Nancy Pelosi celebrated this month’s spike in the unemployment rate to 9.0%.

The unemployment rate jumped last month from 8.8% to 9.0%. Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression. One in four new jobs last month was created at McDonald’s.
Pelosi calls this good news.




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  1. Keep on thinkning this Pelousy and according to the “pundits” no president won re-election with unemployment over 7% without of course massive voter fraud which I expect in the 2012 election.

  2. What does this mental midget mean by the GOP being MIA and not making a JOBS BILL?
    What do LIBTARDS think a JOBS BILL is???

    Cutting govt. IS A JOBS BILL.

  3. And I’m sure that if the media reports this, they’ll spin it as good news as well.

    RE: alternative energy:

    Orwell must be spinning at hypersonic speeds in his grave. Is there a way to harness that energy?

  4. Hey Nancy – They passed one jobs bill, it was called “the budget” but I guess you’re not familiar with those things.

    They passed another jobs bill, it’s called “the Ryan plan”. and now that it’s passed you know you can find out whats in it.


  5. Something isn’t spelled right.

  6. This woman and her crew drove us deep into a ditch. She has no credibility, none.

  7. Drain bamage.

  8. Absolutely no hyperbole here; there is something wrong with this woman’s ability to think. No amount of partisan politics could possibly explain this.

  9. Tell the bitch to get in the back seat. We’re driving.

  10. Remember come election day, that a vote for Democrats is a vote to put Nancy Pelosi back in the Speaker’s chair.


  11. It’s not surprising. should be useful to keep in mind as we go to the polls in 2012. Spread the word.

  12. I suspect what she means is the jump in “jobs added”, not the jump in the unemployment #. However, as someone pointed out earlier, how the heck do you add thousands of jobs and have the number of unemployed go UP rather than down? HMMMMM……. something stinks.

  13. Now they are reporting that the Obama communist party wants to implement
    a law requiring “contractors” (which is Obama-Dem codespeak for evil
    money grubbing greedy capitalists) to disclose political contributions.

    Could anything be more corrupt? If Saakashvili introduced such a law
    in Georgia, the Embassy and the EU and everyone would be up in

    You betta donate to the Dem party, Lockheed Martin, if you be wantin to
    be in on the next tranche of Obama-stimulus. Obama stash.

  14. 1 in 4 of the “jobs created” were at McDonalds
    3 in 4 were statistical “massaging” (prohibited in public accounting per SOX but totally acceptable in government work)

    The remaining 7000 jobs are within the statistical margin of error and probably are nothing more than noise in the model.

    Any credible statistician would tell you, this report says that “in the most optimistic conditions, no jobs were created.” In otherwords, “She’s dead, Jim.”

  15. nancy how about cutting taxes to let private enterprise try to create jobs? you politicans in washington with your stimulus and bailouts aren’t doing to good of a job. are you afraid that the jobs that might be created won’t come with a bought and paid for vote?

  16. The Republicans passed the Women Can’t Pay For An Abortion With Their Own Money Job Bill, the Stop Medicare Job Bill, the Stop Medicaid Job Bill, the Screw With Social Securiy Job Bill, and then they Decided not to pass a resolution support our troops for the killing of Bin Laden ….

    All that after talking about Jobs being their primary concern

    What is Nancy Talking About ?

  17. This from the botox filled troll who oversaw the increased deficit of $5 trillion and record unemployment, record job losses, record spending and the only congress in history never to pass a budget ( when controlling all 3 branches to boot)

    This witch should be b*tchslpapped so hard her kids hurt. This skank has more balls than all the dems in congress combined with her ability to look straight into a camera or reporters face and spew the most ridiculous crap one can imagine.

    I wished a few GOP politicians would publicly slam her so loud that every newspaper and tv station had to show it and show what type of moron she is.

  18. 9% unemployment would be great news in her state of California. Maybe she was looking at it from that perspective.

  19. How’s that San Fran anti-circumcision law coming along, Nancy? You know, the real important laws you guys are working 24/7 on…

  20. Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi would make a great couple.

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