanne

    Exactly, where is the outrage? Damn, Obama isn’t the first black president, especially considering he is far more Arab, than black, but he is the first muslim president of the U.S. Here the U.S. is at war with muslims terrorists, and one of them is in the highest position.

  • Obama doesn’t seen to concern about reelection , i’m sure his piss off alot of his supporters with his news today ,so that makes me worry about what him and merry ban thugs up to, do they know something is about to happen. just wondering

  • Jaime Leister

    I pray for our leaders heart to change and to be given to the Lord instead of the spirit of antichrist but I pray for the works that he does against the Lords people to be rendered useless in the hands of the enemy!! I pray in Jesus name for every thing that our leader does against the spirit of Israel and against the Lord God to be brought to nothing for the sake of Gods people and that the Lord reign over and in Israel giving them peace and security in his name and that what is his will not be taken over bythe false authority of the Devil until it is the Given time!!! In the name of Jesus, Father, we pray for your people, and ask that your hand be mighty over them and that you will be done. In Jesus name, Amen

  • John

    Thank you for exposing the reality of the Obama plan. It is time that the voters are made aware of this on a nationwide scale. How can Jewish and Christian voters support this man?

  • Jaime Leister

    It is written, that in the end before the rapture of the church, the antichrist will reveal himself, and set himself up in the holy of holies claiming to be God and erecting a graven image of himself there and that he will do many false signs and wonders decieving many. And so there is a time that God will allow things to happen for the sake of prophecy and the things to come that all will come to pass that he spoke. But until then pray for the peace of Jerusalem and every false authority that would set itself up against the people of the Lord to be brought down and rendered useless against the Lords people and the Holy places he has given them.

  • natashaINFIDEL

    Obama does not represent me…I didn’t vote for him; he showed his hatred before he was elected. Obama has no idea of history. No idea of what Israel is except something he, as a muz, has been brainwashed to hate. I hate Obama for his speech, his hatred of Israel and his hatred of the Jewish people/// Get him out now~

  • Valerie

    This tidbit makes me wonder if Obama intentionally kicked over this hornet’s nest, or not.


    Imagine if George Bush had said it like this. There would be a tidal wave of articles about how he’s to stupid to control his message.

  • Billy Ruben

    If the Muzzies are given control of those beautiful sacred sites, there will be a phalanx of holy warriors guarding them. I’ll be one of them.

    I’m so furious today I wonder if this is some bizzare dream. How on earth did president dumbass just do this?! Its beyond all reason. This guy ratchets up the outrageous stuff he does daily. If he wins in 2012, by 2016 we’ll probably all be in camps. The constant amount of fear mongering and outrage must be designed to intentionally bring down our great country.

    Sick. The first black president turns out to be the last president. great strategy barry

    That scar on his head? His mother dropped him on his head, and it was like dropping an egg on the pavement. Somehow they sowed him up and sent him home. We have a president who literally has no brain. He’s yolkless

  • sandy

    Valerie #57 Check out Haaretz today. Seems Netanayu would not agree with Hot Air. He is furious about what Obama has said and has told him to TAKE IT BACK. He also said Israel will not go back to the 1967 indefensible borders. Sounds like Hot Air is taking their information from The White House talking points.

  • sandy

    Valerie #57 — Netanahu’s interview is in The Jerusalem Post today not Haaretz.

  • Gerold D

    For 2 years Obama has made a point of NOT promoting America as leader of the free world.
    NOW he seems to be standing up as the World Leader of Islam.

    While American economy is suppressed, repressed, etc (nearly bankrupt and he says significant support will be given to the Arab Spring) and raises Islam up.

    The LAST obstacle is Israel. Some candidate for 2012 has already said to “cut ties with Israel”, and I think that was a Republican. So where do we go?

    But don’t be fooled…(we are a Republic) Islam does not want, nor is it a Democracy.

  • lol

    Remember that poem First they came for the jews?

  • MethanP

    How about all the West Bank Christians that have/are fleeing?
    This is ultimately “ethnic cleansing”. Islam or nothing. every
    square inch that WAS islam is to be returned to islam.

    PS-USMC Thomas, we didn’t ALL vote for him.

  • Graham

    so let me see: The Arabs fought on the side of the Axis powers in the WW II. They lost.
    The Arabs instigated the 1967 war. They lost.
    Hey guess what: you start a war, you lose that war.
    YOU LOSE stuff including land and possessions!!!

