Franklin Graham on Obama’s Birth Certificate: “I Can’t See Why He Won’t Produce It” (Video)

The Reverend Franklin Graham appeared on This Week with host Christiane Amanpour today. Graham was asked about Donald Trump and Barack Obama’s birth certificate. He told Amanpour, “I can’t see why he won’t produce it.”
Via Mediaite:

Rev. Franklin Graham on Obama’s birth certificate:

“He can solve this whole birth certificate issue pretty quickly. I was born in a hospital in Nashville, North Carolina and I know that my records are there, that you could probably go and find out what room my mother was in when I was born. I don’t know why he can’t produce that?”

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  • Zim

    Yes he is hiding something

  • bitterclinger

    I reaaaaaallly want to see his college records (if he even has any).

  • ImpeachTheThug

    He can’t produce what doesn’t exist.

  • Gbock

    He was born in Asheville, NC not Nashville. CNN is a joke.

  • for an american to say to the american people you have no right to know any of my personal information and then have the entire media support that position shows how far down the road to tyranny we are.

  • Militant Conservative

    You will know him by his fruit. Obama is toxic poison.

    Powder is dry

  • “We Are The Birthers We’ve Been Waiting For” –

  • aeroguy48

    Us birthers have really stirred up a hornest nest lol, and we wont quit until the truth comes out

  • Obama was a D student. He produced NOTHING as so-called president of the Harvard Law Review. NOTHING!

    He has always been an empty shell. A socialist demagogue.

    Prove me wrong. Release his records.

  • #5 should say american politican

  • 16 year Veteran Private Investigator, tells how she uncovered Barry’s fraudulent Connecticut SSN –

  • Gbock

    ABC is a joke too

  • Jayne on the left coast

    I am a “proofer’. I demand proof of his past.

  • Old One

    Oomit will never release his Hawaiianbirth certificate because he doesn”t have one and the media know it. Obozo willbe lawyering up so that he doesn’t have to do so.


  • ebayer

    “Date Filed by Registrar” vs. “Date Accepted by State Registrar”

    Not to rehash things, but the story really does begin here. These two terms have plagued the Obama birth certificate issue from the beginning and have fueled many questions about Obama’s posted alleged ‘certified copy’ of a ‘Certification of Live Birth.’ For example, what do they mean in terms of the legal veracity behind a copy of a birth certificate? What is the difference between the “Registrar” and the “State Registrar?” When would it be important that a record states whether or not it has been accepted by the State Registrar? Obama’s alleged ‘Certification of Live Birth’ shows only the ‘Date Filed by Registrar’ as opposed to the ‘Date Accepted by State Registrar,’ that’s why many people, including myself, have been curious whether that matters. By now, I am sure most of us are aware that Alvin T. Onaka is the ‘State Registrar’ in Hawaii, but who is the ‘Registrar’ to which Obama’s alleged COLB refers?
    Check it out here:

  • marc in calgary

    Which country’s passport did Barry use when he visited Pakistan?
    Has he ever held another country’s passport for which he legally was required to give up his American citizenship?
    Who provided the scholarships that paid for Barry’s education?
    Release the university records. Especially those from Columbia, for which nobody remembers you attending…
    Why did Barry and Michelle give up their bar memberships in Illinois? Seriously sounds like an issue here.

    The birth certificate issue is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • TRUMP IS OUR “BIG BIRTHER” and is slowly, but surely

  • Speaking Clearly

    I agree Franklin Graham. Why is Obama spending millions to cover up something that is a “non-issue”. Just show it if you were born here.

    Also, if you look at the other stories over at Mediaite, you will see that other GOP RINO’s don’t like Trump: … John McCain will not endorse him….Bloomberg is no fan of his….Karl Rove is no fan of his….Krauthammer is no fan of his….Obama is no fan of Trump….all the liberal media hates Trump…..the squawking hags on “The View” don’t like Trump….

    I’m sure Oprah doesn’t like Trump…I’m sure Lindsey Graham does not like Trump….

    The Tea Party is carefully warming up to Trump. Fair enough.

