Obama: “I Refused to Wait for Images of Slaughter and Mass Graves Before Taking Action”

Barack Obama told America tonight:
“I refused to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action.”


Massacre in Syria

Protesters slaughtered by regime in Yemen

Regime moves in military on protesters in Bahrain

Barack Obama, who opposed the Dumb War in Iraq and won’t send troops to Syria, defended his kinetic military operation in Libya tonight.

To brush aside America’s responsibility as a leader and – more profoundly – our responsibilities to our fellow human beings under such circumstances would have been a betrayal of who we are. Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. The United States of America is different. And as President, I refused to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action.

Moreover, America has an important strategic interest in preventing Gaddafi from overrunning those who oppose him. A massacre would have driven thousands of additional refugees across Libya’s borders, putting enormous strains on the peaceful – yet fragile – transitions in Egypt and Tunisia. The democratic impulses that are dawning across the region would be eclipsed by the darkest form of dictatorship, as repressive leaders concluded that violence is the best strategy to cling to power. The writ of the UN Security Council would have been shown to be little more than empty words, crippling its future credibility to uphold global peace and security. So while I will never minimize the costs involved in military action, I am convinced that a failure to act in Libya would have carried a far greater price for America.

Now, just as there are those who have argued against intervention in Libya, there are others who have suggested that we broaden our military mission beyond the task of protecting the Libyan people, and do whatever it takes to bring down Gaddafi and usher in a new government.

Of course, there is no question that Libya – and the world – will be better off with Gaddafi out of power. I, along with many other world leaders, have embraced that goal, and will actively pursue it through non-military means. But broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake.

Here is the full transcript.

This is the same man who once said that genocide was no reason to keep US troops in Iraq.

Obama said the US would continue to go after Al-Qaeda… Even though Al-Qaeda is allied with the opposition in Libya.

Obama forgets to mention how he ignored the protesters in Iran when they were being slaughtered by the regime.

“We welcome the fact that history is on the move.”

The speech was full of contradictions from Obama’s past statements and actions. He also contradicted what his own cabinet told reporters yesterday about Libya not being vital to US interests.

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  • kato

    The errand boy said he couldn’t turn a blind eye to atrocities in Libya. Funny, he was able to do it with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq for years.

    Biggest jive act in American history.

  • ar05075

    Except in Iran and……….

  • american patriot

    “But I will look the other say on the Darfur slaughters of Christians by Muslims (who btw are my favorite intolerant minority).

    And I will do similar looking away when Muslims murder Christians in Nigeria, Mali, Paki-land. And of course the same goes as far them thar Jooooos is concerned.”

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Brave Sir Barak ran away.
    Bravely ran away, away.
    When danger reared its ugly head,
    He bravely turned his tail and fled
    Yes, Brave Sir Barak turned about
    And gallantly he chickened out
    Bravely taking to his feet
    He beat a very brave retreat
    Bravest of the brave Sir Barak
    Petrified of being dead
    Soiled his pants then brave Sir Barak
    Turned away and fled

  • Terry Gain

    The major difference is that leaving Iraq in 2007 would have facilitated a takeover by al Qaeda whereas intervening in Libya helps facilitate a takeover by Islamists and possibly al Qaeda.

  • Mark1957

    Not one word on why he didn’t consult Congress, or the American people ten days ago.

  • Howling Mad Frank

    What a joke this man is, hypocrite. Cue the fawning media who will praise this speech and the actions he is taking as some great American crusade.

    Inside the Media mind == Bush action, bad. Obama action, good. It is a shame that our media thinks in these terms.

  • kato

    Oh, no. Now come the inane platitudes.

    I wonder what sort of jive we’ll get if the rebels start cutting off heads.

    Obama reads well from his teleprompter, but he invariably sounds like a simpleton.

  • Mark1957

    By his own words he began working on this 31 days ago, so why is he just now talking to the people?

  • Ginger
  • workingclass artist

    Bbbbut…. Europe needs oil…..that is why we are in Libya….

  • wodun

    Classic Obama moment toward the end of the speech when is teleprompter malfunctioned. Took him 30 seconds to get back on track all the while with the look of fear in his eyes.

