Unreal: Obama Allows Photos of Dead US Soldiers But Not Dead Terrorist

This ought to make you sick…
The official Obama policy:

Photos of dead US soldiers – Good.
Photos of dead Osama Bin Laden – Bad.

In February 2009, his second month in office, Barack Obama changed official policy to allow photos of dead US soldiers.
The LA Times reported:

The Obama administration has decided to open the gates of Dover. In a policy to be unveiled today, Pentagon officials told reporters, Defense Secretary Robert Gates — the only holdover from the Bush administration — will announce that news photos of flag-draped coffins will be allowed, as long as families agree.

But, this week Barack Obama announced that he would not release photos of dead Osama Bin Laden.
The White House said:

“There are sensitivities here in terms of the appropriateness of releasing photos of Osama Bin Laden… because of the sentitivities… Does it serve or harm our interests domestically and locally. It could be inflammatory.”

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  • KOW

    Strange how now that the flag draped coffins of the US Military are on Obama’s watch, the news thinks it is no longer newsworthy to show them.

  • Joanne

    Trump is smart like a fox – I can’t wait for him to put Obama and all his ignorant suck-ups in their place…….prison.

  • Betsy Ross

    Barack Obama is one of those people you come across every now and then in the course of life. In order to make himself look big he has to make others appear small.
    In his case, he is diminishing an ENTIRE country so that HE can appear large. Sad, very sad.

  • Noislamocommie

    Meanwhile illegal aliens are completely overwhelming our infrastructures…Dept. Of Education warning strapped local governments not to deny illegals a free education..citing plyler v. Doe. It really is time Americans get very vocal before it’s too late.

  • dunce

    Lannie davis on fox news just claimed the diecision to give bin laden a full muslim ritual burial at sea was made by the military. He is being disingenuous, generals and admiral take orders from the commader in chief, the president. They can not publicly contradict him. Obama gave the order that sharia law must be observed and no one else bears any responsibility.

  • CV1

    Why do Obama inconsistencies surprise anyone? He is a Muslim appeaser and unconcerned about the feelings or opinions of traditional American citizens. If you voted for him, you are part of the problem. Next time think it out!

  • Big L

    Taotal islamic custom, Bah. IT should have been a Lady Gaga moment with prock chops and bacon a couple of hams to wt him down.Nothing wrong with vengeance. Our people were vaporized.
    I fear we are too nice a people to survive as the USA.

  • uggy parfait

    Show me your school record Obummer? D-s on most classes describes whey you are a 100% assidiot. 😉

  • uggy parfait

    Someone at New York Mag. did a peice where Obama runs guns to mexican Drug cartels to use against the boarder agents he forces to disarm. THis is a madman in office, a lunatic Jihadi, who probably saved Osama in the raid.

  • “There are sensitivities here in terms of the appropriateness…”

    Yeah right!

    Our dead soldiers were killed by INSENSITIVE “radical” (must be “PC” here) Muslims! If “Ears” is so concerned about endangering our military men & women now by releasing the photos – new flash: They all ready are in danger, have been in danger and will continue to be in danger.

    “He” needs to come up with a better excuse! Better yet, release the damn photos of bin Laden!

  • mg4us

    It is simple to understand. . .

    Obama hates America – – it’s past, present and so he tries to take it down. . .

    No respect for our military or OUR CONSTITUTION that he promised to uphold. . . he loathes it.

    2012 can’t come soon enough. . .

    Obama — Incompetent, Inept, Inexperienced. . .now Inexcusable O-buma!

  • mcc

    How can it be denied that BO’s decisions aid our enemy…

    To show them pictures of our beloved dead and not show pictures of our successes in this war only serves to give our enemy hope that they’re winning and we can be defeated.

  • Mama Lion

    #3 May 6, 2011 at 8:21 pm
    Betsy Ross commented:
    Barack Obama is one of those people you come across every now and then in the course of life. In order to make himself look big he has to make others appear small.
    In his case, he is diminishing an ENTIRE country so that HE can appear large. Sad, very sad.


