Dumb Twit. Pelosi Calls Jump in Unemployment to 9% "Good News"

Nancy Pelosi celebrated this month’s spike in the unemployment rate to 9.0%.

The unemployment rate jumped last month from 8.8% to 9.0%. Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression. One in four new jobs last month was created at McDonald’s.
Pelosi calls this good news.

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  • Ma

    Keep on thinkning this Pelousy and according to the “pundits” no president won re-election with unemployment over 7% without of course massive voter fraud which I expect in the 2012 election.

  • gus

    What does this mental midget mean by the GOP being MIA and not making a JOBS BILL?
    What do LIBTARDS think a JOBS BILL is???

    Cutting govt. IS A JOBS BILL.

  • shibumi

    And I’m sure that if the media reports this, they’ll spin it as good news as well.

    RE: alternative energy:

    Orwell must be spinning at hypersonic speeds in his grave. Is there a way to harness that energy?

  • Hey Nancy – They passed one jobs bill, it was called “the budget” but I guess you’re not familiar with those things.

    They passed another jobs bill, it’s called “the Ryan plan”. and now that it’s passed you know you can find out whats in it.


  • TiminPhx

    Something isn’t spelled right.

  • Spider

    This woman and her crew drove us deep into a ditch. She has no credibility, none.

  • vagabond trader

    Drain bamage.

  • RedBeard

    Absolutely no hyperbole here; there is something wrong with this woman’s ability to think. No amount of partisan politics could possibly explain this.

  • gus

    Tell the bitch to get in the back seat. We’re driving.

  • Neo

    Remember come election day, that a vote for Democrats is a vote to put Nancy Pelosi back in the Speaker’s chair.


  • Wine Lady

    It’s not surprising. should be useful to keep in mind as we go to the polls in 2012. Spread the word.

  • Granny

    I suspect what she means is the jump in “jobs added”, not the jump in the unemployment #. However, as someone pointed out earlier, how the heck do you add thousands of jobs and have the number of unemployed go UP rather than down? HMMMMM……. something stinks.

  • David Hawkins

    Now they are reporting that the Obama communist party wants to implement
    a law requiring “contractors” (which is Obama-Dem codespeak for evil
    money grubbing greedy capitalists) to disclose political contributions.

    Could anything be more corrupt? If Saakashvili introduced such a law
    in Georgia, the Embassy and the EU and everyone would be up in

    You betta donate to the Dem party, Lockheed Martin, if you be wantin to
    be in on the next tranche of Obama-stimulus. Obama stash.

  • Dewormer

    1 in 4 of the “jobs created” were at McDonalds
    3 in 4 were statistical “massaging” (prohibited in public accounting per SOX but totally acceptable in government work)

    The remaining 7000 jobs are within the statistical margin of error and probably are nothing more than noise in the model.

    Any credible statistician would tell you, this report says that “in the most optimistic conditions, no jobs were created.” In otherwords, “She’s dead, Jim.”

  • nancy how about cutting taxes to let private enterprise try to create jobs? you politicans in washington with your stimulus and bailouts aren’t doing to good of a job. are you afraid that the jobs that might be created won’t come with a bought and paid for vote?

  • Hkchas

    The Republicans passed the Women Can’t Pay For An Abortion With Their Own Money Job Bill, the Stop Medicare Job Bill, the Stop Medicaid Job Bill, the Screw With Social Securiy Job Bill, and then they Decided not to pass a resolution support our troops for the killing of Bin Laden ….

    All that after talking about Jobs being their primary concern

    What is Nancy Talking About ?

  • bigkahuna

    This from the botox filled troll who oversaw the increased deficit of $5 trillion and record unemployment, record job losses, record spending and the only congress in history never to pass a budget ( when controlling all 3 branches to boot)

    This witch should be b*tchslpapped so hard her kids hurt. This skank has more balls than all the dems in congress combined with her ability to look straight into a camera or reporters face and spew the most ridiculous crap one can imagine.

    I wished a few GOP politicians would publicly slam her so loud that every newspaper and tv station had to show it and show what type of moron she is.

  • 9% unemployment would be great news in her state of California. Maybe she was looking at it from that perspective.

  • patman

    How’s that San Fran anti-circumcision law coming along, Nancy? You know, the real important laws you guys are working 24/7 on…

  • gus

    Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi would make a great couple.

  • bigkahuna

    Oh and it was really hard not calling her a dumb c**t !!!

  • bg



    ht AJ-E

    Amadjerkoff is in hot water again, the supreme eye had
    several of his MPS arrested & charged with SORCERY.. 😀

    Ahmadinejad row with Khamenei intensifies


  • Pat the First

    Cavuto explained how the job increase and the jump in unemployment mix. Discouraged people are now going back onto the market with a faint glimmer of hope that maybe they might get a job. That is why the unemployment rate jumped.

