SARAH PALIN – ANDREW BREITBART Join Thousands of Patriots at Madison Tea Party (Live on UStream) …Update: Thugs Heckle Sarah Palin …Update: Sarah to Obama, “Mr. President, Game On!”

The left is out in force today in Madison, Wisconsin.

But… So are the tea partiers. Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin will speak to the throngs of patriots this afternoon. I just heard from a trusted source that, despite the cold weather, there are between 10,000 and 15,000 patriots in attendance.

You can watch the prostes live here.

This photo was taken earlier – It doesn’t look like many leftists made it out. (Channel 3000)

Here’s a pro-Walker poster.

You’ve gotta love it.
Thanks to Tookie for the photos.

It looks a little cold there.

The pro-union protesters are also out in force at the Wisconsin Capitol.

Hundreds of pro-union labor supporters are surrounding smaller groups of tea party members waiting for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to appear outside the Wisconsin Capitol.

Palin is slated to speak at the tea party’s annual tax day rally.

Yesterday, the local firefighters union threatened to disrupt the tea party protest.

UPDATE: One of the speakers just announced she will be coming back to Madison on Friday to deliver recall papers on another one of the state fleebaggers.

Here’s a good pic… “Real Change you can believe in.”

(Channel 3000)

UPDATE: (1:30 CST) Andrew Breitbart is speaking. He just told the leftist thugs to “Go to hell.” And this, “We are witnessing the end of community organizing. The silent majority won.”

UPDATE: (1:36 CST) Sarah is on. The thugs outside the crowd are heckling her. “Tea party is real solidarity… Courage is your governor and legislature standing firm despite death threats and thuggish tactics…. To the GOP if you stand by your pledges we will stand with you.” To GOP leaders, “You need to fight like a girl!”

“The only thing that stimulus stimulated was a debt crisis and a tea party.”

“Hey thugs, he’s trying to save your pensions.”

Sarah Palin on Obama, “He’s shouting all aboard the bullet train to bankruptcy… The 2012 election begins here. We will fight for America and it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. President, game on!”

Sarah gave an incredible speech. I hope she posts it on Facebook.

The comments on the Channel 3000 website are as vile and nasty as you would expect coming from the left.

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  • bitterclinger

    Had poor quality sound with that livestream. Right Scoop has this one up:

  • a former democrat

    very cool! thanks for posting.

    is anyone having trouble watching this? it stalls a lot.

  • donh

    Please take a moment to listen to the opening prayer given at the Hartford Tea Party rally 4/15/11. Archbishop LeRoy Bailey provides a saintly contrast to the black rainbow preachers of race rage, class warfare, and communism. …

  • Old Fan

    Well it’s nice to see. Good to see some fine public displays for the good side.

    But as a Conservative, I have to say, the display of serious Leadership by the heroic Walker is a huge contrast, which puts the sinking Celebrity fan fare of the Hockey Mom into perspective.

    Yes, she is a fine American, and we tire at the ugly Democratic Partisan vilification. But they target everyone, and perhaps the Bush Family with GW received the worst of it. I certainly wish the Palin Family well, and am thankful they are on the right side of history.

    However, as an early fan of Mrs. Palin when she was not well known, back before she mistakenly embraced the disastrous Cap and Trader named the Maverick, I strongly feel her decisions to be guided by ambition and Celebrity peddling was a huge mistake. Leaving the oath as a Governor in this manner, was simply the wrong decision for anyone who wants to be taken seriously in the realm of serious political Leadership. We all have different roles to play – for certain, but the serious responsible Leadership of a proven CEO is essential if you really have higher ambitions. When I think of all she could be doing as a Governor of Alaska, even using the power of the State to effectively defeat Obamacare, it only grows the regretful decision making of the Palin franchise.

    Walker, Brewer, Christie, Jindal, Daniels, Barbour, McDonnell, etc., have grown in stature for their commitment – they remain in the trenches on the job efforts – and deserve all the stature they have earned – doing the tough job. It is a lesson many future Leaders for fine Conservatives should never forget. Reality tv shows, book sales, etc., are simply not what one needs in helping this great Country.

    Of course the overt hype never matched reality, as we know Mrs. Palin’s true record is one that matched McCain’s moderate embrace – including the creation of “Climate Panel” bureaucracy and creating massive tax increases on the Oil Industry in Alaska. The recent rush to overtly peddle TRUMP is similar example of this strange fashionable game coming from those who supposedly consider themselves conservative. How could they forget TRUMP’s ugly demeaning of Bush? Or his fashionable embraces of Democratic Partisan sophistry? It is like a reactionary fashion, desperate in nature – far from reasoned, to inflate whoever without serious basis.

    Conservatism is not ‘flash in the pan’ nonsense, it is all about substance, facts, reason, logic, strength, wisdom, objectivity, honesty, decency, etc. We have to do better.

    Thankfully, there are many like Ryan, Christie, Walker, etc., who are soundly leading the way.

  • sybilll

    Holy cow, CBSNews is reporting that they have 20 million people watching the stream worldwide.

  • Thanks bitterclinger for the livestream link, watching it now!

  • wow

    #4 April 16, 2011 at 1:10 pm
    Old Fan commented:

    Old fan? I seriously doubt it. But you are one of those that always comes out bashing those who are trying to do something and since SP is one of the doers and someone who has consistently been correct in her assessment of matters, someone who speaks plainly, she obviously scares the pants off you… so here you are again to bash her. There is always one of you who shows up on every Palin thread with the same old (yes, old) talking points. At least find something new to criticize.

  • wow

    To echo Sybill above, this was just posted on Hot Air

    US Live stream.

    Total views: 20,231,713 CBS News

    … this just shows that SP is a has been /sarc.

  • workingclass artist

    “Yes, she is a fine American…”- oldfan #4

    And your point is what exactly….that Palin should just STFU and disappear so you feel cozy?

    To paraphrase an old friend I knew who wrote absurd ditties…

    ” Joy to the Squirrels & nuts to you…
    Let Trump and Palin do their thing…”

    Give em’ Hell Constitutional Patriots! Carry the Day….

  • susan

    Old Fan relentlessly exposes his mysognistic hatred of women.

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  • OC Rick

    10,000? Barely looks like 3,000.

    Vs 100,000 Progressives.


  • bitterclinger

    April 16, 2011 at 1:10 pm
    Old Fan commented:

    Old Fan, you’ve been reading too much lefty propaganda. Shannyn Moore, one of AK’s most hateful lefty bloggers who attacked Palin and her family relentlessly is quite disillusioned with Gov. Scott Parnell’s recent handling of the gas line Palin negotiated. In fact, this week, Moore wrote: I miss Sarah Palin.

    Heh. Beck said we’d see miracles.

  • bg


    God Bless & Thank You SP, AB, PR, SW et al..


  • gus

    OC DICKLESS we won. You pathetic sissies got your candy a$$es handed to you. Get used to it chump. Get out of the way or get your sissy a$$ run over boy.

  • neverends

    The nutcases on the left hate losing. And, as a result they flail about with the same old talking points. Guess the “classes” recently given by MediaMutters on how to “counter” and “put down” the other side wasn’t that great – or was it Old Fan?

    It may be time for a refresher course sponsored by Soros’ MediaMutters.

  • Sarah Palin on Obama, “He’s shouting all aboard the bullet train to bankruptcy… The 2012 election begins here. We will fight for America and it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. President, game on!”

    She’s running.

  • neverends

    BooHoooooo OCDick. The picture you were looking at is the union-bots. You should consider attending the MediaMutters refresher course with OldFan.

  • OC Rick

    Falin and the Koch brothers do NOT have middle class interests at heart.

    To think so makes you look like idiots.

    Gus, so you have a A$$ fixation. Looks a bit odd…

  • sweet

  • bg


    donh #3

    thank you..


  • Mac in NM

    # 17 – Ditto. She’s running. Run Sarah Run.

  • wow

    #17 April 16, 2011 at 1:55 pm
    IronDioPriest commented:

    Certainly sounds like it. Hope so.

  • neverends

    Oh-oh OCDick, I see I was right. You’re whining because you’re side is losing. Let’s see how far down the Community Organizer-in-chief is in the ratings next week. Real Clear Politics (averages all polls) already has him -2.2. If he just works at it, I’ll bet he cn get it at least down to -5 — you know, Bush territory numbers. Soros is going to have to ante up a few more million to keep the basement comments on the blogs and the LameStreamMedia JournOlistas in the right track!

  • Alana

    “Leaving the oath as a Governor in this manner, was simply the wrong decision for anyone who wants to be taken seriously in the realm of serious political Leadership.”

    She couldn’t afford to stay there, Old Fan, because of the lawsuits.

    Not everyone is made of money.

  • susan

    “OC Rick commented:Falin and the Koch brothers do NOT have middle class interests at heart.”

    Say OC Rick perhaps you have an answer to these questions:

    When did the Professional Left from blaming evil haliburtonoil to blaming the Koch brothers?

    Was it before or after Obama was Selected not Elected or was it before or after Obama illegally warmongered his way into Libyan War for French Oil?

  • Chisum
  • gus

    OC DICKLESS is a born loser. He doesn’t even have a job.

  • Spartan

    She digs her cleet into the dirt. Looks towards the left field wall and points. Here’s the pitch,,,,,(crack),,,,it’s going,,,,it’s going,,,,,GOOOOOOOONNNNNE!!!!! Sarah Palin has just hit a grand slam out of the park!!!!!!

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  • Rock

    Just in case our assigned trolls missed the message, a gift from Sarah

    We’re here,
    We’re CLEAR,
    Get used to it!


    I hope I am not repeating, but my computer is giving me trouble

    My favorite quote by Sarah” The GOP need to fight like a girl” then ” Speaking of President Obama”


  • outwithwalker!

    Very weak! Far cry from +100,000. I think your tea got cold!! That is all Sarah can get to show? Maybe she can talk walker in to quitting also!!!! There were more to attend the ED show! I see why there is no recall complete against the DEMs yet. How many times did Sarah wink?

    Hi susan did you find those WMD’s yet, oh yah 10 years later we are still paying for Bush and his tax cuts. Thanks for your vote “C”

  • jerrylud

    loved her comments to our reb leaders fight like a girl good advice

  • retire05

    OC Rick, do you really think George Soros has the middle class interests at heart? How much money did he spend out of his own pocket to get John Kerry elected, only to have GW win again? Do you think that he care one iota about you? He doesn’t. But like all progressives, you will whine about how much the Koch Brothers donate to conservative groups, but nary a word from you about Soros. At least the Koch Brothers also donate to charities, unlike Soros, who only funds groups that support his “one world” agenda. You left wingers are such hypocrites and your hypocracy proves that you also have no morals.

    But there is one question I would like to ask you, OC Rick; are you being paid for being an Obama troll? Do you work for OFA, are you one of their “volunteers” who answered the call when OFA was looking for trolls to infiltrate conservative blogs? You people are really stupid. You think you are the only ones that get Obama’s socialist emails, calling for people to carry his weight. News flash!!!! We also, have read Alinsky.

  • Chisum


    Why would we get rid of Walker?

    Walker plan holds down property taxes, delivers lowest structural deficit in 15 years

  • Rock

    Funny how the Left and the greedy union teachers never acknowledge their own investment ties withe the Koch Brothers, one of those inconvenient truths that keep biting them.

  • gus

    Chisum, imagine being so deluded, weak and impotent that you believe someone else’s money belongs to you, and that you should use our right to vote to take someone else’s money. Pretty much sucks to be that way. And LIBTARDS are ALL that way. Mentally ill and full of anger. I’d be angry too if I SUCKED like that. Fortunately I don’t. I have morals UNLIKE LIBTARDS.

  • just Chillin from TN

    Total views: 20,231,713, that’s how much people were watching.

  • just Chillin from TN

    I watch it on CBS U-Stream …

  • Tawny Jones

    Great article & photos. Sarah spanked Obama good. Many were expecting The Big Announcement…

  • Ginger

    donh #3….. Thank you…… AMEN!

  • just Chillin from TN

    Total views: 20,231,713 people watching

  • gus

    the KOCH BROS. provide good paying jobs. 3000 in Wisconsin alone. This fact merely illustrates what phucking morons LIBTARDS are. LIBTARDS believe that GEORGE SOROS and AL GORE are the TOOTH FAIRY and the Easter Bunny. You can decide which of the 2 is the FAIRY, but neither is a man.

  • OldFan, Sarah Palin did the state of Alaska a great service by knowing when to quit … before mindless Regressives like OCD and outwithwalker gummed up her state with baseless lawsuits.

    If only our current President knew when to quit … unfortunately, he stayed around to make sure the Porkulus and Obamacare got done, and did America a disservice.

    We don’t need a charismatic “statesman” … we need common-sense competence, who unlike the Regressives knows the limits of what she SHOULD be doing, and does not seek to impose their socio-economic morality upon us by the force of law.

    Sarah Palin is just such a person … and Regressives, your hysteria and smears reveal your mindless fears.

    Not to mention the smell …

  • workingclass artist

    the livestream numbers are good….not everybody can fly or drive to Madison Wisconsin….sheeesh!

    If this drives interest and works against Soetero….I’m diggin it….just sayin’

  • Chisum


    OC Licky cracked me up yesterday when he said he was from the FL Panhandle. It’s also known as the “Redneck Riviera”. In the same breath he was calling Palin a hillbilly and making fun of conservatives…calling them stupid and ugly.


    He has no sense of self awareness.

  • workingclass artist

    “the KOCH BROS. provide good paying jobs. 3000 in Wisconsin alone. This fact merely illustrates what phucking morons LIBTARDS are. LIBTARDS believe that GEORGE SOROS and AL GORE are the TOOTH FAIRY and the Easter Bunny. You can decide which of the 2 is the FAIRY, but neither is a man.” – Gus #44

    Funny….well done….

  • spike

    No doubt in my mind.SHE’S RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • outwithwalker!

    North to Alaska, please! Funny how walker fell for the fake phone call like sarah did. I call that “sarah stupid” I thinks she knows where Cali is though! Duh!!!

  • gus

    Notice how OC DICKLESS has changed into “outwithwalker”. Such courage. What a phucking piece of crap.

  • Bob

    Lies. The numbers were reversed! 10,000 progressives, maybe a couple hundred “patriots” We’re all patriots, this governor has divided our state — thanks to his millions in contributions from outside interests. Try to listen to Palin if you can to hear the true turnout. Go away, Sarah.

  • retire05

    Does Organizing for America pay OC Rick by the number of posts or by the number of monikers? Think I will go take a look around over at OFA and see if I can find OC Rick.

  • outwithwalker!

    Good one Bob! She is hard to listen to for sure, you bet ya! (wink)

  • Pat

    If Andrew Breitbart said it you can take it to the bank it is a lie.

  • KR

    I see the sharpest trolls come out when there is a Sarah post.

    Boy, these trolls sure have some strong arguments and are kil1ing us with their wit.

  • outwithwalker!

    Trump/Palin another train wreck waiting to happen!

  • gus

    Bob, you have no idea what you are talking about. Scott Walker is saving the state from financial disaster by having GOOOONION State Employees pay 1/20th of their retirement and 1/8th of their health care premium. When Scott Walker was Milwaukee County exec, he gave back $70,000. of his salary every year 8 years in a row. You’re retarded Bobby, you have zero idea what you are talking about. Now don’t you have a GOOOONION leader to BOB on?
    As for “PROGRESSIVES”, I think you mean LIBTARD GOOONION HACKS. Right Bobby??

  • granny gripes

    .. EXCITING .. she stole Romney’s bullet train line and lines from Pawlenty’s stump speech .. she is truly brilliant . she was MIA during the bloody WI fight m=, called for Walker to negotiate with the UNIONS …… and now she rushed to WI to RUN ‘her “VICTORY claim flag up the WI victory Pole .. taking all of the credit .. that is her MO … tradition for her .. Plagarize the work of all others and claim the people’s victories .. as she did during th e 2010 campaign .. IN Alaska she was a fleebagger …

  • Jack

    the Wolf is Loose!

  • gus

    Poor Bobby and OC DICKLESS, so angry because LIBTARDS got bitch slapped in Wisconsin.

    Pathetics pu$$ies.

  • outwithwalker!

    or maybe it should be Palin/Trump? Best way to get Obama reelected!

  • Got some proof, Bob? I see more than 200 patriots in the picture above, alone.

    So, how many of the MAJORITY who ELECTED Walker … and/or kept Judge Prosser in his seat … are “outsiders”?

    History shows us that the OPPONENTS of such men are where you find those playing fast and loose with the vote.

    Why don’t you curb your greed, and work with us against the politically-connected … be they in a union, a corporation, or an activist group … to impose their socio-economic morality upon us?

    Or, do you like being a serf of the dim bulbs who think they are the Best and Brightest they were waiting for?

  • retire05

    Bob, shall we talk about how the $499,820 donated to the Obama campaign by General Electric has paid off? Or how about how Goldman Sachs has definately benefitted from their $994,795.00 donation to Obama? What about the almost $2 million he raked in from Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and UBS AG?

    The man you support was bought and paid for by the very banking industry you lunatic leftist hold so much disdain for.

  • davidt

    Palin represents to leftists that which they fear most:

    A grown-up telling them no.

  • granny gripes

    .. it is a serious “STRETCH” to claim 20 million folks “watched THIS ” .. .. Like Palin .. for her rabid supporters ,, nothing is “rational” common sense , or reality .. MAYOR of 6,0000 people and she is supposed to be the most qualified to run a multi trillion dollar “EMPIRE ‘ 308 million people .. she stuggles to manage those around her that she is responsible for … NOT buying her BS ..

    she is pro Amnesty or at least was , she told WALKER to negotiate with the UNIONS .. she was pro cap n trade .. she fleeced the OIL companies in Alaska .. etc..

  • granny gripes … just another OldFan who can’t get past the conventional wisdom about what it takes to administer governance in this nation.

    And Walker took her advice … and PROPERLY negotiated with the unions, by putting them in their proper place with respect to their ability to confiscate dues to trade for political influence … he didn’t give away the store.

  • Granny … care to provide some proof of your allegations regarding Ms. Palin’s positions?

  • sifty

    Communism fails every time, ever place.

    You hippies and hipsters and fake anarchists and greedy union goons are no different. You are trying to sell a product that everyone with a brain knows does not work.

    Pinkos are angry children shouting and gnashing their teeth to get even with their parents.

  • Chisum

    Granny @ #59,

    Help we out. I thought plagiarizing was good. At least is was when Biden did it AND when Obama plagiarized Patrick Deval’s speeches. Now it’s not okay?

    Fleebaggers are bad? When the dems in WI and Indiana did it they were ‘patriotic’.
    Now fleebaggers are bad?

    I guess when someone lawfully resigns their office they’re ‘bad fleebaggers’. When they unlawfully run away from their sworn duties and still collect their salaries and benefits they are ‘good fleebaggers’.

    More pretzel logic from the left.

    And they call Palin dumb.

  • Davidt, I originally wrote these words to describe why Sarah Palin is seen with such disdain by the Re-, er, Progressives, but I now realize that these same reasons are why ANY Tea Party movement supporter is disdained by the Progressives … and it is not merely disdain for our “ignorance” that drives them bonkers.

    The Tea Party movement also represents a different way of thinking about our leaders on our part … that basic, simple wisdom is of greater value to this nation than academic genius … that an ordinary, but wise, person who both knows their limitations (and therefore the need to limit their power as a leader) and knows how to prudently combine the knowledge/effort of others with their own to get what NEEDS to be done, done … is of far greater value to this nation as a leader than a Nobel laureate or Rhodes scholar who lacks the above attributes

    The realization of what this movement represents in this regard leads to a deep fear of it in two camps.

    The Progressive Left has an obsessive fear of the Tea Party movement … because if the conservative worldview is seen as credible by enough people through the contrast presented by the Tea Parties, the value to society of Progressives preening as “enlightened intellectuals” will be diminished … and their own self-worth is too heavily invested in such preening to let that go unchallenged.

    (Two corollary threats to this for Progressives are [1] the threat that conservative governance will diminish their ability to have “authority” take resources from others and give Progressives “what they deserve” … and [2] the threat that their mellow might be harshed by credible criticism of their personal choices, even if the right to make those choices is not threatened).

    And the professional/political class … from Rove to Obama … knows that, if people can work around them to attain high office, their grooming and gatekeeping services will be rendered as obsolete as the buggy whip in short order. They perceive the movement, and those supported by it (like Sarah Palin) as a threat to their meal tickets.

    Hence the vitriol directed at the movement and those it supports … because they threaten both camps’ ability to engage in flashy political swordplay and benefit from it, like Indiana Jones “conclusively” threatened a swordsman of another kind.

  • outwithwalker!

    walker has not completed the job against unions! I think he has a premature ejac problem, at leased that is what his wife says! He sure got it handed to him in DC, I think he pissed his pants!

  • granny gripes

    Q.. whatever happend to all of those Lawsuits against her that forced her to “go fleebagger” as GOV of Alaska .. they all evaporated like many of her “claims” ..

    of course she is to die for beautiful and can get on stage to rage , write books, hold personal pity parties , so can Ann Coulter and or Michele Malkin who are truly informed .. HOW does that make her POTUS qualified .
    I want to know what .. specific .. criteria makes her qualified .. her “proven” achievements .. lowering taxes for smallest town USA 6,000 people during a economic bubble .. probably brilliant ..

  • davidt

    Couldn’t agree more, Ritchie.

  • outwithwalker!

    The crook brothers paid for another election, merry x-mass prosser!

  • davidt

    “Q.. whatever happend to all of those Lawsuits against her that forced her to “go fleebagger” as GOV of Alaska .. they all evaporated like many of her “claims” ..”

    They evaporated when they were dismissed by the courts as invalid and unsound(but still had to be paid for by the Palins and the state of Alaska).

    Palin didn’t, “Quit.” She resigned her Governorship to save herself and the state of Alaska millions in legal fees caused by the dirty tricks of the Democrats.

    But you already know this.

  • Practical Jane

    Granny never grew up. If she is indeed a granny she probably never will. Leave her on the side of the road and move on.

    Anyone but Obama 2012.

  • retire05

    Just remember this; the left doesn’t complain about people they do not fear. They fear the TEA Party, they fear Sarah Palin, they fear anyone who points out the truth about the Imposter in Chief and their desire to make us into a socialist nation.

    Tip O’Neill was right; the left thinks they can remake society. Read the Communist Manifesto and tell me how Obama’s philosophy is any different than Marx’s was.

  • Rock

    outwithwalker! commented:

    The crook brothers paid for another election, merry x-mass prosser!


    Go ahead fly that kite, if true they did it with money they got from the Wisconsin teachers union. And you want that caliper of educator teaching your children, good luck with that.

  • outwithwalker!

    what do you think walker’s BS has cost the state so far? He should pull a sarah and quite to save us millions! has he come back from DC yet with his tail between his legs? He sure represented and showed his true under belly colors!

  • outwithwalker!

    OK I will bite, why would it be teacher union money? What is in that tea you are drinking?

  • davidt

    “what do you think walker’s BS has cost the state so far? He should pull a sarah and quite to save us millions! has he come back from DC yet with his tail between his legs? He sure represented and showed his true under belly colors!”

    Coherence. Try it sometime.

  • HonesT

    Bob got it right! Gus, you have no idea what you’re talking about. There was not a Wisconsin deficit until Walker gave millions to the rich in tax breaks. If you look at the history of the percentage paid in taxes, the US paying a lower percentage than in many decades. The rich are paying a smaller percentage of their income currently than middle class or the poor. If you look at the history of poverty in our country, you will find that Social Security has been a huge success in pulling the elderly, as a group, out of poverty. Palin & Walker do not understand history nor the workings of the system that they are taking an axe to. I was at the rally today & the Tea Partiers were extremely out-numbered by pro-democracy, anti-Walker patriots. Walker is a narcissistic tool of Ayn Rand ideologues & rich, corporate thugs.

