The tolerant left strikes again…
It’s not just Governor Scott Walker who is receiving death threats.
Several Republican Senators received this threat last night by some violent leftist fool.
W620TMJ reported:

I am reprinting verbatim an email that was sent to Republican senators. The email was signed, but I have deleted the name pending what I hope will be a thorough police investigation.

The Wisconsin State Justice Department is reportedly investigating.
As they should.

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  • bg


    Union v Taliban, what will the
    diff be in a few or so years??


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  • This is appalling. The MSM will ignore this because it’s Sarah Palin and her targets that are causing all the violence in our country.

  • aprilnovember811

    Justice Department investigating? This tells me the Governor and others did the right thing. First of all they have the “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” That is their only right. The taxpayers should not have to foot the bill to feed this type of deranged person or people. I hope they find this person or people involved quick and they are severely punished for this.

  • Charlie

    MSM….que the crickets..

  • aprilnovember811

    If the Justice Department can’t find out who did this, it’s because Obama is involved.

  • Mark1957

    The US Justice Department is reportedly investigating.

    I hope they do a better job than they did with the New Black Panthers.

  • Pinkie French

    Who ever wrote that hate filled rant better be getting a room at a Federal gray bar hotel, so he/she can think about his/her actions and grow the hell up.

  • BetterDeadthanRed

    I’m sure the CFR/TLC MSM and sweet britches AC360 will run this @ the top of every hour and ” keep em’ honest ” 🙂

  • NC Cop

    Wow, I’m sure ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times will be all over this story….

    I kid, of course.

  • #5 Obama IS involved……Obama,Trumka and Unions are friends to the end….
    Im with the poster who ends his posts with the phrase Powder is dry…Also add locked and loaded with that……

  • How is making them pay slightly more for their health insurance (and still substantially less than everyone else has to pay if they can even get health coverage through their jobs) going to make union members unable to buy food? They still get a lot more money than most working stiffs do.

  • Don

    Notice how the person who sent this hits on all the lefty talking points.

  • devildog666

    Ohio is next. The Ohio House is going to debate the bill passed by the Senate for three weeks. The violence is being ratcheted up by the unions with the POLICE siding with the unions. I fear death is in the air.

  • Robert

    Obama today is holding a conference on bullying.

  • Granny

    This has moved FAR beyond mere demonstrations or civil disobedience. Let’s call it what it is: TERRORISM for a political result.

  • Ella

    Someone please tell this fool that the democratic process that he speaks of consists of the fact that WE WON. We voted for this. This is how a democracy works. Elections have ……. consequences. Oh yes.

  • Granny

    #13 March 10, 2011 at 9:42 am
    devildog666 commented:

    Ohio is next. The Ohio House is going to debate the bill passed by the Senate for three weeks. The violence is being ratcheted up by the unions with the POLICE siding with the unions. I fear death is in the air.

    Not just Ohio. Idaho has very quietly slipped under the radar a bill that among other things ends tenure in Idaho.

  • BetterDeadthanRed

    #14 March 10, 2011 at 9:42 am
    Probably a workshop and after action review for his flavor aide drinkers.

  • unknown jane

    This looks like something a 14 yo. would write — so I’m guessing UW college student, stupid younger union sap (who is still naive enough to believe the BS — the older ones don’t, they just want theirs), or perhaps a misguided 14 yo. after all.

    I think if they posted half the death threats and what not — not just against the legislators, but against average people up there — we’d have union people getting mobbed themselves. They really don’t realize how petty and greedy they really look; they really don’t realize that they’ve pushed the majority of the country too far.

  • BetterDeadthanRed

    Holder and Big Sis won’t do anything about these threats. Next week you will see these threatmakers on a Glenn Beck clip attending a Van Jones workshop.

  • Rock

    Well that sounds like something right out of Andy Stern’s playbook (the Power of Persuasion not working then the Persuasion of Power). And how odd a frequent visitor to WTF and HIS White House, imagine that.

  • redlite

    I wouldn’t put to much faith in the Obomma JUST-US department in getting to the bottom of this dispicable threat by the left. But I will give the investigators a clue as where to start looking ,the Unions. However it is Trumka that meets with the WH 2-3 times per week. For B O not to denounce these kinds of threats he is only supporting disorder of the democratic process in the country. Elections have consequences!

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  • Big L

    Hope it is the Britain’s MI-6 that is the department that is investigating. How bout the
    name and address of this guy? Whay does he get protection of the entire legal structure. Shoot, no heck, put up the name and addy. We can use Alinsky against the supporters.

