Obama Lands in MO, Pauses for Photos, Then Heads to Joplin For 10 Minute Speech… And More Photos Before Flying Back to DC

Obama landed in Missouri moments ago one week after the deadly tornado killed at least 139 people.
100 are still missing.

U.S. President Barack Obama greets Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and his wife Georganne after arriving in Joplin, Missouri, May 29, 2011. Obama travelled. (REUTERS/Jason Reed)

Obama posed for pictures then boarded an aircraft for Joplin.

While in Joplin he will take a 10 minute tour of the town in his car.
He will speak with the tornado victims for 10 minutes.
He will then give a 10 minute speech at Missouri Southern University.
Then he’ll get the hell out of there… After he pauses for more pictures.

Of course, the press will give him a complete pass for this.

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  • miar


  • L.E. Liesner

    What! No cocktails. He finally has time for the commoners, wonder if they have time for him.

  • Spartan

    The man oozes ‘heart’, doesn’t he?

  • Granny

    So very thoughtful of him! I hope the survivors of Joplin choose to boycott his “appearance.”

  • Somewhat Reasonable Voice

    He only showed up because he felt he had to. There is nothing in that part of the country that holds his interest.

  • patman

    Will his teleprompter and auto pen be joining him too?

  • Sickofobama

    What a disgrace.

    The POS should have said, “I gotta go – the weather is nice in D.C. today and I got me a 1:00 tee time.

    FO Hussein.

  • David_V.

    GOLFING. enough said.

  • Mark S.

    Like we expected any better? Heck no.. this is “Mr. Photo Op President” and nothing more.

  • John03

    Shameful. The people of Joplin have suffered greatly and deserve so much more than this.

  • vityaz

    I suppose we’ll either be fighting the left for the rest of our lives or we give in and become one with “the body”/Landru.

    It’s amazing how much Star Trek got right.

    It would sure be better for us if the president woke up tomorrow and one half of his body was literally white and the other half was black.

  • Gimme a Break

    Are all the golf courses in Joplin closed?

  • Sickofobama


    I will never give in.

    I’ll starve before I become a slave to Obama and his fellow Communists!

  • Joe Blow

    I’m sure he is just going to try and turn the memorial into a re-election campaign like he did in Arizona. Tee-shirts and all!

  • Sasja

    I can understand wanting a president to visit such sites as Ground Zero after an attack, after all, it was an attack on our country. But I have never understood why some folks think that a visit by a president, any president, is necessary after a natural disaster. I guess I’m just weird in that I would take comfort from God, my family, friends and neighbors. What the president does, or does not do, matters not.

  • Dick Turpin

    He is a sorry ass bitch. Nobody wants to hear give a speech about their hardships…how he feels so poorly for them. Bollocks. The visit was a must do for this clown, and he should have had the nads to get off camera (TOTUS, too) and talk to the residents whilst surveying some of the damage. That’s what a REAL leader would have done..but alas, we have Il Douche who, again, shows up for a brief moment and only to make it about himself.

  • KOW

    We knew he would do that, and if all the moron Republicans would not of called him out for being overseas and not being in Joplin.

    The World or US for that matter, did not end when the Idiot in Chief was gone, so why call him out for not being here, except for a short term gain and sound bites?

    Republicans, get over Obama, ignore him, dont call him out for anything, that includes Medicare, Budgets, whatever. Yes, say things about him trying to kill Medicare, his budget going down 0-97, but dont say, Where is your Budget? What is your plan for Medicare? You know the answers to that.

  • Kate

    Why does he even bother? Like he gives a rip. Wish he’d just stay the hell away. If it would be meaningful and helpful, that would be different. As it is, I wish he’d just stay away from Missouri period. It’s bad enough we have to have Claire around.

  • Kate

    Wonder how many times he will say “I” in his speeches while in Missouri. I am sure it will all be about him.

  • daryl

    Never miss a chance to turn a tragedy into opportunity or a photo-op.
    Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart?

  • rbosque

    Compare and contrast the Katrina disaster and how the media blamed Bush for every aspect of the disaster, including delaying aid (which was Louisiana’s. responsibility), breaking levies to “kill blacks”, for being against “global warming” which according to the left was the cause, not reacting fast enough….

    Then the MSM tell us they’re not biased.

