Bill Maher to Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison: The Koran Is a “Hate-Filled Holy Book” (Video)

Well… Now that was bold.
Let’s see how well this goes over with the Muslims…
Bill Maher told radical far left Congressman Keith Ellison that the Koran is a “hate-filled holy book.”

Bill Maher to Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN):

“I would say the threat from radicalized Muslims is a unique and greater threat. It is the greatest threat. Let me give you the reasons why I jotted down why.

One. It’s been going on a thousand years, this problem Islam and the West. We’re dealing with a culture that is in its medieval era.

It comes from a hate-filled holy book, the Koran, which is taken very literally by its people.

They are trying to get nuclear weapons. I don’t think Timothy McVeigh would ever try to get a nuclear weapon because I think right-wing nuts, they think they love this country and they are not trying to destroy this country. They want to get it away from the people that they see as hijacking it. That’s different than Muslim extremists who want to destroy it.”

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  • Andreas K.

    Curious how quickly he has to apologize.

    Or he’ll get sacked, like his name-sake, Kevin Maher, who was sacked for calling the Okinawans “lazy” and “masters of extortion”.

  • Neo

    He seems to be spot on … I hate agreeing with Bill Maher

  • Somewhat Reasonable Voice

    Actually going on about 1400 years. It ought to be interesting to see how this liberal twit will dance when the pressure is applied, as it certainly will be.

  • Ginger

    Andreas K

    Have you heard from your friend yet?

  • Andreas K.

    Ginger, I did. They could finally establish contact to Sendai and yeah, the older sister and the family got out before the wave hit. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

  • Hold your applause. Maher hates all religions, but he bashes Christianity enough to get a free pass from the MSM. Not sure the “Muslim Community” will be so understanding.

  • Ginger

    How do you spell Fart wa? You know where the mula’s call someone they don’t like to be beheaded? Watch out Maher the muslims are as bad if not worse then the liberals/communist!

  • Andreas K.

    Maher needs to realize that the koran is supposed to be taken literally. The koran, according to islamic mythology, is perfect. Everything in it is the ultimate truth.

    Ginger, fatwa. Those are “judical studies”, official statements of islamic law, basically. The mullahs, imams, etc, those in charge, decide what is true based on the koran and other important writings. One somewhat recent fatwa for example stated that the earth is flat. You can also beat your wife, but make sure you don’t hit her face or leave visible marks. That, too, was a relatively recent fatwa.

  • Jenny

    It’s about time someone said it out loud.

  • czekmark

    Wow, a almost lucid comment from Maher. Shoot down that flying pig.

  • Ginger

    Andreas K


    My tears keep coming for the Japanese people and their beloved country. 🙁

  • lakewriter

    One by one they are stepping up to the plate and helping to take our country back. This one surprises me but is gratefully accepted. Watch the state governors begin stepping up now that Gov. Walker has. It’s awesome. One step at a time…
    Keep in mind, this does not excuse every one of us from doing our part. Keyboard activity alone makes no real difference. Keep up the good fight!

  • bg


    now that’s the Bill i used to know..

    i thank God for your relapse back to sanity Mr. Maher..

    may it not only become a cronic disease, but highly contagious..


  • olm

    I hate agreeing with Maher too but he gets kudos for that one. If he threw in that Jefferson was fighting them not celeebrating their holidays it would have been perfect.

  • ebayer

    This must be a mistake.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he backtracks on his statements,if not…Bravo Bill.
    It’s a very good start.


    This is the ONLY thing this radical libtard has said that I agree with!

  • CrackerMike

    Maher showed more guts than all the msm put together. The Slimes and Compost would never say that. The editors are afraid for their physical safety and like all cowards show deference and obedience to those they fear. