SARAH PALIN – ANDREW BREITBART Join Thousands of Patriots at Madison Tea Party (Live on UStream) …Update: Thugs Heckle Sarah Palin …Update: Sarah to Obama, “Mr. President, Game On!”

The left is out in force today in Madison, Wisconsin.

But… So are the tea partiers. Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin will speak to the throngs of patriots this afternoon. I just heard from a trusted source that, despite the cold weather, there are between 10,000 and 15,000 patriots in attendance.

You can watch the prostes live here.

This photo was taken earlier – It doesn’t look like many leftists made it out. (Channel 3000)

Here’s a pro-Walker poster.

You’ve gotta love it.
Thanks to Tookie for the photos.

It looks a little cold there.

The pro-union protesters are also out in force at the Wisconsin Capitol.

Hundreds of pro-union labor supporters are surrounding smaller groups of tea party members waiting for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to appear outside the Wisconsin Capitol.

Palin is slated to speak at the tea party’s annual tax day rally.

Yesterday, the local firefighters union threatened to disrupt the tea party protest.

UPDATE: One of the speakers just announced she will be coming back to Madison on Friday to deliver recall papers on another one of the state fleebaggers.

Here’s a good pic… “Real Change you can believe in.”

(Channel 3000)

UPDATE: (1:30 CST) Andrew Breitbart is speaking. He just told the leftist thugs to “Go to hell.” And this, “We are witnessing the end of community organizing. The silent majority won.”

UPDATE: (1:36 CST) Sarah is on. The thugs outside the crowd are heckling her. “Tea party is real solidarity… Courage is your governor and legislature standing firm despite death threats and thuggish tactics…. To the GOP if you stand by your pledges we will stand with you.” To GOP leaders, “You need to fight like a girl!”

“The only thing that stimulus stimulated was a debt crisis and a tea party.”

“Hey thugs, he’s trying to save your pensions.”

Sarah Palin on Obama, “He’s shouting all aboard the bullet train to bankruptcy… The 2012 election begins here. We will fight for America and it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. President, game on!”

Sarah gave an incredible speech. I hope she posts it on Facebook.

The comments on the Channel 3000 website are as vile and nasty as you would expect coming from the left.

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  • bitterclinger

    Had poor quality sound with that livestream. Right Scoop has this one up:

  • a former democrat

    very cool! thanks for posting.

    is anyone having trouble watching this? it stalls a lot.

  • donh

    Please take a moment to listen to the opening prayer given at the Hartford Tea Party rally 4/15/11. Archbishop LeRoy Bailey provides a saintly contrast to the black rainbow preachers of race rage, class warfare, and communism. …

  • Old Fan

    Well it’s nice to see. Good to see some fine public displays for the good side.

    But as a Conservative, I have to say, the display of serious Leadership by the heroic Walker is a huge contrast, which puts the sinking Celebrity fan fare of the Hockey Mom into perspective.

    Yes, she is a fine American, and we tire at the ugly Democratic Partisan vilification. But they target everyone, and perhaps the Bush Family with GW received the worst of it. I certainly wish the Palin Family well, and am thankful they are on the right side of history.

    However, as an early fan of Mrs. Palin when she was not well known, back before she mistakenly embraced the disastrous Cap and Trader named the Maverick, I strongly feel her decisions to be guided by ambition and Celebrity peddling was a huge mistake. Leaving the oath as a Governor in this manner, was simply the wrong decision for anyone who wants to be taken seriously in the realm of serious political Leadership. We all have different roles to play – for certain, but the serious responsible Leadership of a proven CEO is essential if you really have higher ambitions. When I think of all she could be doing as a Governor of Alaska, even using the power of the State to effectively defeat Obamacare, it only grows the regretful decision making of the Palin franchise.

    Walker, Brewer, Christie, Jindal, Daniels, Barbour, McDonnell, etc., have grown in stature for their commitment – they remain in the trenches on the job efforts – and deserve all the stature they have earned – doing the tough job. It is a lesson many future Leaders for fine Conservatives should never forget. Reality tv shows, book sales, etc., are simply not what one needs in helping this great Country.