    You want it back? Earn it. Trying to kill the people who beat you already is not the way to do it. Obama is a charlatan. Wants to do appease Muslims at the expense of Jews – with the help of American Jews!!! Bizarre.

    So let’s get back to that losing stuff. Hamas – you continue to lose. Give up. Learn to live in the 21st Century, drop your weapons, try working for a change.

  • jew4jesus

    I’m a Jewish convert to Chrisitianity. See Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s “America’s Real War” for a conservative view of politics. Few American Jews share his opinion. But this puts the Jews in a dilemma. American Jews are typically liberal. I think it’s their, or I should say our, distaste for the poor supporting the rich, which is what conservative politics really is to a great extent. Jesus warned his disciples not to act like a bunch of Gentiles, always trying to be top dog (Matthew 20:25-28), and Jews are quite egalitarian. But liberal politicians these days are turning against Israel. Remember FDR during WWII? He didn’t really want to help Jews escaping Hitler. And the USA was actually pro-Nazi to a large extent back then. That was long ago, but now things are so much more complicated. We elected a Muslim to the presidency. But his comments are no big deal. We’ve heard this mantra for years. NO ONE CAN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, and many Arabs really were chased off their lands, so it’s not a one-sided issue.

  • I am afraid that a lot of people just don’t get it about Barry (AKA Obama). To better understand why he does what he does check out http://www.barrysoetoro.net

    <a href="http://www.barrysoetoro.net&quot; title="http://www.barrysoetoro.net&quot;
    as it has info about his faith and core beliefs. Then you would understand why he does what he does.

    Bro. Winter

  • Callipygian1

    The man learned his foreign policy from an Archie comic. A naive imbecile.


    Give my email to Israel. even tho I’m an old man, I am a vet who remembers how to do my business. I will not fight for the usurper of 1600 pennsylvania ave., but I will fight for Israel. perhaps I can save some young kid from getting hurt.

  • What’s wrong with you people? Most of you parroting inaccuracies and outright lies! I’ve spent the past 10 years over here, living amongst these people. The one’s who deny Israel’s right to exist are the minority and no one who is truly a follower of Islam has any desire to destroy any holy sites. Those prophets and sites are just as holy to the Muslims as they are to the Christians and Jews. No one, however, and that should include America should support occupation and murder. Take for instance, the recent Nakba Day commemorations when thousands of unarmed, peaceful demonstrators were shot dead and injured by the Israeli Defence Force. Remember the use of white phosphorus during the late “operation cast lead” in Gaza. While terrorists certainly exist in Palestine, one should remember that they were created by the Zionist regime in Israel. What will YOU do if Israel, or any other country, decides to occupy and ethnically cleanse the USA because it was “promised to them by God”? You know damned well you would fight to the last drop of blood to defend your homes. Why are people who do that in Palestine terrorists?

  • merly ayos

    He doesn’t sound like president of a Christian country. Do we have a Muslim president? I hate to think it that way, but his agenda is heading that directions.,actions speaks volume!

  • Praise the Lord.

    Hello Mr.Obama and all the terrorists group.Listen the Gods word always and repent soon as soon.Never happened the Tomb of Jesus Christ is back to Hamas.What you think about Hamas and all the Islamic group?.

    All the Islam groups are involved any kind of terrorism.Then how can Israel [ God’s own children ]hand over the Tomb to Hamas and all this?.No never happened.If Obama is take interest to give that.Obama is no more by the rule of God.Jesus Christ is God.He is watching you Mr.Obama.You are not know the Bible?.Please read it regularly,start now it self.
    May God bless you richly and He is open u r heart to accept Jesus Christ as u r personal Saviour and Lord.Otherwise you cannot get peace of Him.You must be like Pilate .Remember that Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen.

    Read the gospel of John .and hear what Jesus told to them and you.

  • jorgen

    No decent person would support this.

  • Erich

    The Truth is the truth. Palestine (Phillistine) was conquered when David slew Goliath. Under thatv law the winner took the spoils. Game set and match. The Bible (OT) compeled us to wipe out all sin…in other words, kill all the remants of the defeated in order to wipe out any remnant or trace of the evil/spoiled bloodline. Harsh as it may seem, that is the reality. Accept or reject. Truth is Truth. The reason we have this rubbish going on today is a result of ISRAEL not having cleansed ISRAEL (OT) when it should have after defeating the Phillistines (Palestine) thru King David. A little yeast spoils the whole bread, me thinks. A defeted tribe (Palestinians/Philistines) trying to cry foul……

  • DP111

    The main reason America has influence in the Arab world is because it is the only nation that is able to influence Israel to make concessions to the Arabs. From this it follows, that the more Israel gives, the less it has to give, which then lessens the influence America has in the Arab world.

