LSU Leftist Given the OK to Torch US Flag on Campus Today

A Louisiana State University student was given permission to torch the US flag on campus today at noon.
He is holding his protest in solidarity with a loon who stole the US flag on campus last week and torched it.

Benjamin Haas will torch the US flag today at LSU.
Gee, you think he’s a leftist?

reported, via Free Republic:

Benjamin Haas, communication studies graduate student, will burn an American flag tomorrow at noon on the Parade Ground as part of a peaceful protest, according to Cody Wells, Student Government president.

Wells said Haas is exercising his First Amendment right to burn the flag. The burning comes nearly a week after Isaac Eslava was taken into custody after cutting down and burning the American flag flying over the War Memorial and stealing the University flag.

Wells said Haas went through University procedure to host tomorrow’s protest, and he also went through the procedure to organize a “peaceful assembly in response to recent flag burnings.”

“We’re going to respect his First Amendment right to burn our American flag,” Wells said.

He added he and others will then “exercise our own First Amendment rights” by holding their own ceremony.

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  • Formerly known as Skeptic

    I fervently hope he is totally ignored.

  • Iconoclast

    I fully support this guy’s right to burn the flag – after he is wrapped in it and hung by his heels from the nearest light pole. Until then, I hope Rick Monday comes out of retirement.

  • Granny Smith

    Benjamin, your buddy had every right to burn a flag – that he bought and paid for. What he did NOT have the right to do is to STEAL the flag from the Veteran’s Memorial. Ignoramus!

  • SSBN 627(B)

    Go ahead, burn it, exercise your right.

    Then kindly exercise your right to leave. It’s so bad here, go elsewhere. Crybaby libtard. Go someplace where you might actually have to work to survive.


  • Gimme a Break

    I believe Benjie has the right to a haircut, shave, bath, and thorough delousing.

  • donh

    Why hasn’t Genl Petraeus expressed his concern this flag burning will provoke anti American sentiments in Afganistan and put our soldiers at risk ?

  • Sickofobama

    I bet the guy who stole the flag got a pat on the back.

    Now this loser gets to burn it.

    What for? To show his hate for America.

    We know already it already libtards.

    The head libtard and his thug for a wife show it everyday.

    I wonder if this lunatic thinks Obama is a bad guy for ordering the outright murder of Osama?

  • Doc54

    Looks like a perfect candidate for the Osama treatment…….GO! Seal Team 6………….look at this guy, looks like an escapee from a mental institution and i’m bettin’ he voted for BHO.

  • theBuckWheat

    Let’s hold a peaceful Koran burning to protest oppression of women in Islamic cultures.

  • workingclass artist

    A sampling of the poet Benjamin Haas’ work….from Clockwise Cat….
    Evidently he writes about like he looks….ummmm…..yeah….

    “I am still waiting on my jar, like that blue soda bottle tornado, perhaps a bookshelf memory for the prehistoric creatures in the packets and cannibalism. Windy morning looks like showers that might keep all the ships at bay, I am just trying not to be afraid of everyone. I saw a paisley sunset in the book you will write tommorrow. There’s a wooden plank engine roar tinny enough to blind. Wore the right costume, forgot my shoes and my socks never match….”

  • alwyr

    2 pieces of advice for this graduate (i.e. “professional”) student:

    1. Get a fu%$&ng haircut!
    2. Get a fu%$&ng job!

  • daryl

    Maybe he will inadvertently set that scraggly beard on fire in the process.
    That oughtta take care of the need of a shave and begin the delousing process.
    Then maybe someone can give him an ice pick to stab the rest of the lice with when they head for the short hair.
    Helping someone exercise his First Amendment rights always makes these enablers like this Wells feel all squishy and patriotic inside. Their enthusiasm gives them away every time.

  • burt

    LSU they graduated James Carville didn’t they?

  • NeoKong

    “We’re going to respect his First Amendment right to burn our American flag,” Wells said.

    Just don’t ask to burn a Koran.

  • he’s a student?!

    how old is he?

    can marxists exist outside of a college campus?

  • waicool

    LSU proud?

  • american patriot

    Lets see these loons burn the Flag of Jihad (that black one), or the flag of Saudi Arabia, or, gasp, a Koran,

  • patman

    Just start kicking these guys asses.

    Seriously. Beat their asses in front of the crowd and leave him black-eyed and fat-lipped.

    If this loser (40-yr old student) thinks he’s gonna get laid by doing this, and not get an ass whooping, then let’s send the message now.

    Somebody please punch this guy in the face.

    Violence does solve some problems, sometimes.

  • Charlie

    “communication studies graduate student”

    ’nuff said.

  • They are protesting the fact that one of their own got arrested for cutting down an American flag that didn’t belong to him and burned it. Then he stole another flag that also didn’t belong to him. Before he burns the American flag he’s going to use , the police should demand to see a receipt just to make sure it is his own property he’s burning !!!