  • Chisum


    When you reference “what do you think walker’s BS has cost the state so far?”are you referring to the millions in lost wages from union protests and the millions for repairs to the State House from the union protesters?

    Are you blaming Walker for these costs?

  • 100,000 – by a national organized effort to import unionists from all over the country. The proper comparsion is to the Washington Tea Party rally of about 1 million. Not weak at all. However, you WILL see rally participation falling off. Not lack of support; a change of focus. Most of us are working legislation and doing the preparation for the campaign of 2012. We had our rallies to get organized, now is the time for the political grunt work.

  • Rock

    #81 April 16, 2011 at 3:30 pm
    outwithwalker! commented:

    OK I will bite


    According to the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB), the Wisconsin Retirement System owns $5.5 million in Georgia Pacific corporate bonds. (Georgia Pacific is owned by Koch Industries.) This is the retirement system in which the overwhelming majority of state and local employees participate

  • Chisum


    Not according to this non-partisan report on WI finances.

  • jainphx

    There are lies and lier’s and both come from the left. We listen to Obama lie every speech he makes, and somehow people like granny gripes (trying very hard to make us believe she’s our Granny) can’t seem to see it.

  • Sillyme

    Wonderful opening prayer! After listening to ArchBishop Bailey I have faith that our nation will prevail!

  • granny, Ms. Palin has already demonstrated reasonable competence as governor, particularly in working with the energy industry without letting them run roughshod over the state … a lot more exec experience than, say, voting PRESENT in the IL State Assembly.

    And she has demonstrated her willingness to buck the DC-insider culture, in ways more substantial than what you are obsessing over on your TV screen, by butting heads with its Alaskan equivalent, the “Alaska Mafia”, at various times during her public service in Alaska … and by not kowtowing to the groomers and gatekeepers of the professional-political complex that led her down the garden path in 2008.

    And she consistently opposes government over-reach into our decision-making authority and ability to pursue happiness. She isn’t so full of herself, that she thinks she can save us from ourselves, or ignore the laws of physics and economics and get us something for nothing, or strain at the parts-per-billion-gnats of radical environmentalism.

    She has been criticized for her “lack of curiosity” and “shallowness” by those attempting to equate what they consider a lack of expressed nuance with a lack of critical thinking skills. What is never countenanced by her critics, however, is that she, like myself and millions of others, have actually thought through the issues and have concluded that our position IS the reasonable one .. and the answers are “just that simple”.

    We don’t need a Savior to run this nation … we find the One whose life we celebrate next week, sufficient in that regard, and He is just fine with mere mortals managing our governance.

    We don’t need a charismatic “statesman”, let alone a well-bankrolled academic or a rich showman … we need someone with the common-sense competence to realize what they, and the government they lead, can — and can’t — do well, then act on that realization.

    And an ordinary “hockey mom” might just fill the bill, if we can get past the blind worship of credentials and charisma, and once again value wisdom over “expertise”.

  • JoeyO


    The Media is reporting possible head counts, and the left is now apparently furious over how many protesters might be being counted in. Apparently they are coming to the conclusion that their efforts today did little more then pad the attendance totals of the people they so venomously despise…

    Way to go goons – hope you spent a ton of money making this TeaParty rally look even stronger!

  • gus

    DIS-hones-t. You’re a phucking moron. Scott Walker has been Governor for 3 months. His predecessor ran the State into the ground. He was a dishonest money grubbing hack. Scott Walker on the other hand presented 8 straight NO TAX INCREASE budgets in Milwaukee County IN A ROW. Learn something before you run your mouth your phucking imbecile. I live here. Democrats and LIBTARDS FOOLS like you are the problem. Clown.

  • outwithwalker!

    total group number was so weak, you can have them all. Good try, but you failed to impress anyone! Focus on other things? really? How many recalls do you have complete “0” joke!

  • outwithwalker!

    hey gus, do you drink tea with that mouth? It sounds like you eat out A** and have Sh** breath!

  • CV1

    Barack Obama = the best president money can buy!

  • Thank you Chisum!

    But wait, there’s more …

    Walker’s cuts didn’t cause the deficit currently existing … though it could be debated whether or not they will add to future deficits.

    DisHonesT … the question is not how much the rich have, or how much we are paying in taxes … the real question is: are we better served by giving our resources to a few Best and Brightest in DC to solve a problem FOR us, or are we better served by keeping the resources in the hands of those who earned them, and have them tackle the problem at lower levels, or even outside, of government?

    History, and common sense, tells me the latter is the better course … even with respect to Social Security. Had we run that program like a REAL insurance program, with investment of the premiums — with the exception that, by necessity, the insured would direct the investment (within appropriate boundaries) instead of creating a Big Fed Fund that would totally distort the marketplace — we wouldn’t be facing its insolvency.

    Until you Progressives get the wisdom of looking to 300 million problem solvers, instead of looking down on them from your perceived position of Best and Brightest, to solve our problems … you will be part of the problem.

  • neverends

    Those poor Soros basement people whose real names are Gollum. Look that one up! All the fools do is change their moniker and proceed with the same talking points provided to them by the Spooky Dude Soros.

    It is soooooo tiresome when one is subjected to the used-up, tired bs. After all, it very difficult to be original!

  • Major Graham

    Awww – looks like the bitter losers have come out in force. Prosser won. Walker won and is winning. Palin is living rent-free inside the heads of the leftards. Your sweet, sweet tears nourish us. Keep shouting about the Koch brothers and repeating tired memes about Sarah. Maybe you can type in all caps to really get your message across! The Obama Presidency is not the beginning of a glorious new progressive era. It is the end of the old progressive ways. You leftists are losing and will continue to do so.

  • outwithwalker!

    hey ritchie, when you find some bright problem solvers send them to DC would ya “Wink” You like history? Look back in history 85% of the nations debt happened under republican control, but at the same time the rich got ritchier! Regan tripled it under the tinkle down economics! with all the interest pilling on from his 8 years is why we are in this mess!

  • Old Fan

    “Working Class Artist” is a prime example of the fashion we see today amongst our own.

    There is nothing but emotional hostility to someone offering some insight. It is hardly conservatism, all based on fashionable belonging.

    The point was clear, as Mr. Hoft and others want to continue to push the hype about Mrs. Palin. Although it can be fun seeing ugly Democratic Partisan responses – the Hockey Mom Celebrity is simply without serious basis. It is pure fashion, and those far more deserving of great acclaim are the responsible Office holders actually making a genuine positive like Christie, Brewer, Walker, Ryan, etc.

    For example, Mrs. Palin jumps on the fashionable bandwagon once again debasing those on the field of play for her own cheap appeasing of the game:

    “Palin took issue with the GOP leadership for promising $100 billion in cuts from the current budget, trimming that pledge to $60 billion and finally settling for $38 billion in the recent budget battle.

    “Then after some politics as usual and accounting gimmicks we found out — ya know that $38 billion? We’re actually borrowing that $38 billion,” Palin said. “That is not courage, that is capitulation.”


    This coming from the one who defender herself from ARNOLD’s environmental challenge with boasts of building “Climate Panels”? The one who eagerly joined John McCain’s disastrous CAP and TAX – Democratic Partisan Light campaign, which decidedly opposed the Bush TAX CUTS and foolishly apologized for the Republicans admirable fight in the GWOT after 9-11?

    Mrs. Palin is a contradiction, all based on imagery. This is not Leadership. She knows how tough it is in Office, she abandoned it after 2 years, saying those terrible Leftist Lawsuits were too much of a distraction. Please. Mrs. Palin was out to sell Celebrity.

    When one seeks to rip those serving Our Best Interests, they best have the credentials, basis, record, etc., to do so. Otherwise, they come across as cheap exploiters.

    It is similar to when we watched NEWT blow in the winds after advocating intensely for the Military effort in Iraq. He came off like a sincere fashion follower.

    Mrs. Palin does more irresponsible playing the game today. The ugly treatment of those in Congress fighting the good fight, will not win anymore friends – or grow credibility. It will work in the opposite. It will again prove to be like the “it is not a reality tv show” gimmick. It will not survive the test of reality.

    Again, the overt promotion by some, hyping this as wonderful, is a sign of not thinking things through carefully. Just like those who JUMPED for the con artist known as TRUMP.

    Mrs. Palin should know better, but her judgment is often questionable. The Delaware disaster is a prime example.

  • Old Fan

    PS: I know BITTERCLINGER very well.

    Same lackluster fashion follower he actually bought into the ‘con’ that the TWO Parties are the same.

    Please. That is utter nonsense, far from conservative. Conservatism is BASIS, not fashion.

    Same folly that has jumped on TRUMP’s folly. It is embarrassing, just like those who pushed failure and enabling of the Democratic Party in Delaware.

  • Well, I just attended my first local Tea Party meeting last Monday. I saw a bunch of fine patriotic Americans who are trying to get their country back, and back on track.
    I left them a donation- and you know what? I’m going to their next rally Monday, and taking the late Miss Emily’s beloved Golden Retriever, Cole, with me. To show support.
    People, we have got to do something about the direction this nation is headed.

  • outwithwalker!

    maybe palin/walker? please take him, please!!!!!!!!!!

  • Speaking Clearly

    Way to go Sarah Palin! I was wrong to insinuate that you are sitting on the couch…like Romney and Gingrich. You came out swinging like Trump on the Wisconsin speech.

    And for those of you that have not seen the new movie: Atlas Shrugged….it is breathtakingly timely. Go see it…you WONT be dissappointed.

  • raugaj


    As you obviously have access to the internet, you should be able to quickly discover that the top 1% of earners pay 38% of all taxes. If you really cared about fairness (and certainly no one on this site thinks that you do) you would demand that the rich be given back almost half of the taxes that they pay. Then you would demand that the bottom 47% of earners pay something….anything…..just a little….

  • outwithwalker!

    backhoe: that is a good plan! If you are to rebuild a building would you rip out the foundation first and then prop up the top and expect it to stand very long? They can’t fix anything unless it starts at the top, take half the upper floors off. Then rebuild the base and foundation (the working class) I am not seeing that in the Tea Party, sorry!

  • outwithwalker … Reagan had to deal with a Dimocrat Congress and a gutted military.

    He doubled government revenues on his watch, and “his” spending put an end to the Cold War, in stark contrast to the Dims and the War on Poverty their spending was used for (which ended up creating more intergenerational poverty).

    OTOH, the last time we had anywhere near a balanced budget, we had a GOP-controlled Congress … problem was, they listened to the Re-, er, Progressive conventional wisdom and started acting like Dim Lite.

    Even then, revenues and employment were both going up after the Bush Tax Cuts … until employment growth ABRUPTLY flattened right when the Dims took over Congress. The abrupt nature of that change indicates to me that it was business’ response to the fact that those who see business as cash cows and social-services surrogates, both to be exploited by the State, now had the power to make their visions a reality.

    The fact that the deficit is now growing three times faster than it was during the Bush years, makes me think they were/are onto something there.

    It is Congress, more than any President, that controls … or abuses … the spending.

  • Rock

    #97 April 16, 2011 at 4:03 pm


    Not to worry each time they run from an argument they confirm our suspicions of their lack of sincerity. The upside is if Soros finds us so annoying that he hires these little P-ants to try and discourage us, he in fact proves we are getting under his skin, and at his age that’s is a plus for us.

  • wow

    #95 April 16, 2011 at 4:01 pm
    CV1 commented:

    Kudos…. short, sweet and to the point!

    I love to listen and watch as the lefties go nuts over SP. She has superb political instinct. I was waiting for her to appear on the scene again, and she didn’t disappoint. She chooses her moments very carefully for maximum impact. I repeat, superb — and all without a teleprompter.

  • OldFan, she is right to be disgusted about this “deal”:

    Methinks you protest too much … you strain at gnats about her, yet swallow the camels of the professional-political complex whole.

  • raugaj

    Here is a good source for info on how much of the burden the rich carry:

    Of course, even cursory research shows that the rich do more than their fair share so libs love to complain about the growing disparity between the rich and the poor. I am a small business owner and work 50 to 60 hrs a week while being a dedicated family man. Guess what: I don’t care how much stuff people have because I have developed (earned) a very happy life for myself and my family.
    You know what I’d love to hear- just what the poor are lacking. They have food, shelter, access to education and, too often, our $ to spend. Just what else do we need to do for them?

  • squeaky

    by way of free republic with a warning……more of the lefts ” true patriots”. i don’t think trading class for crass was such a smart move. gutter snipes rule i guess.

  • Outie … the problem we face has very little to do with the wealthy “top”, as you imply.

    It has to do with the rotting foundations of our society … not within the working class, like you would have us believe, but the areas where Progressives have replaced personal strength and resolve with dependency … responsibility with libertine licentiousness … respect for truth with ends-justify-the-means relativism.

    Your “fixes” make the foundation weaker, leaving the entire building (our society) in danger of collapse.

    The Tea Party movement is all about repairing those foundations, before the building collapses … instead of the Progressive methodology of ripping off the roof and using the wood and shingles to cover over the cracks your ideologies have created, in the hope that we won’t notice.

    Well … we have noticed.

    That is why there is a Tea Party movement.

  • JoeyO

    “total group number was so weak, you can have them all. Good try, but you failed to impress anyone! Focus on other things? really? How many recalls do you have complete “0″ joke!”

    Yeah, “anyone” outside a huge chunk of the 20+ million who tuned into it on computers; plus all the media coverage it will end up getting…

    Besides, attempting to complain about this attendance is such a pitiful argument from the git-go considering

    A) most Conservatives actually have jobs (and I dont mean ones that they can just walk away from whenever they decide they would rather be doing something else)

    B) conservatives weren’t bussed in from other states to see this rally; a rally being held in the middle of a extreme-leftist stronghold

    C) this is one of countless other TeaParty rallies going on yesterday and today, all of which have really strong numbers – especially considering the above (much, much, much stronger then the attempted Union rallies across the country a couple weeks ago which resulted in 10s of participants in most states, not thousands…)

    D) Unlike the Unions rallies which turned out so many fewer people, these people don’t have any real reason to be coming out right now. These rallies are about little more then coming together – not pitifully struggling to hold onto evaporating power through thuggish actions and intimidation…

    And I think that’s one of the things that gets under the skin of Liberals the most. They literally have to bribe or force much of their support, even when they are in absolutely dire need. Meanwhile, conservatives are just choosing to partake in true solidarity. But I guess its little more then the fundamental differences between the two showing itself – the natural state of individuals creating Capitalist societies or the forced Communism/Socialism needing violence and suppression to keep it afloat…

  • Alana

    If we even had academic genius, Richie the Riveter. Which we do not, particularly not in Obama.

  • Alana

    #80 April 16, 2011 at 3:27 pm
    outwithwalker! commented:

    what do you think walker’s BS has cost the state so far? He should pull a sarah and quite to save us millions! has he come back from DC yet with his tail between his legs? He sure represented and showed his true under belly colors!


    Some of these people who have been getting on these threads lately either don’t try to make sense, don’t know how to, or are flat-out irrational. Or just really stupid.

    Walker is SAVING the state money.

  • Alana

    “I was at the rally today & the Tea Partiers were extremely out-numbered by pro-democracy, anti-Walker patriots. ”

    “Pro-democracy.” Honest, you make me wanna puke. Honest.

  • to all you fans of liberalism and socialism your contribution to american prosperity is america’s inner cities.

  • money gets votes

    I’m not a CC fan at all. Christie appointed a HAMAS Judge. Christie nominated an extremist Muslim Sohail Mohammed, lawyer to assorted Islamic terrorists, to a Passaic County Superior Judgeship. Chris Christie rewarded those Muslim mobs who cheered on U.S. soil for the mass murder of 3,000 Americans with a judgeship. Decide for yourself. And you can find it with the debbie schlussel site. GOHERE:

  • outwithwalker!

    the top (wall street) has cause all of this. JP Morgan and all the speculators play with more money in one day the the average American will see in a life time. This is why oil prices are so high and stopping any economic recover that was going. Again republicans still say big oil need the subsidies! Tea baggers just want to claim bankrupt and walk away, that is why Trump is coming to do. He has done it several times, Trump/Palin, right?

  • Alana, placing our hopes in someone who has made their name through the celebrity garnered through exposure in the popular culture … including the celebrity of being a highly-credentialed academic and therefore deemed worthy of blind worship by that culture … is a fool’s errand.

    I fear that such placement of hope in Mr. Trump, by so many so soon, is just such an errand. While I do think his proven business acumen and plain-speaking puts him light-years ahead of Mr. Obama or his allies in Congress, I think that he has made enough enemies and has enough skeletons in his closet that he will be savaged by the Regressive media during a campaign … it’s almost like they are setting him up, like they did McCain, for a fall in favor of “their” man.

    I’m tired of looking for a “statesman” as defined by the conventional wisdom … how about someone merely COMPETENT and COMMON-SENSE, instead? A little more Collidge, and a lot less Clinton, perhaps? Substance, over symbolism, anyone?

  • What our Regressive trolls here do not get, is that when you try to facilitate compassion via the force of government, you get one of two dominant outcomes:

    OUTCOME 1> As we have seen historically, our tax money ends up being used in inefficient/ineffective (if not counterproductive) ways because our elected officials and bureaucrats simply lack the ability to accurately perceive, and/or precisely address, the problems of EACH and EVERY American in need. Keep in mind that problems like poverty are not “a problem” … they are MILLIONS of INDIVIDUAL problems.

    Our government, because of the need to protect those rights above via equal protection under the law, must treat those individual problems as one-size-fits-all … and therefore can’t effectively deal with the INDIVIDUAL-SPECIFIC aspects. Our rights-respecting government is limited to two tools — a bag of money, and a set of handcuffs — neither of which are precise enough to deal with the behavioral/ethical/educational issues underlying our social dysfunctions.

    OUTCOME 2> To address those individual issues, the government becomes so intrusive/invasive in individual lives, that those rights listed above are no longer effectively protected … and when the bureaucrats get it wrong, individuals can’t compete with the force of law when it comes to implementing the right answers themselves. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness end up being subordinated by a few, politically-connected Best and Brightest whose oppressive effects upon your life are far, far worse than anything a corporation or wealthy person has done to you.

    Do understand that the wealthy/corporations have the power to oppress you ONLY WHEN THEY CAN COLLUDE WITH GOVERNMENT … the more you ask government to do FOR you, the more opportunities for such crony-capitalist collusion … and not just with corporations, but with unions, and with the nanny-wannabes of activist groups.

    The problem is not a lack of compassion … Americans have shown, again and again, that they are quite generous to help others in need, when they perceive the need.

    It is our insistence upon “outsourcing” compassion and problem-solving to a few Best and Brightest in DC, instead of handling it closer to home, that is causing the problems.

    My recommendation: quit looking to government experts to solve your problems for you, and instead let’s keep our decision-making authority and resources close to home, then deal with the needs around us … starting with keeping ourselves in a position to give to others instead of taking from them.

    That is what the vast majority of the millionaires this article talks about, are doing, BTW.

    That way, the needs are better met, and our rights are not trampled upon by a few who think they “know better”.

  • Alana

    Worse than all that about Trump, Richie, are his political views. They change back and forth and are never that good.

  • Outie, the big shots would have a LOT less power, if the government they collude with wasn’t so big and over-reaching.

    You Progressives created this problem, by insisting that government do almost EVERYTHING … including prohibit drilling that would ease the speculative pressure, well before it delivers the first barrel of oil.

    Again, without the ability to collude with government, Wall Street’s power over us is VERY limited. Were it not so, Sam Walton would never have gotten past Wal-Mart #2 … for the established corporations would have nipped him in the bud if they had the power to do so.

    Keep in mind that many of the corporations whose low tax bills are fodder for Progressive angst, were merely complying with the twists and turns of the Tax code … many put in there (like green-energy tax breaks) by Progressives as back-door social engineering.

    Wall Street is only the symbyote for the real disease … the mutation of government from the securer of our rights, to a national nanny/scold/puppetmaster who in reality is a puppet of the politically connected, from unions to activists to some on Wall Street.

    Treat the cancer, and the symbyote will no longer be a problem.

    That is what the Tea Party is all about.

  • davidt

    OK fine, you like the kool-aid, but stop drinking the bong water.

  • davidt

    sorry, #126 directed at #121.

  • Agreed, Alana … he too often goes with the flow of pop-culture conventional wisdom, instead of the real stuff.

  • outwithwalker!

    I yield to your BS!! You sound like one of those pompous A** holes that know all the answer, but never accomplish anything helpful.

  • Speaking Clearly

    Ritchie the Riveter:

    If you don’t like Trump….then vote for someone else in the Primary.

    By the way….who do you support right now???

    And….the media will go after ANY republican or conservative candidate that they think will dump the water that they are carrying for Obama. Your argument doesn’t make sense.

    Name who you are supporting if you think Trump and Palin are so bad.

  • Old Fan

    Ritchie The Riveter –
    You miss the point completely. Mrs. Palin is complaining and demeaning GOP Members in Office who are actually fighting on the field, when her record is far weaker in comparison. She abandoned the Office over threats of ugly leftist lawsuits, provided taxation on Oil Companies, even Climate Panel Bureaucracy. She embraced the biggest “capitulating” RINO in John McCain.

    For Sarah Palin to fashionably demean the Republicans is utter sophistry, not sound conservative objectivity, fairness, decency. It is hype following more hyperbole.

    Besides, sorry, the fashion regarding the Budget Deal was so over blown, so utterly reactionary, it again revealed the emotive nonsense amongst us from Our own side. Again, NOT Conservative.

    See the Captain’s use of an objective study of the facts here at Hot Air:
    “Since these authorizations mainly zeroed out programs that would have continued into succeeding fiscal years, the long-term impact of these cuts is much more significant. The GOP leadership scores that as $315 billion over ten years (CBO apparently didn’t score the long-term projection), which is a lot more significant than the $352 million figure indicates. Besides, spending authorizations are all that Congress can impact, especially this late in the budget cycle.”

    The sad reality is, if Mrs. Palin did her homework, if the fashionable did theirs as well, they would not be jumping off cliffs ever week to sell their belonging to the conservative movement. They might actually show some calm reason, and constructively help us all grow to victory, and save this fine Nation.

    Instead, we see the same emotive, image based fashion which led to the O’Donnell disaster in Delaware. Mrs. Palin’s fingerprints of terrible political judgment, just as bad as when she joined with John McCain – or jumped on the payroll of the Tea Party Express (far different from the fine Tea Party protest movement – which I too have participated in).

    No, the nonsense of the fashionable movement grew so absurd after 2004, some fools were advocating to “lay down” for the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, etc.

    Total insanity, and that is what the fashionable tunnel vision is creating.

    I believe Sarah Palin is so much better than encouraging mindless fashionable sophistry. At least I did long ago.

    Thank you.

  • Speaking Clearly

    And Old Fan: The same question I asked Ritchie the Riveter…

    Name who you are supporting if you think Trump and Palin are so bad???

    If you don’t like Trump….then vote for someone else in the Primary.

  • outwithwalker!

    Dickie, how would more drilling ease the speculation of oil? Do you really think big oil would sell it for less then the market will pay? You have listen to much to the crap you speak! They will sell the oil to the highest bidder even though we are giving them tax dollars to stay in the states an rape us even more. Regan started this crap again by deregulation! Unless government makes them keep the oil here it will not happen, you are a complete loon!

  • retire05

    What does it tell you that the left has to anonymously infiltrate conservative blogs? THEY ARE LOSING THE DEBATE. Obama’s approval rating is down to 41%, and there is no way in hell he can bring the unemployment rate back down to what it was when he took office.

    Why do you left wingers continue to support Obama? Has he brought our troops home from Iraq? Closed Gitmo? Ended renditions? Cut the deficit in half, or even by 10%? Done any of the things he promised you? No, and he is not going to.

    Obama is a puppet. A fairy tale created by someone a hellofa lot smarter than Obama. The same man who made Obama stand in front of a mirror, hours on end, to learn how to give a speech. Don’t believe me? Check out speeches he gave while still in Illinois and before he hired a young crackerjack speech writer. And the man that created Obama? Well, he’s bailed out, along with the smartest, most persuavise man in the administration, Rahm Emanuel. So now, you have a POTUS that is being lead around by the nose by Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Antoinette. That should make you feel good that he has no cajones to govern.

    You on the left have a right to worry. You are losing the independents, many of them now unemployed thanks to Obama’s business ideals. And without the indies, you cannot win again. But the more you resort to smear tactics, the more you protest with rude, profane signs, the more you demand, the more you hold rallies with the CPUSA and the DSA, the more you will turn off the rest of America who is not as radical and who doesn’t buy into the socialism you are offering.

    So to all you left wingers I say: keep it up. You are only helping those you are against. Remember the Killer Ds. History is about to repeat itself and you are going to be reduced to a radical fringe that no one supports.

  • outwithwalker!

    walker approval rating is just as poor! Walker has only been in for a few months, wait until next November when he is tarred and feathered.

  • outwithwalker!

    peace out righty tighties!

  • JoeyO

    “You sound like one of those pompous A** holes that know all the answer, but never accomplish anything helpful.”

    You mean a college student? Nah, they are all on the Left/Union payroll…

  • Mikey

    First, I want to give credit to Old Fan (above) for stating his opinions eloquently, logically & without name calling or the usual tired lies the usual liberal trolls perpetuate on forums.
    I slightly agree with some of what Old Fan says and disagree with some of his other assertions, but at least it seems we can have a philosophical discussion on the issues.

    It’s all just so sick and ugly.
    The socialists liberals , whatever you call them, live in another world. Just going to the union link (above) almost made me sick.
    It’s just full of bogeyman Koch Koch Koch Brothers, and wall to wall flat out LIES.
    The lies are being pushed, rehearsed & told over and over until the lies merge with the truth into the minds of the rank & file. Brainwashing at its finest
    I cannot believe the rank & file really believe all this crap.
    Some of them are wised up & many of them in private know better, but must keep up a front in order to stay employed in their jobs or union shop.
    It’s like visiting Bizarro World (Superman comics reference) where everything is opposite in an alternate universe.
    I’m truly afraid for my country.
    If someone had told me 25 years ago that the Socialists and Unions would try to take over control of our country, I would have laughed and told you Americans would never let that happen. But now sadly it’s happening. Class warfare abounds.
    I can’t believe just how many Americans really really hate America, our Republic and what it stands for.
    Even the voting and electing process is being tampered with almost every election now.
    Our very respected institutions are being battered and torn down to remake America into something we won’t recognize.

  • Old Fan

    Speaking Clearly –

    Do you always embrace “Celebrity”?

    I can think of so many more proven CEO’s with great conservative credentials, who are not the ‘con’ artist of the TRUMP mode.

    Daniels, Pawlenty, Christie, Barbour, Romney, Jindal, McDonnell, Brewer, Walker, etc.

    The list of those better than Trump, who eagerly embraced Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, etc., is vast. Trump is basically another fake Bloomberg.

    It is stunning to see how the fashion has grown to have no basis, and it still considers itself conservative.

    If Ronald Reagan were the Governor of CA, after all his compromises with Democrats in the old Gipper record, the fashion would foolishly label him a RINO – while pushing some Celebrity who plays a little lip service.

    Again, to those like Ritchie, nothing wrong with serious constructive criticism with the House Republican effort, but emotive debasing is simply not Conservative. And a tell tale sign of a PLAYER in politics, is one who most loudly and most eagerly embraces the fashionable sophistry. Those who don’t bail on their commitments have no basis to shout “capitulation”. None.

  • OldFan, Ms. O’Donnell’s campaign is a good example of what I think will happen to Mr. Trump, should he be the nominee.

    And she did perform one achievement … she defeated a true RINO. At least the idiocy of her opponent won’t be used to trash the party conservatives are seeking to take back, for unlike Mike Castle, there is no doubt whose side he is on.

    As for the budget deal — I recommend that people read the entire article you linked to; your excerpt doesn’t tell the whole story Captain Ed lays out. Nice cherry-picking. Even the Captain says that the 315 billion you refer to pales in comparison to the projected deficits … but that the real benefit is that we can now move on to the next budget battle.

    Understand this … we made the gains we did in 2010, precisely because we held GOP candidates feet to the fire like we are doing now. We must not let them get comfortable and re-establish business-as-usual in DC.

    Where I find your statements hard to swallow … is that you seem willing to tolerate a return to the nibble-at-the-edges/never-solve-the-problem attitude that is business-as-usual in DC.

  • chuck in st paul

    @138 Mikey: If someone had told me 25 years ago that the Socialists and Unions would try to take over control of our country, I would have laughed and told you Americans would never let that happen.

    No offense, but you apparently missed 1968. It all went downhill from there.

  • Outie, I noticed that when Mr. Bush proposed opening up drilling, oil prices dropped in response.

    The more supply, the less speculators can control the market … unless that supply is totally controlled by the crony capitalists who are the best friends of Big Government.

    Again, government …. not commerce … will be the problem, if there is a problem with this.

    Opening up drilling sends a message to those who control existing supplies … we will not let you hold us hostage. You will end up having to eat your oil, instead, if you keep it up.

    Why do you want to be a hostage?

    You strain at gnats … and swallow Progressive camels of radical environmentalism whole.

  • chuck in st paul

    @134 Retire05: Why do you left wingers continue to support Obama? Has he brought our troops home from Iraq? Closed Gitmo? Ended renditions? Cut the deficit in half, or even by 10%? Done any of the things he promised you? No, and he is not going to.

    It has NEVER been about results for the left. It is ALWAYS about good intentions. [all front and no behind, as they say]

  • Mikey

    (from above) “Dickie, how would more drilling ease the speculation of oil?”
    I ain’t Dickie but I will tell you.
    Oil prices, like most other commodities are set due to supply & demand.
    If more supply will be coming on line ( more drilling) speculators and other oil producers like OPEC , will be unable to continue to sell at these higher prices dues to increased supply and competition.
    The motives for excessive speculation would be weakened and price stability would return to the market.
    Keep in mind that producing and consuming our own oil from our vast reserves is both cheaper to produce (closer to the source) and all that money spent on oil products stays in the US instead of sending it overseas to people that don’t have our best interests at heart.

  • Outie … you just can’t handle the truth, because you are so used to listening to Progressive pomp.

  • Ella

    I see this topic has been flooded with comments from leftards. Doesn’t matter, WE WON. Walker won, Prosser won, and the Donald is in the process of tearing their “president” IWonWTF to shreds and exposing him to show everyone what a pitiful empty suit he really is. Sarah gave a blistering speech in Madison, Wisconsin of all places to top it all off. It’s been a great week and we’re on one heck of a big roll. I can’t wait until November 2012!

  • JoeyO


    Yeah, but that failed pretty miserably.

    Besides, those people were generally arguing against the government and for less government overall – now they ARE the government and doing absolutely everything they fought against…

    Ironically, the TeaParty has more in common with the Hippies then they probably realize.

  • Speaking Clearly

    Old Fan:

    Thanks for partially answering the question, but you didn’t name who you are supporting yet. Name the hypothetical ticket you would support right now.

    To answer your question fully: No. I don’t embrace celebrity. Donald Trump is not a celebrity. He is a leader, that is making some of the ones mentioned on your list look like a follower.

    I agree you have a good list, other than Pawlenty and Romney. They could be doing so much more right now.

    And it’s ironic that you bring up Ronald Reagan and celebrities….I saw Ronald Reagan in person when he was President of the United States….and yes….the Gipper was a true conservative.

