NPR Smears Michelle Malkin After Her Cousin Goes Missing

NPR smeared Michelle Malkin today in a tasteless comedy segment. The channel aired a comedy sketch that suggested that Michelle was obsessed with Obama’s background and faith. Of course, this is not true at all.

What is true is that Michelle Malkin is working tirelessly to locate her missing cousin in Seattle.

Michelle’s cousin Marizela Perez has been missing since March 5.

NPR felt this was a good time to attack the popular conservative.
Gently Hew Stone reported:

This morning on NPR’s popular comedy show, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, a segment aired where a contestant had to choose which of three strange news stories was actually true. One of the (false) options concerned conservative commentator Michelle Malkin. The NPR show joked that, after Malkin had advertised her belief that President Obama is a “secret Muslim” and that she believes other “secret Muslims” are “taking over this country,” she found, to her dismay, that her own grandfather was a Muslim.

First of all, while the humor of this segment was based on the idea that Malkin must be a hypocrite with a Muslim relative (which even the show acknowledged was untrue), the setup was based on the premise as I described it above, which the narrator clearly presented as factual.

I’ve followed Malkin’s blog and columns for years now, and she has never said that President Obama is a Muslim, nor does she believe that Muslims, “secret” or otherwise, are somehow “taking over this country.” While she does report on multiethnic strife in many areas of the world, including ours, as a result of political correctness and lack of assimilation, nothing she has ever written comes close to the bizarre, mean caricature aired this morning on NPR.

But NPR’s mistake goes far beyond mere slander. Their joke targeted the family of a specific conservative at a time when that specific conservative’s family is suffering a tragedy. Quite a coincidence. It’s been two weeks since Malkin’s cousin Marizela Perez went missing, possibly the victim of a kidnapping. Malkin has used her media presence tirelessly since then to help find her young relative. Either NPR and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me are not nearly as well-informed in their news awareness as they’d like us to believe, or they cruelly decided to go ahead with a particularly tasteless joke.

Ironically, just before this segment aired, they made fun of Gilbert Gottfried getting fired for his tasteless jokes about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Pot, meet kettle.

Remember: Your tax dollars are helping to pay for this garbage.

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  • NeoKong

    Lies lies lies….
    Liberals lie about everything and they can be pretty damn nasty too.
    If anything good can come from Obama’s wave of destruction is that the left has been stripped bare of all their phony facades and exposed as the socialists and mean and rotten people they really are.

  • TheresaAK

    Prayers are with MM and her family….

    I hope Hannity and all the conservative talk show hosts report on NPR’s vile attack on MM.

    Good riddance NPR.

  • Redwine

    NPR is utterly vile. Defund immediately!!!

  • Ah. Nazi Palestinian Radio strikes again.

  • God Bless Michelle

    NPR should be put out of government dole. Never watch NPR and never will ..

  • rbosque

    Once again NPR is proving how biased they are. You’d think that since they are under a microscope they’d at least try to be neutral but it’s just not in their nature.

  • Praying for Michelle and Marezela.

  • gus

    This is how CORNERNED ANIMALS behave. It’s the end.

  • Mo

    For no other reason than this, NPR should be defunded!!!!!

  • I know Michelle will blow it off as the typical left but, these are the folks that call the right “Mean Spirited”. Seems like we should only have feeling when speaking of the left. The right, like Ms Malkin are always a Target. Anyone that has a right of center blog, gets it everyday. Our viewpoints make grandma eat dog food, and we sure don’t like minorities as we want to transfer centralized government to local oversight. Only the KKK believe in states rights.. oh and how can we cut funding to NPR and throw Bert and Ernie (you know they are gay?) on the street. The Muppets.. yeah they are poor? Big Bird can’t pay his own bill (animal rights) Sesame street makes tons of money and would become just like all those folks on the welfare roles in mid 90s.. were did they go? They got jobs and ended up in much better situations then when on welfare.

    So those spirited in civility can attack Malkin.. she won’t say anything, but we will. The left should be ashamed of themselves! But that would require a sense of a Conscience.