  • Dave-O

    Here, in a nutshell, is the ultimate metaphor for the entire Obama phenomenon:


  • Redwine

    What about the Muslim attacks on Copts in Egypt?
    What about Muslim attacks in majority Christian Ethiopia? http://www.meforum.org/2867/jihad-ethiopia-christians
    What about the wholesale slaughter of Christians in Nigeria by Muslims?
    What about the murder of Israelis in Itamar and attacks on Israel by bomb (Jerusalem) and by rocket (more than 60 over the past week) and the threat of a 3rd intifada and multi-border invasion of Israel called for on May13-15? http://www.memri.org/report/en/0/0/0/0/0/0/5142.htm

    Oh yeah. Aside from Muslim on Muslim violence in Iran, Syria, Bahrain and Jordan, et al., they’re not Muslims.

  • MrGoodWench

    Hussain is fighting BP’s war

  • patman

    What about the black slaughter in his old Chicago neighborhood? Black on black violence. Black babies being aborted by the thousands.

    Awesome job Barak.

    I hate Obama. I really hate him.

  • bg


    sad as it is, that headline & photo nailed it GP..


  • Peter

    Someone with video editing skills needs to take statements from this speech and put them back to back with previous statements or facts about what is going on elsewhere.

    We can repeat this as much as we can but that visual will be a powerful representation in the 15-second attention span we have to deal with.

    Hope someone can do it and Jim can post it!

  • Quizzer

    What about Darfur, you big liar?

  • RS

    At best, Obama will SAY something that he thinks sounds good.
    Or at least makes HIM look good.

    But that’s about as far as it goes.

  • It sounds good if you haven’t paid attention for the past 800 days I guess.

  • lee

    what about AZ the slaughter and graves and no action by the boy in the W H ane this our USA

  • This is the kind of fraud you can commit when the MSM is in your back pocket.

  • Rhonda

    I can just barely watch BO these days!

  • daleyrocks

    He’s worried about unchecked immigration from Libya into Tunisia and Egypt but he’s down with an open borders immigration policy here in the U.S.?

    Drill, Brazil, Drill!

  • save us

    Joe Wilson was right.
    Impeach and remove NOW

  • tarpon

    Blood for European oil. Near 100% of all Libyan oil goes to Europe.

  • Rhonda

    I’m talking about Bill O, Fox News. Obama still didn’t say why he BY-PASSED Congress!

  • Rhonda

    Obama sounded like the president of the united states of arabia!

  • Swifty

    I actually tuned it to watch him. I turned him off when he turned me off by saying things contrary to what he’s said and done since he’s been in the public eye as a candidate and as a president.

    I felt this was a reluctant get-my-ass-out-of-trouble speech to the public where he felt he should say whatever he had to in order to make him look less negligent in keeping everyone informed. If he had earned any credibility in his two years in office, I could give him the benefit of the doubt. But he has lost credibility from day one in office and seems to go out of his way to disrespect the American voter and taxpayer by doing what he wants rather than what the country wants.

    His speech was too little too late. I’m glad I tuned out when I did. He is still a damn disgrace.

  • a former democrat

    what a disgrace of a man.

  • bg
  • aprilnovember811

    I won’t watch Satan.

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  • Chippy

    He never explained why his State Department gave Gaddafi’s son $400.000 for his favorite charity in Libya? How about why did Obama find it OK to have the British release from prison the Lockerbee bomber? Why? Just a couple months ago here in NYC, did Obama have a photo op with Gaddafi?

    All of a sudden, at a drop of the hat, Gaddafi is one of the most dangerous men in the whole world.

    It all can be explained below. Look at Libya’s oil exports.


  • MrGoodWench

    After surfing all over the net for commentary on this speech tonite,
    let me say this :
    Mr Jim Hoft ..you are THE ONLY ONE who could nail it so precisely and with such clarity.
    A big muuuuaaaaaah coming at you

  • Justine

    I detest Obummer. (How insane is it to have the military fighting the Taliban in Iraq and Afghanistan, while, at the same time, supporting the Taliban in Libya? Obummer is nuts.)

  • kansas

    But Obama is so awesome!

  • Auntie Em

    Rand Paul had a great rebuttal.

    If Obama were a real man, he would be humiliated at the sheer logic and common sense of a leader.

    As it stands, he’ll just take another hit off the crack pipe and then let his lazy spawn pick the lint out of his belly button. Aw Hell King WTF!!

