Governor Tim Pawlenty Announces He’s Running For President

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination today via this web video.

Tim Pawlenty: A Time For Truth

He is scheduled to give a speech in Iowa later today formally announcing his candidacy.

Governor Pawlenty wrote an article in USA Today titled “Pawlenty: Real change is about telling hard truths”.

In the third year of Barack Obama’s presidency, unemployment is at unbearable levels, gas and food prices are skyrocketing and federal government spending is out of control. “ObamaCare” is unconstitutional, and it is already driving up health costs — not reducing them.

The president’s policies simply aren’t working. And more than that, he won’t even tell us the truth about the problems we’re facing and what it’s really going to take to get America back on the right track.

As a candidate for president, it would be easy for me to just tell the American people we can solve our debt crisis and fix our economy without making any tough choices. But we have now seen where that type of leadership gets us.

Leadership isn’t about fancy speeches and empty promises. It’s not about telling people just what they want to hear. It’s about telling the truth. Like too many Washington politicians, President Obama governs with an eye toward the next election, at the expense of the next generation. He would rather pretend there is no crisis and attack those who are willing to stand up and try to solve it rather than risk doing anything about it himself.In Washington, they call that “smart politics.” But I’m not from Washington.

And in Britain they call it “Smart Alec”.

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  • Zim

    He is really running for VP

  • MamaGrizzly

    Very dynamic commercial.

    If he hits hard and consistent, and runs with West or Cain, it could happen. Better happen.

  • Capn Angus

    “T-Paw” has been running for 2 years & has a book out (which judging by the sales most people didn’t know)…
    Still can’t poll above 3-5 % in most polls
    Bachman is more relevent Minnesotan

    YAWN ZZZZZZZZZ T-Paw is a non-factor.

  • MamaGrizzly

    VP with who?

  • donh

    T-paw has a high super geek factor . He reminds me of the Nationwide Insurance salesman. I am expecting T-paw to sell me some scam promise of turning our deficit into a vanishing deductable tax….

  • wtd
  • MamaGrizzly

    Cain can relate best to people. Kind of agree with the geek factor, but WAY BETTER THAN OBAMA, for sure. I don’t quite trust Tom, but need to know more about him.

  • Oldsailor

    Well, let’s see what the Douchnozzle has to say.

  • chuck in st paul


  • Pat the First

    I hope that Pawlenty wins the nomination. He is my favorite of the field. He knows how to run in a deeply blue state. I want someone who will beat Obama. I don’t want a pie-in-the-sky person. We will not survive a second Obama administration.

    I think a Pawlenty for Pres. and Palin or Jindal or maybe Bachmann (Rubio and West both say that won’t run. Cain is too inexperienced. We have just had 2.5 years of inexperienced.) for V-P might give Obama a good run for it. Not sure Palin would run for VP again. Especially with another new anti-Palin book coming out from one of her former aides. She might need to sit it out for another election cycle.

  • M1

    He’s a AGW believer and supported Cap & Trade. He’s a big gov RINO.

  • M1

    MamaGrizzly commented:

    Is there a thread here that you don’t mention either Cain or West or both? Give us a break please. You look foolish.

  • Barrack

    Tell us the truth about your support for Cap and Trade.

  • mcc
  • mcc

    Oh, and here’s someone else I dream about:

    Also, Palin in latest Gallup poll is statistically tied now with Romney (from Drudge, I think).

    Cain’s performance on FOX News Sunday was less than stellar, I’m afraid. And what I did see of his canidacy announcement was off-putting: the sunglasses and too showman-like, for me anyway.

    West, the other day, said once again he’s not running. Pretty much all my favorites aren’t running.

  • jorgen

    The truth? But can the US handle the truth?

  • Pat the First

    Pawlenty sent a letter to Congress 2 years ago after researching more about Cap and Trade stating that he regretted his support of Cap and Trade. It was a mistake and he apologized for his support of Cap and Trade. He APOLOGIZED for his support when he learned the truth about global warming. It takes someone who is completely different than Obama to admit his mistakes and apologize. Obama only apologizes to those who want us dead.

  • RedBeard

    We could do a lot worse than Pawlenty, from what we know at the moment.

  • Cynic

    Even if the negative spin from all the media regarding all the GOP candidates were true none of it even comes close to the lies and lawlessness used by this administration to bring down our country.

  • wtd

    In April, Mr. Pawlenty delivered the remarks that probably best reveal his views on the environment. “It looks like we should have listened to President Carter,” he told the Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group.

    then there is this recent gem from March:
    Pawlenty wants Minnesota to test mileage tax

    From 2007, via Star Tribune: Pawlenty’s big ideas: A sampler

    Big idea: Took no-new taxes pledge, promising not to raise state levies. Result: Pledge made a powerful campaign theme, and Pawlenty pushed through a belt-tightening budget in his first year, balancing a record shortfall without state tax hikes.
    Big idea: Proposed restoring Minnesota’s death penalty in the wake of the Dru Sjodin murder. Result: Lack of legislative support quickly killed the plan.
    Big idea: Declares war on high prescription drug prices; crosses FDA by launching state website for Canadian drug purchases; attempts to pressure drug giant Pfizer through state pension fund stock holdings. Result: Website gets only light traffic; Pfizer policies unchanged.
    Big idea: Demands Indian tribes share casino profits with state, suggests Mall of America casino deal with northern tribes if they don’t. Result: No change in state gambling policy.
    Big idea: Proposes health impact “fee” on tobacco to break budget deadlock, insisting it does not break his no-new taxes pledge. Result: Revenue from fee breaks budget stalemate; fee upheld in court.
    Big idea: Proposes broad action to deny services to illegal immigrants. Result: No significant change in state policy.
    Big idea: Announces plan to provide health insurance for all children in Minnesota. Result: Only a minor expansion of coverage is enacted.
    Big idea: In wake of bridge collapse, reverses course and says he would consider signing a gas-tax hike. Result: Nothing so far.