    Exactly!! Well put!

  • BurmaShave

    Oh yeah, when I think of Osama bin Ladin I think of sensitivities … after I think of a pig in a flowing white sheet.

  • Jules Hamil

    All of these comments are “spot on”; however, how in the world are we going to survive until we can get rid of him? He’s such a liar, has absolutely no integrity plus bringing our entire America down to his level. We must work hard to defeat Obama…..four more years will sink our Country.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Go to Drudgereport, lefthand column, for some crazy goings-on in Iran that the right-O-sphere seems to be missing entirely.


  • fishy

    I don’t know why you do not stress that Obama knew about the Osama compound over a year ago but did nothing until he could use the ‘kill’ to silence critics a la trump and for his reelection campaign. as I told you before the order was always ‘kill’. the video Obama released from after the ‘kill’ was produced to appear like an episode from the West Wing. they plan to use the photo ops from this last week in their reelection montage videos.

  • fishy

    Why is Obumbler allowing illegal activity and is thumbing his nose at laws that he deems irrelevant like DOMA and immigration issues? Because, he broke laws from a teenager, his parents and grandparents broke laws, and his friends are all criminals like Ayers, Daley, Rezko, etc.

    THe only reason he is with Michelle is because Odumba was too stupid to pass the bar and to try cases. She is the one who helped him, just like Elizabeth Edwards basically did John Edwards’ work in law school.

  • Ditto

    But Betsy, he does look very small. His time is running out, the hour glass has the sands of time, and its almost empty for him. The country has had enough. Its time for the military to do what they should of done 2 years ago.

    I believe we will see historical change in the next month or two. And it’s not the hope and change O wanted. All good things in life take time. Good will come soon.

  • uggy Parfait

    Barack Obama’s favorite advocacy organization, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN),: has taken on the task of becoming the New Jihad for the destruction of Ameirca.

    When will people beome tired of having the enemy in the white house?

  • Marybel

    Obama has telegraphed in every way that he is an American-hating Muslim communist.
    At this point, even if he said it, no one would stop him. Insanity.

  • craig

    Osama is dead since 9 years. Council on Foreign Relations member Dr Steve R. Pieczenik, who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, and James Baker, told the Alex Jones Show In April 2002, that Bin Laden had already been “dead for months”. He said it again this week on Infowars.com

  • What’s all the fuss about? The Bodies of American soldiers are not being show, only their coffins, and only if the families agree. Why do people want to gawk at bin Laden’s body? What’s it going to prove .. that he’s dead? On the other hand, releasing the pictures while we are still in Afghanistan & Iraq, could expose our warriors to additional attacks .. could cause interdiction of our supply convoys as they travel through Pakistan ..& could incite terrorist attacks against Americans elsewhere. Do Americans really want that tradeoff?

  • fishy

    Hey Jim,

    Are you becoming like Obama, the Libs, and MSM? Why did you remove my 2 comments from this comment section? What gives? You are the LAST person I expected to censor. shame on you

  • John B.

    Re: #18.
    The first 2 sentences of AntiWhacko are correct: the bodies of American soldiers are not being shown.
    The rest of his/her reasoning is nonsense. The Muz will rage against anything. Period. Even against a former Muz who converts. Hmmm… no Muz outrage over the Saddam sons photos.

    Let me re-emphasize: the Muz will rage at anything and kill just as often: Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Egypt Copts, Inodesia, Iraq, and Pahk-ee-stan: how many Christians have died because of Muz rage? A burnnt church here, a gang rape there. Flames in the streets of Malmo and Paris. Another Mumbai; or perhaps they walk themselves back into India’s Parliament and shoot down some Hindu’s?

    (Hell, even here in the good ole USA, a raging Muz tracked his wife’s daughter over 4 states and killed her just this week. She was too Westernized. Ah, what am I talking about? It’s OK, a Muz did it. It must be OK then.)

