In 2008 Barack Obama told American Jewish leaders that he would not divide Jerusalem.

But that was when he needed the Jewish vote.
Today Obama rewarded the Hamas-Farah alliance by telling Israel to divide Jerusalem and move back to the 1967 borders.



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  1. Rush just said it, and he’s right. All this, including America’s foreign policy, is oriented toward Obama 2012 and nothing more. God save us from idiots who fall for this dreck. The country is teetering on the edge of the cliff and our dear leader is doing his best to push us over the brink.

    I’m not sure if it’s incompetence or malevolence, but it doesn’t matter. The final result is the same. This man *must* be replaced in 2012 or we can kiss goodbye to the America we love. Four more years of Hopeandchange will destroy us.

  2. and obama lying surprises who ???

  3. every time his mouth moves its a lie.

  4. Every Republican getting airtime should mention this.

  5. He is a walking lie…(I was going to say talking…but every time he opens his mouth..nothing but lies come out)

    I just can’t understand the people who actually believe him, and agree with him

    What is wrong with these people…are they really brainwashed???

  6. Did anyone actually believe he would have chosen otherwise?

  7. Any American Jew who believed Obama in 2008 was a damned fool.

  8. Technically he called for Israel to retreat to the 1949 truce lines and abandondon all the Jews in the “settlements” to be murdered. He is calling for a return to the situation at the declaration of the state of Israel. In fact he is calling for Israel to retreat from territory that the UN originally included in Israel but that the Arabs conquered.

  9. Actually, he had no choice. Bebe is coming to town and he needs an excuse to “dis” him once again.

    I just don’t understand the Jewish support for this charletan. How can they possibly see his actions as supportive of Israel. Can anyone enlighten me?

  10. The mountains will rise and the seas will fall before Israel will give up Jerusalem , Judea or
    Samaria. The secular left is no longer in political control of Israel. The religious right will never permit this to happen. Never. Ever. There will be bloodshed in the streets of Israel before this land will be returned. After all, political zionism is dead and is being replaced with religious zionism. Political zionism would give back land for peace, religious zionism recalls God’s promise to the jewish people and will never turn their backs on God.

    Everyone in Israel, whether they wish to acknowledge it or not, realize this is a war of religious dimension. Non practicing jews worldwide are struggling to accept this premise. They have given up their heritage , culture heritage and diluted their religious practices in order to blend in. But the jew never really, truly does in the long term. He is always ultimately separated from the crowd, like an Auschwitz selection, and pronounced a foreigner.

    Fourteen and a half million amongst nearly six billion; a shard in the eye of those who wish to return to prior Mt. Sinai days, where anything and everything goes sexually, morality is or isn’t according to time and place, and murder and mayhem are the norm.

    The arabs, wrapped in their muslim beliefs, see nothing wrong with theft, murder of their wives and daughter without consequence, child rape, lying and deceit. It’s all sanctioned in their Koran. The Bible and the Koran cannot co-exist. The bible is a guide to morality, the Koran the opposite. That is why arabs hate Jews. The beacon of morality must be destroyed. And the leftists worldwide agree, and join in calling for the destruction of Israel and the jews. The only regret Europeans have ever had over the holocaust is the failure of Germany’s success in fully eradicating the Jew. And Obama is hoping to oblige them.

  11. It’s called Al-taqiyya. The Koran says it’s OK. He’s muslim.

  12. Of COURSE he lied. I knew from the get-go that Obama’s mission is to destroy Israel, but he couldn’t say that or else he’d lose the support of the few Zionist but liberal/progressive Jews kicking around.

    Well, now the Halloween mask is off and Obama is betting that Arab support and leftist support will outweigh losing otherwise left-leaning Jews.

  13. But that was when he needed the Jewish vote.

    Go ahead, people, vote for him again.

    Interested in proving how stupid you are? Do it. I dare you.

  14. “Obama lied.”

    Now, there’s a bulletin!

  15. When barry said this in 2008 he was walking-back a previous statement where he told another group the exact opposite and got called on it. He said this to appease a Jewish audience at AIPAC and to convince them of his loyalty–I guess it worked, they fell for it and gave him 78% support in the election. I hesitate to say it, but say it I must: the chickens are coming home to roost. But with this POS, what does anyone expect.

  16. everytime odumbo opens his mouth it is a lie

  17. Obama promises. Expiration dates.

  18. the bible states i the end times the world will rise up against the jews and christiams their will be adverse weather eathquakes in adverse places falling away from God men sleeping with men the destruction of the family rise of false gods deceases famines men will me lovers of self idol worship ect

  19. As sure as the sun comes up, Obama will lie and people will die.

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