Beck to Huckabee: If You’re This Thin-Skinned… It Might Be Best For You to Stay on the Sidelines”

Yesterday, former Governor Mike Huckabee ripped Glenn Beck the boogeyman conspirator on his website for calling him a progressive.
Big mistake.

Today, Glenn Beck answered Huck on his show
Beck said, “If you are this thin-skinned… It might be best for you to stay on the sidelines.”
Via Media Matters:

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  • Granny

    Well yes. Huckabee is a nice guy, but he comes off as pretty much a mild-mannered pansywaist without the gumption to get out of his own way.

  • ebayer



    It’s over for him,before he even announces his candidacy.

  • Old One

    Huckadumbcluck the former perpetual Arkansas RINO tax raiser is as dumb as a box of rocks . Whenever he opens he mouth he erases all doubt to how stupid he is.

  • Dave in dallas

    Gumption, schmumption, Huck is a weasel. That response was deceptive, overwrought and revealng. Thin skin, poor character, bad temper… Huck is a weasel. Beck is a mormon, and that explains some of it. Huck hates them.

  • Jeff S.

    Jonah Goldberg is out in front of Beck: Goldberg called Huck a “right-wing Progressive” months ago. The fact that Huckabee’s at the top of Republican polls–even preliminary ones–indicates how screwed we are. Somebody better step up.

  • Lurvleymomma

    Huckabee held Romney’s Mormonism against him in the last election. Now he is aggressive with Beck, another Mormon.

    Do we really want a President who shows this kind of Religious prejudice?

  • AuntieMadder

    Huck should stay on the sidelines because he’s a progressive. That he defended himself doesn’t make him thin-skinned. Palin defends herself all of the time and gets kudos for it. GW Bush never defended himself and so got stuck wearing the labels assigned him.

    Huck’s a RINO. Beck’s a chump.

  • Sickofobama

    Glenn handed Huck the Schmuck a big fat progressive crap sandwich.


  • donh

    Now you know who at FOX pushed management to cancel Beck’s TV show . Shuckabee is a Jim Baker televangel con artist. He fundraises for Obamacare repeal and puts the cash in his own pocket for his folly Presidential run…then tells republicans in congress to cave in and quit on Obamacare defunding. More crooked than Nixon.

  • uggy parfait

    Not a big fan og Beck, he believes the Jews are the world’s problems. Can’t much get into that type of hysteria, and illusion.

  • Granny

    #6 April 22, 2011 at 7:36 pm
    Lurvleymomma commented:

    Huckabee held Romney’s Mormonism against him in the last election. Now he is aggressive with Beck, another Mormon.

    Do we really want a President who shows this kind of Religious prejudice?

    Huckabee doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the presidential election. He is a washed up has-been with no gonads. Worse, he does not have the kind of forceful take charge personality the job requires and darned little of that particular charm that makes people want to like & trust him.

  • Sickofobama



  • Is he sure the word is ‘booger bear’? Because I don’t think it is.

  • Gman

    #10 you are an idiot. Please post a link where that is said.

  • Capn Angus

    Shmuckabee don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord slit ya! Notice Shmuckabee never addressed the main point Beck made THAT HE’S A PROGRESSIVE. Instead he revert to shoot the messenger tactics just like a good PROGRESSIVE ALWAYS DOES…

    Hey Mike stick to the things you’re good at
    Eating deep fried butter balls,
    Growing out of suits & playing Bass Guitar
    But stay out of the 2012 Primary race. Progressive Republicans need not apply

  • Oh snap! after listening the whole thing, Beck totally owned the Huckster. I wouldn’t have voted for huckabee before, and I certainly won’t now.

  • Capn Angus

    & uggy parfait
    You are just a liar… Beck has been doing “I Stand with Israel Segments” on his show. Beck is well aware that Israel is the Canary in the coal mine when it comes to Western Civilization’s conflict with Islam.

    I’m not a huge fan of Beck, mostly because I don’t care for his style; but the man’s content is above reproach. People malign Beck but they never can provide facts about where he’s not telling the truth.

  • StrangernFiction

    Shmuckabee never addressed the main point Beck made THAT HE’S A PROGRESSIVE.


  • Sickofobama

    #10 Ugly Parfait:

    I know who you are.

    You are a troll from Media Doesn’t Matter run by the Nazi lover George Soros.

    He’s a Jew isn’t he?

    Well let me tell you something you fricking moron: He’s the most evil Jew that ever lived and is going to destroy not only our country but the world.

    And guess what Ugly: You are a useful idiot.