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  • crosspatch

    This is actually quite typical of the sort of subtle disinformation that NPR puts out. Lets review:

    ‘after Malkin had advertised her belief that President Obama is a “secret Muslim” and that she believes other “secret Muslims” are “taking over this country,” she found, to her dismay, that her own grandfather was a Muslim. ‘

    Then NPR would say something like “this is false, her grandfather isn’t a Muslim” which implies (without actually saying it) that the other stuff is true. But there is also more to it than that. This is a quiz show that is designed to trip up the audience. They know their listener base pretty well. They must have known that some significant portion of their listeners would have thought that to be true or thought that it could be true our they wouldn’t have included it.

    Can someone please give me one good reason why we are giving federal tax dollars to a partisan political activists?

  • Gene_eeyus

    Michelle, still praying for Marizela’s safe return. Keep the faith!

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  • Matt

    She called Obama’s trip to Indonesia as a Jihad Promonting Jaunt.

    That could not possibly have been a backhanded way of calling him a Muslim, could it?

  • Joe’s Garage

    Will someone put a foot up the collective asses of the Republican leadership and get them moving to defund this Liberal front of a news service?

  • gus

    Yes MATT, you LIBTARD sick freak loser. YES. Michelle Malkin MAY HAVE MEANT…in her OPINION……XY and Z. What the fukk is your problem with that LIBTARD PU$$IE????

  • gus

    Matt,,,,Barack Obama is a complete and utter FRAUD. Obama is a nobody. He is an AFFIRMATIVE ACTION LOSER. Matt. You are a loser too!!!

  • ogee

    NPR has no human decency and needs to shutter their doors. They get $450,000,000 a year from the federal government for their “framed” stories. That’s all they are, made up stories. A Dem will never tell the truth. Never.

    Where are the Repubs to defund this stuff while most of team obama and his NWO bosses are all out of the country? Hurry.
    Oh that’s right they are all on spring break.
    ‘Must be nice to have a high paying part-time gig that allows you to not put in much work when you are on the job. ‘Cushy FREE lunches and dinners as well as parties and huge bennies. WOW. We peons are taxed to death by these high rollers. Only teachers and politicians get an automatic week off with pay in spring. Time for some of us to run for office and get some of those bennies. Heck there are still a bunch of Dems in state offices that need to get a pink slip.
    Who do we have running for the state offices for 2012?

  • ogee

    gus commented:
    Matt,,,,Barack Obama is a complete and utter FRAUD. Obama is a nobody. He is an AFFIRMATIVE ACTION LOSER. Matt. You are a loser too!!!


  • Radegunda

    Matt, we’re well aware that when leftists take actions that advance the jihad, that doesn’t mean they’re all Muslims. It could mean they’re just ignorant and/or treacherous. Silly boy.

  • Justine

    NPR should be defunded, immediately! [Obummer actually is a muslim.]

    God be with Michelle and Marizela. Bring Marizela home safely!!

  • jzaik


    You’re the one smearing NPR here. NPR was mocking Michelle Malkin with one of their fake stories–used in their radio bit. They didn’t “smear” Malkin because of her missing cousin. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

    This is the same crap that the media matters boyz do. Even the right scoop guy disagrees:

    “I’m gonna have to disagree both with GatewayPundit and GentlyhewStone. I’m not sure I see this as a smear or slander to be honest. The point of the segment is to make something as believable as possible and their audience is quite liberal. Using a conservative stereotype would seem a good fit for their likely naive audience.

    It’s really the timing that is unfortunate. Whether they knew about her missing cousin or not is something we’ll never know. I’m not in the business of ascribing motivations with no evidence, so I wouldn’t accuse them of trying to be malicious. We’ll just leave it at ‘unfortunate’.”

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  • Andreas K.

    “nor does she believe that Muslims, “secret” or otherwise, are somehow “taking over this country.””

    That’s where Malkin is unrealistic.

    Look at the EU. That’s the US in 20 years, if the libs continue. And the mohammedans ARE taking over our countries. With the help of our politicians and the churches.

  • Andreas K.

    Oh yeah.

    Given how utterly… barbaric… the libs are when it comes to people like Malkin or Palin… Seriously? I would not dismiss the chance that some lib went finally off the edge and took it out on her sister.

    Such things have happened in the past.

    What motive would Marizela Perez have to simply disappear? Going by her background and, from what I can make out, none. Absolutely none. Mind you, people disappear regularly. Most simply bug out and try to burn all bridges behind them. Most cases are like that. And you’d be surprised how many people simply disappear in a small country like Austria every year.

