Barack Obama: There’s Nothing More Important Than a Government Job (Video)

A federal worker losing her job today confronted Obama at a town hall.
Gee, do you think she was a plant?

She must be a rotten employee. You basically have to be a complete loser to get fired from a government job. And Obama certainly isn’t going to lay you off… He only knows how to spend money.

Via Real Clear Politics:

“Let me just first of all say that workers like you, for the federal, state, and local governments, are so important for our vital services. And it frustrates me sometimes when people talk about ‘government jobs’ as if somehow those are worth less than private sector jobs. I think there is nothing more important than working on behalf of the American people.”

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  • Mrs. X

    Rush just said, maybe the Zoo worker can watch the aligators in the moat! HA!!

  • Mrs. X


  • bigkahuna

    I want to ask the woman if she feels it is ok for her to bring a child into the world when its already tens of thousands of dollars in debt due to idiots in congress and the whitehouse who wont stop spending money we dont have that also kills jobs due to inflation and uncertainty.

    I also want to know why she feels a govt job is secure ? Why should any job be more secure than another just because it is for the government ? Is that not the formula for crappy work? If you know your job is secure no matter what then you become lazy and dependent on government.

    Why shouyld she not get a job in private sector that is secure based on her skills and abilities ?

    Typical liberal Leech mindset.

    I wanted someone to ask her if the taxpayers should all pay higher taxes and go into debt to pay her job at a freaking zoo.

    People all over the country are not secure in their job.

    Twit should have asked Hey Obama why dont you stop spending money we dont have and why dont you get out of the way of businesses and stop passing more and more worthless laws and regulations and tax increases that kill jobs, prosperity, Hope and only Changes things for the worse ?

  • Redwine

    Rush is still speaking about her. She’s a professional PR person who climbed the corporate ladder. Heh.

    Sounds like a plant to me, too.

  • tommy mc donnell

    i disagree with you people(oh how racist). having been a government employee for twenty-five years, i can tell you she definitely didn’t get fired for being a bad worker, maybe a good worker but not a bad one.

  • Redwine

    She’s in her 7th month of high-risk pregnancy. She might have had no other choice but to leave her job anyway. Many women at this point of a problem pregnancy would be ordered to stay home or even to enter the hospital early for monitoring.

    Here’s here profile on LinkedIn:

  • bigkahuna

    Maybe she can get a job deporting illegal aliens ? There is a huge need for this in the country. Her job would pay for itself as well since we would not have to pay them any welfare, foodstamps, housing, unemployment, kids schooling, healthcare and have them steal jobs from Americans. We could then tell Americans on the same group of handouts see you can take the jobs illegals used to do. No more handouts.

    Then tell every illegal to get out in the next 30 days or anything we catch you with will be confiscated and sold to pay for deportation.

    Others could be hired to sell off the ill gotten gains of illegals.

    Others could be hired to count the number of illegals leaving and crossing the borders…

    Maybe those same people who were hired to be census workers.

    They are extrememly tenacious and obnoxious and love to get all the best information from people.

    They could ask all the illegals how many illegals were in your household and how much did each one make. How many had stolen social security numbers, how many were recieving welfare, medicaid/cair, foodstamps etc.

    The money saved by ridding ourselves of these illegals will make up for the costs a million times over. Just think with the illegals gone more money will stay in our country since many are/were sending money home to family in their home country. How many billions will now stay here in the Good ole USA.

    This is a great way to create jobs.

  • bigkahuna

    If she is a federal worker she probably gets 1 year off during and after pregancy and extra time off if it was a difficult one. She should get one of those Wisconsin doctors to write her a medical excuse to get out now before being laid off. By the time she runs out of sick /prego leave she will be ready to retire with full benefits /pension

  • MrGoodWench

    After thugging out with friends of Asata and Mumia,look how His Thugginess is hanging with cops right now .
    I’m sure he will raise his clenched fist to salute the officers

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Desirable Government Jobs! Apply Now!

    What the Left, worldwide, from the beginning of time, desires.


  • bigkahuna

    Maybe she could get a job writing petry and rap songs prasing cop killers and killin Osam bin Ladens

  • Militant Conservative

    Bad democrat female, get an abortion and all is right with your life.

  • bigkahuna

    How silly of me I know the answer to her question…… Obama should have said if it was him…


    Raise taxes, fees and regulations on the ZOO that requires them to simply hire more people and give them a raise. Then….Blame Bush Balanced budgets are for losers and people who give a damn

  • Madkangaroo

    Two things:

    First – “…it frustrates me sometimes when people talk about ‘government jobs’ as if somehow those are worth less than private sector jobs.”

    Well, while some government is a necessity, and therefore government jobs will be needed, the fact is gov jobs generally don’t contribute to economic growth. Gov is a net consumer of wealth, not a net creator of it. In that sense gov jobs are *not* worth as much as private sector jobs.

    Second – “You basically have to be a complete loser to get fired from a government job.”

    Not true. I have worked in the private sector and for the last five years in a state agency (both in IT/Natural Resource Mgt.). Each year I have been rated a “Major Contributor”. My last rating was “Extraordinary Contributor.” In a nutshell, my employers and the taxpayers got a heck of a lot from me for their dollars, a fact I’m proud of. Nevertheless, this spring budget shortfalls put me on the street – laid off. I’m not the first, and won’t be the last (thanks for nuthin’ Liberals!)

  • John B

    when I click onrush in your article, the audio played is one about Obama-Osama now.

    I’d love to hear the other one…..

  • truth teller

    Everyone knows that government jobs are for the lazy and unskilled…it is the largest employer of “Holder’s People” in the U.S.

  • Mark

    As Rush said, “How can you be building a house without financing in place.?” Obvious plant!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “I think there is nothing more important than working on behalf of the American people.”


    So, when a majority of the American public says they don’t want socialized medicine, should the politicians, who basically work for the American people, do away with it?

    When a majority of the American public says no amnesty for illegal aliens, should the politicians, who basically for the American people, stop trying to pass “comprehensive immigration reform”?

    When a majority of the American public says they want to government to stop spending ever more of our tax dollars, should the politicians, who basically work for the American people, stop trying to increase spending?

  • sandy

    Maybe its because I’m older but I was taught that you can’t have everything at once. She should decide what is the most important thing in her life and put all her energy into that. Sounds to me like that would be her baby. This woman is stressed because she wants it all in the next 5 minutes and she has just learned that Govt. jobs aren’t secure. duhhhh Welcome to the real world where no job is secure.

    What’s in the drinking water in DC that makes everyone clueless?

  • gus

    Does Obama have an opening at the FISTING CZAR position??

    Oh, she’s probably not qualified, she didn’t author this stuff.