Good Grief… Air Claire Registered Her Plane in Delaware to Avoid Paying Taxes Before She Moved It to Missouri Where She Didn’t Pay Taxes (Updated)

Taxes Are For the Little People…

(KC Citizen)

Air Claire hits turbulence.

Yesterday, we learned that Claire McCaskill failed to pay over $280,000 on her private plane.

Today we find out the rest of the story…
Claire McCaskill registered her plane in Delaware, where no taxes are imposed. Then she moved the plane to Illinois, where she avoided paying taxes before she moved it to Missouri, where she ignored paying her taxes.
The St. Louis Beacon reported:

McCaskill said today that the matter of taxes didn’t arise then, because the plane was new — purchased in July 2006. No taxes were owed until 2007, so the family was unaware of the personal property tax issue, she said.

McCaskill added that if the family had been trying to avoid paying taxes, it would have left the plane in a hangar in Illinois, since no property taxes on planes are levied there. McCaskill said that Missouri is among a minority of states that allow local governments to assess personal property taxes on planes kept in their jurisdiction. McCaskill’s plane, like many private planes, is registered in Delaware, where no taxes are imposed.

Hat Tip Bryan Nichols and Sean Secrease

UPDATE: McCaskill used the plane on campaign trips for Obama.

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  • FedUp

    Ah… Claire… You must be the Sec/Treas of the John Kerry “Do as I say, not as I do” club. These clowns need to GO!

  • ChillyinAlaska

    She is a bald faced liar and a tax cheat. Why is it the democrats want increased taxes, but they don’t intend on paying them? We need to start sending them to prison, starting with Rangel as a bad example.

  • jennifer

    registered plane to Delaware-NO TAXES, moved it to Illinois to AVIOD TAXES, and then moved it to Missouri to IGNORE PAYING TAXES? And the folks in Missouri are going to put up with this? 2012 should be interesting.

  • bobdog

    Taxes are for the little people. McCaskill has devoted her LIFE to public service! It says so right on her web site.

  • Scott M

    Ah, Claire. Anything you say at this point will only shove the spade further into the dirt you’re standing on. I look forward to your next Jefferson County townhall. I’m sure you do too.

  • Rachelle

    Apparently it is easy to push for higher taxes when you don’t pay them yourself.

  • Noah

    I hate this woman and can’t wait to vote her out of office.
    she is so far up obamas bumhole that she can check for cavities from the inside .

  • RedBeard

    Ah, yes. The Timmy Turbotax Geithner excuse: “I didn’t know…… I was unaware……”

    Good grief.

    If the woman wants to cheat on her taxes, why can’t she do it in a more intelligent fashion? Oh, wait… I momentarily forgot who we’re talking about.

  • bg


    hm, was she mimicking Kerry or was he aping her, hmm, hmmm..


  • Robert

    All of these long-time politicians need to go.
    They are ruining every concept of America.

  • Primary Boehner

    Bye bye Claire!

  • kansas

    Let me check out the MSM to see if this is reported………………..nope can’t find it, so it didn’t really happen.

  • bg


    what did the plane cost??

    how did she afford it??

    and who pays for the up-keep??


  • gus

    Just a coincidence. Everybody registers their YACHT errrr I mean private Jet in Delaware.

  • ebayer

    they got tired of having to go out of state to use the plane.

  • Finncrisp

    Now that we know the “rest of the story”, the original explaination clearly was given to put this to rest before we knew there was more to it. It is now clear what was going on here and there is no denying it. Why is it that libs seem to always get caught in this stuff. Barry could hardly find a cabinet member who was not tainted with tax scamming. He even kept some of them just to rub our noses in it.

    I get the part where Claire thinks she is better than us, smarter than us, boy do I get it. Message received, message understood…

  • if she had to pay $280,000 in 4 years she was overtaxed. thats a ridiculous amount of money to have to pay to politicans to have a plane. in fact, you shouldn’t have to pay politicans anything to own a plane. i guess her confiscate the working people’s money has come back to bite her you know where.

  • gus

    Liberals tell us that if we need to “PAY” for tax cuts. Claire? Who paid for you self imposed tax cut???

  • Ladue Pundit

    Claire is distancing herself by saying the plane was owned by husband #2, a millionaire and former nursing home magnate. Remember, Claire McCaskill is a former Missouri State Auditor.

    This all began when Claire was caught billing taxpayers for her flights on the private jet. Then we were told such billing is illegal. OOps.

    Next, many of the flights were for campaigning. Oops…again.

    Now we learn that no property taxes were paid for several years, AND, Claire herself ‘fessed up to another campaign flight. Uh-oh.

    I hope this does it for Obama’s tool.