  • gus

    Those MUZZTARDS that would become enraged are not of any interest to me. Let them rage. Let them shyt their pants in anger. And let them know that if they should ever even THINK of avenging a MASS MURDERING BASTARD like Bin Laden.

    We will blow their heads off and wrap their dead headless bodies in ham before dumping them in the Arabian Sea.

    We will hunt you down and SEAL you.

  • gus

    John B. Obama is making decisions with MUZZTARD TERRORISTS sensibilites in mind. Obama is showing the MUZZTARD TERRORISTS, that they are INSIDE OF HIS HEAD and that he wants to be nice to them.

    Not smart.

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  • Isn’t this the same president who released some 2,000 photographs of alleged abuse at American prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan, but won’t release a single picture of the slain bin Laden because it might be inflammatory?

    Transparency AND consistency!

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  • GreenB#35

    This is a president who is spreading us thin and pulling us out of a terrorist hot spot.
    As a brother in arms I have never been so sickened by our president. The Obama supporters had no idea what is happening in the war room. The more he pulls out and sends us to other war grounds he’s leaving us vulnerable and under armed. Obama did nothing. My fellow service men and the countless intel and interrogations did all the field work. It took him months to make one decision to kill this mad man who murdered thousands of our innocent Americans. President bush said no mercy to those who show us none and we have taken that very seriously. To show this murderer sympathy in death is insulting. Under his reign I have lost countless brothers to his violent Islamic beliefs. They show us no mercy!!! Bin laden is one man in a war of thousands who are already in your country seen everywhere you look. At the Muslim prayer facility he supports being built by the world trade centers? The president of the united states of America supports this! To add injury to insult! We are fighting these extremists without sleep, lack of funding and an inexperienced non patriotic president and he has the nerve to try and shake my hand for a photo op? I am sickened! Where is our Funding as he promises to pull troops out and leave us short manned! Wake up America! You have to understand the war we are fighting they are seen and unseen and they are willing in the name of their Allah to kill you and your children. We must continue to send the message no more tolerance! No mercy! For you have have given us none. God bless the US. To all my fallen hero’s and brothers in arms. We need more support less debate

  • Redlite

    The left thought it was ok for the country to see the beheading of Daniel Pearl but not the picture of the number one enemy of the US. GIVE ME A BREAK. The versions of events that the White House has released has so many versions it is hard to keep up. First his wife was killed ,then she was used as a human sheild , then she was unhurt and finnally she was shot in the leg. What was the true story? I do not trust anything that comes out of Barrys mouth.
    Last week watching Jay Carney try to spin the story was hilarious. The man is so far out of league that I expect him to move on to other things soon.

  • ∅butthead

    Nothing this administration does makes any sense. Zero supposedly had bin Laden’s compound under surveillaince for months, yet the administration is demanding that Pakistan name the agents who had contact with the terrorist.
    Didn’t anyone think to follow the couriers, or anyone else coming and going from the compound, to see who they had contact with?

  • Ginger

    This is the Cindy Sheehan that my heart goes out to. Her son must certainly be proud of mom now. She is now defending America and demanding answers. The Dr. Drew just wanted to talk about depression, etc.

    People it is worth listening to her on this video and I pray she keeps a positive attitude and holds this fraudulent administration accountable!


  • Pat the First

    I am amazed that people think that OBL has been dead for a number of years. Don’t you think that President Bush would have announced that he was dead if there was real proof that he was? Especially during those years when he was trying to ramp up the military in Iraq. He needed a “win” more than Obama did.

    No, there is eough proof that OBL died this week. If you think that this is all a lie, then you doubt that the military is in on the lie. That means there is no one we can trust in our country. I just don’t believe that.

  • Conservative to the Core

    This is just like when we “landed” on the “moon.”

