UNREAL. Obama Administration Announces Creation of Conservation Youth Corps of America

Just when you thought this radical administration was ready to cut back on their socialist agenda they surprise you with another shockingly radical initiative.

Team Obama announced this week the formation of their American Conservation Youth Corps.

Indoctrinated and ready to fight for a socialist America.

P/Oed Patriot described Obama’s latest socialist initiative.

According to a Video released today by the White House, the Obama Administration is going to create the 21st Century Conservation Youth Service Core through the Great Outdoors Initiative. .In the Video the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, says:

“Just about a month ago the President announced The America’s Great Outdoors Initiative. It is an effort to create the 21st Century Conservation Program for the United States of America. An absolute key component of that program is the engagement of young people in conservation across America. To that end we have included in the report the creation of a 21st Century Conservation Corps for America. We want young people to be involved with us..”

Now what is the 21st Century Conservation Youth Service Corps?

Well according to Youthgo.gov:

“The 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) builds upon and leverages the experience and expertise of existing federal, state and non-profit programs, including the United States Youth Conservation Corps, Corps programs through partnerships with the Corps Network, as well as many other federal and non-federal conservation and youth organizations. These corps facilitate conservation service work on public lands and encourage a new generation of natural resource managers and environmental scientists.

Through the 21CSC America’s young people will be indoctrinatoed to play a key role in “reducing the impacts of climate change on our natural resources.”

You may wonder why they want to include the bogus climate change information in the agenda to begin with? Well according to a speech given by Ken Salazar in 2009 in front of 12,000 young people he said:

You gathered here with powershift 09 as young people from the ages of 18-30 you are the engines of change, you are the engines of change.

I’m here tonight for Barack Obama because he is an agent of change.

But we can not accomplish the change we need to accomplish for our world, for our country, for our communities, for all of you, for all of our families unless we have the young people of our country and the world involved.

That’s the purpose of this new Obama initiative. To indoctrinate America’s youth so that they will push for more radical socialist anti-energy redistributive policies.

Here’s the video of last week’s announcement.

And, of course, you are paying for the indoctrination with your tax dollars.
These radicals never stop.

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  • Andreas K.

    Why do parts of Salazar’s speech remind me of the Hitler Youth song?

    Also reminds me of the foundation of the Hitler Youth itself. Eventually it gobbled up all other groups for kids, or those were banned outright. The socialists in Eastern Europe and across the world did similar things. It’s always like that.

    “These corps facilitate conservation service work on public lands and encourage a new generation of natural resource managers and environmental scientists.”

    Which means: We will create the enviro-nazi stormtroopers of the future. No drilling! No oil! No nukes! No coal!

  • ExDem in Mich

    And where is the money coming from for such a cause? Doesn’t he have to get the blessing of both houses of Congress? The House had better tell him NO or we can forget 2012. Can you say “Barack Re-Election Corps”?

  • Once they get your kids, it’s all over.

  • southernsue

    nick, that is why it is important, as parents to teach our kids the values that we hold dear. too many parents are not teaching their children to be proud of their country. a child that has strong loving parents will not be swayed, i have seen this over and over.

    stand up as parents and find a way to make your child proud to be an american, turn the tv off.

  • Mueller

    Do I hear the ,”International”, in the background?

    The Black Panthers writ large.

  • squeaky

    i’m sure the high unemployment rate in that group will feed into this plan. maybe that was the original goal of raising the minimum wage? create large groups of unemployed.

  • I remember the media portraying Salazar as a new breed of moderate western Dems.

    His time at the Interior, however, has shown him to be a far left nutbag, replete with faux cowboy hat.

  • squeaky

    [We’re holding Camp OFA training sessions across the country, to make sure that OFA supporters like you have the skills you’ll need to make it happen. You’ll hear from local community organizers, volunteers, and staff on the best ways to organize local events and build neighborhood teams, how to make the case…] from almost a year ago but you know it will continue. setting up a series of camps [for lack of a better word] that are innocent appearing on face value [getting the kids off the streets and teaching discipline – what could go wrong] but when joined as one by a central force…….you have to listen to the undercurrent.

  • TheTriGuy

    “Which means: We will create the enviro-nazi stormtroopers of the future. No drilling! No oil! No nukes! No coal!”

