On April 6, 2011, Wisconsin liberal JoAnne Kloppenburg announced that she had won the Wisconsin election for Supreme Court Justice.
“We won. Our victory will hold.”

The next day they found 7,000 votes that went to her opponent Justice David Prosser.

Today, Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg held a press conference in Madison, Wisconsin and finally conceded the Supreme Court election to Justice David Prosser.
JS Online reported:

Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg said Tuesday that she was conceding the Supreme Court race to Justice David Prosser, ending what had been a contentious campaign that culminated in a rare statewide recount.

Kloppenburg made the concession at a Madison news conference just over a week after the state’s Government Accountability Board reported that final count numbers showed Prosser with 7,006 more votes.

Her decision to concede is expected to pave the way for Prosser to begin a new, 10-year term on Aug. 1.

If Kloppenburg had challenged the recount, Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson would have had to name a reserve judge to hear Kloppenburg’s court challenge. Court observers say it is likely that Abrahamson and the reserve judge would move as quickly as possible to consider the appeal.

Kloppenburg asked for the taxpayer-financed recount – the first statewide recount in two decades – after losing by 7,316 votes in the April 5 election. Waukesha County, a key stronghold for Prosser, finished its recount last.

The recount is estimated to cost taxpayers in excess of $550,000.



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  1. Really? About time.

  2. COST $550,000 !!??
    That was not a COST, that was an INVESTMENT in good government and jurisprudence for WI…they just need new talking points.

  3. Finally figured out it was impossible to steal.

    Kicked to the curb

    Powder is dry

  4. Fast learner, isn’t she?

  5. About time!

  6. Apparently not enough funds to go full court press and luckily fo rWI not enough voter fraud. Congrats WI for not appointing another moonbat.

  7. Is She finally going to get back on her broom and fly away ???

  8. I can only imagine that the union slush funds gave up on backing her ridiculous challenge any further.

    They certainly gave it a try, hoping to overturn a 7000-vote lead, but their professional vote-stealers could only whittle down Prosser’s lead by 300 votes or so. So the unions and the DNC must be running scared, now trying to preserve their slush funds for the 2012 election.

    Given Obama’s crooked and profligate administration, they have good reason to be scared.

  9. WI send the bill to her and good luck collecting.

  10. Paul Pott Sings To JoAnne Kloppenburg


  11. Come on, now, let’s not be so hasty to concede defeat, Kloppenburg. 7000 votes is VERY CLOSE, and, because you are extremely important, no amount of money should be spared to ensure that this vote count is accurate. Even if it takes several vote counts. Let’s try this again, maybe the next count will change things.

  12. OT


    Another criminal flash-mob (spree) is going down in Boston.

    This one is also of indeterminate melanin makeup. As usual.

    This trend is getting worse.

    via Drudge, his current headline, “TEEN GANGS UNLEASHED ON BOSTON BEACH”:


    By election 2012, this will be a daily occurrence in America.

  13. Also see Drudge’s top headlines.

    I say, as has been said here before: It Begins…


    ‘I was scared for my life’…
    Poet ‘Da Real One’ Gunned Down In Front Of Miami Poetry Cafe…
    Violent crime explodes in Myrtle during Black Bike Week; 8-hour hell…
    Rib Fest At Rochester beach turns rowdy…
    Riot On Long Island…
    Urban Melee In Charlotte…
    Chaos causes DNC concern for convention…
    Unruly urban crowd shuts down Nashville water park…


    Hope and change. Par for this well-played and long-played course.

  14. HotAir has the “Humpbot” video up. It would be more appropriate in the Weinergate thread.


  15. All: read the stories behind those headlines I ripped. Then tell me it ain’t startin’.

    Because it is.

  16. finally my state gets it done…PROSSER, voter ID, next up carry conceal…yeah baby

  17. You may expect a Federal appointment for Klopp shortly. That way she doesn’t have to endure another one of these pesky “election” things.

  18. ‘Bout flipping time. I always thought she looked like the clown from the “Saw” movies. I do hope she crawls back under that rock she slithered from in the first place.

    There was a rumor that she was going to block any attempt to seat Prosser on Aug. 1. That would make the State Supreme Court a 3/3 dems/repubs stance. Nothing essentially would get done here in the Cheese State: A deadlocked State Supreme court would render the lower courts’ judgement valid. And we all know where all those judgments are coming from: The Insanely Lib Dane County District.

    However; there has been legislation introduced here in WI that would allow persons to file suits against legislation in venues other than Dane County-where Madison is located. That would allow for less liberal counties to weigh in on cases. Also added to that proposed legislation would be the ability for anyone within the jurisdiction of Wisconsin to file an appeal on a suit. That would lessen the choke hold that Dane county has on the proceedings of our Legislators.

    That would also help out our counties who are being strong-armed in many DNR suits in this state, but that’s another can of worms for another day.

  19. Okay then just pay the bill for WI.

  20. Hey here is an update on one of the post you did this past weekend. The dancing protest at the Jefferson Memorial. Russian TV and Code Pink Disrupt Memorial Day Activities http://www.aim.org/aim-column/russian-tv-and-code-pink-disrupt-memorial-day-activities/

    Also an intersting piece in that article, “Adam Kokesh, an American who stars on KGB-TV, otherwise known as RT or Russia Today television, staged a publicity stunt at the Jefferson Memorial on May 28 and is now complaining about his arrest for “dancing.” The article further sumises that Adam is a useful tool for Russian propaganda fed to the Russian people as proof of American double standards when it comes to freedom of speech and expression. So, this guy and Code Pinko Commies are working with the Communist in Russia to undermine US law? This needs to be further investigated and also all connections to these people. I smell a rat. Also check out the Socialist party working with Islamist in this so called Arab Spring Bulls**t. Follow some of the leaders mentioned and this organization Counterfire UK. Are there connections to Code Pinko and this group since Counterfire is openingly admitting to help in the protest along with Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood? If anyone can find connections to Code Pinko and the planners behind the Arab Spring this would be huge in connecting them to giving aide to Terrorist organizations; thereby, buying them a trip to slammerl.

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