Caterpillar CEO Threatens to Leave Illinois Over Recent Tax Hike

Back in 2009 before the Obama-Pelosi Stimulus Bill was passed, Caterpillar chief executive officer Doug Oberhelman contradicted President Obama and said his company was not planning on hiring anytime soon.

Now the Caterpillar CEO is threatening to move the company from Illinois over the recent tax hikes.
The Pantagraph reported:

The chairman and CEO of Peoria-based Caterpillar Inc. is raising the specter of moving the heavy equipment maker out of Illinois.

In a letter sent March 21 to Gov. Pat Quinn, Caterpillar chief executive officer Doug Oberhelman said officials in at least four other states have approached the company about relocating since Illinois raised its income tax in January.

“I want to stay here. But as the leader of this business, I have to do what’s right for Caterpillar when making decisions about where to invest,” Oberhelman wrote in the letter obtained Friday by the Lee Enterprises Springfield bureau. “The direction that this state is headed in is not favorable to business and I’d like to work with you to change that.”

Oberhelman said he’s being actively courted to move.

“I have been called, ‘cornered’ in meetings and ‘wined and dined’ — the heat is on,” Oberhelman wrote. “Before, I never really considered living anywhere else and certainly never considered the possibility of Caterpillar relocating. But I have to admit, the policymakers in Springfield seem to make it harder by the day.”

Cat spokesman Jim Dugan said the letter was designed to show Quinn that Oberhelman wants to be involved in finding solutions that benefit the company, which employs 23,000 people in Illinois.

It’s been a tough year for Caterpillar. First they found out that Obamacare would cost them $100 million in one quarter. Then earlier this year the liberal Illinois governor raised taxes on Illinois businesses including Caterpillar.

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  • ahem

    Leave Illinois, and screw it as it so richly deserves.

  • Stephan

    I drive past the empty cat plant here in OH almost everyday. I guess the union strike worked out real well for them. Not! The aZZholes had a 20th strike reunion a while back what a hoot.

  • NickDeringer

    Federalism at work. The states with good governance get all the business while corrupt, gangster states like Illinois get vacant lots.

  • LL

    WHY would anyone do business in Illinois if they could move to a right-to-work state?

  • Kenny Solomon

    Sounds like it beer summit time.

    Who’s buyin’ ?


  • arnonerik

    When will the people of Illinois realize that the Democrat gangsters they keep voting into office are sinking the State of Illinois as fast as a pair of cement boots would.

  • RS

    I urge Cat to leave Illinois, it’s doomed… but only to a right to work state.

    The home run of course would be to move completely out of the reach of Democrats and go off-shore.

    Shall we encourage that?

  • Mike O

    Come to Texas! We’re a proud Right-to-Work State, we fight tooth and toenail to keep our taxes low (no Income tax) and we LOVE heavy equipment!

  • Mrs. Galt

    Just did a friend’s IL tax return. Double taxation big time. Missouri’s tax rate is 6%, supposedly twice that of IL. But IL does not let you deduct anything, so you’re paying taxes on the same $ you paid fed and state taxes, not to mention medical costs, education, etc.

    IL is a joke. Go south, CAT.

  • Chisum

    Kenny, check out Jessie D defending the poor Palistinians who are being wrongfully accused by a false flag operation and the evil, parroting western media.

  • bama_rama

    Cat Financial is already in Nashville. Rumor has it Cat has been scouting out plant sites here and already has plans in place for at least two of the sites.

  • ironbill

    Stephen: I ride past what was once an abandoned GM plant in Ossining, NY (that at its peek employed 4,000) 3 days a week. Same feeling: What was; what could have been; what never was.

    How does one put to words the lie that liberalism/progressivism/socialism is. Empty factories, urban dysfunction, defaulted mortgages, a failed educational system…All the consequence of this horribly flawed ideology. Yet the Liberal argues that he is for the “Little Guy.”

    A corporation is a legal creation that exists solely to advance the interests of the owners (shareholders). if I owned Caterpillar stock, my interest would be in leaving Illinois

  • rbosque

    Just look at what liberals and Marxists are doing to this country! I’d move out of country, piss on them!

  • Annie

    We would welcome Cat into South Carolina with big, open, warm, Southern arms!! Smiling faces, beautiful places….SC Caterpillar….come on down!!!

  • bama_rama


    Rumor also has it that the rest of the south will have to outbid Alabama for whatever bits and pieces of Cat don’t end up in Middle Tennessee.

  • Betsy Ross

    Let me be clear:
    Change you can believe in.

  • Dave-O

    If I’m a shareholder of Caterpillar – I’m asking the Board of Directors at the next shareholder meeting WTF they are still doing in Illinois? How does this benefit the shareholders at all? They have a fiduciary duty to the shareholder and NOT to any particular locale.

  • ck

    Come to Utah, you can operate without a union. People here can read.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    It looks like Obunghole and the rest of the Libtards are gonna take another one in the shorts.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    socialism can only survive if its has some capitalists to exploit. even howard dean recognizes that.