  • Ginger


  • bobdog

    Osama bin Laden was a respected leader in the Arab world and deserves the dignity and respect of Muslim tradition. His beheading by masked, chest-pumping SEALs should have been filmed and smuggled to Al Jazeera, and broadcast in accordance with tradition to add some sport to Friday prayers. Then his body should have been burned, dismembered, and hung on a bridge before a mob of bloodthirsty, screaming true believers, out of pure respect for the people and as a warning to bloodthirsty Zionists everywhere.

    Anything less would be discourteous. If we don’t learn to respect their traditions, how can we ever expect to live together as friends? Gosh, no wonder they’re mad at us.

  • mg4us

    President Zero got no hero welcome at WTC. . . people are onto him. . even the astroturfed crowed a few hundred wasn’t buying it. . .

    People know a fake and a fraud when they see one. . even if it is one of their own.

    the RATS are ready to leave the ship. .the RATS in DemocRATS that is.

    2012 can’t come soon enough

    Obama — Incompetent, Inept, Inexperienced. . .& Inexcusable. O-Buma!


    Odumbass is the anti christ

  • Ginger

    Any one else having problems posting and having to refill in the name and e-mail every time?

  • JoeAstroturf

    Obama (Bambi the Bower) gave Osama Bin Laden a Muslim burial we should have had a leader like the Brits had in Gen. Horatio Kitchener who defeated the Mahdist forces at Omdurman, he killed more than 10,000 of them pervert losers and only lost 48 men. He got retaliation on them for killing and cutting off Charles Gordon Gordon’s head and to break the Mahdi’s spell — Kitchener destroyed the Mahdi’s ornate tomb, exhumed the body, cut off the head, threw the bones into the Nile and (much to Queen Victoria’s horror) for a time kept the skull as a souvenir. Our own Major Pershing stopped the Huk uprising by capturing 20 Huks, lining 19 up against a wall and shooting them while the one remaining Huk observed. Major Pershing made sure that the survivor observed and understood that each of the bullets used to kill the 19 captives had been dipped in pigs blood before they were fired. After the 19 captives had been killed by pig-infused bullets, their 19 bodies were buried in a common grave filled with pig bodies, entrails and blood. Major Pershing made sure that the one survivor understood that the 19 bodies had been buried in pig remains. To all you Muslims that are mad at Obama remember he’s working on having one of your terrorist loving Imam’s have a Mosque at ground zero.

  • daryl

    I think some posting here have to be rejects from or ended up on the cutting room floor from some of Jay Leno’s “Jay Walking” film clips.
    No need to name names but #17 & #18 come to mind.

  • ∅butthead

    I guess my original comment is either with bin Laden or Hoffa!

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  • greenfairie

    As Glenn Beck reminded BOR last night on his show, this is the same president who wanted to release HUNDREDS of Abu Ghraib pictures until the Pentagon got him to back down, citing that he’ll have dead soldiers on his hands if he got his way.

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  • Sir Craig

    Umm…I’m not sure how allowing photos of flag-draped coffins (only after family approves such) can be equated with showing head-wound photos of bin Laden.

    If false equivalencies make you this violently ill, how did you survive the Bush administration?

  • Wait a minute, now. You ever hear the term “false equivalence”?

    You’re comparing pictures of a man with his head blown off, blood and brain matter everywhere, to a flag-draped coffin. And you act as if they’ll have the same impact. The two subjects really aren’t related at all. One’s a depressing reminder of the realities of war, and the other is death porn.

    You aren’t very good at this “comparison” thing, are you?

  • Sir Craig

    By the way, it seems it was during the Bush administration that photos of flag-draped coffins had to be allowed due to the Freedom of Information Act. Here is a link to a story dated 2004: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2001910594_pentagon23m.html

    By the way, love all the nicknames the other commenters here have been giving Obama. Nothing demonstrates the careful thought processes of reasoned debate quite like resorting to third grade antics.

  • Andreas K.