  • succotash

    Are we talking about Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s justice dept? That should be interesting since they have been so adept at prosecuting terrorists and members of the New Black Panthers and the evidence was right before their eyes. This admin. has been behind the chaos not in front of it. Maybe Clinton and Bush will investigate since they are in charge of the new civilty commission. This is egregious on so many levels and it will be dismissed by the Presstitutes and congress.

  • Larkin

    “…and close the deficit that you created.”

    I LOVE that part. Yes, indeed. Republicans caused the deficits in all the rust belt states by…what? Never getting elected? Allowing the dems to run the show for generations?

    By all means, turn this investigation over to Holder. His “people” (union thugs, leftists) will be quaking in their mukluks.

  • Oooh, Holder’s on the case. Running interference, that is. At the direction of his bossman.

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  • Sickofobama

    Our Justice Dept. under Eric Holder?

    That same racist criminal that takes order from the Criminal-In-Chief?

    Yeah, the Injustice Dept. will not only get right on these threats – they’ll start making their own against Walker and the GOP in Wisconsin.

  • Chisum

    Follow the money.

    Dues checkoff: the true issue at stake in Wisconsin.


  • StrangernFiction

    #15 March 10, 2011 at 9:42 am
    Robert commented:

    Obama today is holding a conference on bullying.

    Pure. Evil.

  • Richard Aubrey

    Just for grins, let’s presume there come to be ten of these and Holder can’t find even one.
    Then somebody sends a similar note to, say, Harry Reid and Holder finds the perp. Could selective investigation be a useful defense in court?

  • DudeGuy

    Liberalism–it’s a religion of peace.

  • Paul in N. AL

    Why can’t we know the name and take care of business ourselves? Its obvious the police refuse to do anything and probably will hand them any weapons these nuts need; anyone that has any faith in the justice department doing anything against these people also has a few screws loose.

  • theBuckWheat

    The only difference between this mob and the Bolsheviks is who controls power and what restrains them.

    In the wake of the Giffords shooting only a few months ago, the left scolded the rest of us on the need for “civility”. Well, fellow citizens, their call for “civility”like everything about the left, was a lie. It was really a demand to allow them to set the rules of political debate. “Civility” when it advances their cause, riot and rage when it would be more useful. But recall that those who are allowed to set the terms of the debate determine the final outcome.

    Speaking of final outcomes, imaging life under these people when there is little to restrain their rage and exercise of power. We have seen it before in Stalin’s USSR and in Castro’s Cuba. Tyranny and death.

  • RedBeard

    Holder’s Justice Department is gonna investigate threats against Republicans? Oh, please, stop. My sides hurt from laughing.

  • Chris

    Our proudly-proclaimed Anti-Bully-In-Chief is right on the job, no doubt ever at this very moment dispatching his elite troops to investigate this verbal bullying.

    Yup, any minute now, pretty soon, at least as long as Barry and Eric are sure it won’t be demeaning to “their people”.

    I agree with Richard, above —- same email to even ONE slightly-liberal-leaning legistlator would be 48-point headling type on the front page of the NY Times and breathlessly reported, 24×7, on every MSM broadcast outlet. After all, they have standards to uphold. (Just not the same one as the majority of Americans, but never let that get in the way…)

  • Carolina Kathy

    The only way Justice investigates is if the threat is against one of Holder’s “People” to quote him, because that is the only definition of crime in his book.

    I applaud the courage of the WI Republicans and pray for their safety. The only “courage” these lowlife democrats possess is in the crowd, thug mentality, and the only real threat they pose is when the ‘group’ does it. Individuals don’t have the cohones to act which is why they seek membership in the “group thinkers”. There is some consolation in that thought.

    Meanwhile, are they grooming another nutcase Jared Loughner to do what they want done in WI, just as it appears they might have done in AZ? On hindsight it looks as if that may have been carefully orchestrated and where did that story go? If you were going to knock off a D, they certainly picked one inconvenient in their party, who voted against Pelosi’s leadership, and wouldn’t back her, and the double benefit is to knock out the Judge that stood in Obama’s way. And the third benefit was to skew public opinion into believing that the right was uncivil, so at the worst behaviors on the left they can claim that the right “does it, too”.

    Of course the real problem is that you can’t separate the crazy from the sane in the democrat party. If people do get killed, blame for it can rest on our negligent and complicit media.

  • Rock

    So a couple months ago when Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot and the shooter was portray as a Conservative WTF jumps right out and calls for civility. Now we have the Left engaged in threats, assaults, destruction of State property, and now outright promise of the murder of elected officials. And WTF is mum, just great, but who is surprised. Hey Joint Chiefs when the he!! are you going to wake up.