    Now look up and see what happened to other useful idiots of history.

    George Soros could tell you all about it.

  • Sasja

    I did not hear the broadcast but understand Beck made a comment comparing Reform Judaism to radical islam in that they reflect politics more than faith. I have heard some refer to Reform Judaism as leftist with a few holidays thrown in. I did attend a reform synogogue a while back and can attest that in my experience, that is not too far off. Beck is a staunch supporter of Israel as are many of us and for anyone to say otherwise is a liar.

  • mcc

    I hope this destroys the Huckster’s intentions to run. Never trusted him – always felt he wasn’t willing to be honest about what he did during his governorship. And staying in the primary race well beyond necessary – with the smell that it might be a religious prejudice – was disgusting.

    I’d forgotten about this devastating audio of his approving every tax imaginable. Take your smooth talk and dimples elsewhere, Huck. They don’t fool us.

  • Mr. Potato Head

    I believe Huck is a woman trapped in a man’s body. Free yourself, Huck!

  • BetterDeadThanRed

    Huckabee is and always has been a fraud.

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  • Let Fox know by writing their website that we won’t tolerate Progressive Light from the Right!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you to all of you who called out #10, that idiot. I am a Jew and Glenn Beck is a great champion of Israel.

    I was at 8/28 and I saw Glenn Beck last week when he was here in Chicago. You had better believe he’s pro-Israel. As for the “Upper East Side liberal Jews of Manhattan” Israel has lots to fear from them.

    Huckabee is all mushy over Michelle Obama’s obesity campaign. Included in that tripe is not allowing parents to send a home packed lunch to school. All the children will have to eat the slop that is put on their trays. It’s already happening here in Chicago. The day that happens at my child’s school, I will be sending a note to the principal that I will be packing my child’s KOSHER lunch.

  • Bogdan from Australia

    Perhaps Huckabee is a decent man.

    However he is also a coward.

    He has always had more courage to attack Sarah Palin and make a disparaging jabs towards her than standing up to Obama.

    If he thinks of himself as a future leader of a free world he is totally delusional.

    Obama is pushing America towards the ABYSS.

    Huskabee is promising to make even a bigger step forward.

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  • Dewormer

    I’m in southwest Iowa and originally was involved with the caucus effort for Huckabee for the 2008 election, before we knew what he was all about. I promise Huckabee and his followers that we will expose his progressive, big government, “we’ll tell you what you can think and do” ass, should he decide to run again in the primary.

    I agree with Beck: Huckabee is nothing more than a fundamentalist version of the progressive elite. He will be openly opposed and exposed should he make the mistake of running in Iowa. The Norwegians, Sweds, and other decent people of the Western part of our state cannot stand a self-righteous fundamentalist who embraces the progressive, big government vision. He will not have a repeat of his prior performance.

  • sandy

    I’m on Beck’s side on this one. Huckabee is a good natured glad hander — but he does harbor many prejudices under that smile. Mark Levin, Hannity and Limbaugh have expressed a dislike for him and that’s good enough for me.

  • Ruebacca

    Huckabee is an entitlement pimp like Bush-Rove.

    Don’t forget southern social conservatives were a major wing of the newdeal era democratic party. They are not nessarly economic libertarians. I would trust Barber.

  • TiminPhx

    Which of these to dislike the most? That’s a challenge. I would say Huckabee because he is beneath all the Southern act, just another country club type.

    Beck, loon as he can be at times, also is the only one to talk about some things that other people in the GOP are gutless to address.

  • sandy

    I am iritated that Huckabee took on Natalie Portman for being pregnant at the Oscars. This is Hollywood in the 21st Century and the gown she was wearing was very demure. Huck if you haven’t anything nice to say than shut your pie hole.

    Love ya Beck. You are the real deal.

  • noislamocommie

    Amnesty pusher.

  • Uggy Parfait

    CNN: Beck: ‘I blew it’ comparing rabbis to Islamic radicals

    Here is your links tards. And for those who hated my post, comparing me to you — you are a leftwing wacko!

    Beck said that Jews killed Jesus too. This is another mythos. A certain Jewish sect-group alinged with the Roman power in Palistine to put Jesus to death — not “All the Jews!” This hatred claim is as old as the 3 rd century A.D.

    But what got me infuriated was the Beck claimed that ‘the Jews’ ( All of them) will trick the world with technology to make it appear that Jesus has returned, but it will be a trick to take control of the world. To me that is kookoo,kookoo,kookooo,koookoo. He actually got this from a book published in 1977, and never admitted to whome wrote it — a brit, of the New Age, who is an anti semite. this was earlier this year, and on Fox’s show.