    Trump is as smart as the roll of toilet paper I used up earlier.

    Do you hear Holy Donald say anything about this? He’s, once again, very silent on the whole matter.

    Holy Donald will surrender to islam on the same scale. He’s no Geert Wilders, he’s Donald T Rump.

  • TBP

    A picture of a coffin is not the same thing as a picture of a dead body. It really is that simple.

  • tsam

    How can it be denied that BO’s decisions aid our enemy…

    I always aid my enemy by bashing through his bedroom door and shooting him in the forehead. Yes, that’s definitely aid.

    Also–Comparing photos of flag draped coffins and Osama’s blown-off face is laughable. If you buy into this garbage, I’d suggest a junior high level class in logic and critical thinking.

  • tsam

    Fishy–your assertions are pretty fishy. Put down the haterade and address the facts instead of your paranoid dellusions. Thank you.

  • PeeJ

    Uggy – had he gotten mostly D’s he would not have graduated. Colleges require a minimum GPA for graduation. Of course, you never went to college, did you?

    Also, criminy you people are childish.

  • tsam

    It must be horrible to be schizophrenic. I can’t imagine going through life thinking the president is some kind of scary monster jihadist. Get help.

  • Wsayscoupgood

    Yeah open those American coffins and let’s have a gander at mangled broken splintered American soldiers that’s the ticket! When ever I see the photos of flag draped coffins of Americans who have given the last full measure the first thing that comes to my mind is “boy I wish I could see how badly injured they were. You people are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel if you think that viewing the pictures of a dead OBL are equivalent to the dignity of our brave military members Coming home for the last time. Really I suggest you find a quite place to reflect and consider how you have let yourselves come to such a bleak and pathetic mindset.

  • tsam

    I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you rubes that there was a body to be photographed under this administration. Over seven years of looking by the previous administration produced nothing more than one close call.

  • After closer examination the soldiers in the above photograph are clearly not dead.

  • Has anyone seen the death certificates? How can we believe these soldiers are dead if we don’t have proper documentation, examined down to the molecular level?

  • chimpevil

    He gave the order to kill bin laden and he was killed! WTF more do you halfwits want?

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  • Chisum

    I find it fascinating that even though 60% of U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Have Occurred Since Obama Was Inaugurated in 2009,


    We haven’t been treated to another photo op by BO at Dover AFB saluting our fallen soldiers,


    As a matter of fact, we haven’t seen any more flag draped coffins photos since. You know, the ones the press demanded to show because preventing media coverage sanitized the costs of war in Iraq and allowed Americans to avoid confronting the harsh reality of dead troops and BO claimed that should be revealed because of his commitment to transparency?

  • Chisum

    Please allow me to share some history with you.

    The Media’s Coffin Politics

    After a review ordered by defense secretary Robert Gates, the Pentagon has lifted an 18-year-old policy banning the media from photographing caskets of slain servicemen and servicewomen on their return home, most often to Dover Air Force Base. Overturning the ban had been a goal of President George W. Bush’s critics, who argued that preventing media coverage sanitized the costs of war in Iraq and allowed Americans to avoid confronting the harsh reality of dead troops.

    Many who opposed the ban believed that it originated with George W. Bush’s administration. But its true origins lie elsewhere, with another President Bush—and with an instance of media bias so odious that it is better called propaganda.

    In force since the outset of the Gulf War in 1991, the ban was triggered by an incident in the aftermath of the invasion of Panama ordered by President George H. W. Bush in December 1989. According to the New York Times’s Elisabeth Bumiller:

    In 1989, the television networks showed split-screen images of Mr. Bush sparring and joking with reporters on one side and a military honor guard unloading coffins from a military action that he had ordered in Panama on the other.

    Mr. Bush, a World War II veteran, was caught unaware and subsequently asked the networks to warn the White House when they planned to use split screens. The networks declined.