  • tommy mc donnell

    the university has rules for burning the flag. is there a correct university procedure for burning the koran?

  • tommy mc donnell

    anybody think he voted for mc cain?

  • MAJ Mike

    Well thank God he’s not burning a Koran.

  • Mrs. X

    BUUUT, Obama is president! I thought all the socalist/marxist/hippie types would be happy now!

  • As much as we dislike it everyone in America has the right to burn “Their” Flag. This guy who got arrested didn’t burn his flag he burned the flag over a memorial, that was why he was arrested so Benjamin Haas is protest for the right to destroy propriety that belongs to other people with whom you disagree with. Commies love that right!!

  • Dlew

    Another of what seems like thousands of Marxist Jewish Americans crapping on this country.

    Getting a little sick of this.

  • Viv

    There is only one word for people like him….scum.

  • Betsy Ross

    I’m so sick and tired of these hippie-wanna-be liberals going around buring the American flag. Why do we put up with these creeps burning things in public? Geez, in some places people can’t have a stupid camp fire on a fun summer night, but these losers can burn the flag wherever and whenever they wish, no problem. Gaa, it’s getting sooooooo tiresome.

  • greg

    Pistol Pete Maravich averaging 62 points per game

    David Duke in free speech ally when he was just a Nazi

    Miss LSU featured in the campus newspaper described as She don’t drink, she don’t smoke and two out of three ain’t bad. Pictures fleeing the campus rose garden

    Burning the ROTC building

    Panty raids

    Student protests banned on campus but with city police escort to the capital off campus

    The past time bar

    Football games

    Submarine watching at the lakes and getting busted by campus security.

    Campus security getting busted for prurient looking in cars that are submarine watching

    There was so much more to campus life in the late 60’s. The putz that got permission to burn the flag would have been considered an absolute nerd and never heard from


    The libtard lame stream media are lining up to offer this ass wipe a job after today

  • olm

    Why do these liberals always look like such dirtbags?
    Seriously, how do people who burn the American flag last 2 seconds in LA? Is LSU a haven for the far left like most universities?

  • Gimme a Break

    Anyone want to bet he’s not majoring in engineering?

  • ∅butthead

    He sure wrap himself in the flag prior to setting it afire.

  • Warthog

    With but a trifling of searching, I found some of Haas’ poetry. (You knew he had to be a “poet” didn’t you?) It is on some progressive web … publication called Clockwise Cat ( Just search for “Haas” and you’ll find him.

    An excerpt:

    Morning swim and foggy eyes unsure keys and best thoughts are like swords. Dragonfly mating Winnebago trips and three day old instant coffee. There’s half a continent in between it all, and dotted lines. Dreamt of sea turtles and oil spills, we are in a bit of a pickle she says at the convenience store counter. I am still waiting on my jar, like that blue soda bottle tornado, perhaps a bookshelf memory for the prehistoric creatures in the packets and cannibalism. …

    So, objectively speaking. He writes stream-of-consciousness poetry with rather weak, obtuse imagery and poor to non-existant grammar. Whatever emotion he is attempting to evoke is diluted by asides and impossible to follow, unrelated trains of thought. It’s sort of like taking that jar of screws, nuts and bolts and rubber bands, etc. that everyone has, dumping it out on the table and calling it art.

    I dub him Poet Laureate of the Vogon Empire.

  • Counter by burning the one thing lefties find holy — a Koran.

  • JPeden

    Dud’ needs to be studying a little higher class o’ that thar communicatin’.


    My flag flies in my heart and it flies in my mind
    It’s not just a cloth that came off an assembly line
    Each man must think and must live in his time
    Oh I know you burned your flag but I’m sure glad you couldn’t burn mine

    Johnny Cash, George Jones, Tom T. Hall, Waylon Jennings

  • RedBeard

    Another great argument for removing federal funding from the education industry.

  • Mike

    Someone should give this fool an attitude adjustment that he should have had a long time ago. And the creatures that spawned him. What a waste.

  • P. Aaron

    From this guy’s appearance it’s obvious: He ain’t gettin’ any! As long as he looks like that, he’ll be pulling stunts like this.

  • Lemonaide

    Hopefully others with exercise their own First Amendment rights by calling the fire department. A high pressure hose should cool off this weirdo and from the looks of him a bath may be just what he needs.

  • Peter Warner

    Warthog @34 mentioned ‘stream-of-consciousness poetry’, which doubtless is some kind of fad on campus nowadays. It sure strikes me as an excuse for not being able to compose a coherent thought. People pay money to learn how to do this? American college education is pathetic.