  • ilikai

    That self-serving pompous asswipe is going to try and turn this tragedy into another plus for him, bet on it. He will shower the people with as much money and he is showering on foreign countries…. NOT! The last thing these people need is some government hack shaking his head in false shock and giving lackluster comfort to them.

  • Noah

    Thats way to much time here as far as I’m concerned.
    useless moron.

  • Noah

    #12 May 29, 2011 at 11:12 am
    Gimme a Break commented:

    Are all the golf courses in Joplin closed? No they have been moved to Springfield by Mother Nature .
    My Brother is working his ass off as a First Responder in Joplin and the last thing anyone there wanted was for obama to show up take away needed personal to cover he’s lying ass and keep them away from maybe finding some live people.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    Barry showing up for a campaign photo-op may be crass enough, but the really revolting aspect of this situation are the MSM talking heads on scene (this includes the one from FNC) that positively coo about how wonderful Barry is for showing how much he loves the American people by taking a few minutes from his busy schedule to show concern for the disaster victims. *GAG*

  • wanumba

    If he stayed any longer he’d have to mutter something about declaring state of emergency to release federal funds.

    His White House parties last longer.

  • 2centsworth

    Obama is certain that these are the same “type” of people that will be “clinging to their guns and religion”. He only came here for the photos to put in his scrapbook and he will let his bought and paid for press craft the fairytale that he cared at all.

    He’d rather be golfing.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Obunghole is a freaking jackass.

  • His popularity in Joplin is likened to Yassar Arafat at a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem.

    You could probably hear a pin drop and crickets chirping in the background for a solid 10 minutes in Joplin at the University.

  • I am curious. At the end of his speech, did Obama say something like, “Now excuse me while I go ahead and destroy the rest of your country.”

    Just curious.

  • Double Fault

    President Useless. Sending billions of our money to Egyptian Muslim
    thugs, but FEMA is running dry while our citizens (taxpayers) suffer great tragedies. Big Government does indeed suck.


    what…no time for golf…what an absolute POS…doesn’t care about anybody but his moo slime brothers

  • Kissmygrits

    Zero must have wanted to hurry back to DC to catch a glimpse of Sarah on the back of a Harley. What a lowlife he is and how cold and indifferent he is to all the suffering in that area. At least Clinton knew when to shed a tear.

  • Sasja

    Clinton knew when to shed a tear. Yeah, a crocodile tear. Honestly, you people and your neurotic need for a president to “feel your pain” is really quite nauseating.

  • Simsalabim

    A nice photo of President Zero and Governor Fatso.

  • bitterclinger

    He was more or less shamed into showing his vapid countenance after Bibi Netanyahu pwned him by acknowledging the Joplin disaster last Monday.

  • Iconoclast

    The difference between Øshama & used toilet tissue is the latter serves a socially valid purpose while the former meets the standard for pornography: utterly without socially-redeeming value.

  • Moright

    Anyone see the pics of Claire Bear? Let’s just say she isn’t in fighting shape for 2012. Little too much feeding at the public trough.

  • Maureen

    Took him long enough to get there.

    Had to finish the big vacay in Europe first.

  • Ozark Lee

    Obama visit – OK, whatever.

    I know that there are a bunch of food drives going on all across the country but they have so many donated canned goods that there is no place to store them.

    What these fine people need is 2X4s and plywood, Sheetrock and shingles, pipes and Romex, siding and windows. The stuff to rebuild.

    Most importantly, they need a compliant bureaucracy that doesn’t hold up their insurance settlements and building permits.

    The hardest part will be to replace all of the trees that were stripped of their branches and all leaves – that will take years.


  • mg4us

    Obama says Joplin a National Disaster. . true and our prayers go out to those who were injured, died or affected by the ravages of the tornado & storm.

    But an even worse national Disaster is Obama himself. . . the massive debt, government takeovers, new restrictive regulations, ban on drilling, no jobs, a war in Libya, illegal immigration, rising foreclosure and unemployment. . .

    The devastation this evil man Obama does to this country has ruined the lives of many more people than the storm in Joplin has done! His path of destruction is country-wide.

    Pray this Memorial Day that God will bless us with real Hope for Change in 2012!

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Is that Jay Nixon? OMG! All that sitting around and doing nothing has him all blimped out.

    Obama is plain ol’ black white-trash.

  • MamaGrizzly

    Obama doesn’t give a rip because most of the victims are white. Just sayin’ Now he can claim “payback” in front of his black constituency. He is one sick man.