UNREAL. Obama Administration Announces Creation of Conservation Youth Corps of America

Just when you thought this radical administration was ready to cut back on their socialist agenda they surprise you with another shockingly radical initiative.

Team Obama announced this week the formation of their American Conservation Youth Corps.

Indoctrinated and ready to fight for a socialist America.

P/Oed Patriot described Obama’s latest socialist initiative.

According to a Video released today by the White House, the Obama Administration is going to create the 21st Century Conservation Youth Service Core through the Great Outdoors Initiative. .In the Video the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, says:

“Just about a month ago the President announced The America’s Great Outdoors Initiative. It is an effort to create the 21st Century Conservation Program for the United States of America. An absolute key component of that program is the engagement of young people in conservation across America. To that end we have included in the report the creation of a 21st Century Conservation Corps for America. We want young people to be involved with us..”

Now what is the 21st Century Conservation Youth Service Corps?

Well according to Youthgo.gov:

“The 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) builds upon and leverages the experience and expertise of existing federal, state and non-profit programs, including the United States Youth Conservation Corps, Corps programs through partnerships with the Corps Network, as well as many other federal and non-federal conservation and youth organizations. These corps facilitate conservation service work on public lands and encourage a new generation of natural resource managers and environmental scientists.

Through the 21CSC America’s young people will be indoctrinatoed to play a key role in “reducing the impacts of climate change on our natural resources.”

You may wonder why they want to include the bogus climate change information in the agenda to begin with? Well according to a speech given by Ken Salazar in 2009 in front of 12,000 young people he said:

You gathered here with powershift 09 as young people from the ages of 18-30 you are the engines of change, you are the engines of change.

I’m here tonight for Barack Obama because he is an agent of change.

But we can not accomplish the change we need to accomplish for our world, for our country, for our communities, for all of you, for all of our families unless we have the young people of our country and the world involved.

That’s the purpose of this new Obama initiative. To indoctrinate America’s youth so that they will push for more radical socialist anti-energy redistributive policies.

Here’s the video of last week’s announcement.

And, of course, you are paying for the indoctrination with your tax dollars.
These radicals never stop.

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  • Andreas K.

    Why do parts of Salazar’s speech remind me of the Hitler Youth song?

    Also reminds me of the foundation of the Hitler Youth itself. Eventually it gobbled up all other groups for kids, or those were banned outright. The socialists in Eastern Europe and across the world did similar things. It’s always like that.

    “These corps facilitate conservation service work on public lands and encourage a new generation of natural resource managers and environmental scientists.”

    Which means: We will create the enviro-nazi stormtroopers of the future. No drilling! No oil! No nukes! No coal!

  • ExDem in Mich

    And where is the money coming from for such a cause? Doesn’t he have to get the blessing of both houses of Congress? The House had better tell him NO or we can forget 2012. Can you say “Barack Re-Election Corps”?

  • http://www.planettron.com NickDeringer

    Once they get your kids, it’s all over.

  • southernsue

    nick, that is why it is important, as parents to teach our kids the values that we hold dear. too many parents are not teaching their children to be proud of their country. a child that has strong loving parents will not be swayed, i have seen this over and over.

    stand up as parents and find a way to make your child proud to be an american, turn the tv off.

  • Mueller

    Do I hear the ,”International”, in the background?

    The Black Panthers writ large.

  • squeaky

    i’m sure the high unemployment rate in that group will feed into this plan. maybe that was the original goal of raising the minimum wage? create large groups of unemployed.

  • http://www.politipage.com Kevin

    I remember the media portraying Salazar as a new breed of moderate western Dems.

    His time at the Interior, however, has shown him to be a far left nutbag, replete with faux cowboy hat.

  • squeaky

    [We’re holding Camp OFA training sessions across the country, to make sure that OFA supporters like you have the skills you’ll need to make it happen. You’ll hear from local community organizers, volunteers, and staff on the best ways to organize local events and build neighborhood teams, how to make the case…] from almost a year ago but you know it will continue. setting up a series of camps [for lack of a better word] that are innocent appearing on face value [getting the kids off the streets and teaching discipline – what could go wrong] but when joined as one by a central force…….you have to listen to the undercurrent.

  • TheTriGuy

    “Which means: We will create the enviro-nazi stormtroopers of the future. No drilling! No oil! No nukes! No coal!”

    But Andreas, how will we power the electric Volts that GE bought but that you and I pay for? Someone please tell me that wind and solar power will save us all!

    Actually, as far as his “corpse” goes, I’m very surprised he didn’t start this much sooner as a way of stimulating the economy. Wait…he did though. Wonder how that worked? Or is this just anoother group he can add to the Barry Boys he already has on hand?

  • RedBeard

    Will there be snappy uniforms? Youth “corpses” are no good without snappy uniforms.

  • Lacey

    NAZISIM pure and simple. Indoctrinate the youth about the agenda. Then they start telling on their parents to the government and it is OVER. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!!!!!!!! Sorry for the screaming, but this is really the beginning of the end if this is allowed to go forward. Boehner and Co. better STOP this NOW. If the people in this country do not wake up and get away from the Final Four, American Idol, Glee, etc. we will not recognize America anymore. I already don’t. It is not the country I grew up in for 56 years. This government has to be stopped.

  • MN Jim

    Thanks to the public school system, my kids were libs until they got their first paycheck, looked at the taxes withheld and said “WTF?”

  • RedBeard

    Ok, you House Republicans, show your steel and defund this mess. Now. No more wishy-washy compromising and useless attempts at bipartisanship. Stand up, speak up, be counted.

  • donh
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  • P. Aaron

    What was Amerika-Corps, that Clinton kid-initiative all about? Don’t we have enough gov’t-tainted kis groups out there?

    Of course, it’s going to be more conservation oriented than the…UH…Boy Scouts?!!

    BSA did this stuff with their eyes closed and did it better.

  • donh

    There won’t be uniforms ….The boys will go shirtless to encourage that aryan race bromance of the brave new world. The environmental conservation plan is to reduce human breeding through homosexual indoctrination….A growing population of human beings is the biggest threat to our environemnt.. http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/posters/rad.jpg

  • gastorgrab

    That adds another plank to the GOP 2013 platform; De-Obamafication of American Youth

  • tennismom

    We need a law to prevent the President from creating programs w/o Congressional oversight.

    We should hope conservative members of Congress speak out against this & is possible defund it.

    What a lot of ‘youth’ would like to do after high school is get a well-paying job in construction or the oil industry, but under Obummler that don’t be happenin’.

  • gastorgrab

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