Vandals Break In WI Office – Steal Fleebagger Recall Petitions Hours After It Was Announced Enough Signatures Were Collected (Video)

On Thursday Wisconsin conservatives announced that they had collected enough signatures 15,000 to recall fleebagger Senator Dave Hansen of Green Bay.

Then this happened…

Vandals broke into a Wisconsin political office late Thursday or Friday morning and ripped off the fleebagger recall petitions. (WTAQ)

How convenient.
Vandals broke in and stole computers and recall petitions from a Wisconsin political office late last week.

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  • KR


  • forest

    This is what fascism looks like.

  • Frank H

    Were they really dumb enough to make this announcement and then not have copies made and stored offsite? I mean, REALLY?

    I sincerely hope not.

  • Joanne

    This is what the right are up against. It may be time to start behaving like you are at war, because whether you have woken up or not, you are at war, and the left are your enemies. You can’t count on the common decency of your opponents – they don’t even know what decency is, let alone what used to be termed ‘common decency’.

  • Taxpayer

    Those d*ck-wads. I hope they’re caught.

  • Chisum

    Smells like desperation.

  • Meg

    Typical liberals. What else would you expect.

  • Justine

    I agree, Taxpayer #5, but aren’t the police/investigators members of unions who don’t support the recalls? I guess there’s always hope…

  • Mac in NM

    Obama: ‘Punish you enemies.’ They were democrats-democrats-democrats-democrats-democrats-democrats-democrats. Got it RNC?

  • “Democracy now.”

    Except when that democracy doesn’t fit the mob rule agenda of Fascists.

  • just break into the SEIU office and steal them back!

  • Bitter Clinger

    Thugocracy!! Gangster Government! The Chicago Way! “This is what fascism looks like” is right! I’m sure this will be all over the network news…..oh wait! …………. nevermind……..

  • Sasja

    Operating in the current political climate, you tell me no one involved in the recall petition thought to secure these documents let alone their computers? You folks better wake up or else you will find yourselves being eaten by that wolf. I am really concerned about the naivete of some of our conservative brethren. We are in a war for the very soul of this nation and if any of you do not understand nor recognize how to fight against this evil, we are lost.

  • Shameless political dirty tricks. It just shows their contempt for democracy in any form and their contempt for the consent of the governed.

  • Insufficiently Sensitive

    That’s what the lefties think democracy looks like.

  • StrangernFiction

    The Enemy Within

  • Mac in NM

    Hey RNC, this is the Democrat Party. Any questions?

  • Redwine

    #3 April 17, 2011 at 4:24 pm
    Frank H commented:

    Were they really dumb enough to make this announcement and then not have copies made and stored offsite? I mean, REALLY?

    Were they so stupid as to leave them unattended in the office and not in a sealed vault or in the care of a trusted official after making that announcement? Someone obviously knew that the papers were left in the office and ratted it out to the leftist thugs.

  • Militant Conservative

    Ends justify the means when your country is at stake.
    I carry two guns every day for just such reasons. When will the rest of you wake up

    Powder is dry

  • Jack

    Haven’t they learned that these liars, cheats and thiefs will stop at nothing? Surely they had a video security system.

  • nohype

    For most of the people on the right, process matters. They accept results if they think the process was fair even if they do not like the results. For too many people on the left, process does not matter. Only results matter. They will not accept results they do not like even if the process was fair and they have problems with cheating the process to get the results they want.

    I hope what is happening in Wisconsin it opening some eyes.

  • gman

    You know damn well this was orchestrated by the democrat officials in WI.

  • nelle

    Quit blaming the victims; it only makes it easier for the criminals to justify their crimes…”well, if they’re so stupid…”
    People should be going to prison here.

  • BH

    Don’t blame the workers, blame the slimeballs who did this. The recall group obviously didn’t expect this to happen but someone on the inside may have ratted them out. Once burned twice learned applies here. I’m surprised the thugs are taking Breitbart’s advice and ARE going to hell! Every time I read “Powder is dry,” I smile!!

  • Scott

    Somone call Bob Woodward…Remember, the leftist forced the resignation of a President over Nixon aides burglarizing Democratic campaign headquarters…MSM investigates in 4,3,2,1…How about never!

  • does anyone here think this action will be condemned by any of the morally superior democratic politicans.

  • The next group that collects enough signatures needs to make a similar announcement…and then wait inside with their guns.

  • avery

    Sound like “WATERGATE” Eric Holder will be right on it.

  • ExExZonie

    News Media: Gee, a crime was committed, gee golly whiz, how sad, a window was broken. In other news…

  • wow

    Backup everything and store copies off site. That HAS to be the mantra.

