LSU Leftist Given the OK to Torch US Flag on Campus Today

A Louisiana State University student was given permission to torch the US flag on campus today at noon.
He is holding his protest in solidarity with a loon who stole the US flag on campus last week and torched it.

Benjamin Haas will torch the US flag today at LSU.
Gee, you think he’s a leftist?

reported, via Free Republic:

Benjamin Haas, communication studies graduate student, will burn an American flag tomorrow at noon on the Parade Ground as part of a peaceful protest, according to Cody Wells, Student Government president.

Wells said Haas is exercising his First Amendment right to burn the flag. The burning comes nearly a week after Isaac Eslava was taken into custody after cutting down and burning the American flag flying over the War Memorial and stealing the University flag.

Wells said Haas went through University procedure to host tomorrow’s protest, and he also went through the procedure to organize a “peaceful assembly in response to recent flag burnings.”

“We’re going to respect his First Amendment right to burn our American flag,” Wells said.

He added he and others will then “exercise our own First Amendment rights” by holding their own ceremony.

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  • Formerly known as Skeptic

    I fervently hope he is totally ignored.

  • Iconoclast

    I fully support this guy’s right to burn the flag – after he is wrapped in it and hung by his heels from the nearest light pole. Until then, I hope Rick Monday comes out of retirement.

  • Granny Smith

    Benjamin, your buddy had every right to burn a flag – that he bought and paid for. What he did NOT have the right to do is to STEAL the flag from the Veteran’s Memorial. Ignoramus!

  • SSBN 627(B)

    Go ahead, burn it, exercise your right.

    Then kindly exercise your right to leave. It’s so bad here, go elsewhere. Crybaby libtard. Go someplace where you might actually have to work to survive.


  • Gimme a Break

    I believe Benjie has the right to a haircut, shave, bath, and thorough delousing.

  • donh

    Why hasn’t Genl Petraeus expressed his concern this flag burning will provoke anti American sentiments in Afganistan and put our soldiers at risk ?

  • Sickofobama

    I bet the guy who stole the flag got a pat on the back.

    Now this loser gets to burn it.

    What for? To show his hate for America.

    We know already it already libtards.

    The head libtard and his thug for a wife show it everyday.

    I wonder if this lunatic thinks Obama is a bad guy for ordering the outright murder of Osama?

  • Doc54

    Looks like a perfect candidate for the Osama treatment…….GO! Seal Team 6………….look at this guy, looks like an escapee from a mental institution and i’m bettin’ he voted for BHO.

  • theBuckWheat

    Let’s hold a peaceful Koran burning to protest oppression of women in Islamic cultures.

  • workingclass artist

    A sampling of the poet Benjamin Haas’ work….from Clockwise Cat….
    Evidently he writes about like he looks….ummmm…..yeah….

    “I am still waiting on my jar, like that blue soda bottle tornado, perhaps a bookshelf memory for the prehistoric creatures in the packets and cannibalism. Windy morning looks like showers that might keep all the ships at bay, I am just trying not to be afraid of everyone. I saw a paisley sunset in the book you will write tommorrow. There’s a wooden plank engine roar tinny enough to blind. Wore the right costume, forgot my shoes and my socks never match….”

  • alwyr

    2 pieces of advice for this graduate (i.e. “professional”) student:

    1. Get a fu%$&ng haircut!
    2. Get a fu%$&ng job!

  • daryl

    Maybe he will inadvertently set that scraggly beard on fire in the process.
    That oughtta take care of the need of a shave and begin the delousing process.
    Then maybe someone can give him an ice pick to stab the rest of the lice with when they head for the short hair.
    Helping someone exercise his First Amendment rights always makes these enablers like this Wells feel all squishy and patriotic inside. Their enthusiasm gives them away every time.

  • burt

    LSU they graduated James Carville didn’t they?

  • NeoKong

    “We’re going to respect his First Amendment right to burn our American flag,” Wells said.

    Just don’t ask to burn a Koran.

  • Brooks

    he’s a student?!

    how old is he?

    can marxists exist outside of a college campus?

  • waicool

    LSU proud?

  • american patriot

    Lets see these loons burn the Flag of Jihad (that black one), or the flag of Saudi Arabia, or, gasp, a Koran,

  • patman

    Just start kicking these guys asses.

    Seriously. Beat their asses in front of the crowd and leave him black-eyed and fat-lipped.

    If this loser (40-yr old student) thinks he’s gonna get laid by doing this, and not get an ass whooping, then let’s send the message now.

    Somebody please punch this guy in the face.

    Violence does solve some problems, sometimes.

  • Charlie

    “communication studies graduate student”

    ’nuff said.

  • heyitsmekelly

    They are protesting the fact that one of their own got arrested for cutting down an American flag that didn’t belong to him and burned it. Then he stole another flag that also didn’t belong to him. Before he burns the American flag he’s going to use , the police should demand to see a receipt just to make sure it is his own property he’s burning !!!