    At the next opportunity, in February 1991 during the Persian Gulf war, the Pentagon banned photos of returning coffins.


    It’s hard to think of any White House that wouldn’t have responded defensively to the media’s manipulation of such solemn images. But writing all these years later, neither Bumiller nor McIntyre finds it worth noting that three networks blatantly attempted to humiliate the president of the United States in creating such a toxic juxtaposition. From their perspective, what drove the ban was President Bush’s “embarrassment,” not the media’s naked attempt to defame a political leader.


  • jim

    Shorter Hoft: Yeah, so what if releasing OBL headshot pictures gets more innocent people killed? Obama needs to do it anyway, to be CONSISTENT (also so we can blame him for getting more innocent people killed)!

    Good to know the blowback from Pastor Jones’ moronic Koran-burning stunt taught you nothing.


  • hophthorror

    Really? That’s all you’ve got? By the way, Al Qaeda called, Jim. Know what they said? Osama Bin Laden is DEAD.

  • Chisum
  • lobbey

    “Has anyone seen the death certificates? How can we believe these soldiers are dead if we don’t have proper documentation, examined down to the molecular level?”

    also, i want their CPA averages, they probably sneaked into the army……. Go Trump… please…

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  • Chisum:
    60% of U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Have Occurred Since Obama Was Inaugurated in 2009

    Well, gee. Since Bush chose to pull out of Afghanistan, and concentrate on Iraq (where, you know, nobody involved with 9/11 had ever even visited). Now, Obama has tripled the forces sent to Afghanistan, in order to finish the job there. I guess that makes a certain amount of sense that more troops have been killed there: more troops, more chance one will get hurt or killed.

    That’s called “math.” It’s hard, isn’t it?

    (Now, since we’ve got Osama, it would be nice if somebody would tell me why we’re still in Afghanistan, but that’s a question for another day.)

  • Chisum

    Nameless Cynic,

    You get an F for reading comprehension.

    Here’s what I wrote:

    I find it fascinating that even though 60% of U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Have Occurred Since Obama Was Inaugurated in 2009,

    We haven’t been treated to another photo op by BO at Dover AFB saluting our fallen soldiers.

    But I get it. Combat deaths are up—BUSH’S FAULT.

    How about answering to the point of my original statement instead of babbling about math. And blaming Bush.

  • Chisum

    Well, gee. Since Bush chose to pull out of Afghanistan, and concentrate on Iraq (where, you know, nobody involved with 9/11 had ever even visited).

    Btw Know Nothing Cynic. you may have missed this little tidbit.

    Al-Qaida Operative, Hassan Ghul, Captured in Iraq in 2004 Was Key Source for ID’ing Bin Laden Courier

    So Hassan Ghul, terrorist named in the 9-11 Commission’s Report, not only visited Iraq but he was CAPTURED there!

    But you keep sneering, blaming Bush and babbling about math.

  • Chisum

    Nameless Cynic = Bill Minnich of Albuquerque, NM (His name and city are proudly published on the front page of his blog.)

    Look at what his fellow bloggers say about him:

    People like Bill Minnich are a pariah: The live their lives thinking they cannot be wrong, and that makes it impossible for them to be right. When encountered they must be put back where they are found and warnings must be set up to guard others from being tangled in their web of oppression, servitude and tyranny. They are the elite class that seek to hold down the masses and gain what they can from them to set themselves apart from all others in order to oppress and manipulate. Beware, they cause great harm to anyone they encounter.

    It is a bit amusing, although not at all surprising that Aimless Minnich is still cyberstalking. Have you noticed his MOS? He visits blogs with opposing viewpoints, realizes he can’t compete on a level of intellect or reason, then goes off with ad hominem attacks that would be more suited to the fourth grade (which makes me wonder…did Stooge Minnich even finish high school? I mean, it’s evident he has no college degree, and became quite belligerent (even moreso than usual) when I brought up his lack of academic prowess on numerous occasions.


    What a freak!

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