  • ExExZonie

    @Gwilllie commented:

    just break into the SEIU office and steal them back!

    I guess the petitioners could try to submit the ashes or the shreds of their petitions. Seriously, this should be regarded as a felony, but then the judges and prosecutors and district attorneys and police all depend on Wisconsin for their pensions…

    They’ll have to start over again and this time, store the petitions in a safe deposit box at M&I Bank!

  • i sick of all you people that blame the victim. you right its not the fault of the people that BROKE in to steal the petitions it is the fault of the people that didn’t bury them in ft. knox. well they were locked up, if they weren’t they wouldn’t have had to break in.

  • Pat the First

    I hope they have copies, but I am not sure copies will work. I think they probably have to be originals for such a recall. The election board could make an exception, but I am not going to hold my breath on that one.

  • postturtledoctor

    Democrats are now not only the party of the Confederacy and the Klan, but they’re the party of Nixon now too.

  • 2012 is going to be this generation’s version of Bloody Kansas. The issue is still slavery, this time with the goonions — aided by commies, holding the finacial whip over the taxpayers.

    The buildup is evident, the result is inevitable.

  • Capn Angus

    This is much bigger than Watergate. The only thing the burglars go in Watergate was Demo. strategy. This could conceivably alter Wisconsin’s political landscape. People should be doing serious time here.

  • MN Jim

    Interesting that the media refers to this breakin as “vandals’. I bet it was carefully coordinated, maybe some inside information, professional job. Don’t worry, Holder will be right on it to protect “my people.” On second thought, where was Holder Friday night?

  • dwd

    This is the enemy. This is the quality and caliber of people on the LEFT.

    Republicans/conservatives are dumba$$es for announcing it and then leaving them unsecured. Unless, of course, they had some high-def security cameras running and can prove Democrats did it… that would be epic. But I doubt it.

  • Dan

    What would have been sweet is for them to announce that they were hoding them and where, then put fake copies in with video cameras. Why does our side think we can play by the rules? We are dealing with political terrorists that sure don’t.

  • DomesticGoddess

    Sadly, there are people who walk both sides of the street. Sounds like a dem plant worked in the office and provided the “what, where, and when” to the “thieves!”

  • aprilnovember811

    This is a Federal Crime isn’t it? Obama has turned this country into a bunch of degenerates.

  • Rachelle

    There it is. The unions are Fascists at heart. Even the word ‘Fascist’ found its modern use from the Italian word for union. They are scum.

  • apodoca

    Silly GOPers. We have to put ourselves in the minds of the communist Democrats and act to protect ourselves and the country. These people are against freedom and the Constitution. We have to ask ourselves, “what will they do to prevent something they don’t desire from occurring?” Then we have to provide worst case scenario answers and adapt our behavior accordingly. This is chess and GOPers are playing checkers. Think three moves ahead.

  • mike191

    To all the Dems :when are you going to repudiate these actions .Your party has been hi-jacked by vile people.Those who committ crimes to stop the function of law and prevent the process of democracy, should not be role models of your Party.When people of your party boo the National Anthem,burn the flag,and want to injure others ….ad nauseum,do you say :good show or does your blood boil?

  • Uggy parfait

    Banan Republic, and Obamanation of Desolation sounds the same way when spoken.

    Here is something from WND:

    Obama’s faith adviser helped
    craft ‘perfect Islamic state’

  • NeoKong

    Ed Schultz was unavailable for comment.

  • reader2551

    You can bet this was some of the Union scum that has been sucking the life blood out the hard working citizens of WI.

  • Chuck from Tacoma

    Good God. How low are the democrats willing to go to regain power, and hold it where they have it.
    I would think that the organisation could replace those petitions in a week.
    That was an act of war perpetrated by the left against the right.
    Payment is due.

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  • Ginger

    My bet it would be the union cops!

  • Ginger


    Did something happen with your blog today? Was out for a few hours and tried to post and my user name and e-mail was gone.

    Every thing is fine now. Weird

  • averagemelon

    This is but the tip of the iceberg for what they have in store for the 2012 elections. Think like a criminal folks to anticipate their moves.

  • Muffin

    Trumka is in on it. Also, the most obvious beneficiaries from such an act. Call in the FBI since Wisconsin cops are compromised.

  • Terrance

    To paraphrase a conversation between America’s greatest General (Stonewall Jackson), and a member of his staff at Fredericksburg, VA in Dec 1862…..

    “How will we stop this assault on our civilized society, General?”

    “Kill ’em….Kill ’em all”

  • Harry Bergeron

    Were the thieves wearing brown shirts?

  • gastorgrab

    Watergate, 2011.

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  • Hedgehog

    This is what Commies do. If they can’t win fairly, they steal.