    I sure wish someone would explain to the lad Haas that many good and decent men gave their life for that flag he’s about to set flame to. I know he won’t understand, but I wish the thought might be laid calmly upon his heart, just the same. When he grows up, he might reflect on the concept.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • Rob

    How about organizing a flash mob, boy scouts, military soldiers, to show up impromptu and say the pledge of allegiance, sing the national anthem etc.. maybe a barber to give the guy a wax job. At noon, hundreds just show up… what happened to going to college to learn?

  • Matt

    There are ironies on top of ironies in this article. Where to start?

    First, the guy looks like Woody Allen in Bananas, when he’s trying disguise himself as a leftist rebel. In this case, history repeats itself, first as comedy then as tragi-comedy.

    He thinks it’s not only okay for people to steal and destroy other people’s property (so long as it’s an American flag) but your first amendment rights are actually violated when the owner of the property you destroyed has a beef about it.

    On the other hand, Mr. Iconoclast thinks he has to get prior permission from the school to destroy HIS OWN property! He’s really showing that school a thing or two, isn’t he?

    Finally, this First-Amendment absolutist was given a student handbook on his first day of school that told him he MUST obey a set of strictly enforced, unconstitutional speech codes. I’m sure he lead a major protest about that too, and we just never heard about it.

  • Mannie

    #8 May 11, 2011 at 6:39 am
    Doc54 commented:

    Looks like a perfect candidate for the Osama treatment…….GO! Seal Team 6

    He’s not worth the price of a cartridge, or the effort to clean the weapon afterwards.

  • Joanne

    So people have the right to burn the U.S. flag, but on many accounts no longer have the right to fly it…….seems fair.

  • J B

    I know we have the right to peaceful assembly, but I didn’t know we had the right to burn the flag. At least not morally. If this guy is a natural born citizen, or better yet if he’s not, he aught to bend over and kiss every single one of those stars and thank the ones who died while it was still flying the has the right to do something so foolish and selfish. I know there are those who protest war – fine, dirty libs – but don’t protest the sacrifices made by those because of whom we have the freedoms we enjoy.

    Let him request to burn the Quran and it would be a different story, he would be labeled an extremest, a non- conformist, and unfit to be an American, because after all, we are supposed to tolerate it, right?. CNN and NBC would have a field day. But let him burn the U.S. Flag, one of the greatest symbols of American freedom, and he’s “exercising his rights”. PLEASE!

    JB – Lake Charles

  • Mama Lion

    I am so saddened to hear that my school is allowing this. I have to believe that they are setting this stinky hippie up to get his butt whooped. Because he will. I have a friend, and he has several other friends, who are going to use their right to stomp his face in the mud today at noon if they can get to him.

    If this dork knew what was good for him, he would leave Baton Rouge. He would leave the South and move to Michiganistan. At any rate, he will have to leave because the ass-whoopings he has coming his way will be many.

    His reasons for burning the flag are beyond ridiculous. Theft is a crime. Leftist wing-nuts are inhuman.

  • rick

    2 uncles fought in ww2, 1 in korean war. i promise they did not fight these wars to give this moron the right to burn the american flag. they were so proud and honored to have fought for our country and freedom. this man is a idiot like obama,they both have the same respect for our constitution and country, none.

  • Kelly Welch

    How much blood was shed for this flag? How many never returned home ?? This creep this trash this sorry excuse for a man will burn it? Hopefully he will catch on fire when he lights our flag.

  • kansas

    Wrap a Koran in that flag and see what happens.

  • catwoman368

    #47 Mama Lion I hope you are right and this libtard gets his arse whipped several times a day. These jackwagons dont deserve to live in this great country. I have the image of bill ayers, best friend of obamas standing on Ole Glory and my BP shoots up. I detest little billy ayers and I would love to give him an ass whipping. Someone said he is pond scum, I have to agree. God bless the USA and my beloved Texas.

  • Iconoclast

    Perhaps the good folks of Baton Rouge with honor this deserving fella with his own blanket party.

  • bobdog

    If he has a First Amendment right to burn our flag, then I have a constitutionally protected right to call him an a$$hole.

  • bobdog

    If he has a First Amendment right to burn our flag, I have a constitutionally protected right to call him an a*shole.

  • GaBlueStarMom

    I am hoping the LSU student’s arrange a meeting between Benjamin and Mike the Tiger.

    He really is embarrassing the school, more so because he is doing it to protest the arrest of a fellow student who STOLE A CAR, VANDALIZED SCHOOL PROPERTY AND STOLE THE FLAG he burned.

  • red923

    Why does it look like he has dried blood on his mouth? or are those cold sores? sounds like this guy is desperate for attention.

  • Navy CHief

    We should all go excercise our First Ammendment rights. Lets find out where this loozer is from and protest in front of his parents house. Hey we can see if he can take what he can dish out.

