WI Leftist Screams Profanity at 14 Year-Old Girl at Madison Tea Party (Video_

An unhinged far left protester screams profanity at a 14 year-old girl who was speaking yesterday at the Madison rally.

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  • ant

    Can you believe we are supposed to share a country with these and other leftist retards ( ie. feminists, elites, militant illegal aliens, etc)? Personally, I don’t think that’s possible. Hint-hint.

  • gus

    Let me remind you what WISCONSIN did.
    Pay 1/8th of their HEALTH CARE BENEFIT PREMIUM.

    That is all.

    This just illustrates why BUSTING THE GOONION is NECESSARY.

  • Old One

    Whatv we see on display in Maddison by the goonions is the lefts tolerance, civility, and superior intellects. The libtards & their marxist union thugs are indeed suffering a collective nervous breakdown and are spiraling down to complete madness.

  • Mac in NM

    Does anyone know which union this thug belongs to? NEA? Fireman’s? Police? Oh never mind, they’re in WI; there isn’t any difference.

  • Justine

    Pathetic and disgusting — and childish. (Not the young woman.)

  • wodun

    Not even inhibited by the camera he knows is filming.

  • gus

    Mac, I live in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the LEXINGTON and CONCORD of our cultural and financial WAR. It’s everywhere. Scott Walker was just the 1st to MAN UP.
    Brace yourself MAC. Bill Richardson didn’t play tiddly winks while in charge of NM.

  • bobbymike

    Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.

    But seriously don’t you think that these men look at themselves in the mirror and just hate how pathetic and useless they really are. As I posted on another thread this is self loathing pure and simple.

  • gus

    bobbymike, it is a sense of no boundaries. IT is about having NOTHING TO LIVE FOR.
    No foundation.

  • Steph

    Wonder if he’s that assinine towards his own kids. Pray he doesn’t have any.

  • Warthog

    Just one more reason to hate their collectiveist a$$es.

  • neverends

    A good reason to continue to fund Planned Parenthood. Their marketing should be targeting the likes of the human debries that is today’s lefty loonies.

  • American Patriot

    Any of you fellow veterans like to challenge that creep?

    Get in line!

  • Molon Lobe

    Another one of Obamao’s Peoples.

  • Reason enough to pray for the salvation of the mislead, fear-laden, terror-driven union members…

  • now you know where all the keith olbermann fans went.

  • gus

    Tommy. Keefs FAN is on life support

  • Scarlett

    And they were criticizing Breitbart for telling them to “go to hell”….? O.o

  • Guy in Ohio

    #1 April 17, 2011 at 10:06 pm
    ant commented:

    “Can you believe we are supposed to share a country with these and other leftist retards …?”

    My thoughts exactly. These people should be ashamed of themselves. They’re drowning in a quagmire of self-absorbed greed, ignorance, and profanity, and they would gladly drag us all down with them….

    Fortunately, decent Americans are awakening from their long sleep and recognizing the threat that these people pose to America and our way of life. As the divide between the radical left and the rest of this country continues to widen, and animosities grow, it’s becoming quite clear which side holds the moral high ground.

    If you believe that good will always triumph over evil, then you have to believe that when the time of reckoning comes, and it IS coming, goodness and decency will prevail.

  • bigkahuna

    He said something like you can speak/vote/lecture when you have a job and pay bills.

    More and more I agree with this. If you dont pay federal taxes why should you have a say in federal elections and voting in scumbag liberal politicians who then turn around and give you money in welfare for breathing and pooping out a kid or 4.

  • Matt

    This guy would already be arrested for abusing a minor, threatening violence, disturbing the peace, etc. if the Left/Right division were flipped.

  • I’d like to bust this liberal slimball pedophile creep right in his [email protected] nose! And then see how tough he is!

    Pardon my French!

  • Buffalobob

    Another example of the level of intelligence of the parasites. Curse, swear, and direct obscene hand jesters at a minor. Classy. Keep this creep away from school yards.

  • mahnaz

    Where’s that righteous sheriff “political vitriol” dupnik when you need him??? These are certainly his “people”.