    But Andreas, how will we power the electric Volts that GE bought but that you and I pay for? Someone please tell me that wind and solar power will save us all!

    Actually, as far as his “corpse” goes, I’m very surprised he didn’t start this much sooner as a way of stimulating the economy. Wait…he did though. Wonder how that worked? Or is this just anoother group he can add to the Barry Boys he already has on hand?

  • RedBeard

    Will there be snappy uniforms? Youth “corpses” are no good without snappy uniforms.

  • Lacey

    NAZISIM pure and simple. Indoctrinate the youth about the agenda. Then they start telling on their parents to the government and it is OVER. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!!!!!!!! Sorry for the screaming, but this is really the beginning of the end if this is allowed to go forward. Boehner and Co. better STOP this NOW. If the people in this country do not wake up and get away from the Final Four, American Idol, Glee, etc. we will not recognize America anymore. I already don’t. It is not the country I grew up in for 56 years. This government has to be stopped.

  • MN Jim

    Thanks to the public school system, my kids were libs until they got their first paycheck, looked at the taxes withheld and said “WTF?”

  • RedBeard

    Ok, you House Republicans, show your steel and defund this mess. Now. No more wishy-washy compromising and useless attempts at bipartisanship. Stand up, speak up, be counted.

  • donh
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  • P. Aaron

    What was Amerika-Corps, that Clinton kid-initiative all about? Don’t we have enough gov’t-tainted kis groups out there?

    Of course, it’s going to be more conservation oriented than the…UH…Boy Scouts?!!

    BSA did this stuff with their eyes closed and did it better.

  • donh

    There won’t be uniforms ….The boys will go shirtless to encourage that aryan race bromance of the brave new world. The environmental conservation plan is to reduce human breeding through homosexual indoctrination….A growing population of human beings is the biggest threat to our environemnt.. http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/posters/rad.jpg

  • gastorgrab

    That adds another plank to the GOP 2013 platform; De-Obamafication of American Youth

  • tennismom

    We need a law to prevent the President from creating programs w/o Congressional oversight.

    We should hope conservative members of Congress speak out against this & is possible defund it.

    What a lot of ‘youth’ would like to do after high school is get a well-paying job in construction or the oil industry, but under Obummler that don’t be happenin’.

  • gastorgrab

    Child Soldiers — Driven by Fear and Hate

    On April 17, 1975, the Khmer Rouge captured Phnom Penh, starting a four-year reign of terror in Cambodia. RFA’s chief editor Dan Southerland visits battlefields he covered as a war correspondent from 1970-75.
    The soldiers were taught to believe that the city dwellers were “capitalists” who refused to join the revolution. They were instructed to show “class hatred” towards these “enemies.”

  • Ginger

    This needs to be tweeted and all over facebook to tell the young adults the truth! They must be warned not to join.

    We need to march on Washington to expose what he is up too and send Congress a big stong message!

    Oh Lord, what next? We knew this was on his agenda. DEFUND! Sorry I have this awful gut feeling that Boehner is in bed with the Commies! Come on our newly elected republicans get loud!

  • truth teller

    The new core will be made up of low-IQ slobs and degenerates…

    My children will never succumb to these idiots…will protect them with all the firepower that hell can unleash…

  • Militant Conservative

    Wonder how much combat training the kids will recieve?

    Powder is dry.

  • BPatMan

    Click through to “Youth Jobs” tab at the American Conservation Youth Corps web site (http://youthgo.gov/jobs) and you will see that over half of the first twenty jobs available are for Correctional Officers. Scary, to say the least!

  • At the behest of the government, we have long ago stopped teaching our children HOW to think. Unfortunately, we now teach them WHAT to think instead.

    In the 60’s there was a healthy liberal doctrine that questioned governmental authority and “society” and encouraged the open examination about everything we were given as pabulum from “the establishment”. This type of critical thinking brought about the civil rights movement and a push for women’s equality because we all questioned that which came to us from the elites of government. The benefit of that doctrine was that people were taught to think for themselves and to look critically at anything that came down from “the man”.

    Now, liberalism has come 180 degrees and is putting forth the word from “the man” as doctrine that we should infuse into the minds of our children.

    This is beyond absurd. How can they miss this about-face and abandonment of critical thinking and pursuit of individualism?

  • jomojava the infidel

    RedBeard #10 March:
    Will there be snappy uniforms? Youth “corpses” are no good without snappy uniforms.

