While in North Korea Jimmy Carter Accuses US of Human Rights Violations

Barack Obama may be the worst president ever but so far Jimmy Carter still holds the title as worst former president ever.

This week while in North Korea Jimmy Carter accused the US of human rights violations.
FOX Nation reported:

The Politico has more on Jimmy Carter’s latest anti-American gesture.

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    Jimmy Carter is the 2nd worse president ever, and the number 1 dumbest one.

    Barry The Destroyer is the most deceiving and lying president we have ever had as a nation. Our country will only survive by the grace of god for another 2 years, and we had better wake up now and keep the fight going.

    No more RINO’s like Bush. Trump hit the nail on the head when he said you can thank Bush for Obama. Bush and the country club republicans have destroyed our nation and given us the battle we are engaged in now. NO MORE RINO’s!

  • huckleberryfriend

    Is the US preventing N Korea from receiving food or just not giving it to N Korea for free?

  • Meg

    Same ole same ole from Jimmy. He just won’t go away. He knows the food does not go to the people, but to the army and dictators.

  • ….hmmmmm, after three readings of the Constitution, I STILL haven’t found the part that says the United States must give or sell food to the North Korean Communists. Hey, Jimmah, why not go order your Muslim Terrorist regimes to fork over some of the BILLIONS WE have given to THEM…or the OPEC Cartel to provide it out of the TRILLIONS we have paid THEM for the oil that comes from the wells that WE dug for them? Go build some more “Habitats-for-Hamas” in the mythical caliphate of “Palestine” and leave us alone.

  • sandy

    Boy that’s like being told your ugly by a frog.

    When Republicans leave the Presidency they leave public life. Dems are in your face till the grim reaper calls them home.

  • IBSin

    I was just thinking about him today…

    At least when he was presiding over his energy crisis, he had the good sense to turn down the thermostat and put on a sweater.

    That makes Obama #1.

  • C-CS

    we- the US voters-fired Jimmy once- why isn’t he totally ignored as the leftist stooge we knew he was -waaaaaaay back when!

  • Jerry C

    Rush said it best, “Jimmy Carter. Our national hemroid.”


    When will peanut brain be 6′ under sprouting daisies…can’t wait for that…enough of you blowing your mouth off….

  • yes jimmy it is our obligation to feed people that want to wipe us off the face of the earth. i wonder if when the dhimmi made that statement he was trying to tell us that the north korean people have no responsibility for the policies of their government. i can’t believe that. in such a wonderful democracy,never. why don’t they have jimmy carter monitored elections.

  • Lee

    Man, crazy Uncle Jimmah just keeps on showing up, getting worse and worse every year. Explain to me why it is my obligation to give aid and comfort to people that want to kill me?

    Tell you what, Mr. Carter. You talk to your Islamist pals and see if you can persuade *them* to donate to North Korea. If they’re so noble and worthy, they’ll be glad to help out your other friends.

  • Gary

    That’s funny. When i saw the Bob Schieffer piece earlier today, I was thinking it’s funny how these old liberals are all starting to look and sound alike. Schieffer looks like Carter in that video, and now here he is. Compare for yourself.

  • Beef

    How long is ths guy going to stick around? There’s a warm spot in hell waiting for him.

  • Stay there, Carter, we don’t want you here.

  • Ladue Pundit

    Isn’t there a ban on travel to N. Korea? Too bad O’Bamboozle is president. A real president would bar Carter from returning to U.S. soil.

    Let him shack up in Cuba or N. Korea. They both deserve Carter as much as Carter deserves them.

  • mg4us

    Ole Jimmy is trying to stay relevant as the worst president now that Obama is challenging him for the top spot.

    Pathetic & disgraceful.

    Jimmy. . putting the RAT in DemocRAT!!

  • Uggy Parfait

    Jimmy Carter ‘created’ the Taliban/Al Quade so he could join the opposition of democratic people.

  • USMC Thomas

    So we should provide their populace with food stamps so they can spend lavishly on their military.

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  • contessa61

    Don’t give this goofball one more minute of our time.

  • Jamie

    America’s turd. Anyone have some TP?

  • Otis R. Needleman

    Jimmah…getting rolled again by the North Koreans, just like in 1994. He’s a national embarrassment and a disgrace to the office he once held.

  • Callipygian1

    If we withold food from Jimmy Carter are we commiting a human rights violation or a gift to humankind?

    Give ’em some peanuts Jimbo

  • Just give Jimmy Carter and Obama time. They will then accuse Israel of human rights violations via the R2P (Responsibility to Protect think tank). The liberals have to go around accusing some 3rd world dictators of human rights violations first, so they don’t look anti semitic when they move in for the kill and accuse Israel of this.

    Obama is promising Abbas a Palestinian state by Sept.. He went to AIPAC and said that Jerusalem must remain the capital of Israel, and then later backpeddled when doing an interview with a liberal news network. A 7 year agreement was offered by Obama in which Israel would have to lease the land. This disgusts me because Netanyahu said that he wished the agreement would be longer. Netanyahu has been the last firm standing Israeli against the dividing of their land, and now even he is being intimidated by the thug-in -charge Obama.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see America impose a peace treaty as part of a cease fire, making Israel look like an aggressor and oppressor. The chess pieces are already in place at the UN, via the R2P program.

    If you read Obama’s book, you will see that he is an anti colonialist, just like his father. He sees the US, Israel, and Britain as colonialists who must make concessions to everyone else. He is a narcissist with a chip on his shoulder who takes marching orders from the New World Order folks. …… Not Good!!

  • squeaky
  • Somewhat Reasonable Voice

    Is there any chance this senile old fool can be committed? In Florida we have something called the “Baker Act” which allows someone to be committed without their being exactly co-operative participants.

  • Valerie

    Somebody needs to ask Mr. Carter “Who told you?”

  • Barbara

    …since everyone eventually does, so this old goat will someday pass from this earthly…ok.
    and when he does, does he really deserve a tax-payer funded state frickin’ funeral? he practically single-handed spoiled the late 1970’s for us and nothing but bad-mouth ever since.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Not only does Carter’s politics NOT stop at the water’s edge, his STUPIDITY apparently doesn’t stop there either.

  • DomesticGoddess

    You know that President Awesome is going to do the same thing when he is out of office. If we even have a country left to trash.

  • workingclass artist

    Jimmy Carter desperately trying to be….relevant…. F A I L

  • L.E. Liesner

    Jimmy should not be allowed out in public without adult supervision. He was senile when he was president and it has progress into dementia. He is living proof that liberalism is a mental disease.

  • workingclass artist

    #30 Prezident Awesome will be a big hit in….Kenya & Indonesia….that’s about it….

  • pst314

    How many bl*w jobs did Jimmuh give to Kim Jong-Il during this trip?

  • Mark


    — vb
    1. to break, disregard, or infringe (a law, agreement, etc) Did we do any of these? I did not agree to send food to North Korea. Is there a law that states we have to give them food? So where is the violation?

  • Militant Conservative

    Dear Lord please call this one home. His usefullness has been exceeded and he is hurting your children. Be kind, take him in his sleep.

    Powder is dry