On Thursday Wisconsin conservatives announced that they had collected enough signatures 15,000 to recall fleebagger Senator Dave Hansen of Green Bay.

Then this happened…

Vandals broke into a Wisconsin political office late Thursday or Friday morning and ripped off the fleebagger recall petitions. (WTAQ)

How convenient.
Vandals broke in and stole computers and recall petitions from a Wisconsin political office late last week.




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  1. Fleebagger-gate.

  2. This is what fascism looks like.

  3. Were they really dumb enough to make this announcement and then not have copies made and stored offsite? I mean, REALLY?

    I sincerely hope not.

  4. This is what the right are up against. It may be time to start behaving like you are at war, because whether you have woken up or not, you are at war, and the left are your enemies. You can’t count on the common decency of your opponents – they don’t even know what decency is, let alone what used to be termed ‘common decency’.

  5. Those d*ck-wads. I hope they’re caught.

  6. Smells like desperation.

  7. Typical liberals. What else would you expect.

  8. I agree, Taxpayer #5, but aren’t the police/investigators members of unions who don’t support the recalls? I guess there’s always hope…

  9. Obama: ‘Punish you enemies.’ They were democrats-democrats-democrats-democrats-democrats-democrats-democrats. Got it RNC?

  10. “Democracy now.”

    Except when that democracy doesn’t fit the mob rule agenda of Fascists.

  11. just break into the SEIU office and steal them back!

  12. Thugocracy!! Gangster Government! The Chicago Way! “This is what fascism looks like” is right! I’m sure this will be all over the network news…..oh wait! …………. nevermind……..

  13. Operating in the current political climate, you tell me no one involved in the recall petition thought to secure these documents let alone their computers? You folks better wake up or else you will find yourselves being eaten by that wolf. I am really concerned about the naivete of some of our conservative brethren. We are in a war for the very soul of this nation and if any of you do not understand nor recognize how to fight against this evil, we are lost.

  14. Shameless political dirty tricks. It just shows their contempt for democracy in any form and their contempt for the consent of the governed.

  15. That’s what the lefties think democracy looks like.

  16. The Enemy Within

  17. Hey RNC, this is the Democrat Party. Any questions?

  18. #3 April 17, 2011 at 4:24 pm
    Frank H commented:

    Were they really dumb enough to make this announcement and then not have copies made and stored offsite? I mean, REALLY?

    Were they so stupid as to leave them unattended in the office and not in a sealed vault or in the care of a trusted official after making that announcement? Someone obviously knew that the papers were left in the office and ratted it out to the leftist thugs.

  19. Ends justify the means when your country is at stake.
    I carry two guns every day for just such reasons. When will the rest of you wake up

    Powder is dry

  20. Haven’t they learned that these liars, cheats and thiefs will stop at nothing? Surely they had a video security system.

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