She wore black.

The image of Osama’s Yemeni wife was released today.
GEO TV reported:

Geo News has received the passport image of Osama Bin Laden’s Yemeni wife.

An Arab TV said that Amal Ahmed Abdel Fatteh was the wife of al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

According to the sources, son of Osama Bin Laden Ibrahim was also killed while two daughters sustained injures during the operation. Both daughters have been taken to undisclosed location for interrogation.

Sources said that during the operation Osama’s compound was divided into two parts.

Two men identified as Arshad and Tariq were also living in one part of the same compound. Both men were brothers, sources added.

One of Osama’s wives was shot in the leg on Sunday after she charged the Navy SEALs.

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  • uggy parfait

    Obama bin Lyin first night WH release 22 people were killed? But today, Os[b]ama bin Lyin now tells different stories, like he has no idea of what really happened. He was just a passanger in a ride. So what was the real count?

  • Muffin

    That Washington Insider piece explains what everyone suspected – Obama voted present on this operation. For weeks. Panetta had to work around him and orchestrate the mission himself. Impeach.

  • logic101

    Bin Laden usually had 4 wives and several often lived in seperate dwellings in his compounds, with his children by therm…wonder if this is what was foing on here…

  • bg


    sorry, but it’s impossible for me to recognize her w/o her veil.. /s/


  • JoeyO


    “So what was the real count?”

    22 people killed “or captured”

    Osama, the two messengers and his teenage son were killed. His wife and 3 young children, plus the wife’s and children of the others were all detained (read, zip-tied) and turned over to Pakistani Authorities (read, left there and we told them after we left the compound – although the helicopter explosion kinda, sorta tipped off the visit anyway…)

    Its actually been a pretty consistent aspect, just generally not mentioned much – with the focus instead being on the kills and his wife being shot. Also, it has been reported that up to 10 people were specifically in the room with him when we found bin Laden; but his Wife and 3 younger children were the only ones verified as being in there.

  • greg

    Is there nothing else going on in the world beside Osama slayed by Obama. 100% of the news media is focused on the one topic and nothing on Libya, debt, elections, inflation, price of gas, etc. Remember, the administration likes to conduct nefarious activities when the world is looking elseware

  • Big L

    What was “saved or created’? Isn’t this a Jarrett,Axel, Plouffe troika event?It isall out of the WH and not the Pentagon.

  • JoeyO

    @Greg #6

    Oh, dont worry – Obama is still busy tackling the “important things” too. Like, you know, getting a random little local weekly newspaper to remove a mention of the First Lady not specifically speaking to Marine One pilots because it made her look snotty…

    Of course, the WH apparently denies it – but, sounds like something they would do to me and they similarly tried to deny the Chronicle incident too…

  • apodoca

    What a punk bin Laden was. The woman had the balls to charge the SEALs, uh huh, but he stayed behind? Doing what? Mouthing off or hiding behind the women’s skirts?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    My God.

    Cover that one up. Please.

  • JoeyO

    Big L,

    Most of the info is actually coming out of the Pentagon first, then the White House (who are the ones confusing the facts in their attempt to spin their praise)

    Case in point:

  • gus

    They shot her in the leg. Just a random show to the BURQA.

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  • San Francisco Conservative


  • Whippet
  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    no joeyO….it was 22 people saved or created.

  • timwi

    Is this the photo of Bin Laden- looks like it.

  • uggy parfait

    Does this mean that TSA will stop molesting 4-year-olds; or does Os[b]ama bin Lyin want this to continue because he orders these youngling videos to his private screening room for late night entertainment — this sicko.

  • Mama Lion

    I have some interesting information. I can’t divulge my source, but let’s just say: EXTREMELY TRUSTED SOURCE. I now believe Osama is dead.

    I was told that ‘my source’ was on the fence about Panetta, but is no longer. It is well known that Panetta did the necessary work and went on without Obama. Had they left it up to Obama, it would have never been done.

    Obama is a JOKE everywhere in everyone’s circle. If you thought that Obama was just a symbol, a figurehead…you are right. But, he is also a known empty suit and complete dork to his inner circle. That is why he golfs, vacays, goes goofing off without a big fuss…they need him out of the way. When he is on the scene pounding his tiny fists, things go to crap.

    He will not be re-elected. They want him gone more than we do.

  • gus

    Mama Lion, I have mentioned here before, that my brother was the military attache to the Islamabad Pakistan Embassy during the mid-late 00’s for a year. He worked directly with the NON-EXISTANT CIA and FBI in Paki. My bro now lives in the middle-east as a Security officer for the State Dept. THEY GOT BIN LADEN. No doubt. I got a call yesterday AM. The CIA officer who was in charge of this mission and whom directed the SEALS, is a close friend of my bro. We are getting mostly accurate info. The only problem is the OBAMA ADMIN is so incompetent, it cannot put out a SINGLE COHESIVE PLAUSIBLE HONEST STORY. It is because of OPIE. Sorry, but Opie is not a leader. His FIRST CONCERNS are what MUSLIMS will think. He’s a disgrace.