  • Millitant Conservative

    Here’s the marching orders folks. Please cut and paste and send this story viral to your like minded friends. Many still need to wake up that the MSM is not covering the real news.

    This is also a very good indication of the true nature of the unions.

    powder is dry.

  • jerrylud

    eric holders one sided injustice dept on the job oh bring in barny fife he would do abette rjob

  • srhoades

    Nope, a Justice Department investigation may happen, but there will be no prosecution. These are Eric Holder’s people after all.

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  • Noah

    So how long before they arrest Andy Stern and Bill Ayers?
    This is just nuts. I can’t believe someone would write a letter like that.

  • donh

    This letter is written by Barak Obama’s own hand… Note the ” let me be perfectly clear” and the “we’ve had enough “…dialogue. Why is the media continuing to protect the identity of Obama personal papers ?

  • jnsesq

    Whew! Eric Holder’s on the case!

  • Mark

    Remember, some loon sent Nazi Piglosi a death threat and was in custody immediately.

    All animals are equal, some animals are more equal than others.

  • Rose

    Gee, intelligent enough, coherent enough to construct that letter of such a degree of grammatical level of performance – and yet warped beyond all normal human capacity to be a viable community member of a healthy Society.

  • Rock

    The US Justice Department is reportedly investigating.
    Na more likely exploring ways to lay this at the feet of Conservatives. Failing that, claim somehow this is protected speech. Given WTF has little respect for the country and tends to make or ignore law based on nothing more than how it benefits his agenda I see little chance justice will be served.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    If it’s violence they want, they will ultimately lose.

    Never mistake our civility for weakness.

  • olm

    The Justice Department? There’s a joke. They’ll probably copy the email and send it out 4 more times.
    We have descended into insanity. I think what these Republicans are doing is very brave, dangerous and extremely necessary.
    They have my prayers.

  • Ohio Granny

    What this dude doesn’t realize is that we have guns too. Molon labe, dude. We won’t back down. You can stand us up against the gates of hell, and we won’t back down.

  • I have no doubt Eric the Red’s Dept. of Injustice will find those responsible for the death threat email. Then they’ll spirit them out of the country to some place friendly to the Administration like, oh say, Iran.

  • Rock

    What the nation is witnessing is the threat that unions and progressives bring to the country. Do as we wish or we will destroy anything we choose. Looks like the promise of a summer of anarchy as called for by Commie Van Jones.

  • Ginger

    I think it came from some high school punks and maybe a 1st year college student! I don’t know for sure but what I hear about how well the WI teachers teach it could be one of them! (Sarc)

  • Rock

    Department of Justice ha, more like the Department filth, insurrection is the game, our freedom their goal.

  • Ginger

    I, as a sane minded person, would NEVER allow myself to be cooped up in a building with a bunch of people who are nuts and or drugged up! I will stay out side where my freedom to move about would be much safer. I love going to rallys with Tea Party Patroits. 🙂

    God Bless America

  • Rachelle

    Don’t count on the politicized, racist, Holder Justice Department doing anything to actually uphold the law. It could hardly be worse if Al Sharpton were the Attorney General.

  • Jack

    Remember, Wisconsin bans concealed carry by “the common person”.

  • Somewhat Reasonable Voice

    Just read on Michele Malkins site a post by Doug Powers and he said that it is the WISCONSIN DOJ that is investigating. I hope so.

  • Ginger

    Does the Wisconsin DOJ report to the governor or the racist Holder?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Once the DOJ finds the sender of that letter, all he has to do is to openly declare his allegiance to the New Black Panthers and Holder’s Injustice Department will then bend over backwards to find a reason NOT to prosecute. After all, black lawyers in the Injustice Department believe very deeply that the nation’s laws were meant to be enforced based on race.

  • RedBeard

    #62: That is a good thing. Maybe the Wisconsin DOJ actually cares about facts and truth, rather than the Holderesque: “New Black Panthers? Where? Billy clubs? Voter intimidation? Nah, I didn’t see anything. It didn’t happen.”

  • Muffin

    Well the first person I’d look at is that foul-mouthed Dem that threatened to kill the female Repub. He had some sort of prostitution arrest also, I think. There’s your starting point.

    Completely nutzo these people.

  • dunce

    This justice dept. will destroy any evidence it finds to protect the guilty.

  • LOL

    And who’s purpose does this serve? Certainly not the protestor’s. You fools get suckered in so easily.

  • Rob Crawford

    Yes, “LOL”, it’s clearly a conspiracy. You leftists never commit violence, it’s always provocateurs. Even when your thugs are on tape, it’s not their fault, is it? They’re just animals acting on instinct, no more to blame than a wounded dog is to blame for biting.


