SHOCKING DISCOVERY: The Day After 9-11 Van Jones Led Rally Where They Cheered American Killers (Video)

Hero of the Left–
Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King reported recently at Big Government on a long lost video of Van Jones leading a rally in Oakland, California the day after 9-11 where they cheered the American killers.

BizzyBlog reported on this video back on September 8, 2009. But, Kristinn just recently captured some of Jones’ remarks at the rally. The video also shows one speaker praising the 9-11 attackers as heroes.

Disgusting… Yet this radical activist is still a hero on the left.

From the video:

At a rally in Oakland on the night after the 9/11 attacks Van Jones (at about the 4:38 mark; HT to commenter Merkava) tells a far-far-left audience that ….

– “It’s the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside the U.S. borders.”
– “We’ve got something stronger than bombs, we have solidarity. That dream of revolutionary change is stronger than bombs.”

So, was the White House aware of this when they hired this awful thug?

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  • Betsy

    No surprises here. Van Jones is a Marxist tool, tell us something we don’t know.
    But what’s with videos like this, where it looks like it’s been compressed a thousand times and is barely watchable? Who keeps doing this to videos? It’s so annoying! Do these people have tiny little hard drives or dial up connections or something?

  • Redpillpatriot

    It would have been neat if a jet returning back to base nearby could have accidentally jetisoned it’s fuel tanks onto this crowd at the same time they all fired up their bongs!

    Just a thought, what a bunch of pieces of TOTAL SH@T. I wish our troops didn’t have to see what scum they are fighting for. This country is 50% total SCUM!!!

  • Larkin

    van jones sounds just like presidential material to me.

    (cough, cough)

  • ConMan

    The chanting was way too annoying for me to watch it in full.

  • Rock

    And yet Big Sis and Holder have the nerve to go before the American people and suggest returning veterans could be terrorist, or those that believe in their Christian bibles may also succumb to acts of terror against America. Even those charged with the presidents safety while ignoring someone like Van Jones within the White House, respond with a riot squad on gray haired old ladies of the Tea Party.

  • Muffin

    Are we still acting shocked that Obama would hire people like this? All right then. But I am SO past this and on to impeachment….

  • IronDioPriest

    Of course the White House was aware. He was promoted precisely because of these radical views. There is no space between Van Jones and Barack Hussein Obama. They stand shoulder to shoulder. The only reason Jones is out of the White House and working on other facets of the Leftist movement is because Glenn Beck sunk his teeth in and wouldn’t let go, making Obama’s continued open alliance with Jones into a political liability.

  • Chippy

    Is Van aware that his brother is dropping bombs on his brothers all over Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq?

    Total drama queens!

  • MrGoodWench

    So, was the White House aware of this when they hired this awful thug?
    Why else was he hired? Remember Valerie Jarrett proudly proclaiming how this Obama’s vajayjay was being watched since his days in Oakland ?

  • Redwine

    Of course the regime knew, Jim. Don’t you remember the video with Hussein’s comrade in crime, Valerie Jarrett, where she speaks to an appreciative audience that they’ve been keeping “an eye” on Van Jones since Oakland? This is what happened in Oakland that made the WH Marxist-Islamist gang sit up and take notice.

  • Rock

    If only Frisco and Oakland had slipped into the ocean in the 1987 earthquake, the nation would be a much better place. Berkeley and its sick something for nothing sludge have been a economic and moral drain on the country for far too long.

  • donh

    There is that Yassir Arrafat Hamas scarf again around Van Jones’ neck…white with the black diamond pattern. When will the American people dare to consider 911 was indeed an inside job coordinated by Ameircan socialist agents allied with foreign islamic terrorists ? . …A new age nazi strike against the greedy zionist capitalist bankers of New York. The progressives are always the very evil they accuse upon their victims.

  • MrGoodWench
  • MrGoodWench
  • RickZ

    I remember an interview where Valerie Jarrett said ‘they had been watching Van Jones for a long time’. So I’d have to say YES, the White House knew exactly who and what Van Jones was and is, and were happy with it as he meshed perfectly with Precedent Jugears McDildo’s marxist beliefs.

  • Joe’s Garage

    It’s interesting that everyone focuses on the one Czar we DID get rid of. There are about 30-40 more creeping around.
    Want to make yourself sick? Go get a bucket and keep it next to you while you read up on Obama’s Safe Schools Czar – Kevin Jennings. Pedophile friendly, to say the least. There are mountains of information on this guy and all of it is absolutely horrifying.
    Not one of these Czars, not one – of the ones we know about – have been anything other than the worst kind of people a society can produce and all were handpicked by Obama.
    Final note – the Republicans have done less than nothing to get rid of them. Not one is gone yet. Correct me if I’m wrong but Glenn Beck was the only one who was able to remove a Czar and that was Van Jones.

  • Chippy

    Right now I am watching CSPAN2. They are airing a hearing from today regarding the “Implementing of the 911 Commission Recommendations”. The head of FBI has just said the government has not enacted a recommendation from the committee to secure “birth certificate authenticity”.

    Gee. I wonder why? We don’t even do that with people running for president.

  • Marsh626

    Yet more typical examples of self-proclaimed “anti-racist activists”, “civil rights activists” and “peace activists” really being the people full of racism and bigotry and violence. I gradually became aware of this when I was a hardcore leftist activist myself only a couple of years ago. It was very hard to accept at the time. My whole worldview had collapsed as I realized these self-proclaimed anti-racist, peace activists were really the most racist and violent people I knew. Ethnic nationalism, anti-white racism and full support for the enemies of our entire Western civilization is rampant in these leftist, “anti-racist”, “anti-war” groups and organizations. They’re the strongest and best organized advocates for bigotry and violence. It’s just directed at whites and Westerners so they get a free pass. They’re sexists, too. The leftist feminist movement is rife with misandric policies and ideas. I’ve been trying to warn people about what I saw, heard, read and did when I was on the Left. But it always falls on deaf ears.

  • jorgen

    Of course the WH knew. But I wonder what Obama was doing the day after 9/11?

  • StrangernFiction

    #16 March 30, 2011 at 11:50 pm
    Joe’s Garage commented:

    Evil, pure evil.