  • MrGoodWench

    kansas commented:
    But Obama is so awesome!
    A cartoon is worth a million words

  • befuddled

    what a wonderful law-talking guy we voted into office. i had never been proud of my country until this moment. .

  • Joe College

    Via Maggie’s Farm (http://maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/)…

    Talmud Study now Mandatory in South Korea

    “We tried to understand why the Jews are geniuses, and we came to the conclusion that it is because they study Talmud,”

  • Militant Conservative

    Obama craves that which he cannot get, true respect and adulation.

    He’s damaged goods, daddy abandonment issues.

    I so look forward to his meltdown, boy is just not tough enough.

    Just a pencil neck dweeb wannabe tough but just a drug addict.

    America knows you Barry, your a loser.

    Powder is dry

  • No actual massacres or genocide, no immediate U.S. interests, no imminent threat, no wonder Obama interfered.

  • save us

    So many question without answers. So many lies.
    Beware true patriots of this prenteder!

  • Scott

    Whew! Got thru another one. Time for a vacation…This country is being run by whomever is left in the West Wing while Obama is on vacation. Right on cue, he shows up to read meaningless words written by persons who have never served a day in the military or even worked a real job in the private sector…

  • Mark Kleiman

    There’s a single word for this posts and all its comments: unpatriotic. You hate the President so much that you don’t mind weakening the country in the face of the enemy. Feh.

  • bg
  • Chisum

    Ding Dong Mark Kleiman,

    I thought dissent was patriotic?

  • Chippy

    July 9, 2009 Obama and the Mad Dog at the G-8 in Italy


  • Midwestengr

    #50 Chisum

    Funny how they forget huh?

  • bg


    Mark Kleiman #48

    albeit i support taking Qaddafi out (just as i supported taking Saddam
    Hussein, and would supposrt taking any other tyrannical dictator out),
    i most certainly not only disagree with Obama’s rendition of past events
    concerning GWB, but with present events as well..

    btw, where were you during the Bush years??


  • Chisum


    Can you design a “Bell of Stupidity” that we commenters can ring when we encounter weapons grade stupidity?

    Pretty please….

  • jainphx

    wrecking the country you say Mark? Of course you are speaking of the dumb butt in Washington right?

  • Midwestengr

    #54 Chisum

    I could, but the trolls around here would keep that bell ringing non-stop. It would run off the all the good commenters.

  • L.E. Liesner

    In all those other countries in the world that slaughter runs rampant, Obama didn’t get the Arab League’s OK, that’s the difference.

  • Ginger

    Hear no evil ……….. I hit the mute button on the tv when the kenyan fraud speaks.

    See no evil ………….I read and type on the internet while the devil is reading his teleprompter.

    Speak no evil……… That fraud is good at speaking evil it is all he knows.

  • bg
  • bg


    correction re: #59

    has to go – needs to go


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  • Johnny Simpson

    Jim, I’m linking a BBC article and photo from Iran in June 2009 which clearly shows mass graves being dug on the outskirts of Tehran for expected murdered protesters. This image was widely publicized at the time. The BBC here reporting on it, mind you.


    Here is just the BBC image of the graves alone for posting:


    Let us also not forget that the regime in Tehran is executing an average of one prisoner every eight hours, over 100 last month. Does it really matter if the mass slaughter of innocents are taking place in the open or behind closed prison doors? Lastly, a real gem on Iran and Obama. Even as Ali Khamenei’s son Mojtaba was leading the basij in slaughtering protesters in Iran, Obama said, Obama said he believed, and I quote, “the Supreme Leader is very concerned about post-election violence.”


    Violence the Supreme Asswipe instigated himself by issuing fatwas permitting election fraud, then appointing his son to oversee the bloody crackdowns. Please also note that Obama was referring to Khamenei as Supreme Leader even after Iranians stopped because of his interference in the elections. Even today, Obama won’t say two bad words about Iran. And we’re warring with Ka-daffy? Unbelievable! I think this totally stuffs any credibility he has on Libya, which I don’t believe he ever did. And why not Sudan then? There’s still genocide going on there. I don’t think the gold stars and cookies approach he took is working with ICC fugitive for genocide Omar Bashir very much. Here’s the ref on that last:


  • wanumba

    Obama’s stalling.

    What we all need to know is FOR WHAT is he stalling.