  • Mikey

    @ chuck in st paul Hey, I’m across the river from ya buddy.
    I was around the West Bank and DinkyTown during those years so I remember 1968 well. But the movement you refer to was focused on the Vietnam War and was a still a fringe movement within the Democratic Party, not nearly the socialist self-loathing violent threat it’s grown into today.

  • JoeyO

    @#144 Mikey,

    I wouldn’t bother trying to teach a Liberal economics 101, they will just call you names and change the argument to your somehow wanting to destroy the planet (because, apparently, places like Brazil, Mexico, Iraq and Libya (etc) provide safer drilling techniques with their rather non-existent regulations…)

  • Speaking Clearly … frankly, I’m not ready to throw in totally with anyone for 2012, though I do like what Ms. Palin has to offer.

    Both Mr. Trump and Ms. Palin (despite OldFan’s assertions) have demonstrated management ability that is light-years ahead of the POR (Pelosi-Obama-Reid) governance we have recently suffered through.

    My problem with Mr. Trump is that he has been mercurial on many issues, going with the pop-culture/conventional-wisdom flow of NYC … and that the media attention may be their way of setting him up like they did with “maverick” McCain, just to trash him later. He has made a lot of enemies, and could be an easy target for their poo-flinging. The Birther meme he’s been pursuing, in particular, could be used by them against hem in short order.

    Mr. Trump also plays into the national obsession (far more so than Ms. Palin, despite her media exposure) with finding a celebrity, or a highly-credentialed genius, or a charismatic “statesman” in the sense promoted by our professional-political complex, to lead us.

    That is a fundamental flaw in our culture that got the present Clown Posse in the White House and Congress elected … and we need to wake up and realize that it is not celebrity, genius, or erudite “statesmanship” that we need.

    It is the ability to manage how our government performs its primary function … the securing of our unalienable rights.

  • Speaking Clearly

    Ritchie the Riveter: Well said.

  • Though I will have to admit, Speaking Clearly … it would be fun to see Mr. Trump use his trademark phrase from the Oval Office, directing it at our bloated government.


  • Speaking Clearly

    Yeah Ritchie….it’s funny to realize that Trump’s campaign team will actually have to debate whether to use that cliche’d phrase…..hahahaha

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  • red

    ————-walker has not completed the job against unions! I think he has a premature ejac problem, at leased that is what his wife says! He sure got it handed to him in DC, I think he pissed his pants!——–

    This commenter is handicapped with an IQ of less than 90.

  • Alana

    I’m with you on that, Richie at 122.

    And I’m not placing any hopes in Trump.

    However, I do admit to being willing to vote for a desk stapler before I’ll vote for Obama.

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  • red

    ——Dickie, how would more drilling ease the speculation of oil? Do you really think big oil would sell it for less then the market will pay? You have listen to much to the crap you speak! They will sell the oil to the highest bidder even though we are giving them tax dollars to stay in the states an rape us even more.—–

    If only our schools taught economics!!!!!!!! Dealing with this bassackwardness is nuts.

    Drilling —–>>> More supply —–>>> less power for any supplier to maintain a high price —–>>> high bidder bidding lower prices.

    Come on use your brain power.

  • red

    By the way, I was at the Capital in Madison cheering Breitbart, McKenna, Harris, and of course Governor Palin.

    You lefties like to say that you outnumber us. Well this time it was even-steven. But We came from all over the state, and you were mainly college kids rolling out of your dorm rooms in Madison and aging burnouts reliving the sixties.

    Beat the drum man, speak truth to power. Losers.

  • Here is my response to the protesters, Red!

    You say that corporations control the whole world
    And for profit, your own life would sell
    But if corporations are so powerful
    Then why do guys like Walton and Dell
    Come out of nowhere and steal customers
    from those same corporations so well?
    Your protests, my friends
    Sound much like breaking wind
    Your protests sound much like breaking wind

  • (think Bob Dylan’s music, re: my last comment above)

  • Steve

    Do you have a video of the demonstrations? If so could you please post it? I really want to see and hear the good people of Wisconsin shouting down the right wing regressives like Palin and Breitbart.

  • I really want to see and hear the Re-, er, Progressive professional outsiders, and their thugs and useful idiots, shouting down the wise people like Palin and Breitbart who are threatening the outsiders’ racket.

    There, edited for clarity and accuracy, Steve!

  • AuntieMadder

    Alana #157 – As long as it’s a Swingline…

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  • Radegunda

    Palin fanatics need to get a grip. Eg. Susan: How is “Old Fan” being a misogynist when he/she lists Jan Brewer among the leaders who are doing the hard work in the trenches? How do you know that Old Fan isn’t a woman? Susan, you sound like those who claim that any criticism of Obama must be racist.

    Old Fan was pointing out that being a popular cheerleader is not the same as being a solid, practical, accomplished conservative leader in the political trenches. But in some quarters, any suggestion that Palin may not be the most qualified presidential candidate out there prompts howls of knee-jerk outrage at the so-called haters who are allegedly attacking Mrs. Messiah. It’s really not much different from mindless devotion of the Obama cultists.

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  • Funny, Radegunda, how any mention of even Ms. Palin’s name brings out the purveyors of the conventional wisdom about what makes a candidate “qualified” to lead our government … and how Ms. Palin isn’t qualified by that standard.

    Ever thought that following the conventional wisdom has been counterproductive when it comes to identifying, and marshaling support behind, good candidates in our lifetime?

    Y’all need to question the conventional wisdom … and I thought those of us who happen to like Ms. Palin … including those like me who are still open-minded enough to not simply “throw in” with her totally … are the ones with the closed minds?

    Fact is, she PO’s two classes of people that need to be PO’d to keep them honest … Progressives and the professional-political complex. Those “endorsements” speak volumes about her potential value to this nation … as does her demonstrated willingness to buck the Alaska Mafia and keep energy companies honest.

    And let me repeat … if she succeeds in attaining high office while bypassing both the Progressives and the pros to do so, she will render both as obsolete as the buggy whip with respect to selecting leaders and setting policy in this nation.

    And that is something this nation desperately needs to make happen.

  • Djmcs11

    “This photo was taken earlier – It doesn’t look like many leftists made it out. ”

    LOOOOL! Who wrote this stupidity? You can tell NOTHING about who is there to support Palin and who is anti-Palin from this picture.

    The Tea Partiers were outnumbered 10-1. Deal with it.

  • bungicord

    I ask You Sarah haters who would you rather meet in a street fight? Palin, Christy, Pawlenty, Romnie, Huchababy or Trump? Im a good sized man and I’d pick anyone but Sarah.
    When I need someone at My back Sarah is who I’ll call.

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  • nlb979

    I was actually at the rally and there weren’t 15,000 people total, and the number of pro-union/anti-Walker/anti-Palin folks outnumber the Tea Partiers by far, by huge numbers. If the media is saying anything different they are lying. Pure and simple.

  • Judy

    Too funny!
    Liberals think spamming false number ratios will change reality.
    Looks like there are plenty of SP supporters here. The anti-democracy protesters were around the edges mostly. SP was not in the least affected by them, and was on point the whole time.

    Game ON!

  • Thank you for the link, Judy!

    And nlb … why should we believe someone who supports Progressives, who see ends-justify-the-means relativism to the point of mendacity as a feature, not a bug?


  • And Djmcs … y’all were outnumbered at the ballot box in Nov. 2010 … and again in the judicial election in WI recently.

    Despite the best efforts of the unions to deceive the people and drive the votes their way.

    And those are undeniable facts.

    As the lady said …

    “We’re clear … we’re here … get used to it.”

  • creativegeek

    “granny gripes commented: blah blah blah”

    Actually, granny, Palin used the “bullet train” line in early February when she was giving her Reagan Ranch speech.

    I’m pretty sure I’m remembering correctly that “Me too Mitt” came along a week or two after that with his own variation.

    As for Pawlent…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *yawn* *snort* wha…? Where was I?

    Oh right. Mr. Excitement. I don’t know which lines you think Palin swiped from The Walking Sedative, but I’m pretty confident that she’s used them before and he actually was the one who “borrowed” them from her.

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