  • SWPatriot

    The left, if left unchecked, would destroy this country. The narrative in the media is that the Tea Party are the ones who are mean and nasty and racist and (fill in the blank). They (liberal media) make stuff up about the Tea Party Americans, while ignoring this kind of thuggish, knuckle-dragging behavior by the left! The left as it is today is like a cancer on our society. They only believe in free speech if it is speech they agree with – anything else they try to shout down like school-yard bullies. Any of you reading this who ascribe to these tactics in my country can go straight to hell – you don’t deserve the freedoms that so many have died to preserve for you.

  • Apparatchik

    Here’s the scary part, folks – the label on the video says “Tea party protester profane response to 14yr old girl”

    How did this a-hole get associated with the Tea Party?

  • Arch

    It amazes me when the left tries to shout down their opposition, saying in effect, I will not allow you to speak because we have no rational argument to present. What is even more amazing is that the media either characterizes it as freedom of speech or fails to report it at all. If you listen to the Palin speech, the union goons are just making noise to deny her her constitutional right. They are just screaming or booing. Where are their advocates? How would they balance Wisconsin’s budget? They wouldn’t.

    In California, 10 members of the muslim students association were arrested for shouting down the Israeli Ambassador on campus. I think that is a step in the right direction, but the UC Irvine administration is trying to have the charges dismissed. What happened to academic freedom?

    When the Wisconsin Senate voted to ban collective bargaining, the gallery screamed “shame, shame, shame….” Shame for what?

    Compare that behavior with the Town Hall meetings where a vet asked Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) about not paying soldiers if the government shut down. Moran got very nasty and accused his constituent of being caustic, when all the abrasive rhetoric was Moran’s.

    Imagine how the media would cover a crowd of white men shouting down Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. Would that constitute free speech? Would it be okay if it rhymed?

  • squeaky

    “Can you believe we are supposed to share a country with these and other leftist retards …?”
    not only share but support them. as we know the unions weren’t shy about hiring homeless and unemployed to walk the picket line and i doubt they required references.

  • squeaky

    bigkahuna commented:
    [He said something like you can speak/vote/lecture when you have a job and pay bills.] yow
    if that were the case we wouldn’t be where we are. and no, welfare and other government handouts don’t constitute employment.

  • John Difool

    Meatloaf here telling somebody else to go pay a bill before lecturing him while he sucks off the taxpayers teat is classic.

  • NeoKong

    Wow…that guywas pretty tough.
    He wasn’t scared of that little girl at all.

  • @BigKahuna #20 – The biggest problem with telling people who don’t pay taxes at the end of the year that they don’t get to vote – you’d take the right to vote from military, veterans, and millions of other Americans who are living below the so-called “poverty line”, yet understand that our current tax structure and what this admin is doing is utterly insane. That’s right. a huge portion of our nation’s men & women in the Military do not make enough to reach above the poverty line.

    I am the wife of a retired military veteran. He had a hard time finding a job after he got out (20 yrs in, could go no further), so he took a huge paycut to work in retail. Between his retirement pay, and the new job in retail, we are so far below the “poverty line” that according to the federal govt, not only do we not pay taxes, but they give us $ and call it “Earned Income Credit”. I told my mom that I really don’t feel right about taking the EIC. She told me she’d rather the govt put the money she has to pay in taxes into my pocket then someone else’s.

    To clarify – we have taxes withheld from DH’s paycheck & retirement pay. But at the end of the year, the IRS says our tax bill is 0, and refunds the full amount. Then, since according to the IRS we don’t make enough to support our family of 5, they give us more under the Earned Income Credit. The EIC needs to go.

    Oh, and for what it’s worth – My family, living below the “poverty line” here in America has; a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, modest, little house (for which we pay the mortgage each month and have never been late or missed a payment), 2 cars – both paid off, and 5 computers (though the youngest computer is 4 years old & the oldest is about 10). We live within our means and pay off our CC every month. “Poverty” in America is a joke. But I digress.

    Point is, you can’t discount everyone who doesn’t pay taxes. That would be some 46% percent of the country, and I’m betting a large number of Tea Party Patriots.

  • Sandra

    The police at this rally were doing nothing about the leftist trying to disrupt the speakers. The Tea Party had a permit for the rally, but the union thugs did not. The officers did not question the thugs with megaphones about a permit, because they supported them.