    As long as Trump keeps taking it to Obama with extreme toughness, taps into his conservatives convictions, polishes his Conservative platform, and stays true to the Tea Party platform….then he will keep my support all the way through to the Republican nomination.

    I’m not worried about him not being “happily married”. I personally will not use that as criteria for voting for President. It’s outdated and ridiculous. Obama, McCain, and others are “happily married” too.

    I’m not worried about Trump having a conservative voting record, but I think Trump will do well to sit down with the Tea Party, and explain how he is NOT going to pull a Scott Brown. Trump’s team needs to ensure the Tea Party, and the rest of the American people that he has specific conservative policiy ideas, that he will push through.

    I respect that Trump has been honest (he did not lie) about why he has supported some democrats in the past, and I like how Trump is not worried about any skeletons in his closet. He is okay with himself…flaws and all.

    Gingrich might have a great mind for leadership…but do we trust that he will take on Obama with the kind of toughness that Trump has? Do we know that Gingrich will not tow the GOP establishment line?

    The same thing goes for Romney.

    Pawlenty…Santorum…and others….I’m sorry but their talents should be used somewhere else.

    At the end of the day…Conservatives will debate with one another…until we each decide who is the best candidate of our choice.

    For Trump to keep my support…his team needs to eventually lay out a SPECIFIC list of Conservative policies….that he WILL push through if elected.

    I like Palin, West, and Bachmann.

    Some may not trust Trump yet….but I don’t Trust that Gingrich and Romney won’t tow the GOP establishment line, like Karl Rove.

    Keep up the great work Trump!!!

  • maria

    What a fine man he is, very civilized interview

  • Germain

    In 1979 Obama was 18 years old. Is there any record that he registered with the Selective Service System at that time ? if so, they probably have his records in file. I don’t know if foreigners have to register too? Why don’t they investigate there?

  • Just a little taste, of what Jerome Corsi’s upcoming book will contain –

  • donh

    Everyone can see that our government is running a full court man to man prevent defense on this birthir issue. Operatives from BOTH parties and the media from BOTH parties are under a command to spike this issue which is obeyed with uniform discipline. It lends credence to the idea our country is under a one party rule tyranny…That the politicial / media actors in the left/right democrat/republican debate are just role playing a puppet show that prevents the voters from making real policy changes. The true allegiance of the power elite is to the Temple of Doom cult of liars, thieves, and deceivers feasting on the American tax payer. …

  • wow

    I want to see his college records and the passport he used to travel to Pakistan.

  • Marsh626

    People forget that it was the Left themselves, specifically the Hilary Clinton camp during the lead up to the ’08 election, that first brought up this issue. And that’s a huge segment of the American Left. So for them to now run around asking Republicans “Are you now or have you ever been a Birther?” is hilariously hypocritical to say the least.

  • Khan Krum

    The reason that the documentation gap is now sticking to Obama is that he now has a track record and it looks very un- or anti-American, to say the least:

  • Alana

    #5 April 24, 2011 at 4:52 pm
    tommy mc donnell commented:

    for an american to say to the american people you have no right to know any of my personal information and then have the entire media support that position shows how far down the road to tyranny we are.


  • Justine
  • Ginger

    Lets see if I am right….Barry HAD to give up his license or loose them by force! Why we do not know but I bet it had to do with lieing on his application about not having another name and he was ratted on about his legal name being Barry Soetoro instead of BHO? Now Moosechelle I have read that her law license taken away by insurance fraud!

    Any one feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I have no link to refer you to it. 🙂 🙁

  • Louis

    What does Obama’s Birth Certificate and Easter Bunny have in common? They are both unbelievable

  • Granny

    The birth certificate does not matter at all. Obama was born a dual citizen. By very definition he is, if he bothered to take up his US citizenship correctly, a NATURALIZED citizen, no matter where he was born, complete with naturalization papers issued by the State Department. As the former governor of California can attest, naturalized citizens are NOT eligible for the presidency and it says so right on the naturalization papers!