    And there’s nothing like a crisp goosestep to enhance the snappy uniform…

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  • antoinette wisneski

    Just another crazy PROGRAM, THAT IS UNCONSTITIONAL. The Republican Congress better take a hard stand on this.
    Plus how many parents will let their children take part in this Socialist-Communist program??
    Just another thing to lower his “FAVORABLE RATINGS”.

    We must stop “NOBAMA” IN 2012, if not sooner.

  • JDW

    “You gathered here with powershift 09 as young people from the ages of 18-30 you are the engines of change, you are the engines of change.”

    Since when is 18 to 30 years old considered youth? This is military age! Instead of “Brown Shirts”, it will be “Green Shirts”!

  • gastorgrab

    Hugo Boss got his start in the fashion industry by designing the Nazi SS uniforms.

    I wonder if he’s still available?

  • ditto

    I dont see much of anyone signing up for this. 2 years ago, maybe. Now? Not a chance in he11 will this work.

  • Carlos

    Will the Youth Corps be forced to swear an oath of allegiance to Adolph, uh, I mean Barack?

    Folks, we have been infiltrated by the usurpers, and it’s time to start acting up about it!

  • I. Hate ObamaCommie

    Congress BETTER defund it. Time to home school or send your kids to private schools. Keep them away from the sesspool of liberalism.

  • Kay

    Michelle has a history with these kinds of camps:

    Michelle’s Boot Camps For Radicals
    Posted 09/05/2008 09:54 PM ET
    Barack Obama was a founding member of the board of Public Allies in 1992, resigning before his wife became executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies in 1993.

    …One of those -isms is “heterosexism,” which a Public Allies training seminar in Chicago describes as a negative byproduct of “capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and male-dominated privilege.”
    The government now funds about half of Public Allies’ expenses through Clinton’s AmeriCorps. Obama wants to fully fund it and expand it into a national program that some see costing $500 billion

  • Bill Fabrizio

    “Mmm, mmm, mmm! Barack Hussein Obama”!

    “Hide, hide, hide! He’s about to imprison your Mama”!

    “Lie, lie, lie! He won’t accept no Drama”!

    “Mmm, mmm, mmm! Barack Hussein Obama”!

  • Big L

    we haf a vone partei govt. The the DemoKrats und der veak helpers-das GOP.
    No defund on anything. Just schmooze the electorate.Remember that the Health care Program is where we can go once we lose an election, however rare that is. That is our permanent source for $200,000 easy jobs . Or we can lobby the healthcare machine for even more money. That is our money-machine… we can never get rid of it.

  • Joanne

    These radicals never stop because no one or group of Americans is stopping them. All socialists indoctrinate the youth to do their bidding.

  • greg

    Diversion, diversion Salazar is in deep trouble over the oil industry, jobs, price of gas, permit withholding, appelate ccourt rulings etc. Youth corps is a set up to divert attention. Barack is in trouble and he diverts attention by throwing half a billion dollars worth of missiles at Libya with no defined purpose.

  • MAJ Mike

    I can just hear the youthful voices rising in song with “Tomorrow Belongs to Us!” The Nanny State moves forward into every part of our lives.

  • wow

    I was under the impression that the Scouts and various and sundry schools and organizations already do this kind of work voluntarily without having to be told to do so. Are they channeling the Hitlerjungend much?


  • gastorgrab

    When you get right down to it, ‘non-conformity’ is just another standard to conform to.

    Will the applicants be allowed to keep their given names? Will they be given new progressive names, to reflect their liberation FROM individual thought and responsibility?


    “The Smallest Minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

    – Ayn Rand

  • Taqiyyotomist

    This was all predicted more than two years ago, by all of us in the right-o-sphere.

    Also, it was all predicated, in the 1930s, in Germany. Go figure.

    Sad shame we’re gonna have to see mass graves in America. But that’s what’s coming at the hands of these never-changing Satan-spawn Communist/Socialists, if they get their way.

    Treblinka: West, coming soon to the U.S.A. It’s all they have ever wanted.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    And they’re stealing the language again, par for the course for these hyper-Orwellians, by calling this thing “conservative”.


  • Taqiyyotomist


    OMG. Orwell’s fiction has become reality.

  • did the american people say that they wanted the creation of a youth bund? contact your congressman to tell them you don’t want this horrible creation.