    Now I can understand why Breitbart slammed him for taking others’ works, and not giving reference and often giving the wrong impression. He has a nasty habit of taking others stuff and generalizing large and massive groups of people. Soros is only a single dispicable human, whose mother hated Jews in the first place — probably where he got it from. This does not mean ‘ All Jews’ idiots!

  • Huckabee just isn’t strong enough and he lacks charisma to win the popular vote.

  • no2liberals

    I wouldn’t vote for either of these two for President.
    I’ve never met Glenn, but I have met Huckabee while he was Gov. and he is a genuinely good man.
    Of these two men, I would gladly have Huckabee baby sit my grand kids. I wouldn’t want Glenn left alone with them.
    I don’t understand why Glenn started this pissing match, but it appears it was his big mistake to start this.

  • Rock

    Will someone please do Huck a favor and inform him he is done, finished, kaput, passed his expiration date, and non electable as a Republican. In other words Huck your f***ed

  • Speaking Clearly

    Beck is right on this one.

    I personally think Huckabee will NOT be able to defeat Barack Obama in 2012.
    He comes off as a beady-eyed snake oil preacher type…and I am surprised that Fox News was stupid enough to hire him. If we were to see “Huckabee” bumper stickers vs “Obama” bumper stickers next summer, then Conservatives and Republicans are in big trouble.

    Elections and traditions are changing…and establishment Republicans don’t like this, because it threatens their ability to play kingmaker. I don’t think WHO is leading after the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries matters as much as it used to. I say this in case the establishment republicans try to force a RINO in the lead, by rigging and buttering up those 2 states’ caucuses early.

    I also don’t think it is a bad idea for whoever wins the Republican nomination, to pick a VP running mate from the Republican group that was running against them. So in other words…if Trump wins the Republican nomination…he could pick Palin, or West, or Bachmann….and vise versa. The Democrats and Progressives do NOT want this to happen…because they are scared of a GOP super-ticket.

    I also don’t think it matters what the TV political pundits say, as much as it used to matter. Sure they have their influence over the general voting public, but the Internet has actually changed the process a lot. This is why I say types like Karl Rove can run his clueless mouth all he wants on Fox News, and the voting public will tell their family and friends that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    I agree with Trump…Karl Rove is used to some of the people over at Fox News, and in the Republican establishment, over-inflating his ego, by calling him the “architect”. Karl might be able to tell us how many moves it takes to solve the rubicks cube while eating a banana split, but his RINO establishment ananlysis DOES NOT MATTER ANYMORE. Karl, you are over-rated.

    Something funny is going on over at Fox News….I think the way the leaders over there have built Fox up, is amazing…but some of the trends there lately will leave many long time viewers in dis-belief. Mike Huckabee??? John McCain and Lindsey Graham on a lot over the last few years??? OReilly putting a different hat on every night based on what his ratings are polling??? The only reason Oreilly is talking a little tougher on Obama now, is that Glenn Beck is leaving, and Oreilly will not have any real conservative to use, for the purpose of making himself look more reasonable, to his non-conservative audience.

    I respect Greta…at least she doesn’t pretend to be someone she is not. You know what you’re getting is Greta. I feel the same way about Sheppard Smith, even though Smith is more liberal. At least Sheppard doesn’t PRETEND to be someone he is not…and I can respect that. Hannity is harder to read…I like that he challenged Krauthammer on the debt ceiling and not taking Trump seriously.

    Beck has been simply amazing. His team has taught me alot of things about geo-politics…and I have been following politics for a loooong time. Glenn has been right about almost everything. I think he underplayed how bad the nuke plant disaster in Japan was…but this guy leaving, is huge loss for Fox News. I think Fox News is opening themselves up in the future, for a more conservative network to challenge them.

    Trump still has my support, and will keep it all the way through the Republican nomination, as long as he keeps sharpening his Conservative message, keeps taking it to Obama with extreme toughness, and stays true to the Tea Party platform.

    Trump has a wealth of video clips to use against Obama in election ads. The clips from the Glenn Beck show are a gold mine. If you ad the clip where Obama told the reporter that gave him a tough question: “Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?” this a very damaging to Obama’s stability. If you have not seen this clip, you need to watch it.

    What Trump showed me was that too many of the other potential GOP candidates that I thought were the best we had so far….were really sitting on the couch too long…and not challenging Obama with extreme toughness and confidence. Palin, West, and Bachmann have been doing a great job also. Others have a looong way to go, to convince the voting public that they can take on Obama with toughness.