  • LOL

    Rob Crawford, please learn to think for yourself not with the sheep. The only ‘thugs’ I’ve seen on tape of a violent demonstration in Wisconsin had palm trees in the background. LOL!!

  • donh

    The redacted signature is ….Sincerely, Barry Soetoro

  • Rob Crawford

    “The only ‘thugs’ I’ve seen on tape of a violent demonstration in Wisconsin had palm trees in the background. LOL!!”

    Talk about sheep! You’ve not bothered to do any research for yourself, have you?

    No wonder you’re named “LOL” — you’re a joke.

  • I was on a ustream.tv website (mijician’s channel) a few days ago (3-04-2011 to be exact) and witnessed this exchange:


    Note the delayed comment referring to the PB’s and ‘the TEA party is not there yet’.

    I don’t think they were serious, but, there it is in ‘print’ so to speak.


  • waicool

    I would surprised to learn Obama’s Eric Holder did not sign this letter.

  • The Tonester

    To do list for Author of Threat Letter!
    1. The police already know who you are so put on some clean underwear.
    2. Pick out your prison bitch name… make it catchy!
    3. Being that you will not be needed at your union job for a few decades file for a membership waiver.
    4. Start looking for a public defender.
    5. Work on your insanity plea by dressing up as cheap hooker when they arrest you.

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  • Crabby1

    Those threats were written by the Wisconsin republicans!!!

  • Jimi

    What does terrorism look like, yeah. It’s a sad day when the deranged come out to play. I concur it’s probably some extremist nutjob, who doesn’t think things through. Could you imagine the response if even one of these reps gets hurt or killed? There would be no place safe for any Union boss/ family anywhere at state or national level. The Tea Party would hunt them down and slice through them like butter. There would be nothing that would be able to stop them. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail.

  • The Tonester


    Nice police work! How did you do that?

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  • decentAmerican

    Curious….that nutjob extremist poster “aairon later”, who seems to lurk everywhere around here like a foul odor, seems to be silent on this issue.

    Even he can’t defend yet another example of the intolerance and hatred that the lefty nutjobs exhibit on a regular basis, as they prey to their Obama-idol.

  • mercador

    #78 I concur it’s probably some extremist nutjob, who doesn’t think things through. You mean The Zero.

  • jimg

    All talk and no walk. Trust me.

    I used to work for a high-ranking Republican lawmaker, and we’d get threats like this all the time.

    My favorite was the guy who promised to bury us in his garden so he could grow a good crop of potatoes next year.

    Believe me, those who write missives like this are cowards. They think they can strike fear just by using words. They’re cowards.

    It’s the ones who don’t make verbal and written threats who are the ones you need to worry about.

    This guy? Just another keyboard warrior.

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  • BJ

    this is email sent to Kapanke from one of these sick twistled thugs it stated :

    We will hunt you down,We will slit your throats,we will drink your blood and it goes on about

    hanging them in the center square. This freak believes his a vampire.

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  • Edcation News, None of it Good

    Among other understandings, teachers of America’s elementary and high school students were always expected to set examples for their students.

    Aside from the obvious of not seducing their students, public school teachers were expected to establish a certain sense of decorum, which mandate in my school district incorporated into the union contract the allowance: “Male teachers are permitted to remove their jackets in the classroom.”

    Times have changed. Radically.

    Teacher-student assignations have become almost commonplace, student behavior has gone far beyond tossing spitballs and chewing gum, and teacher dress codes have gone the way of high-buttoned shoes. Aside from teachers hitting on students, other behavioral modifications on the part of teachers are much less forgivable, especially when the example they are setting is one of extreme misbehavior and lawlessness.

    Teachers and other public servants in Wisconsin have the same rights accorded to every American under the First Amendment to the Constitution’s prohibition against infringement on freedom of speech, interference with the right to peaceably assemble, and the right of petitioning governmental redress of grievances.

    What teachers do not have the right or privilege to do is to disgrace themselves and their profession, to break laws, to interfere with government functions, or to shamelessly trash both their profession and themselves by allowing teacher and outside thugs to direct and dictate their criminal activities: http://tiny.cc/2j0b9

    In Wisconsin, teachers protesting new Republican Governor Scott Walker’s attempts to clean up the fiscal mess he inherited have reached new lows in their efforts to resist limitations on collective bargaining rights.

