Figures. WI State Worker Retirement System Owns $5.5 Million in Koch Industries Bonds

You’ve just gotta love this…
If the Wisconsin state employees hate the Koch brothers so much why does their retirement plan invest in Koch Industries Bonds?

Just wondering.

The Wisconsin Retirement System owns $5.5 million in Georgia Pacific corporate bonds. GP is owned by Koch Industries.
The National Review reported, via FOX Nation:

The vitriol from protesting Wisconsin workers towards the Kochs emerged quickly and intensely. Signs ranging between lame and vulgar (often both) dot the public-union marches.

But what the protesters don’t realize is that they actually have a reason to root for the Koch brothers.
According to the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB), the Wisconsin Retirement System owns $5.5 million in Georgia Pacific corporate bonds. (Georgia Pacific is owned by Koch Industries.) This is the retirement system in which the overwhelming majority of state and local employees participate. These are the pension benefits that public employees are trying so hard to protect.

So here’s the challenge: Explain to a Wisconsin state worker that they are the ones helping fund the Koch brothers. Then sit back and watch the fun.

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  • bg



    but you have to know we are up against seriously mental people.. *sigh*


  • Jaggededge

    Funny how the road of life can be.

  • Multitude

    It’s either time to stay true to Marxist principals and demand the immediate liquidation and return (for no capitalist excess return) of the Koch shares, or the unions have to admit they’re pro-capitalist frauds, just out ripping off the taxpayers.

    Obviously, we’ve known the racket all along. The repugnant radical college students that are stinking up the capital are along for the ride, as the radical left always has been in the United States. Dudes, at least when you work for a real capitalist, they pay you for having your body and mind used. The unions are using you and throwing you out like a… well, we won’t go there on this blog.

    Like the Rainbow Coalition, unions and their leadership thugs are nothing more than a shake-down racket. Curiously, they don’t understand that the progressives aren’t in it for the same return. Some day, one of the two will figure out that the other intends them dead when the gig’s up, and things will get interesting. My money’s on the radical progressives as I totally doubt that some fat-assed union parasite will realize that he’s next (after the teabaggers) to be sent to the work camps on a one-way ticket by the second-revolution progressive vanguard.

  • befuddled

    it’s okay, i buy my meat from a supermarket, so i can still totally bad mouth Palin for killing stuff. makes sense, i don’t want to buy or support anything associated with Soros either, but by April 15, I get in line with everyone else to let Barney Frank have his way with me.

    speaking of Barney Frank, the silence on Fannie and Freddie is eerie since he won the election. just like all the Dems, a lot of bluster until you get elected. on the other hand, not having to hear his speech impediment every night is a blessing.

  • Badgerdoc

    OK, I’m a liberal, but I admit this is pretty funny. All of us who own mutual funds are undoubtedly invested in some business whose policies we would find abhorrent. None of us really check that closely, do we?

  • lynched1

    Now that’s funny. I’m a conservative and I don’t owe my retirement to the Koch brothers. The people carrying those signs must walk into a lot doors without opening them.

  • People naturally hate their creditors. Although they were kissing up when they borrowed.

  • bg


    they’re all the same, look at how Michael Moore duped the left, he owned
    Halliburton stock just to mention one, Soros is another, he of course owns
    much more than Moore, but no denying thy’re both hypocritical thieves..


  • Jeff

    Hmmm. Just thinkin- Georgia Pacific makes paper products of all types including toilet paper.
    Maybe if we let the libtards know about they’d just naturally quit using it. I don’t think it would necessarily change how they smell already, but the dirty hands would be a dead give away.

  • CV1

    Please, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

  • befuddled

    obamatrons can’t make sense of reality. they’re too high on Charlie Sheen to care.

  • gus

    Before we get a little off track….can some LIBTARD or any one else, explain to me EXACTLY what the KOCH Brothers have done, that is in any way “untoward”.??? And while we are at it, can any LIBTARD explain, how the KOCH brothers became part of the WISCONSIN discussion? Then can ANY LIBTARD tell me how GOOONIONS giving HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars to OPIE or FOR Opie is OK?? The GOOOONIONS take TAX MONEY and funnel it directly to LIBTARDS.
    And that’s ok??
    But the KOCH brothers who actually provide THOUSANDS of JOBS to Wisconsinites……ARE BAD??

  • Jingo

    This is quite possibly the funniest story ever.