    If you doubt Trump, and don’t trust him…then I say watch how the mainstream liberal media has treated him so far….THEY HATE HIM….HE IS MAKING OBAMA LOOK VERY WEAK…and watch how the media treats Trump in the future. The liberal media will do 2 things….they will go after him when they can….and they will IGNORE him, when they think they can get away with it.

    We will find out how good Trump’s teams is at perfecting his conservative platform in the primaries.

    Keep up the great work Trump!!!

  • Speaking Clearly

    Oh…and I like how Trump doesn’t worry about any skeletons in his closet. Trump knows he isn’t perfects…nobody is. I like how Trump is proud of who he is…flaws and all.

    I would be making a mistake if I voted for a President based on him having a perfect marriage, and spotless record on EVERYTHING.

    Trump has not pretended to be someone he is not. He has been honest about why he has supported some democrats in the past. I respect that.

    As long as the Donald taps into his Conservative convictions, and what I said above…then I am glad that he stood up to lead.

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  • This is why Gov. Huckabee has argued so strongly for the so-called Fair Tax ever since he started running for president four years ago; because he knows his own tax policies as governor would destroy him with the conservative base.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Huck is VERY thin-skinned. He stayed in the race in 2008, even though he had no chance of winning, just to split conservative votes with Romney because Romney had run negative ads about him. In doing so, he gave us a weak candidate in McCain and thus Obama. For all of his religiousity and piousness, Huckabee is really just a self-centered, self-serving ass.

  • Bill Mitchell

    The popularity of Trump and Christie should tell the other Republican candidates something. America wants a candidate WITH BALLS. We are sick and tired of these namby pamby “I wanna be liked because I’m so nice” candidates Republicans keep churning out.

  • squeaky

    the country will need a strong president and the last thing we need is an “easy picking” candidate. a “go along to get along” candidate would be in obama’s prayers.


    Huckabee is a democrat dressed as a repub…do not trust that ass

  • workingclass artist

    I dunno….Beck lost me over the COLB….

    Why are so many people derisive over american citizens demanding to see Soetero’s records….It’s not a distraction….It’s the constitution….

    I’m not defending Huckabee….But just sayin’ Beck seems to be selective about applying the constitution when he wants to be….and he’s not the only one….

    Until Soetero releases all of his records ( many of which are owned by the people like his State Senate Records ) I don’t think people will shut up about it….

    I aint’ no sheeple & Hypocrisy stinks the same from either party….

  • Militant Conservative

    Huck a phony is a RINO progressive. I did not like him in the primaries and YES he did stay in too long to get Romney knocked out. Then we had to progressives McCain and Obama.

    folks the process is broken and a conservative has to make it to the WH or we (our) country is gone.

    powder is dry

  • Militant Conservative

    #35 April 22, 2011 at 10:21 pm
    Uggy Parfait commented:

    uniformed second hand beck hater. Showing his/her ignorance for all to see.

    Usefull idiot.

    powder is dry

  • Big L

    Now Huck is doing “Paul Harvey”type stories. He has a book He is on Fox, not only his show,but being interviewed by chirpy bozos. He is on the local channel end-of-the-hour news breaks. The donks are getting him already tobe the GOP candidate. Just like M’Cain, the big group of Primaries
    in June 2012 will have Donk and lefty cross-over voters.In 2008, that resuscitated m’cain’s campaign and we got a failure as a GOP candidate…The Conservatives have to stop all the delivery of candidates to the GOP .
    Huck will lose.

  • Mandy

    All I ever need to know about Huckie happened during the last Presidential campaign when he worked hand-in-hand with McCain to undermine Romney, focussing on his religion. That only left us stuck with McCain. Only a very mean-spirited, bigoted man would do this. I never watch or listen to any of his comments on Fox. Beck could be a little bit goofy at times but he certainly hit this one out of the ball park. As for Trump, he’s not what he appears to be. Just read about this huckster’s background. last comment– Soros must be paying #35 a lot. Sorry pal, doesn’t work any more.

  • Unclezeb

    I am over Beck. He is all in for romney and trashes any other repub that is a contender.

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  • Laura

    Why would you post anything or believe anything that Media Matter says? This is a Soros organization and this is what they want you to do.

  • kansas

    Whatever keeps the Huckster on the sidelines is a good thing.