    He also said that it would take 3 years of an increase of 300K jobs every month before the unemployment rate would drop to 6%. 6% is still a bit high, but it would be more reasonable. I just don’t see that happening in the next 3 years.

  • Iconoclast

    Come see the miracle !

    Botox-filled stump speaks !

    Sorta . . . no one said it had to make sense.

  • We need a constitutional amendment that doesn’t allow stupid people to hold office… From California…

  • WTF is a “jobs bill”? Jobs aren’t legislated into existence.


    Never mind. Won’t say that, much as I feel like it.

  • Hkchas, WTF are you talking about?

  • bigkahuna

    The problem with liberals is they think they can simply spend their way to jobs. Need jobs just subsidize a green company and jobs magically appear….until the money runs out and the company says hey nobody wants our products without huge tax breaks/ subsidies because the products are too freaking expensive and dont meet most peoples needs… Ie electric cars, solar panels, hybrids, wind mills etc.

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  • Rock

    I though botox was applied by injection, this pathetic witch must be taken it orally. She’s a walking talking toxic waste dump.

  • No Man

    Liberats don’t “heart” math.

    It isn’t useful for fabricating crises or susceptible to whining.

  • Cynic

    The unemployment rate in Ohio is much higher than 9%.

  • AuntieMadder

    #2 May 6, 2011 at 1:05 pm
    gus commented:

    What does this mental midget mean by the GOP being MIA and not making a JOBS BILL?
    What do LIBTARDS think a JOBS BILL is???

    Cutting govt. IS A JOBS BILL.

    I was about to ask, “Wtf is a ‘jobs bill?'”

  • ahem

    From Zero Hedge:

    “Today’s NFP of 244K is great… until you exclude the 62K from McDonalds hirings, and 175K from the Birth Death Adjustment, and end up with…. +7K jobs.”


  • kevmack
  • retire05

    #12, Granny, here are the numbers I promised, and as you will see, someone is [seriously] playing with the numbers to make them look better than they are. These are the numbers for April, 2010, taken from my printout on 6/7/2010 and then today. Note the differences (all numbers are in thousands):

    Civilian noninstitutional population:

    6/7/2010 – 237,329
    5/6/2011 – 237,329 (remains the same)

    Civilian labor force:

    6/7/2010 – 154,715
    5/6/2011 – 154,420 (or 295,000 less)

    Participation rate:

    6/7/2010 – 65.2%
    5/6/2011 – 65.1% (.1% less)


    6/7/2010 – 139,444
    5/6/2011 – 139,382 (62,000 less)

    Employment-population ratio:

    6/7/2010 – 58.8%
    5/6/2011 – 57.8% (.1% less)


    6/7/2010 – 15,260
    5/6/2011 – 15,138 (or 122,000 less)

    Unemployment rate:

    6/7/2010 – 9.9%
    5/6/2011 – 9.8% (.1% less)

    Not in labor force:

    6/7/2010 – 82,614
    5/6/2011 – 82,809 (number of those not in work force increased by 195,000)

    My numbers are all for April, 2010. Notice how the figures changed since June, 2010, even after two months for the BLS to readjust the numbers from April, 2010?

    What the new report does is make the unemployment picture for April, 2010 look better than it was reported in June, 2010. It lowered the number of unemployed and increased the number not in the work force. This administration is constantly tinkering with the numbers, trying its level best to make the employment situation look better than it really is.

    When the figures for April, 2010 were released in June, 2010, they should have already been corrected and adjusted. Seems the numbers are now being tweeked again.

    Nothing, and I do mean, NOTHING, coming from this administration is believable.

  • mg4us

    Hope people understand 2012 is not just about Hoping and Changing the WH occupant. . . we need to get a solid conservative majority in the Senate and widen the gain from last November in the House. . .

    Ideally to majorities that could over-turn any veto a President signs. . .

    Time to take our Country back and add Pelosi, Reid and others to the unemployment lines!!!

  • Billy Barty

    Hey granny rictus mcbotox, Just TRY coming to my door and telling me obama is doing great on jobs… You’ll be lucky to be pushed down the stairs.

    The employment landscape is far worse than anyone can imagine. Especially here in CA. You cannot even get a job flipping burgers unless you’re bi-lingual.. insanity

  • Robert

    ‘122 days with no jobs bills’

    When you had the leadership, hag, you spent over a year
    shoving your socialist health care down our throats.

    And, your side has killed energy jobs all across America,
    while subsidizing them in China and Brazil.

    Democrats are NOT patriotic, they are destroying America.

  • #38 Billy Barty commented:

    The employment landscape is far worse than anyone can imagine. Especially here in CA. You cannot even get a job flipping burgers unless you’re bi-lingual.. insanity.

    Boy, do I agree with you! I live in Cali. also… It sucks.

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