    She had her laptop, her cell phone. Small asian woman. Perfect target for a crime. Seriously. Who will a criminal rather attack? Asian female, 5’5″ tall, 110 lbs, skinny build? Or, let’s take me for a second, caucasian male, 6’8″ tall, 240 lbs, grizzly bear? Yeah, I thought so.

    I’m paranoid, I admit. But counting 2 and 2 together… Malkin is very active and together with Palin one of the favorite targets of our dear left wing Nazis. Then consider the amount of anger the left wing has been building up recently. Look at WI and all the death threats. Take the crazy guy in AZ. They’re not above trying to “get even” as they may see it, or “teaching the whores a lesson”. It’s how they think, how they operate, how they live.

    I hope I’m totally wrong with this idea and that Marizela Perez will be found perfectly alright. Worst case scenario, however… you know. And I wouldn’t rule out a political motive in such a case.

  • forest

    Leftists are so prejudiced and arrogant they feel they don’t even have to actually read or listen to people they hate prior to commenting on them or making jokes about them. So I’ll bet nobody actually even glanced at her blog prior to writing the “joke”.

    Good comedians know that they have to actually study and watch a person before they can do a good job of impersonating or lampooning them, but leftist haters just hate and make fools of themselves by going ahead with their hate without any due diligence.

  • Defund NPR and then let the market punish them for stunts like this. (Maybe then MSNBC won’t be dead last in the ratings)

  • Granny

    I was watching something on TV the other day when an announcement came on that BBC World News would be seen on Public Television starting the end of March. And yesterday I came across a news story that Obama is giving a fairly large grant to BBC. Why are we suddenly footing the bill not only for our own left-wing TV, but that of another government? Remember, BBC is the British version of “public” television, funded entirely by the government and television fees. (In the UK you have to pay a hefty annual fee for the privilege of having a TV in your house.)

  • Granny

    #26 – Andreas. Me either. One of the things that struck me when I first heard about this is how very much Marizela looks like Michelle in some of the pics.

  • Andreas K.

    Hmm Granny, I think our ORF here (which is owned and run bythe government, essentially the Austrian BBC, Germany has similar with ARD, ZDF and all those “third programs”, like Hessen 3, Bayern 3, Nord 3, etc) should go for some Obama-money. They have significant holes in their budget after all. Despite getting money from the government and forcing almost everyone to pay 15 Euros per month for an official permit to own a tv and/or radio and, by now, computer. If you don’t pay it and don’t have a valid exception (what is valid is decided by them), then they can come with police to check if you really don’t have a tv, etc. And if they catch you, it’s expensive. Nice, eh?

    It’s kind of sad that my first thought was that some nutjob may have taken his hatred for Michelle out on her cousin. But when I buy a newspaper here (I don’t do it often, if I do, I end up raving and ranting for hours), then most of the headlines are: someone has been mugged, some guys shot at each other, then 10 robberies, 15 burglaries, another murder, then some father or mother or both have beaten their baby to death (this seems to happen more often these days.) Mind you, this is Austria, not some banana republic in Africa. But we’re so swamped with crime by now (thank you EU) that you start thinking like that. You expect stuff like that.

    And yes, I agree Granny. They could be sisters. Seriously. And there are plenty of nutjobs out there. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. But the world has gone totally f*cking nuts.

  • Cat

    I have one thing to say on the ‘ogabe is/not a muslim question. Read again what Ghaddafi said to him…calling him my son and so on. No muslim would ever say that to a non-muslim. Ever. I found that really interesting.
    And oh yeah…defund all ‘public’ broadcasting now.

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  • workingclass artist

    I heard that segment on the Wait Wait show & my jaw dropped….
    Either NPR staff do not keep up with news on the net ( as this story about Malkin’s missing cousin has been all over the net for over a week )…..or…..they are as callous as they sounded on the show.
    It was offensive on many levels & NOT funny.
    Even Wikipedia mentions her missing cousin on the entry for Malkin….sheeesh!

    Humor….F A I L

  • workingclass artist
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  • Chisum
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  • You’re a tacky jerk, nhale! Liberals have no compassion what-so-ever, as evident by you smarmy comment. To borrow from Gus, cornered animals: that’s unions, npr, liberals, and especially, nhale.