  • no2liberals

    This thread is exactly why I quit reading the comments several years ago, til now.
    You don’t like a potential candiate? Fine, don’t vote for him, but use facts instead of emotion to explain why you won’t. Trashing another GOP candidate because of your personal feelings is disgusting.
    Romney is the one that wrecked Huckabee in the primary and ushered in the dismal GOP establishment candidate McCain, not the other way around. I have all the polling info for that period of time, up to and including Super Tuesday, and Romney had no chance, but wrecked any Huck had.
    While I won’t support Huck if he enters this primary, he was certainly a better choice than “my friends on the other side of the aisle” McCain.
    Some here actually think Trump is a good candidate, but not me. He is a show man, that is all. He just joined the GOP in 2009 after joining the DNC in 2001. He wants single payer healthcare like Canada has implemented in the U.S.
    Some think Christie should run. Why, because of tough talk followed by no action in his utube videos? If you are even considering Christie, you need to know that he isn’t opposed to the ground zero mosque and favors ILLEGAL immigrant amnesty. You need to know the facts and myths of Christies conservatism.

    I saw this same crap here during the ’08 campaign, instead of being positive and stating who they supported and why, the disgusting attacks against those who opposed their candidate took over.
    I will check fire until I see who declares and runs, then analyze them one by one based on their conservative credentials. At this point, Super Sarah, Michele Bachman, Herman Cain and Tim Pawlenty are who I consider front runners.

    As for Beck, his radio show has become unbearable to listen to. If he and his side kicks aren’t goofing and talking simultaneously, Beck is being over emotional and maudlin. His show on FNC is usually very informative and he never had to tell me to do my own research, as many of his shows have provided me with starting points for doing just that. His attacking Huck was uncalled for and lessens my opinion of him. I suspect any here would be offended if he were to label you a progressive on a national program and would fight back. Oh, and for those who still subscribe to the belief that Huck was a profligate tax raiser, a myth that was promoted by the (Country)Club For Growth, do your own research and find out how many times he vetoed tax increases, only to have the Democrat controlled legislature over ride his vetoes.
    The ’12 presidential campaign hasn’t really begun yet and already I can see the comment section here is not a place for me.
    Jim does excellent work, with this type of thread being the exception, and hope he continues to do so.

  • Sickofit

    I had grown tired of Beck over the past 6-8 months with his ‘the sky is falling; the sky is falling’ meme, conspiracy theories and his ‘theft’ of the work of others without attribution to them. His radio program has become almost incoherent and totally inane. But, with this little stunt I’m done with him completely. What was the point of this? Does Beck want a third party? Does Beck want to run for an office somewhere? Why attack Huckabee of all people? AND keep in mind I normally call him the ‘Huckster’ so it’s not because I like or trust the man. I just don’t understand what Beck is up to unless he is marking his turf as to what will follow when he leaves Fox. Just random thoughts ……..

  • Molon Lobe

    Admit it, you’re really Anthony Weinner.

    Must be tough having to chew through all those restraints each morning.

    But keep telling those lies. Obamao loves them.

  • GGMac

    Huckster knew he had no chance of winning the nomination in ’08. He refused to step out of the primaries because staying in allowed him to split the primary votes between Romney and McCain. Huckster’s goal was to prevent his nemesis – the Mormon – from getting the GOP nomination. He succeeded, leaving us stuck with the Dem/liberal-pandering McCain, who was all too willing to put the clamps on his running-mate, Palin. McCain thus essentially became Obama’s running-mate.

    Huckster has launched himself on the same path this go-around: whatever it takes to keep the dreaded Mormon out of the Oval.

    He hates Mormons – but the islamist-pandering Obama is ok. Hmmmm. Talk about screwed values.

  • no2liberals

    Huckster knew he had no chance of winning the nomination in ’08. He refused to step out of the primaries because staying in allowed him to split the primary votes between Romney and McCain.

    No, it was Romney who played tag team for the GOP establishment in helping take a few states away from Huck on Super Tuesday, then he dropped out. The reason McCain was propped up by the GOP was internal polling showed him receiving more of the moderate(liberals) votes than any other candidate, and polled better than any of the donks candidates. Which was true, until the Sep 08 economic collapse.
    If Huck was just trying to spoil things for the flip-flopping Romney, why did he stay in it until the very end? How did that help McCain? Thompson’s on and off reluctance into the campaign was intended to bleed Huck of votes, which he did successfully before Super Tuesday, then after his best showing in South Carolina, he dropped out. Why then? Huck actually got more conservative support than Mc, but it was diluted by Romney and Thompson. So we got a non-conservative Mc to run and conservative voters stayed away in droves. Had it not been for Palin, Mc would have lost by an even larger margin.