  • Sarge

    Ok, the republicans control the house and senate and the governorship in Wisconsin, so I say they pass two bills ASAP. Bill #1, voter ID requirements to vote, and Bill #2, follow Arizona and pass no birth certificate, no name on ballot! Play hardball with these pukes! The time is now, the time is ours!

  • Ella

    #41 – It’s only a federal crime if we would do it to them, not when they actually do it to us. I say get the guns out. Tired of being polite and nice. Treat them the way they treat us.

  • debb

    I would think that this would so outrage every person who signed those petitions that they will show up in huge crowds to re-sign. I don’t even live there and it makes me furious!

  • Van Halen

    Watch as NO Democrat groups denounce this break-in.

  • Scott

    O/T but…Government at all levels have installed doomsday clocks for the Republic. Here are a few:

    -Illegal immigration
    -Overspending which creates Debt/Inflation/Currency destruction
    -50% of the working age population pay no taxes so they can vote themselves benefits paid for by others
    -Subsidizing bad behavior, illegal immigration, welfare, medicaid, section eight housing

    These are a few of the doomsday clocks that if not corrected will destroy the Republic. Something no foreign enemy could do…

  • LarryBrasfield

    When there is the opportunity to do so where I live, I’ll be volunteering to spend a few nights protecting petitions intended to help the people regain control. Just a warning to the LibTards, commies and union thugs: I scare very easily, and I will have an extra weapon with me to place in your cooling hands to help the police and D.A. appreciate that I had good cause for my self-protective action. Don’t expect any further warnings.

  • Ladue Pundit

    Sarge commented:
    Ok, the republicans control the house and senate and the governorship in Wisconsin, so I say they pass two bills ASAP. Bill #1, voter ID requirements to vote, and Bill #2, follow Arizona and pass no birth certificate, no name on ballot!
    The entire state of Wisconsin would burn if this happened. So let’s get to it.

  • eaglewingz08

    The satisfaction of requirements should not be announced until after the petitions are filed with the appropriate authorities with copies kept on an offsite server not in the actual offices where democraps can break in. If this was a republican operation it would be all over the lamestream media. Yet, not a major story was written about this.

  • lynched1

    I just watched a documentary on the History Channel today about the rise of third reich. A lot of similarities with present day leftist.

  • gus

    Rush Limbaugh will be all over this.

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  • Blame both for this. The Left has been signaling they were willing to maim, vandalize and commit crimes to get their way for a long time. To not have the signatures secured somewhere safe is just stupid, but does expose the major difference between the Left and the Right throughout history. We simply don’t think like shi*bag criminals and that keeps getting us tripped up.


  • Mn8


  • JohnnyAmerica

    Don’t give up Conservatives, double down because they were more than one fleebagger that needs a recall. In the end, the recalls will go through. No amount of crimes can stop it from happening. TEA!!!

  • Callipygian1

    This is what America has come to. I truly pity the next leftist that is stupid enough to speak to me in any tone other than abject reverence.

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  • Kazooskibum

    No wonder the Republicans are called the “stupid party”.

  • Freddy

    I wonder how hard the Police union is going to look for these stolen items? No doubt it is of no concern to them as they have far more important matters to attend to.

  • Hey_Ange

    A sign of what’s to come leading up to the national election. You can’t trust the left to play by the rules. It’s gonna be a long hot summer next year, and with the economy in the crapper with high gas prices look for the fascist union thuggery to continue. Never trust ANY of Odumbo’s supporters.

  • crosspatch

    I am getting fed up with these communist union thugs.

  • StrangernFiction

    If this was a republican operation it would be all over the lamestream media there would be carnage.

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  • Bob

    Apparently the right did not have enough signatures and orchestrated a fake theft to save face and to generate sympathy from the Nazi racist pedophile right wing.

  • Richard L.

    Our side is pretty naive aren’t they? Next time put someone in charge who understands what’s going on here.

  • I’m hoping that they backed these petitions up in some sort of computer system like the one that Rush hawks on his show. Cretin/criminal Bob is lying about the entire theft like an agent provocateur===an art form that the crime spree RICO con men on the far left know well.

  • wanumba

    #36 April 17, 2011 at 5:45 pm
    Capn Angus commented:
    This is much bigger than Watergate. The only thing the burglars go in Watergate was Demo. strategy. This could conceivably alter Wisconsin’s political landscape. People should be doing serious time here.

    Exactly. Very bad. Names and addresses of thousands of people. Yeah, will they be getting a “visit” too at 3 am at home? Maybe their straight A school kids suddenly start getting Fs?
    The Left was harrassing people at their work for signing the California Proposition against gay marriage.