    Of course the overt hype never matched reality, as we know Mrs. Palin’s true record is one that matched McCain’s moderate embrace – including the creation of “Climate Panel” bureaucracy and creating massive tax increases on the Oil Industry in Alaska. The recent rush to overtly peddle TRUMP is similar example of this strange fashionable game coming from those who supposedly consider themselves conservative. How could they forget TRUMP’s ugly demeaning of Bush? Or his fashionable embraces of Democratic Partisan sophistry? It is like a reactionary fashion, desperate in nature – far from reasoned, to inflate whoever without serious basis.

    Conservatism is not ‘flash in the pan’ nonsense, it is all about substance, facts, reason, logic, strength, wisdom, objectivity, honesty, decency, etc. We have to do better.

    Thankfully, there are many like Ryan, Christie, Walker, etc., who are soundly leading the way.

  • sybilll

    Holy cow, CBSNews is reporting that they have 20 million people watching the stream worldwide.

  • Mark Adams

    Thanks bitterclinger for the livestream link, watching it now!

  • wow

    #4 April 16, 2011 at 1:10 pm
    Old Fan commented:

    Old fan? I seriously doubt it. But you are one of those that always comes out bashing those who are trying to do something and since SP is one of the doers and someone who has consistently been correct in her assessment of matters, someone who speaks plainly, she obviously scares the pants off you… so here you are again to bash her. There is always one of you who shows up on every Palin thread with the same old (yes, old) talking points. At least find something new to criticize.

  • wow

    To echo Sybill above, this was just posted on Hot Air

    US Live stream.

    Total views: 20,231,713 CBS News

    … this just shows that SP is a has been /sarc.

  • workingclass artist

    “Yes, she is a fine American…”- oldfan #4

    And your point is what exactly….that Palin should just STFU and disappear so you feel cozy?

    To paraphrase an old friend I knew who wrote absurd ditties…

    ” Joy to the Squirrels & nuts to you…
    Let Trump and Palin do their thing…”

    Give em’ Hell Constitutional Patriots! Carry the Day….

  • susan

    Old Fan relentlessly exposes his mysognistic hatred of women.

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  • OC Rick

    10,000? Barely looks like 3,000.

    Vs 100,000 Progressives.


  • bitterclinger

    April 16, 2011 at 1:10 pm
    Old Fan commented:

    Old Fan, you’ve been reading too much lefty propaganda. Shannyn Moore, one of AK’s most hateful lefty bloggers who attacked Palin and her family relentlessly is quite disillusioned with Gov. Scott Parnell’s recent handling of the gas line Palin negotiated. In fact, this week, Moore wrote: I miss Sarah Palin.

    Heh. Beck said we’d see miracles.

  • bg


    God Bless & Thank You SP, AB, PR, SW et al..


  • gus

    OC DICKLESS we won. You pathetic sissies got your candy a$$es handed to you. Get used to it chump. Get out of the way or get your sissy a$$ run over boy.

  • neverends

    The nutcases on the left hate losing. And, as a result they flail about with the same old talking points. Guess the “classes” recently given by MediaMutters on how to “counter” and “put down” the other side wasn’t that great – or was it Old Fan?

    It may be time for a refresher course sponsored by Soros’ MediaMutters.

  • IronDioPriest

    Sarah Palin on Obama, “He’s shouting all aboard the bullet train to bankruptcy… The 2012 election begins here. We will fight for America and it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. President, game on!”

    She’s running.

  • neverends

    BooHoooooo OCDick. The picture you were looking at is the union-bots. You should consider attending the MediaMutters refresher course with OldFan.

  • OC Rick

    Falin and the Koch brothers do NOT have middle class interests at heart.

    To think so makes you look like idiots.

    Gus, so you have a A$$ fixation. Looks a bit odd…

  • sliderblaze