In a Bold Move… Dems Willing to Cut Maybe $33 Billion from the TRILLION Dollars They Just Added to Federal Budget

These Aren’t Serious People.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Democrats added over One Trillion Dollars to the Federal Budget in the last 4 years.

That’s at least a 30% increase in federal spending in just 3 years.
Democrats LOVE to spend your money. It’s what they live for.

The Obama-Pelosi national deficit is over a trillion dollars for the third year in a row.
Another Obama record.

This chart was updated to reflect the recent news that the deficit this year will reach $1.65 trillion. (The Captain’s Comments)

Today democrats announced that they may cut $33 billion from their record budget. That’s less than 1% of the total national budget.
These aren’t serious people.
The Politico reported:

Budget talks came to life Wednesday but not without tension between the White House and Senate Democrats, worried that the administration was too quick to agree to $33 billion in spending cuts to try to move Speaker John Boehner toward what remains a very uncertain deal.

Vice President Joe Biden and White House Budget Director Jack Lew came to the Capitol in the evening for a meeting with the party leadership requested by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). Democrats fear that unless the administration takes a stronger stand now, President Barack Obama will only be nibbled to death and be weaker when he faces the Republicans again this spring over the bigger fight of raising the debt ceiling.

Biden confirmed the new target on spending cuts, putting the best face on the deal for Democrats and in his trademark style, trying to add a little punch to the administration’s stance— still hampered by Obama’s detachment from the budget fight.

“The main reason to be here today is to make sure that Democrats in the Senate and the president are on the same page,” Biden assured reporters. “We’re on the same page.”

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  • Chisum

    Dems have the Gaffe Master Biden who never disappoints. They claim Palin is dumb yet Biden gets a pass.

  • Finncrisp

    Fiscal irresponsibility and no regard for the American people they ware supposed to work for. These elitists can certainly do a lot of damage in such a short period of time. Think of it – had we followed a different course the recession would have truly ended, jobs would not have been destroyed, etc., etc. Instead we have the Spender in Chief still pouring it on….

    So sick of the phlegmatic one… aren’t you?

  • whatif

    The house should threaten to cut off all funding for Obama’s “Kinetic Operations” if he does not agree to significant budget cuts. 33 billion is a penny in the bucket. There has been a 2000% increase in federal workers earning $100,000 or more since he took office. Either shrink the government or shut down Obama’s little military game of arming Al-Qaida in Lybia.

  • ProLifer



  • Meg

    Shut down the govt. until the dems decide to do what is right.

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  • the democrats can cut spending. that means fewer votes can be bought.

  • Rock

    This will be the Republican Party’s last try at legitimacy, failure to stand with the Tea Party and their chances of ever being a majority party again are pretty dim. If they allow the Tea Party voice to be silenced they will never find the votes needed to win big. If Conservatism is dead in America, then so is freedom, and voting will have little meaning in the future. Events in recent weeks has shown what little regard WTF has for the Hill, it will only get worse unless he gets his legs kicked out from unfer him.

  • theBuckWheat

    Better perspective:

    “Dems Willing to Cut Maybe $33 Billion from the 1,000 BILLION Dollars They Just Added to Federal Budget”

    It would be more thrifty to agree to round down instead of rounding up on each line item.

  • theBuckWheat

    What about ‘there are only so many jelly beans in the jar’ is so hard to understand?

  • Ryan

    The Enemy (9/11 American Killers) of my Enemy (Ghadafi)….is now Friends with the P. BO Admiistration! GROUP HUG EVERYONE WE NOW HAVE PEACE!

  • Ryan

    wrong article sorry…

  • Mrs. Galt

    #4 March 31, 2011 at 12:52 pm
    ProLifer commented:

    I agree. The GOP can cease to exist for all I care. If it weren’t for the Tea Party, there’d be no GOP majority.

  • Bill H

    Debt doesn’t worry Obama.
    Every time a crack whore maxes out a credit card, they just steal another.

  • mcc
  • StrangernFiction

    This argument being put forward by many conservatives that we need to save our ammo for the fight over the 2012 budget is comical. All each individual citizen can do and the best thing they can do, whoever they are, is take a stand for what they personally want. That’s it. And there is no limit on ammunition in this sense.

    Taking the stance that though you would like to see serious cuts made immediately (as part of a CR), you will not support them because you are thinking about the bigger picture and the possible negative results of this move — that you cannot predict — is ridiculous and self-defeating. Just as ridiculous and self-defeating as supporting centralized planning.

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  • donh

    Boehner and CAN”Tor need to feel the same pressure that ran Pelosi out of power. The Cowardly Lion is playing Placebo politics. He is handing out useless sugar pills for us to swallow , saying a few symbolic words , and hoping we are fooled into believing the debt sickness has gone away. Sham Wow sales pitches that talk us into accepting this scam that cuts are not possible need to hear the reading of the riot act.

  • K~Bob

    Mike Pence, serious hair and all, said it’s time to get serious. “This isn’t 1995” he said.
    Doc Hee Haw (Howard Dean) said the Republicans would be blamed for a shutdown. I agree with Mr. Pence: No, and No. Harry Reid is shutting down the government, and no one cares.

  • Scott

    The current fiscal armageddon facing the Federal government could have all been avoided if Bill Clinton and the democratic Senate had not killed the balanced budget amendment passed by the House Republicans circa 1995…Only a balanced budget amendment can save the Federal government from insolvency…Republicans should dust-off the BB amendment for the next Republican administration. Obama and the Senate democrats have no intention of changing their habits…This is the biggest money-grab in history!

  • Scott

    The democrats are such blatant frauds…They want to continue the money-grab that is adding trillions to the deficit. Yet, the inflation that comes with defiicit spending will hurt all Americans and the poor most of all…A fifty percent drop in the purchasing power of the dollar will mean that litterly everything in your life cost twice as much…The thousands of economist and lobbyists supporting Obama know this…

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