Franklin Graham on Obama’s Birth Certificate: “I Can’t See Why He Won’t Produce It” (Video)

The Reverend Franklin Graham appeared on This Week with host Christiane Amanpour today. Graham was asked about Donald Trump and Barack Obama’s birth certificate. He told Amanpour, “I can’t see why he won’t produce it.”
Via Mediaite:

Rev. Franklin Graham on Obama’s birth certificate:

“He can solve this whole birth certificate issue pretty quickly. I was born in a hospital in Nashville, North Carolina and I know that my records are there, that you could probably go and find out what room my mother was in when I was born. I don’t know why he can’t produce that?”

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  • Zim

    Yes he is hiding something

  • bitterclinger

    I reaaaaaallly want to see his college records (if he even has any).

  • ImpeachTheThug

    He can’t produce what doesn’t exist.

  • Gbock

    He was born in Asheville, NC not Nashville. CNN is a joke.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    for an american to say to the american people you have no right to know any of my personal information and then have the entire media support that position shows how far down the road to tyranny we are.

  • Militant Conservative

    You will know him by his fruit. Obama is toxic poison.

    Powder is dry


    “We Are The Birthers We’ve Been Waiting For” –

  • aeroguy48

    Us birthers have really stirred up a hornest nest lol, and we wont quit until the truth comes out

  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    Obama was a D student. He produced NOTHING as so-called president of the Harvard Law Review. NOTHING!

    He has always been an empty shell. A socialist demagogue.

    Prove me wrong. Release his records.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    #5 should say american politican


    16 year Veteran Private Investigator, tells how she uncovered Barry’s fraudulent Connecticut SSN –

  • Gbock

    ABC is a joke too

  • Jayne on the left coast

    I am a “proofer’. I demand proof of his past.

  • Old One

    Oomit will never release his Hawaiianbirth certificate because he doesn”t have one and the media know it. Obozo willbe lawyering up so that he doesn’t have to do so.



  • ebayer

    “Date Filed by Registrar” vs. “Date Accepted by State Registrar”

    Not to rehash things, but the story really does begin here. These two terms have plagued the Obama birth certificate issue from the beginning and have fueled many questions about Obama’s posted alleged ‘certified copy’ of a ‘Certification of Live Birth.’ For example, what do they mean in terms of the legal veracity behind a copy of a birth certificate? What is the difference between the “Registrar” and the “State Registrar?” When would it be important that a record states whether or not it has been accepted by the State Registrar? Obama’s alleged ‘Certification of Live Birth’ shows only the ‘Date Filed by Registrar’ as opposed to the ‘Date Accepted by State Registrar,’ that’s why many people, including myself, have been curious whether that matters. By now, I am sure most of us are aware that Alvin T. Onaka is the ‘State Registrar’ in Hawaii, but who is the ‘Registrar’ to which Obama’s alleged COLB refers?
    Check it out here:

  • marc in calgary

    Which country’s passport did Barry use when he visited Pakistan?
    Has he ever held another country’s passport for which he legally was required to give up his American citizenship?
    Who provided the scholarships that paid for Barry’s education?
    Release the university records. Especially those from Columbia, for which nobody remembers you attending…
    Why did Barry and Michelle give up their bar memberships in Illinois? Seriously sounds like an issue here.

    The birth certificate issue is only the tip of the iceberg.


    TRUMP IS OUR “BIG BIRTHER” and is slowly, but surely

  • Speaking Clearly

    I agree Franklin Graham. Why is Obama spending millions to cover up something that is a “non-issue”. Just show it if you were born here.

    Also, if you look at the other stories over at Mediaite, you will see that other GOP RINO’s don’t like Trump: … John McCain will not endorse him….Bloomberg is no fan of his….Karl Rove is no fan of his….Krauthammer is no fan of his….Obama is no fan of Trump….all the liberal media hates Trump…..the squawking hags on “The View” don’t like Trump….

    I’m sure Oprah doesn’t like Trump…I’m sure Lindsey Graham does not like Trump….

    The Tea Party is carefully warming up to Trump. Fair enough.

    As long as Trump keeps taking it to Obama with extreme toughness, taps into his conservatives convictions, polishes his Conservative platform, and stays true to the Tea Party platform….then he will keep my support all the way through to the Republican nomination.

    I’m not worried about him not being “happily married”. I personally will not use that as criteria for voting for President. It’s outdated and ridiculous. Obama, McCain, and others are “happily married” too.

    I’m not worried about Trump having a conservative voting record, but I think Trump will do well to sit down with the Tea Party, and explain how he is NOT going to pull a Scott Brown. Trump’s team needs to ensure the Tea Party, and the rest of the American people that he has specific conservative policiy ideas, that he will push through.

    I respect that Trump has been honest (he did not lie) about why he has supported some democrats in the past, and I like how Trump is not worried about any skeletons in his closet. He is okay with himself…flaws and all.

    Gingrich might have a great mind for leadership…but do we trust that he will take on Obama with the kind of toughness that Trump has? Do we know that Gingrich will not tow the GOP establishment line?

    The same thing goes for Romney.

    Pawlenty…Santorum…and others….I’m sorry but their talents should be used somewhere else.

    At the end of the day…Conservatives will debate with one another…until we each decide who is the best candidate of our choice.

    For Trump to keep my support…his team needs to eventually lay out a SPECIFIC list of Conservative policies….that he WILL push through if elected.

    I like Palin, West, and Bachmann.

    Some may not trust Trump yet….but I don’t Trust that Gingrich and Romney won’t tow the GOP establishment line, like Karl Rove.

    Keep up the great work Trump!!!

  • maria

    What a fine man he is, very civilized interview