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  • Anti-Theist

    You people are hypocrites and apes. Does your ridiculous bible and your bigot deity condone the demeanor you embarrass the united states with, or are you so arrogant that you assume you’re kind grace the fallacy which is heaven regardless of your ugliness in this life. Your backward hick ignorance and venom drive the distain America is met with throughout the world.

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  • theduchessofkitty

    I sure hope Michelle has a good army of attorneys looking into this…

    Prayers for the safe and sound recovery of her missing relative.

    And NPR… De-funding would be sweet revenge for her… and Juan Williams.

  • Evil Otto

    #43 is really funny if you read it aloud in a nasally Wally Shawn voice.

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  • JC

    Love your enemies and pray for your persecutors. Not a whole lot of that going on in here.

  • Say huh?

    “I sure hope Michelle has a good army of attorneys looking into this.”

    For what? She is a public figure.

    Trying to tie Malkin’s missing cousin into this non-story is silly.

  • Ruy Diaz

    # 43

    Now that you’ve spread the gospel (sorry) over here, I’m sure that you’ll spend the same kind of effort at Jihadi sites. I’m positive your dedication to the cause of non-Theism is fully principled and not partisan in any way. Positive.

  • Annie

    I’ve been praying for Marizella and donated to Michelle’s family. That NPR decided to interject their leftie senseless humor into this very sad occasion shows me the character of this destructive network.

  • Gordo

    Ed Driscoll posted on his web site the following: “Say NPR, how ’bout mentioning that URL on the air and on your Website to make amends?”

    What would it take to force NPR to make this happen?

  • Jess

    “It’s really the timing that is unfortunate”

    No. It is the evidence that no one at NPR actually edits, verifies, or checks materials prior to airing. That’s the point, and for that, NPR should cease to exist as a “news” organization.

  • Pappadave

    Yes, Granny. I noticed the resemblance too. Michelle comes from a pretty nice gene pool, huh? Here’s hoping her cousin is found soon, well and uninjured.

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  • Jack Charles

    Oh. my! The eye-rolling Fox-bot Michelle Malkin is aggrieved again! “Leave my family alone!” the hysterical, nasty little rightie cries! You mean like she left Graeme Frost’s family alone?

  • Ryan Shannon

    Please!!!!!!!! All of you need to contact NPR, your congressman and the White House! NPR has to be defunded!!!!

  • Rhonda Lee Starr

    All the conservative commenters on this thread are looking for something that’s not there. NPR didn’t choose MM because of the circumstances of her missing cousin. They chose a typical conservative talking head. I’m sure they pulled her name out of a hat that also contained: Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly.

    By the way, “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me…” is a terrific show. The intelligence required to appreciate the level of humor on that show is miles beyond what Fox News viewers possess.

  • CJAY

    My 3 year old grandchild was with me while watching Faux Noise when Ms Malkin appeared on Hannity’s Big Lies program. Michelle is such a vile person, spewing her lies & anger that I expect to see snakes flying out of her mouth! Anyway, my grandchild stood there listening to her venemous voice, & began crying because Michelle’s demeanor scared her to death! Those who listen to Faux Noise are among the most ignorant people in the country! What can you expect from people who believe in the RAPTURE!!! Palin actually decided to be McShame’s running mate after an African WITCH DOCTOR PRAYED ON HER – THOSE WERE PALIN’S WORDS – HE PRAYED ON ME! WHAT A M0R0N!!!

  • Chisum


    I’m sorry for your grandchild. You are a moron.

    Have you ever entertained an original thought in your life?

  • blackyb

    Michelle, I am very sorry about your cousin gone missing. I saw some videos from the store she was in on (I guess it was) another place on the internet. I sent you an e-mail. I thought it was a niece, but here it says cousin. While I am here I want to thank you for all you do and try to do for this country. You have a lot of goodness in you and I hope you can keep telling it like it is.
    If I can ever do anything to help you in anyway that I can, please contact me at the e-mail address I left here. Don’t let the ones who profess to be liberals but are evil people stand in the way of what you do. That bunch in Holloywood and other places eat up with the dumb a** will fall in on themselves. They will be the first ones targeted by those they are rooting for. You have told it like it is and people like Gilbert G. are sick in the lust for “look at me” power. Silly children who have never grown past showing off, even at the expense of huring others. Hang in there kiddo. Best to you in your endeavors.