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  • gus

    Take a look at #82. Bob, the KNOB cannot possibly be that STUPID!!!
    This is what separates THE MARXIST GOOOONIONS from the normal populace.
    These FREAKS have WILLINGLY sacrificed any sense of INTELLECT they may or may not have once ACCESSED….for the SECURITY in being a complete and UTTER ….FU#K UP.
    LOSER CENTRAL. What makes these dimwits SO VERY ANGRY???
    Their willingness to be SHEEP. They have ceded any sense of SHAME or PERSONAL DIGNITY to the MARXIST LOSERS.

    Congrats GOOONIONS. WE WON. You are frickin’ DOOOOOMED. Bye bye LOSERS.

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  • gah

    The people who broke in on Thursday, probably showed up in Madison to try and shout down Sarah Palin, and the rest of the speakers at the TEA Party event. Typical thuggish behavior from 0bama supporters.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Next they will burn down the Capitol Building and blame the Tea Party. Your Freedom is at stake in this country, these Fascist will take it away if you let them.

  • MFS

    So where can we donate to the effort to publicize this criminal conspiracy, and fund a renewed effort to collect recall signatures?

    Those idiots do not realize that they made our job that much easier.

    What better way to convince the world that they people are throwback gangsters than to have them prove it–IN PLAIN SIGHT?

    Will we now hear the hagiographers in the media proclaim the “courage” of these “brave individuals” who rose up to fight the “tyranny” that us sane people call Democracy?

    The unions are slowly alienating common-sense society. There was a union rally here in Boston the past week and I have never seen a more pathetic group of slovenly fat people shouting bitter, angry rhetoric at everyday people as they exited an office building downtown. Why? Because Goldman Sachs has an office on one of the floors. They intimidated lowly interns and secretaries who worked for the other tenants without restraint. Literally disgusting because of the spittle and halitosis.

    Every single one of them was truly fat-and most were semi-literate.

    Keep it up.

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  • figmo

    Set-up. Never had the signatures and now they’re covering it up. Typical right wing jack booted thugs. Can’t win an election legally.

  • onegsoulo

    Steal “Fleebagger” Recall Petitions???

    Whose side are you on?? Thanks for the LACK of respect for the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS.. dimwit.

  • Muffler

    So someone please tell me how the thieves knew that everything was in this one office? Who really benefits?

  • RW113

    Sadly, I fear that the prevention of a totalitarian form of government and/or the preservation of the Union will necessitate a civil war, where many of our loved ones will perish. As the Constitution and will of the PEOPLE are abandoned more openly by Government, Pelosi’s admission that prior to the Tea Party – both parties had the same agenda for the USA, the transfer of TARP and Bail out fund primarily to banks in other Nations, the implementation of policies, even by Bush, to indoctrinate our children [24 hour school experiments, social reform for the next generation agenda, etc.], and Administrative Bureaucracies are touted as having superior legislative authority to Congress – People will be forced to choose – Sit back and watch the demise of the greatest nation on earth, or take action. I pray for wise choices, and the preservation of the Union. Yet, there would be no NATO preventing the slaughter of citizens here, as was done in Waco, Ruby Ridge, Freeman Compound, etc.

    With a heavy heart, I pray: Long live the USA, and the freedom we all take for granted.

  • Doug

    So I guess most of you believe that there WERE enough signatures actually collected and they WERE actually stolen…huh? Wow.

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  • onegsoulo

    re post #97.. my apologies. I read it all wrong & reacted in a hyper-sensitive way. I think I’m still sore & guarded over the way our TP rally was accosted this past weekend.

  • wws

    now whoever was storing those petitions was just dumb. I hope they learned a lesson.

    Next time, announce LOUDLY where they are going to be stored and then have a couple guys sit up all night with shotguns waitin’ for that glass to break.

  • True American

    Don’t be so hard on Poor Bob #82, look at his leader, BHO signed the agreement with the 38 cut now he has already going back on his word. He knew he was not going to cut any czars when he signed. He has not stood behind his word on this but what has he stood behind his word on for America and Americans????

  • RickS

    This is the far-Left evil that we face. These people kill babies in the millions and laugh about it. Breaking a few windows is nothing for these Democretins.

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  • EvilNYCliberal

    It may be time to start behaving like you are at war, because whether you have woken up or not, you are at war, ….. You can’t count on the common decency of your opponents – they don’t even know what decency is, let alone what used to be termed ‘common decency’.

    That’s funny, it’s what the liberals think about you all. For every sin of theirs you can point to, they can point to one of yours.

    Before you start this war to “save” America, be very sure you will be greeted with flowers. Consider the possibility that it is you who is committing treason.