Well… Now that was bold.
Let’s see how well this goes over with the Muslims…
Bill Maher told radical far left Congressman Keith Ellison that the Koran is a “hate-filled holy book.”

Bill Maher to Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN):

“I would say the threat from radicalized Muslims is a unique and greater threat. It is the greatest threat. Let me give you the reasons why I jotted down why.

One. It’s been going on a thousand years, this problem Islam and the West. We’re dealing with a culture that is in its medieval era.

It comes from a hate-filled holy book, the Koran, which is taken very literally by its people.

They are trying to get nuclear weapons. I don’t think Timothy McVeigh would ever try to get a nuclear weapon because I think right-wing nuts, they think they love this country and they are not trying to destroy this country. They want to get it away from the people that they see as hijacking it. That’s different than Muslim extremists who want to destroy it.”




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  1. Curious how quickly he has to apologize.

    Or he’ll get sacked, like his name-sake, Kevin Maher, who was sacked for calling the Okinawans “lazy” and “masters of extortion”.

  2. He seems to be spot on … I hate agreeing with Bill Maher

  3. Actually going on about 1400 years. It ought to be interesting to see how this liberal twit will dance when the pressure is applied, as it certainly will be.

  4. Andreas K

    Have you heard from your friend yet?

  5. Ginger, I did. They could finally establish contact to Sendai and yeah, the older sister and the family got out before the wave hit. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

  6. Hold your applause. Maher hates all religions, but he bashes Christianity enough to get a free pass from the MSM. Not sure the “Muslim Community” will be so understanding.

  7. How do you spell Fart wa? You know where the mula’s call someone they don’t like to be beheaded? Watch out Maher the muslims are as bad if not worse then the liberals/communist!

  8. Maher needs to realize that the koran is supposed to be taken literally. The koran, according to islamic mythology, is perfect. Everything in it is the ultimate truth.

    Ginger, fatwa. Those are “judical studies”, official statements of islamic law, basically. The mullahs, imams, etc, those in charge, decide what is true based on the koran and other important writings. One somewhat recent fatwa for example stated that the earth is flat. You can also beat your wife, but make sure you don’t hit her face or leave visible marks. That, too, was a relatively recent fatwa.

  9. It’s about time someone said it out loud.

  10. Wow, a almost lucid comment from Maher. Shoot down that flying pig.

  11. Andreas K


    My tears keep coming for the Japanese people and their beloved country. :(

  12. One by one they are stepping up to the plate and helping to take our country back. This one surprises me but is gratefully accepted. Watch the state governors begin stepping up now that Gov. Walker has. It’s awesome. One step at a time…
    Keep in mind, this does not excuse every one of us from doing our part. Keyboard activity alone makes no real difference. Keep up the good fight!

  13. ++

    now that’s the Bill i used to know..

    i thank God for your relapse back to sanity Mr. Maher..

    may it not only become a cronic disease, but highly contagious..


  14. I hate agreeing with Maher too but he gets kudos for that one. If he threw in that Jefferson was fighting them not celeebrating their holidays it would have been perfect.

  15. This must be a mistake.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he backtracks on his statements,if not…Bravo Bill.
    It’s a very good start.

  16. This is the ONLY thing this radical libtard has said that I agree with!

  17. Maher showed more guts than all the msm put together. The Slimes and Compost would never say that. The editors are afraid for their physical safety and like all cowards show deference and obedience to those they fear. Yes, PC is a big factor in their supporting radical i-slam, but good old cowardice is the MAIN reason.

  18. ALMOST! Almost had me nodding … BUT! It’s Maher. He actually thinks Brazil doesn’t use or drill oil.

    McVeigh’s political leanings as IMPLIED by Mr. Opportunist Bill Clinton and AMPLIFIED by the media, don’t really match what he was busy doing and why a so-called “right-winger” would be looking up Islamic terrorists for guidance.

    The liberals make human chains and “die-ins” to keep people like Mumia from being executed, because they say it’s ‘wrong” but McVeigh? First time we EVER saw the libs line up for “Fast track.” McVeigh is no longer available for questioning, and there were PLENTY of them. The back-handed faux compliment that “Right Wingers” who love their country doesn’t make sense when matched to McVeigh’s decidedly unloving murderous actions. They do NOT collude with foreigners to murder innocent Americans. “Right wingers” are quite aware that “America” is “The People.”
    It’s Liberal Left crap and phony narrative, which Maher is steeped in.
    Good luck with trying to be “tough” with the grim “weeper” Ellison, nincompoop.

  19. islam being all accepting and comfortable enough in its own skin to accept those who have found another path they choose to follow – or not. mostly not.

  20. how did Bill Maher get so smart so fast?

    Last week he was praising Obama, Obamnomics, Obamagas and Obamanutz

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