  • Guest

    To put things in perspective on Easter, it seems like Obanger is trying to create his own nativity myth and for some reason doesn’t want the truth known. He tells Muslims he understands them because he’s one of them, he tells is he converted to chritianity. It seems as if he’s trying to be all things to everyone. When talks about his detractors he becomes Bill Mahr & John Stuart wrapped up into one, but to thier face says nothing. He is a shadow actor playing a part in a tragic comedy. Who knows how far this “play” will go? My guess is we are in for a he’ll of a show.

  • BarbaraS

    I agree with Franklin. I don’t know for sure if he was born in Hawaii. I don’t know if he was born in Kenya. All these politicians who say “I believe” he was born in the US need to take a back seat and shut up. The key word in their statements is “believe” and that word doesn’t mean a thing. They don’t know either. For Boehmer to say he would take obama at his word. If he says he was born in Hawaii then he believed him is outrageous and makes fools of us all who legitimately question this. Why would he take the word of a serial liar and flip flopper not to speak of a welcher? He’s afraid of the press, that’s why. He is more protective of his career than his country. He will lose in the ong run because the press will crucify him no matter what he says or does. All I want is to see the long form birth certificate. If he produces that and it is proved authenic then I will shut up about this subject. Of course, then I will go on to his college transcripts from all his colleges plus his passport and SS card.

    Our federal government is truly a joke. When they said Hambdi was a citizen because he was born in this country but taken back to Saudiland when he was two but he is still a citizen when caught on the battlefield is ridiculous. The Constitution plainly says “subject to our jurisdiction” and how can a kid be subject to our jurisdiction when he went back to his parents’ native country. The libs have parsed the Constitution, on this subject especially, so that illegals can get anchor babies and allow whole families to come to this country for votes. They would murder their own grandmothers to get votes. The Constituion plainly says child of American citizens (plural not singular) is a natural born citizen. Obama claims his father was obama, sr who was a British citizen therefore, both his parents were not American citizens. Also according to our laws he already had a wife therefore he could not have married (legally) Stanley Anne Dunham.

    It is truly disgusting that the press is not interested in investigating this guy’s background. They could tell you what Bush had for breakfast in July 22,1971 but cannot find out anything abot this imposter. No one with a grain of sense would expect any integrity from a dim but the press is supposed to be impartial. However, just look at the American presses’ record during the last centurey. They supported every enemy of the US starting with the Germans before WWII, the Russians before WWII and during the Cold War, North Korea during the Korean war, the Viet Namese during that was. Now they are supporting the muslims. They will support any entity that hopes to destroy this country. They are all communists.

  • Khan Krum

    Guest #32

    Yes that is very good. Thus far Obama has been able to contain the
    question of the birth certificate with the help of the media. But if it
    progresses beyond that to this fundamental question of his innate
    American-ness then it is a big problem. Nobody ever accused Bill Clinton
    or even Jimmy Carter of being un-American.

    On the Muslim call to prayer: “It is one of the sweetest sounds on

    On Easter: “There’s just something about the resurrection.”

    There’s just something about the resurrection? Yes, there was something about Mary but that was a different Mary.

  • bg
  • Guest #?

    As I am writing this there is a True Hollywood Story on Sarah Palin. If they can go back and interview all of the people that ever knew a person that doesn’t even hold a public office, they surely someone can interview the people that got Obama where he is?

  • Scott

    Did Hussein the Christian attend Easter services??? Anyone?

  • MrGoodWench

    Scott commented:
    Did Hussein the Christian attend Easter services??? Anyone?
    He watched the Easter specials on AlJazeera

  • Chisum
  • So people keep asking

    “I can’t see why he won’t produce it.”

    So people keep asking about it and not more important questions about what is happing now and what is he doing it. The media can marginalize anyone that questions what he is doing now with questions about a 49 year old document.

    The media is on the wrong side and don’t care and will take down anyone that questions Obama actions now as just crazy birthers.

  • Alana

    “Lets see if I am right….Barry HAD to give up his license or loose them by force! Why we do not know but I bet it had to do with lieing on his application about not having another name and he was ratted on about his legal name being Barry Soetoro instead of BHO? Now Moosechelle I have read that her law license taken away by insurance fraud!”


    Yes, that is my understanding about Barry as the likely cause. I don’t know about Michelle, though; never read that.