  • squeaky

    by way of drudge – life really is like watching paint dry. detroit public sector layoffs or just a ruse. every time government finds money to fund a formerly unfundable project or feel good agency has me checking my pocketbook. when they have money for paul after robbing peter.

  • Alana

    Just like it is disturbing to think that there are normal-looking serial killers among us and so on, it is disturbing for me to realize now that there are relatively normal-looking people like this guy around us, undetected, who are really like this inside.

  • obama, pete trumka, andy stern, et al have introduced college style civility to the public square. the leftists have been doing this on the college campuses for years. unlike the college sheep we must not be intimidated by them. this what pete trumka and obama were planning in all those meetings at the white house. we(all you conservative political pundits) should have seen this was coming when obama gave a speech on civility. where don’t need to pay attention to what obama says publicly, it what he is saying behind closed doors that is his real intention. as you can see everyday now the level of civility has really risen since obama’s civility speech in arizona.

  • whit seven

    Imagine the anger and envy this fat bastard has for this kid? She’s brave and smart and can take a microphone and make a speech to a hostile crowd at her age. That’s talent, and she”ll go far and won’t need a union to do it. Unions despise individual achievement.

  • Gothguy

    Libtards…always classy.


  • The country moved into the “negative” financially today and these fools are out there demanding more free stuff! It is incomprehensible that I live in the same universe!

  • does anybody notice what is missing from all these protests? coverage from american tass. do you think they were warned to stay away by the news editor-in-chief?

  • It’s appalling to see people’s attitude toward teenagers. Not only are they portrayed inaccurately by Hollywood, but here you can see the lack of respect they get if they’re intelligent. I don’t know what she was saying up there. But when I was her age, I wished I could vote. She’s doing literally all she can do. You’d think any adult would encourage that. This guy is just taking HIS right to vote and smearing it in her face. What a jerk.

  • crosspatch

    I would have asked the guy if he had a daughter and if so, would he allow people to talk to his daughter this way.

    These communists are so emotionally wrapped up in their global decline that they seem to lose their humanity. I understand they are desperate and are losing on all fronts, but that is no excuse for treating someone’s daughter that way.

    Absolutely despicable.

  • sifty

    Someone needs to archive these degenerates so we can remember them at Christmas. Or during Civil War 2.

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  • STL Hawkeye

    F this…. and the finger. What’s new? Like I wrote in the past, prior short yellow school bus riders; all of them.

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  • Don Rodrigo

    #32 Lorraine:

    and I’m betting a large number of Tea Party Patriots

    Actually no, Lorraine. The Tea Party is a genuine tax payer revolt by the “middle middle class,” who feel they are no longer truly represented by their government even though they are all among those who actually pay taxes.

    I do sympathize with your situation, and know that for folks like you and your husband your situation is only temporary, and you will prosper in the coming years.

  • Typical of the libs, name calling, hate speech and shouting rather than intelligently discussing the issues. it is even worse for union thugs

    blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  • Ron

    It is up to anyone on the “right” to counter these morons by using their own words against them. Drown them with their idiocy, disrespect and hate. Let their own weaknesses of verbally (and sometimes physically) overreacting in situations such as this. Bring them out to act and then marginalize them as they try and do to everyone else outside their “politics”.

    The majority of these leftist protestors are undisciplined acting out like little children at any sign of those countering their ideas. Even if it is just imaginary. It’s almost like a sort of paranoia and the best way to play off that is to make them more paranoid. Have them believe we’re near to counter them even when they’re not.

    Let them believe they have the superior numbers for their protest cause and bring out their arrogance. Then, with every trip-up they make, capitalize on it in the media, through the internet/blogs/social networks and on the ‘streets’ during gatherings. Their “defeat” lies in overwhelming them via exploiting their weaknesses in a non-confrontational manner. Let them defeat themselves.

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  • Walter Andrews

    I hate this man. Hate hate hate hate HATE HATE HATE! How DARE he speak to his superiors in that way? He should be groveling on the ground that some conservative deigned to give him unemployment so that he can slosh his fat thighs together and spout malignancies at this poor girl.

  • Jake Havecheck

    Ever see the end of 2001 when David Bowman gets old and turns into that freaky space baby? That’s some crazed stuff right there.