  • Brandon In Baton Rouge

    “Seriously, how do people who burn the American flag last 2 seconds in LA? Is LSU a haven for the far left like most universities?”

    There’s actually a counter-protest scheduled which will likely be quite a bit larger than his actual event.

    That’s not even going into the people threatening to pull a Rick Monday, either by saving the flag he brings out there or by dousing it in water to prevent it from catching fire, as well as the ones likely to beat his head in as LSU is a pretty conservative campus as far as colleges go.

    A lot of people are PISSED here because their “point” is so stupid. As GaBlueStarMom pointed out, the original flag burner STOLE the flag he burned from the LSU war memorial and committed several other crimes before he turned himself in. Even then, that was only after he was identified and it was a question of what condition he was in before he ended up in jail.

  • greenfairie

    Ugh, another worthless beardo hipster. Remember when frat boys used to hang these guys from a flagpole by their boxers?

  • Andrew

    Unless he’s surrounded by campus police when he does this, people should “feel free” to beat this man within an inch of his life to show him there are consequences to his actions.

  • No Man

    If somebody doesn’t save the flag, nobody at LSU campus has a hair on his arse.

    I was in college in NYC during the Vietnam War. Some hippie nitwits were running around campus with a VC flag shouting “Ho! Ho! Ho Chi Minh! NLF is sure to win!” Yeah, it was about commie victory not peace.

    Anyhow, some of the guys whose brothers and friends were in the war exercised their free speech rights. They punched out the useless POS with the VC rag and burned it.

    Nothing happened to those boys.


    Calling all Patriots at LSU, please quietly follow this guy after all the hoopla and protest, and when you get a chance (away from the cops) beat him into a pulp! Show him this is not tolerated by freedom loving Americans, this is not free speech! It is a slap in the face to every service member and veteran of this country!

  • No Man

    #13: Carville went to college???

  • Glammie

    Wonder if Mr Haas receives federal student financial aid to pay for his advanced degree?

  • Little David Puddy

    Hopefully, while this douchebag is exercising his first amendment rights, someone shows up at his protest and exercises their second amendment right.

  • Patrick

    Peaceful protest??? Since when is burning our flag a “peaceful” act? Counter protestors should have a copy of the God unholy Quran on hand because if the libtards can burn our flag “peacefully” then we can burn the Quran!

  • JPeden

    Obviously, Dud’ is a Progressive Poster Child: “Together we thrive”, because out on our own we’d not even exist. “Humanoid Parasites of the world, unite!”

  • cmd

    This scum, who is probably using OUR TAX MONEY TO GO TO COLLEGE, should be SENT TO IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN and look our SOLDIERS IN THE EYE AND THEN BURN the Flag. He’s a coward. He is OBAMA-ILK. If these socialist/marxists hate America so damn much, then I wish they would kindly get the hell out of here while not letting the door hit them in the Assssset

  • Wallace Gettys

    If appearance is any indication, he is a deranged individual. Obviously, his education did lot help him. And….if he hates this country enough to burn the flag that our ancestors fought and died for, he needs to find another place to live.

  • wpngjstr

    He has the First Amendment right to burn his own flag. I have no problem with that. Hell, I enlisted to protect that right.
    Conversely others have the first amendment right to make their objections known in a loud and obnoxious manner, if they so choose.

    Like the Dixie Chicks, these protestors forget everyone else has First Amendment rights to show their displeasure.

  • Marge

    Grad student huh. Wonder how much in taxpayer money, scholarship, stipend etc that he’s getting. Just sayin………

  • Noislamocommie

    The students at LSU need to print the listed and stated goals of communism and post them in every nook and cranny on campus make sure to paste them to every prof door on campus.

  • Molon Lobe

    Hopefully someone will douse this loon with gas as a symbolic act of protest. If he still wants to burn the US flag he should feel free.

  • Roberto Taylor

    I say- let him burn the flag, if he doesn’t burn this one, then he will burn another one, as some have said here, he has the right to do so in this free society. Anyone who thinks like this moron has obviously not seen the reason why he shouldn’t do that, he speaks English for a reason, not German, not Arabic, not Russian, he will tell you in English why he can do it. I bet he has never walked through or seen for that matter the rows of crosses and headstones of those who wore a uniform and died to protect this HIS country- and are buried in foreigh soil…. I bet if he ever stood in one of those cemeteries, he would not be able to stand the silence found in that hollow ground. My fellow veterans and I would gladly pay his way and accompany him with a flag in hand, give him the matches to light up our flag in one of those cemeteries, we guarantee that he will not do it, and just in the event that he would jokingly strike the match like the idiot he is- we guarantee that he will get the ultimate beating of his life by a bunch of old and decrepit and disabled and infirm but patriotic veterans. Quit wasting your time giving this “citizen” flag burner attention.