  • Obama is con, why would you spend millions to keep your records sealed if you don’t have anything to hide.Some members in congress , and news media know that he’s not “natural born’ citizen.Sooner are later americans will know ,when that day happens all hell will break out.

  • Rock

    The whole subject is a trap that he hopes to spring in the final days running up to the election. With the resources at his disposal he could produce papers that would standup in court, even those he doesn’t own, proving he was a Descendent of George Washington, my God the man is such a fake.

  • StrangernFiction

    #33 April 24, 2011 at 6:11 pm
    BarbaraS commented:

    There is no excuse for a patriot to ever say he/she takes Barack Obama at his word.

  • noislamocommie

    To me the real veracity of the issue is the reaction of the MSM,even Fox. They want to shut it down before folks catch on to the subletlties of Dept. of Health regs/codes,etc. They are blowing off their own laws, changing them to cover O & then the AP picks it up & covers big details that make a huge difference in understanding the Dept of Health Hawaii. Then anchors press their guests to publicly state that they think its settled waving around one of the three forged and unauthenticated COLB docs.. Its a TOTAL SCREAM!

  • Francesca

    Asheville, NOT Nashville. Can you say geographically challenged? Good grief

  • Speaking Clearly

    Rock #43: I think you give the Obama team way too much credit.

    Let me explain: (Obama is just a human like all the rest of us, and makes mistakes)

    Even if Obama’s team were to produce irrefutable proof that he has told the 100 % truth, it will be too late, no matter when he produces it. Obama’s team has waited way too long to deal with this albatross.

    Trump has called his bluff, and no matter the outcome, Obama will look bad. Trump has said all along that he hopes that Obama is telling the truth….because Obama has been leading our country. Badly, but leading it.

    Obama’s team, and the liberal media, have crossed their fingers, and hoped that nobody would have the stones to call out Obama on this issue….they guessed wrong on this one.

    Trump has not played along with their “politically correct” game-plan. They were hoping that everyone would be too afraid to step out of the politically correct spell, that the progressives think they have everyone under, and dare to critizize the first black President.

    Of course Karl Rove, Krauthammer, McCain, Bloomberg, the liberal media, Oreilly, have all thought they could “rise above” everyone by towing the safe politically correct line.

    Now look at Trump’s polling numbers. It has all of these wimps scrambling for explainations, and ways to discredit Trump.

    Let’s face it….during the last month leading up to the 2012 elections….the American people are going to be barraged with everything bad un-American thing Obama has done to destroy America. No amount of clearing up the birther issue will save him…and his team knows this. It’s too late….you don’t build trust this way.

    Good for Trump and his team for having the stones to stand up, and show what it means to lead. Unfortunately for Obama and his team: you can’t win them all.

  • Scullman

    Love Donald/Hate Donald? He’s performing a useful function by treating Obama like and ordinary politician, instead of a reverence reserved for the Sun King, and beating the ever living hell out of him while he’s at it.

    Hey, maybe some more Republicans will get the hint before it’s too late.

  • Uggy Parfait


  • DomesticGoddess

    I am so glad this issue is getting legitimacy. We have a mystery man running this country. Not only where is the Birth Cert., but where are the school records, why the false SS#, and where are any friends or girlfriends????

  • Speaking Clearly

    And I’ll add more:

    The Democrats think they have the Tea Party, the GOP, and the American people, cornered on the 2012 election….and I think it is the other way around.

    I agree with Glenn Beck on his theory that the Democrats might try to pull Hillary Clinton out of their hat, to run, if they think Sarah Palin will win the GOP nomination, or if they think Obama cannot win. (Remember, the democrats think Hillary will cause people who are voting for Sarah Palin, to switch their vote for Hillary).

    It will not work now. If they try this, the American people will see right through their plan to cling on to power, and ignore it.

    If I was Trump, and the democrats tried this stunt…I would invite Sarah Palin to be my VP running mate, and vise versa for Sarah Palin to Trump.

    I think the American people will figure out by next fall that a Hillary Clinton, will be NO DIFFERENT than a Barack Obama.