  • gus

    And another POIGNANT POINT. This MONEY that the STATE of WISCONSIN retirement fund, has invested in KOCH Industries!!!!!!!!!!!

    None of it was INVESTED or PAID FOR by the LIBTARD UNIONS who benefit from it. IT IS TAX MONEY.

    I PAY 100% of my PENSION. Heretofore, these LIBTARDS have paid ZERO.

  • Guy in Ohio

    Gus, you must not understand liberals. They are mentally ill. They normally hate just for the thrill of hating, but in this case, they really needed a scapegoat to gather around and flog so the country could see how “united” they are. Since Bush has faded away, and Palin isn’t from Wisconsin, they had to look elsewhere. So, now as it turns out, they’ve been flogging themselves. Hilarious. If there are any people left in America who haven’t realized that these people are mentally ill, this should convince them…

  • Airhead Now

    This is nearly as funny as Michael Moore owning shares of Haliburton.

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  • gus

    Guy in Ohio. Thank you friend. You “get it”. You understand the filth that we are up against.
    The saddest part of the implosion of these “FOOLS”. Is that these LEMMING/SHEEP …FOOLS….have actually entrusted their futures into the hands of the GOOOONIONS. And the LIBTARD SHEEPLE, actually believe their own nonsense. It’s no coincidental, that College Wannabee’s are cutting their FILTHY teeth or MAKING BONES right now.
    The GOOD OLD DAYS of VIET NAM, has bred this. IT’S PATHETIC and SICKENING.

  • Granny

    #8 bg –

    Speaking of Michael Moore, have you seen his latest? According to Michael Moore, rich people’s money isn’t THEIR money, it is a “national resource”, it is OUR money . . . . to which all I can say is fork it all over Michael. You first!

  • Granny

    You want to know about the state of the US economy? Take a look at this report out of Idaho, where the number of food stamp recipients has tripled in the last 3 years!

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  • RickZ

    According to the State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB), the Wisconsin Retirement System owns $5.5 million in Georgia Pacific corporate bonds.

    That’s some pretty sweet irony right there. Lefties have never met a fact they couldn’t ignore.

  • Sally

    Love it.

    I’m certain the main stream media will be reporting on this immediately…..

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  • squeaky

    same as previous “down with greedy industry” moments where people march against their own personal i nterest – oblivious to the irony.

  • Andreas K.

    Let me get into Union mode for a second and find a fitting reply for this…

    Ahem… Here goes…

    “Because… uh… uhm… ah… Racist! Nazi! Capitalist pig! Slaver!”

  • Militant Conservative

    Sypical socialist behavior, the left wants the “progressive/liberal” policies till it kills the method of paying for their lunacy.

    I agree, liberalism is amental disorder.

    powder is dry

  • olm

    That is sweet irony. I knew this but last night I became thoroughly convinced that liberals have not one independent thought in their heads, ie they are stupid just plain stupid.
    They yell and scream the latest thing they read on HuffPO or heard on The Today Show and claim we are worse than dirt.
    I love these sweet ironies. Yesterday there was a liberal spouting FDR. Well, dipstick, he was against public unions……………….doesn’t matter his quote, this liberal thought, proved that unchecked union power was at the core of our democracy.
    Keep it classy and smarts libs, and unions. All you’re accomplishing is filth in public places.

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  • Jerry C


    If you keep turning left, you go around in circles. hahahahaHA!

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  • bg


    Granny #19

    “That’s Not Theirs, That’s A National Resource, It’s Ours”


    heh, can’t beat em join em, lets go to MM’s & claim our fair share of his
    dough, Charlie Manson style if we have to.. hey, Bernie & friends think
    that’s patriotic..

    “Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room
    with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!” The
    “War Council” ended with a formal declaration of war against “AmeriKKKa,”


  • Classic parasites a la “Atlas Shrugged.” Living off the golden goose’s eggs even as you try to kill him.

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  • Youarealllemmings

    Y’all need to do your own research and stop reading Faux. Here is Wisconsin 2010’s investment schedule

    You will notice that the Koch business is not listed; it was invested in 2011. So, how exactly are the unions to blame when:

    A) No union member actually controls the portfolio
    B) Koch’s affiliate was invested in this year, under the new administration.

    Also, the investment fund invests in Venezuelan holdings. OMG THEY ARE ALL SOCIALISTS. You really need to chill out, smoke a bowl, and stop yanking on every straw.

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