Oslo Taxis Refuse to Drive Patrons to Synagogue

Taxi drivers in Oslo are reportedly refusing to drop riders off at synagogue.
Israel What reported:

A young girl writes to Aftenposten, asking when anti-Semitism will end. One thing is for certain, it won’t end unless we take it seriously.

The letter is published in Aftenposten under the title “Jew – a swear word“. Summary: A teenager tells of how the word “Jew” is used as a swear word, even by her friends. She also tells of how visiting relatives were turned down – twice – when trying to take a taxi to the Synagogue, where they were going to attend a Bar Mitzva.

Reports like this have been coming in for a long time.

It does not help when people like Trond Andresen, an academic at prestigious NTNU university, marches in the streets carrying placards saying that all this talk of anti-Semitism in a derailment tactic.

Hat Tip John S.



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