  • Chisum

    Fox is reporting that the tax bill is closer to $350k.

    Claire McCaskill’s reputation took perhaps its biggest hit in her nearly five years in the U.S. Senate on Monday when she admitted that she hadn’t paid personal property taxes on her private aircraft. This from a woman who once investigated tax scofflaws as Missouri’s state auditor.

  • Ginger


    Take your pick McCaskill

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  • bg


    Ladue Pundit #19

    ooh, i’m so not up on certain issues, thank
    you for filling me in, it’s truly appreciated..


  • Ginger

    Ed Martin is running for U.S. Senator in Missouri

  • John F. Kerry

    I don’t see what the problem is here. Delaware is a great state. So is Rhode Island.

  • Rickster

    I would like to know the specifics about exactly what type of aircraft she and her husband own. She keeps calling it an “airplane” as though it was a mere Cessna 180. The photos show a rather large Gulfstream corporate jet.

    Folks, there’s a whole lot of difference between an “airplane” and a large Gulfstream corporate jet.

    It seems she is deliberately trying to minimize what she is really doing by first not paying the taxes and then repeatedly calling it an “airplane” which by now, she refers to as a nuisance.

    She is a filthy deceptive person who has no ability to relate to the electorate who she clearly tries to deceive as she looks down her nose at us. We need to get these damn haughty blue-bloods the heck out of our government! They don’t go there to serve the people. They simply get into government to network around with other wealthy dishonest people.

  • theBuckWheat

    I purchased a used aircraft through a Delaware LLC. It is hangered in Missouri. The first encounter with the tax man was to pay sales/use tax on it. The county assessor was very diligent in finding it and presenting us with a bill. How Claire avoided paying all these years, I cannot figure out. Maybe Leona Helmsley, was right when she said that taxes were just for the little people.

    I guess when she no longer is our Senatrix, she can go to work for her airplane LLC, which by that time will have managed to get an ObamaCare ™ waiver. She spent a lot of energy pushing that bill through Congress, but was soon very puzzled by the voter backlash when the whole state, with only the exception of the two welfare counties, voted by the widest margin in history to withdraw from ObamaCare ™. Her response? She must not have explained ObamaCare ™ well enough.

    Somehow neglecting to pay taxes on a $2 million turbojet airplane and being clueless as to why the little people of her state said ‘hell no’ to ObamaCare are part of the same worldview, one that is hostile to the liberty and prosperity of the average citizen.

  • theBuckWheat

    Someone on Free Republic looked it up in the FAA registration database. They report it is a Pilatus turbo prop. Not shabby, and that is fine with me. If taxes are a problem, maybe it is because they so high that any dodging is justified. In that case, a conservative would seek ways to lower the cost of government. In Clair’s case, like that of John Kerry’s yacht, payment is just artfully dodged.

  • Chris

    ANOTHER shining DummiecRAT example and winner of the Butterly McQueen Award for (supposedly) Clueless Behavior:

    Run video of the wide-eyed Claire exclaiming, “I don’t nuthin’ ’bout payin’ no taxes!”

    Congrats, Clueless Claire. You may pick your award with your pink slip after the next election on your way out the door. And don’t let it hit ya where the good Lord split ya!


    Another hypocritical Democrat that wants to raise taxes on “the rich” when she herself is rich, and doesn’t pay her “own”taxes.

    Time to clean house and senate and WTFPresident out of congress


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  • For someone who simply forgot all about property taxes on the plane, she sure seems to know all about which states would not levy any taxes on it.

  • When are we gonna get serious and have TERM LIMITS for all elected officials? Once we finally accomplish this procedure, the corrupt crap will be limited…

    How can she weasel out of this? Rangel did with a slap? It never ends, these people are nauseating!

  • Old One

    Rangel is a part of a “protected” minority andd will never be called to account by his protected voters. Rangel will never have to answer for his crimes. AireClaireBear is white so she may be held accountable by voters in Missouri.

  • Moright

    Gets better and better. Every little person in Missouri understands the Personal property tax laws (aggressive and ridiculous as they are). Even an empty boat trailer is taxed. Claire bear is our former state auditor, I believe. Presumably she is familiar with our laws? Her pal Congressman Russ Carnahan had his own dodge recently w docking his Chris Craft in Illinois. Crooks, all. Are any in the political class not crooks?

  • PJ

    Its no wonder these people want to hang on to seats for lifetime,you go in to congress
    not worth much come out worth millions…….

  • silentcal_rox

    That airplane must have powerful engines to lift off with senatorette bison butt aboard!

  • L.E. Liesner

    Not to long ago it was Kerry and his yacht, and now it’s McCaskill and her airplane. Do these Democrats ever pay taxes? They sure as hell love to spend taxpayers money.

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