More Smoke and Mirrors… State-Run Media Staged Obama Press Conference Photos Sunday Night

More smoke and mirrors
The White House goofed on their messaging all week but they did get the photos they wanted…
They were staged. reported:

Until Wednesday, the White House debated whether to release photos showing Osama bin Laden’s body. In theory, the photos would be proof to any doubters that the terrorist is dead. But not all photos can be believed — not even when they seem to show the president of the United States making a historic speech.

Reuters White House photographer Jason Reed describes how the president made his speech to a single TV camera, then immediately after finishing, he pretended to speak for the still cameras
Reed writes:

“As President Obama continued his nine-minute address in front of just one main network camera, the photographers were held outside the room by staff and asked to remain completely silent. Once Obama was off the air, we were escorted in front of that teleprompter and the President then re-enacted the walk-out and first 30 seconds of the statement for us.”

That means the photograph that appeared in many newspapers Monday morning of Obama speaking may have been the staged shot, captured after the president spoke.

Of course, this is nothing new.
They’ve been doing this for years.

It’s what they do.

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  • Granny

    Presidential photos should come with a standard disclaimer on each one: STAGED PHOTO

  • mg4us

    Everything is staged. . Obama is a puppet

    The real question is “who is the voice and mind behind the TOTUS??”

  • Dewormer

    No offense intended, but why would we care that the photos are staged when all other aspects of “mainstream media” is constructed in likewise manner?

    Most credible professionals no longer consider major media “journalists” and their news media employers as objective and independent of the Democratic political party. Like the AFL-CIO and SEIU, they’re public relations workers working at the direction of the political cause.

    If it’s alarming to you, do as we do and throw out any resume from a former journalist. Shunning and banishment are powerful tools for the people to challenge progressive totalitarianism.

  • patman

    hate this liar… just plain hate him…

    Love the troops and heroes! Much!

  • rabblerouser

    say it ain’t so bro

  • MathMom

    On this point, I don’t care. He was giving an important address about Bin Laden’s death (yes, I know, and mostly about himself), – do you want to hear cameras clicking the entire time he was speaking, like you hear during Senate grillings?

    I’ve read this is standard operating procedure in this sort of situation.

    I detest Barky, don’t get me wrong. But let’s focus on something that matters – getting him back into the private sector, so that he can struggle in the economy that he’s created.

  • BurmaShave

    This ought to help convince the doubters of what actually went down in Sunday’s raid, right?

    And the most anti-transparent administration in history is wondering why they are having problems getting people to trust them?

    PS: Barack, trust is an essential component of leadership. I hope you figure this out sometime.

  • n.a. palm

    Here are the latest scores:

    Seal Team 6: 95
    Obama: 0

    That is all.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    It’s Cinco de Mayo.

    How many schoolkids will be forced to remove American flags and to turn American flag Tee-shirts inside out today, so as not to offend the Mexican schoolkids?

    That time of year, once again. It’s their day today.

  • Granny

    You know, it just dawned on me why Obama chose the middle of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice show on Sunday night to make his grand pronouncement – other than the fact that he has a feud with Trump and wanted to be a thuggish boor.

    Happened to glance over at the right column and notice a link that said “Obama Draws Big Audience”. Yes, of COURSE he did. Trump has the biggest audience in his hour and everyone was sitting there waiting for IWonWTF to shut up so they could get back to Celebrity Apprentice.

  • hermie

    The media is still promoting the lie that Obama was watching the raid live.

  • Granny

    #11 Joe – take your head out of your nether regions and read what Jim wrote. He specifically stated “they have been doing this for years.” This is simply the first time in some time it has been pointed out to the American public.

  • donabernathy

    these people don’t know how to tell the truth.


  • Reaganite Republican

    That glory grubbing speech of his went over like a fart in church, he must be freaking out at the poll numbers lol

  • Chisum

    Joe at #11,

    The only weasel is BO….and YOU!

    From the link:

    But this practice of re-enacting a historic speech flies directly in the face of the National Press Photographers Association Code of Ethics, which includes this relevant passage: “Resist being manipulated by staged photo opportunities.”

    And this:

    We had no idea there was an ethics code for photojournalists, and we’re thrilled to find out there is one. How dare the White House force them to abandon it! We feel shocked and lied to! This practice of re-staging must come to an end.

  • squeaky

    the crew that worked in hyper drive to derail the Bush adm- willing to even sideline the national interest or endanger infield military if it meant a power shift to their party – now consider the death of osama as a feather in the obama cap. the same guys who worked 24/7 to sabatoge Bush no matter the cost.
    and then there’s loose lips biden.

  • Andreas K.

    I think it’s time for a t-shirt.

    “I wanted to see dead bin Laden, but all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

  • Mark1957

    OT ….. Unemployment numbers jump to 479,000 for the week. So much for that binladen bounce Barky.

  • workingclass artist



  • texabama

    Of course, the whole things was staged. My question from the beginning has been, “Who did he think would be up and listening at 11:00 p.m. on a Sunday night?” People with jobs would be going to bed at that time if they live on the east coast. College students (the ones who “spontaneously” ran to the White House) should have been studying for finals. The whole timeline doesn’t seem reasonable…from the events themselves (killing, DNA analysis, at sea burial) to the announcement.