  • John

    This should be defunded and terminated.

    We already have the Boyscouts

  • lol

    2012 can’t get here soon enough. The rino republicans better not even think of jumping on this indoctrination band wagon.

  • StrangernFiction

    With CO2 being plant food, these are the true brown shirts.

  • Agent 99

    Taq! Got me too! Then i reread the title. It is CONSERVATION.
    In the Video did anyone notice that ‘recently’ Colleges now require “SERVICE” before than can Graduate???
    That is very very scary and wrong. ((I was required to Volunteer in order to fulfill Sociology Grad requirements)) At that time, it meant going afield with the Police/Fireman/Ammbulance.
    Or to a Mission or to a Drug Clinic for Drug Abusers.
    But the difference here is that was just for Sociology and it was a Civic thing such as the aforementioned Police,FireFighters. Or Ambulance. Or State Hospitals. Or assisting in DeTox @ Clinics. And it was just for that Course. THIS IS DIFFERENT.
    And believe it or not, many Youth passionately believe in Green, Green, Green. So unless this is stopped, as the summer advances, Mau-MauBamba will get his Private Civilian “military” Force.
    And THX to Kay @ # 34. I have been searching for that same Article about MO’s Militant Camps….

  • JPL17

    No doubt they’ll have a theme song too. Ready…altogether now:

    “B. Obama, uber alles…”

  • Agent 99

    #49. So glad you brought that up. To attempt to explain to a Greenie that CO2 is a requirement for Green is worse than ‘pulling teeth’ Even Adults cannot accept the Truth.
    Krebs Cycle. (or similiar)

  • Agent 99

    From Kay @ 34
    The Obamas discourage work in the private sector. “Don’t go into corporate America,” Michelle has exhorted youth. “Work for the community. Be social workers.” Shun the “money culture,” Barack added. “Individual salvation depends on collective salvation.”

    And The “Collective Salvation” is code speak for ISLASISMIST/FASCIST ideas.
    “We will join force via COLLECTIVE SALVATION” to achieve our Goals ” AS IN:
    Even though you are Jihadist and we are Commies, we will join together to get what we want through COLLECTIVE SALVATION.
    BHO says this quite often.

  • StrangernFiction

    I knew when I saw this, we were in BIG TROUBLE!

  • PJ

    The indoctrination is already too far gone. Enviro wacko schools funded privately: http://tinyurl.com/4d6qtbj

    The Nixon Library teaching kids how bad our founders were, now that the gubmint controls it: http://tinyurl.com/4bumc3q

  • auntie em

    Time to start our own youth movement. Conservative Christian values.

  • StrangernFiction

    #45 March 21, 2011 at 10:00 am
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    Yes, the chief purpose of this “CONSERVATION” Corpse is to DESTROY liberty.

  • StrangernFiction

    #52 March 21, 2011 at 10:34 am
    Agent 99 commented:

    Collective madness

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  • FeFe

    “These radicals never stop.” Because the Republicans never make them. Does anyone really think this program will ever be defunded? The House holds the purse strings and they wont put out a budget that line items zero funding for NPR let alone Planned Parenthood right now. Weasels. I blame Sarah Palin. If she hadn’t gone all ‘stay with the Republican party’ then the TEA party might have had another election cycle start to defeating RINOs.

  • StrangernFiction

    “These radicals never stop.” Because the Republicans never make them.

    Bingo! The Republicans in DC, collectively, are at best simply enablers of the ‘rats.

  • Jen

    Well, I am in the important age group – didn’t work on me Ken.. But yes, worry about this bullsh*t when our economy is in tatters and our President is off negotiating deals for oil we have in our own group.

    Worst Administration Ever!!

  • mueller

    Wanna bet one of the summer courses is going to be marksmanship.

    Party membership cards will be issued for the first 100 to sign up!!!

    It isn’t so much unexpected as depressing in its predictability.

  • dunce

    This is the leftists answer to the boy scouts rejection of pedophile scout leaders. Sex indoctrination will be a major part of this group. They are not satisfied with the hours they control your children during school hours. Like schools, they will try to make it mandatory.

  • darcy

    To John Gargano @#25

    I must challenge your conclusions about the benefits derived from “critical thinking” as you describe them. Unless an individual is grounded in certain universal concepts of what is good, or true, or noble, or virtuous, then all that critical thinking will do is to open up the mind to all manner of destructive and nihilistic ideas.