    It is the stated intention of Obama to weaken the influence of the USA. By trying to destroy Israel, he kills two birds with one stone.

  • Yesterday Pres. Obama decided to tell Israel to move back to its pre-1967 borders without the Palestinian Authority having to give up a thing, leaving Israel as defenseless as it was then, and promote the fantasy 2-state solution that even so-called Palestinians won’t accept since they won’t acknowledge the right of Israel to exist – instead of giving the MUSLIMS (not “Palestinians”) a flipper like Neo did Smith in The Matrix.

    Why won’t Obama mention the words Islam or Muslim when talking about “Palestinians”? Because the so-called Palestinians are a fake entity, created by the the sinister Muslim puppetmasters in Saudi Arabia as part of master plan for the final extermination of Israel. Way back in 1959 the Arab League decided that Muslim refugees from Palestine won’t be allowed to become citizens of neighboring Muslim states in order to force them back on Israel, leaving them squatting in miserable refugee camps so that they can portray them as a victim class blamed on Israel as part of their strategy of weakening Western support. Of course, after Israel is kaput, Muslims of all states will be free to move from one to another because they’re all brothers. So where are the Jews supposed to go? Back to Auschwitz?

    It’s a laugh to hear Obama talking about a 2-state solution because Islam has always been an anti-nationalist movement, seeking to make the whole world one Umma or Muslim territory, hence NO MUSLIMS really want an independent Muslim nation of Palestine or anything else as a condition of accepting a Jewish nation of Israel, they want to expel Jews and all non-Muslims from the Middle East and/or put them under Muslim subjection and rule forever, preparatory to absorbing Europe and the U.S. The only solution Muslims want is the Jewish Dissolution Solution – Obama seems oblivious to it, or is he? The only safety the poor outnumbered surrounded Jewish state Israel has is as much land as it can get, buy, steal, or conquer, to save its very existence from the hundreds of millions of hate-filled Allah Akbars who stink the fake “Palestinian people” up.

    When will the jig be on up Obama with the American people, much less the Jews? We need a new U.S. president who is 100% behind Israel, and tells the fake “Palestinians” to resettle in some of the millions of miles of Arab territory far away from Israel, and LEAVE IT ALONE FOREVER. With U.S. backing Israel needs to clear out, resettle and control all territory from the Nile to the Euphrates – call the Bible prophetic, but that’s what’s required for permanent stability in the sea of hate-filled Quran-thumping Muslims.

    Here’s what real Palestinian leaders say to each other in Arabic, such as Hamas MP-cleric Yunis Al-Astal on May 11, 2011:

    “In just a few years, all the Zionists and the settlers will realize that their arrival in Palestine was for the purpose of the great massacre, by means of which Allah wants to relieve humanity of their evil.”

    “When Palestine is liberated and its people return to it, and the entire region, with the grace of Allah, will have turned into the United States of Islam, the land of Palestine will become the capital of the Islamic Caliphate, and all these countries will turn into states within the Caliphate. When this happens, any Palestinian will be able to live anywhere, because the land of Islam is the property of all Muslims.”

    “Until this happens, we must reject all the resettlement plans, naturalization, or even reparations prior to the return of the refugees.”

    Hamas MP speech

    Read the Historyscoper’s Islam Watch Blog

  • kirkwood

    # 69 you couldnt have posted what you did if you’d read the Koran…Tiny Minority of Extremists (TM) indeed …ie “trademark” if you didn’t get it…shorter reads, daily actually, would include visits to Jihad Watch.org..or Front Pagenews.org—even better (oxymoron) would be Islamwatch.org, which gives virtually a daily world-wide body count from the religion of pieces…you seem sincere, check back with Gateway Pundit later & let us know what you think

  • Hope

    I did not vote for him and I am not suprized, now it is time for us to all wake up.Either we give Jerusalem to Barak or we don’t.I say we do not,what does Jerusalem have to do with Barak anyhow? It is not his to take or give he has no G-D given rights.