    Why do you think Obama is in full campaign mode already? They know it is unlikely for the democrats to keep the White House.

  • Old One

    The marxstream media is completely overpopulated by out of touch completely clueless dolts such as Amanpour who believe they can save Ovomit by questioning everyone they interview on the Obama no birth certifcate issue. The media’s miindless believe that if they act in lockstep like true collectivists suffering from the cluelessness that their leftist myopia inflicts on them as servile obumunist worshipers they can deliver Teh Won electoral victory in 2012 by discrediting all conservatives as birther wingnuts.
    The media idiots by continually asking the birth certificate question which they are convinced discredits conservatives are actually giving the Obama no birth certificate issue fully muscled & toned legs. We conservatives should be daily thankful that the useful idiots of the dinosaur media live in a sealed echo chamber, hear only themselves, and see solely their Media Mutters provided template. Hey Red Dan how did make the news fit your template work for you & cBS in 2004? What is that old maxim about insanity & different results?

  • john

    Franklin Graham is a joke and a disgrace to Christianity and especially his father.

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  • Pat the First

    john commented:

    Do you know either of these men? Please take back your remark. I am fairly certain you do not know either of these men.

  • auntie em

    It’s very strange that Obama’s grandmother, the last surviving family member that actually spent any time with, died right before he was elected. How did she die, again?

  • Chisum

    John at #53,

    You are a know nothing ass.

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  • Pingback: Franklin Graham on Obama's Birth Certificate: “I Can't See Why He … : - Learn the truth , no more lies()

  • Go ‘way, John..

    Here is Zero’s BC.. too bad it was issued by the British administrators of Kenya..

    ‘The document below may or may not be valid and defenders of Obama will argue it has been “discredited” but until Great Britain officially declares it false after checking the ledgers kept in the Foreign Office and that particular Certificate Number is incorrect, then this is as believable as anything presented by Obama trying to provide a Hawaii birthplace.

    However, what is insidious is the effort to dismiss ANY question about the origins of the man who sits in the Oval Office with a huge organization of America-hating Overseas groups, among them Communist, Marxist-Islamist and Socialist conglomerates.’

  • K~BOB

    I can see FG’s words being slightly out of context, but he’s apparently fallen for the Trumpster and dropped Palin like a hot potato.

    You know, Obama says some things from time to time that sound like they are conservative lines. Control Spending, Limit Waste, “I’m a Christian,” etc. Maybe he’s really a Conservative, and we should all vote for him. Why not? If we can be swayed so easily that Trump is no longer a mainstream, center-left liberal, then why not go whole hog? Just vote for Obama. Either way you’ll still be stuck with twisty lightbulbs, no serious drilling, massively creeping sharia, and the inability to use ANY of your land that has water on it.

  • Pat the First

    I don’t think it has anything to do with dropping Palin or picking up Trump. Franklin was asked a question, and he answered it. Franklin can tell who is a Christian and who isn’t. Anyone can. Look for the fruits of the spirit. If you don’t see any, you should have evidence, but remember . . . only God really knows the heart.

    This may be a shock to some people, but not everyone thinks that Palin would make a good President. I think we can all agree that she would have made a better President than Obama. But I would bet that there are people out there who would make a better President than Palin as well.

  • David Kramer

    Trust but verify, if they do not verify, listen to Obama’s OWN WORDS!

  • Khan Krum

    There are many facets to this paste diamond, e.g., Hawaii senator questions Obama’s true birth father: ‘There is information, for reasons known only to him, he doesn’t want released’:

    Read more:

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  • money gets votes

    Immigration has a system SEVIS and it has ALL foreign national registars. Yes, that he is hiding. He spends over $$$$2M to hide his records??? Why didn’t the media and the demopac require to see WHO he was BEFORE we gave him permission to carry our National security code around with him?? This is very scary. And we know HE is the one raising OIL prices..its him…and Lisa Jackson EPA. What another scam. He stopped all drilling leases for the GULF-made a back door deal with Brazil. This evil scum not only has scammed his fellow parasite democrats but everyone. He is pulling the welfare card for votes. He is bringing America to its knees. Stopping coal contracts, farmers from feeding grain to t heir cattle (raise price of beef), OIL leases, coal leases, its HIM. I dont care if TRUMP didn’t vote–at least he is an American who loves America and doesn’t show his butt to foreigners!!!