    Despite Walker’s offers of compromise, Wisconsin “educators” have abandoned their classroom responsibilities by calling in sick in droves, falsifying medical “sick notes,” committing outright slander against their duly-elected representatives, and resorting to the same bullying tactics they decry in their schools, all of which are condoned by the nation’s Bully-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama

    Acting more like semi-civilized Third Worlders instead of American student role models, their protests are costing millions. . .
    (Read more at http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=3839)

  • holymosy

    yea some of you people are right when you say its probably the right wing nuts that sent those death threats because the unions will not warn them. Just because a dictator says its the law, don’t make it so. And you never sit down and shut up unless you want this country to become like Libya! Go unions! Get this country back for the middle class and take it out of the greedy hands of the dictator Republicans! You have 80% support of all Americans!
    The rest of them are either dictators are just the very ignorant so they don’t count!

  • kjsatx99

    again on glenn beck, judge napolitanio showed an email to the wi state senate leader, and it was scarier, all it had was like a line or two and said we are coming to your house and there is a bullet for you. some of the threats included their families and kids.

  • Millitant Conservative

    #89 March 10, 2011 at 4:59 pm
    holymosy commented:

    Lenin called people like you “usefull idiots”. Your the uninlightened dunce.

    The communist/Socialist movment has infiltrated and are firmly entrenched in the Democrat and union organizations. AFL/CIO etc. SEIU=Van Jones self professed progressive.

    Your not listening nor doing your homework. I however have been doing this crap for over two decades. There are plenty of Republican RINOS that are also progressives.

    America is not a socialist nation nor will it become one, The TPM is making sure of this.

    P.S. your 80% brain dead and just pulling this out your ass.

    Powder is dry

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  • JayM

    This is not just a threat to Wisconsin lawmakers… it is a genuine threat to our entire country. The events of the last several weeks have brought forth a serious question… will we, as a nation, allow our democratic republic to be subverted by mob rule? We all know that Wisconsin is not the first state to address union issues, however, it has become the proverbial ‘test case’ whose outcome will set a precedent for many other states dealing with similar problems.

    It goes without saying that the individuals who have threatened the lives of the Wisconsin state officials and their families must be found and brought to justice. But it is also time to examine the powerful role of those who have instigated and encouraged this escalating anarchy through their rhetoric. This list would necessarily include Richard Trumka and union spokesmen, outspoken Democratic representatives, the main stream media, Jesse Jackson and Michael Moore, as well as President Obama and the deliberate interference of his own political arm, Organizing for America, into a state matter – as there is ample evidence that the protesters bussed in from other states (by OFA) have added to the unmitigated chaos at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

    This should be followed by a congressional hearing into the escalating threat of “Leftwing Extremism” in our country. The threat to local, state and federal officials, as well as anyone opposed to the leftwing agenda can no longer be ignored or tolerated. The ensuant report should, in all reality, act as a replacement for the bogus warning memo on “Rightwing Extremism” issued by Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security in April of 2009, as this “threat” has proven to be essentially nonexistent.

    The need for a restoration of law and order, as well as accountability, is apparent to all clear-thinking Americans. It should also be noted that when the union protesters chant, “this is what democracy looks like,” the vast majority of our citizens would vehemently reply, “no, it is not.” Mob rule is, without a doubt, completely and utterly un-American.

  • feduptoo

    Why can’t the lefties figure out that “greed” and “envy” are not far apart, and neither one are good traits to have?

    Hey lefties, we are paying far too much in school tax………and I have never, ever had children, nor been pregnant!

    Why should I pay for this?

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  • Lmao, you’ve got to be kidding?This is a fake email put out by the Nazi republican faction out there, doing what they can to appear the victims.You freaks will fall for anything.But then, you’re the most uneducated lot out there, so it goes to show what a bunch of idiots you are.
    As for the email,POWER TO THE PEOPLE!If it is true, watch yer backs lowlifes. I wouldn’t lose one days sleep over your demise.”How appropriate it would be. Wisconsin ,the birth place of the republican party,shall be it’s final resting place. (THE REPUBLICAN PARTY) So as not to confuse it with an individual,but the party as a whole. It was born here, it shall be laid to rest here.ON WISCONSIN!Gear up , it’s going to be a long bumpy ride.

  • Surprised

    I can’t believe how partisan and insane so many discussions in the US have become. Everyone who posted these absurd comments above – or the exact equivalent crap you can find on, say, the Huffington Post – needs to do some reflection.

    Referring to the president as the Criminal in Chief, Erik Holder as Racist holder, or similar digs at Sarah Palin and whatnot are entirely unhelpful. Each side says horrible things and then defends themselves by saying that the other side said worse things – it’s like watching children squabble!

    Just take a second. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Spell check your comment. Whatever it takes! The level of discourse in this country needs to be seriously elevated.

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  • Sanchez


    WHERE THE HELL IS GABBY GIFFORDS AND THE MSM??????????????????????????

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