  • workingclass artist

    I stand with Israel
    this badge states it clearly


    BULLSH*T !!!! AND AT REDPILLPATRIOT – RIGHT ON BROTHER MAN !! AND AT whoever said this – yeah, all the liberal jews, you happy now? You f**king voted for SATAN. I always considered myself liberal, but I didn’t vote for him. I hated him the minute I saw him, he is a con man, he’s evil, he hates jews, he hates whites, he hates christians – he’s SH*T ! The tribe his father is from is KNOWN for their cruelty to nonmuslims & he is NO DIFFERENT.
    Not only did they blow up a 3,000 year old Buddhist statue, it was the oldest in existence. What about ABRAHAMS TOMB that they “sand blasted all ancient Hebrew text carved into the walls “”by accident”” “” WHAT A LOAD OF SH*T !!!

    SEE ALSO JOSEPH’S TOMB, TORN INTO RUBBLE AFTER THE U.N. Gave them the authority to “protect” these ancient holy sites, they immediately swarmed it and blew it to bits (except for the dome that they PAINTED GREEN)

    NOW WANT TO TURN THE TOMB OF RACHEL INTO A MOSQUE!!!! THEY HAVE AND WILL ALWAYS – DESTROY CHURCHES, SYNAGOGUES, BUDDHIST TEMPLES, HINDU TEMPLES, and if they are particularly great or holy they totally desecrate them and build a mosque on top. They built a mosque on the most holy site on earth for the Jews THE DOME OF THE ROCK – THIS IS WHERE JEWS BELIEVE THE MESSIAH WILL APPEAR. NOW THERE’S A FILTHY MOSQUE ON IT; but the JEWS protect it !!! The muslims also say the WAILING WALL has no religious significance to jews and besides it belongs to them.




  • Do the 1967 borders inherently mean the separation of Jersualem as Jim has described here?

    Yes. The Old City was under Jordanian control (along with the West Bank) before the Six-Day War.

    The one’s who deny Israel’s right to exist are the minority and no one who is truly a follower of Islam has any desire to destroy any holy sites.

    The charters of the PLO and Hamas both call for Israel to be destroyed. It should be noted that the PLO and its charter were created in 1964. Any grievances created as a result of the Six-Day War and subsequent “occupation” did not yet exist, yet even then the PLO denied Israel’s right to exist. Such people might be in “minority”, but they are the ones in charge.


    Americans have become sheep…cowardly, stupid sheep…who voted for a wolf to ‘lead’ them. Be devoured if you wish sheep, but I am not joining you or accepting you. Obama is not American and anyone who follows him is stupid, cowardly, and anti-American. Even if he is of legal U.S. birth, which is highly questionable, he is not an American at heart. He apparently does not believe in Christ. He does not believe in freedom. Everything he has done has been terrible and will cost our children opportunity and freedom. He is not alone in being stupid, but he is yet another toxic by-product of a society that has slovenly and cowardly taken advantage of its freedom rather than respecting the cost of freedom and defending and protecting at all cost. Where is your courage America? Where is your honor? What have millions of us fought for? To have Obama end the greatest bastion of freedom? In fact, if we kicked everyone in D.C. out or asked the to go home an do nothing, it would be immeasurably better than what they are doing. Stop the stupid train! BTW, I AM an AMERICAN…nothing before it…nothing after it. I don’t care where I came from, but I care greatly where I am going…I AM an AMERICAN! I make no apologies that AMERICANS have led the way for saving the world and for being the hope that every downtrodden human in the world holds onto.

  • Evelyn Allen

    Those who offend Isreal, GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE, will SURELY burn in HELL! How much of our OWN country will Obama require? As, in his own words, America is now a Muslim nation.

  • jc

    90% of the comments are full of hate. 90% of you feel you OWN something, its yours given by a higher command. You OWN absolutely NOTHING. The lands that are built on, the lands that are bombed, the food you eat, the water you drink, the children you bear, the graves were you weep, they are not your property. Its all there for all to take care of. So dont mess it up with illlusion and greed. Love all and everything, then see the miracles.

  • Carole

    I`m afraid it`s the hand of God, Todd!
    Read a book called “Eye to Eye” by Bill Koenig, available through Amazon.

  • Rosa

    Barraka Obama is the Ant -Christ .you have elected Satan,s slave for your President and have not seen anything yet of his capabilities and audacity .not only will he enslave the world but will also kill all the Christians as well as Jews and and all those who oppose him .
    in no way must Israel give up the land that was given to them by God for if they do :The Lord God will crush them!

  • candacehinkley

    obama is an insult to all that is christian and humane.