    I do not believe for one moment that “women’s equality” has been the benefit to society that you imply; no, I believe it was among the targeted goals of the communists to weaken the family unit. Whatever possible benefits society might be deriving from so-called women’s equality, the negatives outpace them by a wide margin — as we see today that motherhood and homemakers are portrayed as hicks and philistines by our Hollywood media culture; in order to have value to society, women must be making a name for themselves in the workplace. Our family cohesiveness suffers incalculably; divorce is rampant; school indoctrination finds little resistance from a two-paycheck family, the parents barely able to just to keep the house clean, let alone challenge, or even examine school curriculum. Read Red Feminism by Kate Weigand (a feminist) to see for yourself that the Marxist project cannot succeed unless the women are redirected from their calling to nurture their own children and promote healthy families.

    The second item you cite is civil rights. Let me refer you to this article for some insight about how it has been used to further weaken our nation, our Founding strengths:

    How the 1964 Civil Rights Act made racial group entitlements inevitable

  • dreadpiratk

    “Time to start our own youth movement. Conservative Christian values.”

    It’s called the Boy Scouts.

  • To Darcy #66

    I would respectfully like to submit that you may have missed the larger point of my post.

    I believe our government sponsored public schools are doing our children a disservice by engaging in indoctrination which is nothing more then a very transparent attempt to build up their constituency through rather nefarious means.

    That said, I can hardly believe that anyone would say that civil rights and equal rights were part of the communist movement to weaken the family unit in America. I would further submit that such an opinion is WAY outside of the mainstream of civilized discourse in America today. If you are truly proud of such a statement, I would encourage you to reveal your identity instead of hiding behind the anonymity of your post. While the way left fringe of feminism is indeed a bit whacked out, as are those who denigrate family values, in my opinion, it was of benefit to us all, that the daughters of America were brought into the economy and encouraged to realize their fullest potential in life as God intended for them. Same for civil rights for all minorities.

    My point in bringing up the tenets of the liberal movements of the 60’s was to illustrate that the liberals have totally lost their way since that time. No longer is the Democratic Party about being a free thinking individual and self realization AS THEY USED TO SAY IT WAS. Today its all about being a lemming, a union thug, an anarchist, a squander of taxpayer’s money, and a recipient of government largess to the detriment of one’s self and our nation as a whole.

    It seems we simply disagree.

  • ExDem in Mich

    Don’t worry, it’s not YOUR kids they want. Their ranks will be filled by all the ‘underprivileged’ kids – little Democrats-to-be, future ACORN members. And they will be taught to HATE capitalists. Our republic will be in dire trouble if this is allowed to happen. Pull out all the stops – if funding is denied by Congress, is that enough? What’s to stop private funders, like Soros?

  • crackermike

    Obama wants to be able to beat down any opposition in the streets. This union thug thing’s not turning out to well, but hey, who could be against KIDS as the agent of the beat down?? Isn’t it all “for the CHILDREN”? Interestingly, surviving ex Hitler Youth children from Germany are screaming warnings all over the place, DON’T let it happen again. The msm are all for it of course and the stupidity of these “learned” people is astounding.

  • darcy

    To John Gargano @#68

    You seem to have misunderstood my point about the civil rights movement; I referenced it as you did, but in demonstrating that the unintended (?) consequences of it reflect what happens when critical thinking does not begin with a grounding in universal concepts of the good, etc.

    Have you taken the trouble to read the link I referenced, the paper entitled:
    How the 1964 Civil Rights Act Made Racial Group Entitlements Inevitable?

    It was uncalled for for you to suggest that my thinking in these matters is “out of the mainstream of civilized discourse.” I was engaging in civilized discourse — your failure to see that tells against you, not me.

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  • aprilnovember811

    And Boehner, Cantor, and the rest of the losers who voted to fund Obamacare can’t defund this can they? Obama and the media might say BOO! causing them to run and hide under their little desks.

  • aprilnovember811

    We need to remove Rhinos. They aren’t effective at stopping this. Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, all need to go. We still have so much work to do.

  • Capt D

    This “program” is to be funded by a couple of billion that was hidden in the healtcare bill.