  • Somewhat Reasonable Voice

    All of a sudden Franklin Graham pops up everywhere. He’s doing interviews, traveling, etc.



    He has no birth certificate because he was born in a tent in kenya

  • Cynic

    The people have a right to know.
    Sorry, I guess that only applies to Republicans.

  • workingclass artist

    I am a “proofer’. I demand proof of his past.


    Release the Records Soetero…..All of Them…..

  • gaetano

    I know one thing for sure and that is That Obama is wasting his campaign money right now while Trump is out there. Evey body is watching Trump on tv,and its not costing Trump anything. He probably getting paid to do it. I love his smartness and his answers to everything someone questions him on. There is no double talk out of his mouth. Even all the republican haters are watching Trump and Obama is going down the tubes.If anyone thinks that Trump can’t get any support from republicans , they are nuts,because the republicans Are going to JUMP WITH TRUMP AND BE A WINNER. Don’t forget, I started this slogan,and will now put it on a t-shirt.
    ” JUMP WITH TRUMP” and be a winner

  • I do think Obama is hiding something, do believe that americans have a right to know, with-out being deemed as crackpots,conspiracy theorists,racist or bigots.

  • PS

    “People who doesn’t disclosed the truth is the people who has something to hide” … US Usurper president.

    The greater the lies the fastest it is repeated; the least the truth is told the prettier the lies turned truth – US MSM

    Sovereign American citizens have “no standing” in judicial courts, it is not the People’s Court it is our court – US supreme court

    No one dare question the CIC, Pentagon gives the order – US military tribunal

    “You can fool the people sometimes, fool them most of the time, but not all the time” … Lincoln

  • FarRight


  • Xmerica

    A scenario would unfold that the Usurper voluntary resigns rather than seek reelection. The US: Congress, Supreme Court justices & judges, military, MSM, FED, billionaires, and bankers have supported him throughout are expected to remain influential. The Usurper is free alright. Joint Chief of Staffs, Liberal Supreme Court Justices, and Congress members resigned. Leftout are the MSM. They could be put in house arrest or worst put in prison. Either way the MSM lying prophets would rally to elevate the Usurper worthy of a national hero recognition.

    As the Usurper seeks reelection and wins, he will be doing a big favor to cover up the con groups in Congress, SC Justices & judges, military, MSM, private billionaire backers. However, his getting reelected makes the American Constitution completely irrelevant. The Sovereignty rights of the people belongs to the Usurper government.

    A marxist socialist essence is all the people work for the government so the government will distribute the harvest for all the people.

    No tyrants when there are no slaves to rule. Many will rather remain slaves to be feed. Not all likes to be feed because they can feed for themselves.

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  • gaetano

    We must be aware that Obama is not hiding his past records including the birth certificate. THE WHOLE DAMN GOVERNMENT IS, INCLUDING THE DEMOCRATS AND THE REPUBLICANS. The vote will not beat him. This is an American revolution that has been planned by our government. It is plain to see and is a disgrace to our founders. I don`t care any more. Obama and the government have beat us. Their is no more America as I use to know. So , come on, Dictator Obama, and our socialist government, do your thing. Whatever it is that you want to do. Maybe ,you want to kill all the true patriots or all the God believers,or all the white people. Hell, We don’t know what you want. Do you want to stone us to death, or maybe cut our heads off? What the hell are you waiting for? You don’t have to worry about any action from our true patriots, because we have proven that we are cowards. All we do is complain and talk with no action. Similar to what you do. So ,I say ,SH*T OR GET OFF THE POT.

  • Mowprincess

    Wow.. I had no idea there were so many bitter people. They have produced his birth certificate. His mother is a United States Citizen. All children born to US Citizens are citizens by proxy. John McCain was born in Panama.. should we worry? Some of you want to know his grades in college.. Really.. I am stunned that you can be filled with such vitriol and not self destruct. What would Jesus Do? What would Jesus say? Certainly not what I am reading on this post…