Obama on Birth Certificate: “We Do Not Have Time For This Kind of Silliness. I Have More Important Things to Do” …Then He Flew to Chicago to Be on Oprah

Barack Obama said this about his hidden birth certificate today:

“We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We have more important things to do. I have more important things to do. “

Sure you do.

Later this morning Obama flew to Chicago to be on Oprah.

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    He’s naming Orcah his weight loss czar.

  • Jeff

    To cry on her shoulders because the other kids are bullying him. :(

  • coolidgerules

    This is great. B+ is starting to get squeezed from all angles.

    If and when it gets to the point that he HAS to answer for his background, his administration, appointments, etc., he is toast. The only reason that he has gotten this far is because of the Fred Rodgers Media (FRM). I and millions more are tired of being on the trolley in the Land of Make-Believe.

  • Ms Hilary Rodman Clintoon

    What a pissy sissy boy.

  • Militant Conservative

    Obama also has a room temperature I.Q. in celcius.

    powder is dry

  • ohiochili

    In a battle of silly, the messiah wins. Who took 2 years to produce a piece of paper?

  • Larkin

    I just heard one of the lamest excuses for obama’s questionable behavior over this birth certificate, and it was from a “conservative” talk radio host.

    We shouldn’t criticize the president of the strongest country in the world, because he couldn’t get a copy of his long-form birth certificate.

    That’s it. Faux conservative Schnitt thinks that we should cut obama some slack because he couldn’t get anyone to get a copy to him.

    I hate it when conservatives argue like liberals.

  • Chris in N.Va

    Gee, can you just imagine how much potential campaign money per minute the Obamessiah was losing by this “silly” business when he could be elsewhere scooping it up by the Air-Force-One-planeload?

    Surely everyone knows his primary business is — HIMSELF and collecting money for HIMSELF and the attendant attention it buys for HIMSELF.

    Our Narcissist-in-Chief can’t be bothered with other trivial, non-ego-centric pursuits. Surely all the good little Winston-prols understand this!?

  • BH

    Highly suspicious doings when you look up close at the cut outs and pasted in letters and numbers on the supposed LFBC. It looks like a fake and a badly put together one at that. Lord help us! He’s an even bigger crook than I had thought! Something is terribly rotten in the WH. I smell Leftist traitors! This is not over, folks.

  • jon lewis

    he should open up gas wells .drill baby drill. he shouldnt be flying to opera .he thinks his office is silly jon

  • patman

    He didn’t mention Hillary’s name. What a surprise. This was her idea from the start.

  • Conservative to the Core

    How many plugs for The Apprentice did he get in?

  • David Thompson

    Stuff like this hasn’t helped:


  • Capn Angus

    This is Obama desperately grasping at straws, while trying to dictate to the media what they will & won’t find news worthy.

    He’s losing his control over the national narrative. Why soon people may even begin to notice that it’s his Progressive policies that are causing oil prices to skyrocket.

    Trump was also correct that if the Arab League needs military help they should pay for it.
    At the very least Obama should have made sure he flexed some muscle to keep them producing at full capacity.

  • Redwine

    I’m always how easily people can be swayed to follow a baseless assumption. I’m definitely no “birther”, and I think it’s vital that we focus on running this entire regime into the ground, but the Fraud-in-Chief releases an obviously fake document in the wake of attack from a faux-Republican, and everyone stampedes in the document’s general direction and accepts it on face value.

  • bigkahuna

    And after his big 2 hour trip( at $181,000 per hour for AF1) to see Oprah do some flips in her whale tank …he is back off to raise some more big bucks from the evil fatcats.

    No time for silly stuff.

  • Redwine

    I meant – I’m always amazed…

  • olm

    At the risk of being shot down like is happening on other websites, that form he released looks fake to me. It just does.
    I don’t care if it is or isn’t, this silliness finally being dealt with on the way to Oprah is the most ridiculous thing he has ever done.
    The country is sinking as fast as gas prices are rising and he’s going to sit on Oprah’s couch…………….on our dime.

  • Jerry M

    Obama’s stonewalling for the last two years has created the birther movement. He left the door open to the many justifiable questions about his place of birth and is answering them now only for political expediency as he sinks in the polls. All he needs to do is look in the mirror to find the reason why, as he claims, this silliness is keeping us from attending to more important issues like his miserable, failed presidency. With this issue off the table for most, we can focus like a laser beam at what he has done to spend the country into bankruptcy, to drive up energy prices and cause unemployment to remain at unacceptable levels.

  • Stephen E. Morgan

    What I don’t understand is that on Augut 8 1961 this document was registered at the registrars office.. Wow… only in Hawaii would a govt office be open on a Sunday.