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  • maraz

    Did you see the kid asking a question at the 6:08 marker of the video… he’s obviously an Islamic terrorist wannabe

  • Andreas K.

    TheTriGuy commented:

    “But Andreas, how will we power the electric Volts that GE bought but that you and I pay for? Someone please tell me that wind and solar power will save us all!”

    With wind parks! And solar farms! And uh… burning food as fuel! With “renewable” energy. With something, that doesn’t exist.

    See, I really have to get this off my chest.

    “Renewable” energy doesn’t exist. It’s impossible. It violates the most basic laws of physics. Why? Because a system with renewable energy would be a perpetuum mobile and that is impossible.

    You can create energy, you can produce it, you can store (in extremely limited amounts for a certain amount of time), you can distribute it, you can use it. You cannot renew it. Once it’s used, it’s gone. You have to produce new energy from a source. That can be coal, nukes, wind, solar, water, anything.

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  • Wait til you see the bullying crap that’s coming toward the schools. It’s pretty bad. Not only did they make the kids take an intrusive survey, they’re accusing teachers of bullying, demanding time out of the school week EVERY week to indoctrinate and lecture, “training” teachers in identifying bullying (like what’s bullying…if you feel excluded you’ve been bullied) and then the DOJ is going to SUE school districts who don’t monitor Facebook for perceived bullying, even though some school districts don’t even allow teachers to be on Facebook. It reeks.

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  • wonderful

    is it not great that obama is the creator and savior of all things. right now he’s saving himself while creating new slave markets as china breaks the minimum wage bracket.

  • Craiger6

    So Obama lost ACORN because it was found in illegal activities. So now he’s trying to ligitimize his army of scoundrels to do his bidding at election time. I hope “Dennis the Menace” Kucinich gets traction on Obama’s impeachment. Funny, the guy who everyone said is an “alien” is the only Congressman who has any Kahoona’s.

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  • Jay

    Teaching kids to love their country is not going to fix the indoctrination problem. Adolph Hitler did that much and very effectively may I add. Teaching children to save the planet by starving and freezing themselves to death and walking everywhere they travel will not fix the problem either.

    The only way that you can fix this problem is by teaching your children the Word of God directly from the Bible and making sure that you live it before them. Most churches do not teach it any longer and very few parents learned it from the previous generation. In fact, most of the parents of today are so steeped in the evolutionary theory of Darwin, who admitted that he didn’t know how the first particle came into being, and in an attempt to ignore a Creator God Who demands their obedience, that these parents don’t have any idea what to teach their children. That’s why most of the worlds population is about to destroy itself. As one of the Old Testament Prophets said, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

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  • X

    ACORN II, with an eco-twist

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  • Guy

    Hell No AKA Barry Sotero!!!!!!!! We are a Republic Not a Democracy you are Supposed to be a Constitutional Scholar,What Happened BHO?

    Hello!! BSA GSA JOB Corps Were did all That go? Get Rid of the ACLU and we are halfway home,Get rid of the left wing Commies Like slick Willy and Hellary and Kick the Left Wing Hippies out And we have Won..You Know that BHO has Pushed Anti Gun Laws into Committee last week, another Unlawful,Ex Order What a Joke Especially His Wife and his Race..

    I Load and Reload as the Price of Transportation Rises Faster and Ammo Is going out beyond Control,Ladies and Gents we have witnessed the Entry into the final phase of
    time We are watching WW III Unfold no doubt about it.To hunt is to live to live is to hunt!

    Be Prepared Jesus is here Have Faith!

    Obama has helped the Fire Arms Ind in the last 2.5 years! and We will Not let Them Take Us Down! He is Blowing it out his Rear so Look Up and Believe or die trying!

    All Training Apps for my Range are full for the year, and real responsible Americans are ready to defend.We Will See bloodshed on our Soil If The Fed Govt does not Shut down the borders!! God Help Us All! We are in The Season of Final Hell upon Earth since 12/2006
    Hell has Ramped it up!

    Fires in the SW to the SE Again!,EQ on the Pacific Rim in 2010 Alone Volc Activity in AK, ICELAND EQ`in Chili, HAITI WOE unto Them that give suck unto the last days..Repent and become saved is all we have left God behind have mercy on us all!

  • RS

    Well, if you can’t get a job, you might as well be a brown shirt.

    I think I have seen this movie before, it was in black and white.

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