  • bg


    4 March 2011

    Libya: Death Toll Rises to 6,000, US Mulls Intervention

    [Human rights groups have put the latest death toll in the Libyan crisis to
    over 6000, as pro-Gaddafi forces continue to pound opposition-held cities
    with air strikes.

    Much of the fighting appears to be in the city of Brega, although reports
    indicate that anti-Gaddafi revolutionaries have successfully repelled the
    offensive and are pushing towards the capital, Tripoli.]

    Libyan woman tells of abuse

    LIBYA: Rights group demands proof alleged rape victim is unharmed

    links @ link..


  • elhrac

    When these rebels start massacring the loyalists, I wonder if Obama will bomb the rebels too.

  • DMartyr

    Obama ignored the massacre in Iran and Syria – two nations that are determined to see Israel destroyed, but he decided to meddle in uprisings to topple Islamic governments which observed peace treaties with Israel.

    A month ago, I would have agreed Obama’s ignorance is a threat to Israel but was unintentional. But after hearing his hypocritical ‘reasoning’ for helping Libyan protesters (but not Iranian protesters), the pieces are falling together. Obama is a man who sat in the pews of anti-Semitic Rev. Wright for 20 some odd years. Obama surrounds himself with pro-islamic, anti-Israel advisers and staff. Suddenly, I don’t think its unintentional. I’m starting to believe Obama really does have an agenda to help eliminate Israel. He’s strengthening Israel’s enemies, and weakening or removing Islamic governments which kept peace agreements with Israel. The uprisings have emboldened Iran which is contemplating war with Israel, not surprisingly after Obama allowed Iran improve its nuclear capabilities.

    These are truly bad times. 2012 can’t get here soon enough.

  • Joanne

    Where are Obama’s medical records – fit for Office. Hah. The man is nuts.

  • Chippy

    bg #64

    You are using links from Global Voices. It’s a liberal site. It’s propaganda no?

  • Iconoclast

    I simply cannot fathom how this absolute incompetent still has double digit support. LBJ and Nixon disgusted me, Bush 41 is a Rockefeller RINO who demonstrates his disdain for the average American . . . carter & clinton . . . don’t get me started.

    But this arrogant, feckless, vapid, shallow, clueless, cowardly, worthless charlatan? It incorporates the worst attributes of every poor leader we’ve had in the past 100 or so years, doubles down on those mistakes and then goes on vacation. It makes carter look competent & decisive, clinton seem the paradigm of principled honesty, joey hairpiece an astute observer, and both kookcinich & ron paul appear rational. This is a mobile “Peter Principle” put on display before all the world. Worse than that, actually; this bozo couldn’t manage a paper route.

  • bg


    Chippy #64

    have no clue, so you tell me..

    the comments sure didn’t sound leftist, most seem to
    come from the area, well, those i scanned anyways..

    ie: Khadija Teri describes life in Tripoli as pro-
    Gaddafi forces prepare for the looming battle:

    but it also has links to the source/s..


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  • Zero has no problem with Islamic and Arab countries on the same page as him, Iran, Gaza, Sudan, Syria won’t be disturbed, but any country that fails to obey him and accede to radical Islamists, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, possibly Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, must be changed to suit the Caliph.. and in Libya an old terrorist needs to be deposed to make way for younger al qaeda linked terrorists. The goal I believe is an entire Muslim and Arab world radicalized by chaos, blood and violence and directed by the most powerful man in the world to help transform the world.

  • I’ve taken to a new way of how I view media stories. I think to myself, ‘Now if Bush was president . . .’ and adjust accordingly. See: The US Kill Team in Afghanistan Non-Story.

  • I’m amazed people like ‘Mark Kleiman’ can be so far up Obama’s @ss and still breathe.

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  • Andreas K.

    @american patriot

    The murder of Christians by mohammedans is even more common than in just those few countries. It’s everywhere. Even in Turkey.

    When is Obama going to bomb Turkey? Oh wait, he’s not. Same with the EU, because the EU and Obama want Turkey int he EU. Mind you, the European people don’t, but who’s going to ask them? Nobody.

    Of course Obama is bombing Libya. Gaddafi is not islamic enough.

    And all those “revolutions”… Bah I say. As long as they have islam they won’t have freedom. It’s that simple. All these “revolutions” will achieve is a change in dictatorship.

