Human rights activist Brigitte Gabriel was on with Sean Hannity tonight to discuss Obama’s plans to turn Jerusalem and half of Israel over to Hamas. Gabriel told Sean,
“He is killing our allies and cozying up to our enemies.”




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  1. Obama is a Muslim Jew-hater who has revealed himself to the world today.

    Nothing most conservatives didn’t already know.

    I never want to hear anyone saying he is a Christian.

  2. Smart woman…………

  3. Hey the more the idiot in chief exposes himself the better.

    He is pissing of the jewish communitydonors, christians, anyone looking for a job, and anyone who is paying high gas prices, food prices, etc etc

    This is just another nail in his own coffin for 2012

  4. This Asshat has assured one thing for certain: Good bye in 2012. Does anyone here believe he’ll get reelected? Good news for Jimmy Carter though; There’s someone else who hates Israel more than you.

  5. Many people say that Obama is the antichrist but I still think he is too stupid but he is sure paving the way for The Antichrist to come on the scene.
    What Obama declared today with his order for Israel to return to pre 1967 borders was for all of Israel’s neighbors and enemies to go to open war with Israel and that the US will not lift a finger to help our only true ally in the Middle East.
    Obama will continue to sell armaments to Israel’s enemies and will continue to refuse to sell armaments to Israel that they could use to defend themselves.
    This a very dark day in history.

  6. If you study the Obama timeline, it’s clear his foreign policy is Islamo-Communism and Terrorist Support.

    See for yourself and standby for be shocked!

    Obama is the Enemy of America

  7. Unfortunately, I do think there is a real chance that HopeNChange will get reelected. Part of that chance depends upon whom the Republicans nominate. It’s already a given that most Democrats, blacks, and Jews will vote for Obama, the question is whether the same stupid a$$ Independents who voted the lefty Chicago thug politician into the White House will do so again. That’s before one gets to the issue of voting fraud (eg dead voters voting, illegal aliens voting, etc) which will likely be really severe this up coming election.

    Take nothing for granted in 2012, the fate of the nation and the free world depends upon you.

  8. I really do hope that this action by Obama will be another nail in his reelection. But I am not hopeful. The socialist media will continue to sing Obama’s praises. Heck he will not even have to buy political advertising since he will already have it free from CNN, CBS,NBC, ABC, MSNBC, PBS/PBR and most of the major newspapers and of course all the colleges. And don’t forget the grave yard voters and SEIU’s voting machines.

  9. Obama is the proverbial wolf in sheeps clothing, anti-christ is not too much of a stretch in my opinion.

  10. It is all a matter of perspective, Brigitte. Our allies and enemies are Obama’s enemies and allies respectively.

  11. That’s just how he rolls as The Usurper-In-Chief of the USA

  12. Why wait until 2012? Has he not broke enough laws he can be impeached?

  13. Obama has done more to destroy our country than any other president. What makes anyone think that he would do anything less to our allies? He is a foul man and I can’t wait for 2012 when he is gone.

  14. People are waking up. The usual idiots will vote to keep ayatolla Obama in because he is the first black president. They live in a pipe dream world. Now the independants(?) are starting to feel reality where it really hurts(Their wallets) and their families are suffering. Now, the media will continue to felate the douchebag in chief but look at the activity on this blog and others, the media will continue to fall into irrelevance. Will it be an easy victory,No. A good candidate is what is needed and grassroots organization is the key to that. West is a good start but I’m afraid President 1st has made a successful run of a black candidate that much harder because the right will be accused of pandering and putting up figurehead(See Obama is so good that the republicans are trying to copy him)
    Most blacks wouldn’t vote for West anyway(He’s not black enough). Hang in there people, the one can be defeated.

  15. If Obama gets re-elected, especially when he has produced a fraudulent long-form birth certificate, then I will just have to look away knowing full well that God is in control and when the people turn back to Him, He will have mercy.

  16. Does that idiot Michael Ghouse who Hannity always have one have a turban stuck in his throat or something?

  17. She is right, undermining the allies of the USA is terrible for our country. Why does obama supoort our enemies time and time again and disrespect our friends?
    2012 can’t come soon enough but I fear the damage obama is causing wil be manifest well before then.

  18. Not only is she “Right” she is a beautiful woman!!!!

  19. 18 bigots and racists think they speak for America! Sure they are speaking for their racist/bigot base because they truly hate having a black man as president. they really want their lily white country back!


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