Congress Rebukes Obama: Gives Netanyahu Standing Ovation When He Rejects 1967 Border Plan (Video)

Last week Barack Obama pushed Israel to hand over half of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, The Temple Mount, Old Jerusalem, and the tomb of Jesus Christ to the Hamas-Fatah terrorist alliance.

Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected Obama’s dangerous plan.
Congress gave him a standing ovation.

The Note reported:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before a joint meeting of Congress had all trappings of a State of the Union address by a president with sky-high approval ratings.

Speaking to a packed House chamber with Speaker Boehner and Vice President Biden over his shoulders, Netanyahu was repeatedly interrupted by applause – including more than 20 standing ovations.

One of his biggest applause lines was aimed directly at President Obama.

“Israel will not return to the indefensible boundaries of 1967,” Netanyahu said, prompting a big standing ovation.

Later he added: “Israel on the 1967 lines would be only 9 miles wide. So much for defensible borders.”

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  • dunce

    Many of the dems count jews among their regular campaign contributers and they face another election in 2012. Many of them are also moving to places like florida and not voting in both places.

  • Rob De Witt

    How, one wonders, did that chick ever end up on television?

    Just sayin.

  • Annaleesea

    It’s my understanding that plugs did not applaud “Bibi’s” commment about the 1967 borders. However he may have been napping, so I guess he gets a pass…

  • jainphx

    He applauded boarders, he didn’t applaud when Bibi said that Jerusalem would remain the undivided capital of Israel. He adjusted his watch fooling no one.

  • Ipso Facto

    Netanyahu’s speech was an historic moment in the history of this nation. It wasn’t because he talked about Israel’s position with respect to making peace with the Palestinians. It wasn’t because he described Israel’s unique relationship with the United states. It wasn’t because he received so many standing ovations.

    Netanyahu’s speech was historic because for a short moment in time, a man got behind the podium in that venue and spoke with absolute clarity, and total honesty from the heart, without employing hollow rhetorical flourishes or other oratorical gimmicks to call attention to himself. His speech was not hollow rhetoric engineered to accomplish an objective, behind which there was some other unstated intention. It was not a speech in which he himself would be the main beneficiary. His speech was a clarion call to rational people to consider the truth and act with maturity, and consideration of the historical perspective, to bring about a goal that would be of benefit to everyone.

    The man did not posture, but instead, he simply stood up and spoke with an understated elegance and authority that can only be exhibited by those who are not desperately seeking the authority and gravitas they clearly lack. His words were not the product of great efforting because he had the requisite expertise and experience to deliver them sincerely. Netanyahu gave us a glimpse of what we have been missing in America for far too long. Thank you, Mr. Netanyahu!

  • Big L

    As we watch, plans are being laid to peel away a member of the colition and Bibi will be gone by Christmas/Hannukah…No one get away with talking frank to Obama

  • jorgen

    Netanyahu is a statesman and a leader!
    Obama is affirmative action in action.

  • sandy

    It was 29 standing O’s but whose counting. Netanahu is a sincere man who loves his nation and its people. May God bless him and the Israeli people with Peace.

  • NorthernX

    Too bad your Clown in Chief wasn’t around to suffer that.
    He might have asked the “Boo-Police” to enforce polite applause…

  • Magnum

    If Netanyahu gets a birth announcement from Hawaii can he run for POTUS?

  • Melissa

    Of, COURSE Miliekowsky (Bibi’s real family name) got more standing Os.

    BOTH parties are applauding AIPAC campaign money!

  • George

    What a disgraceful event. A corrupt child killing PM of a nation that extorts billions from
    the mouths of American children is given a standing ovation for legitimizing the theft of land from an
    oppressed people. Shame on Congress!