    Look at Egypt. Where is the freedom and democracy? The Coptic Christians there are more afraid than ever before. Why’s that? It’s simple, really. Mubarak was an ass, no doubt. But on the long run he was still better than what is to come once those “elections” are over.

    In 1938, after the Nazis invaded Austria, there was a public vote in Austria whether we should join Nazi Germany or not. The ballot had two circles. One with “YES” one with “NO”. The “YES” circle was huge, the “NO” circle was small. In many, if not most, places the local SA was guarding the place. People were given the ballot and told “this is where you make the cross”, while the official pointed at the “YES” circle. Yep, the vote had to be done in public, in front of the Nazi officials. Some people refused to do that, and were beaten up by the SA.

    I don’t expect anything less in Egypt.

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  • feduptoo

    He is watching his fellow citizens being slaughtered by illegal aliens, and does nothing! Oh he did provide bean bags for the border agents!

    I am fed up with the US rushing in to save some foreigner, while our own people in our own land, are being attacked and victimized by foreign invaders!

  • cornhusker

    From last night’s speech:

    “It was not in our national interest to let that happen. I refused to let that happen. And so nine days ago, after consulting the bipartisan leadership of Congress, I authorized military action to stop the killing and enforce UN Security Council Resolution 1973.”

    Huh?!! IF this really happened, did he consult them or inform them? From Brazil, where he didn’t have to face tough questions? This government disgusts me!!

    Now, this morning NATO has announced that it’s “take-over” will be delayed. WTF??

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  • bg


    cornhusker #79

    [“It was not in our national interest to let that happen. I refused to let that happen. And so nine days ago, after consulting the bipartisan leadership of Congress, I authorized military action to stop the killing and enforce UN Security Council Resolution 1973.”]

    War Powers Act” redirects here. For
    other uses, see War Powers Act of 1941.

    The War Powers Resolution of 1973 (50 U.S.C. 1541–1548) was a United States Congress joint resolution providing that the President can send U.S. armed forces into action abroad only by authorization of Congress or in case of “a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces.” The War Powers Resolution requires the president to notify Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action and forbids armed forces from remaining for more than 60 days, with a further 30 day withdrawal period, without an authorization of the use of military force or a declaration of war. The resolution was passed by two-thirds of Congress, overriding a presidential veto.

    how stupid are we, i mean, never mind asking how deep in fiscal debt future
    generations will be, and start asking how deep in physical peril is the Obama
    administration setting them up to be..


  • bg


    as Gates stated..

    “We haven’t done something like this, kind of on the fly before. So it’s
    not surprising to me that it would take a few days to get it sorted out.”

    ergo, look at it from that perspective..

    iow, imo: NWO tryout :aka: Global Civilian Security Force practice run..


  • KC

    Except for the family of 5 that included a 3mo old baby that were slaughtered by your terrorist luv’n buddies!

    Flipp’n hypocrite!

  • Big Ugly

    Obama is stalling with the hope that Gadhafi will be deposed before the world, or the US, comes to it’s senses and arrests Obama. If Gadhafi falls, the the government of Libya will be replaced with Al Qaeda and another part of the world will be under sharia. If the UN and the rest of the world agree that they can remove whomever and whatever government they want removed – what do you want to bet the the US will be a ‘target’ very soon.

    If we are at war with Al Qaeda in Iraq and in Afghanistan – why has Obama not been arrested for Treason? Isn’t part of the definition of Treason, “providing aid to an enemy of this nation, especially during time of “war””

    I look forward to seeing Obama captured, tried, and (if guilty, right!) hanged from the White House Gates.

  • bg


    oh please, Obama is covering his (Farrakhan, Wright &
    ) taqiyyah pal Qadafi’s butt, but alas, i digress..

    National Transitional Council

    [The Transitional National Council (Arabic: المجلس الوطني الانتقالي, al-majlis al-waṭanī al-intiqālī), also known as The Interim Transitional National Council or the Libyan National Council, is a body formed by anti-Gaddafi rebels during the 2011 uprising in Libya. Its formation was announced in the city of Benghazi on 27 February 2011 and its intended purpose is to act as the “political face of the revolution”. On 5 March 2011, the council issued a statement in which it declared itself to be the “sole representative of all Libya”. An interim government was formed by the council on 23 March 2011.

    The council refers to the state as the Libyan Republic while the Gaddafi
    government’s name for Libya is the “Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab

    pardon the source, but you can always google for your own..


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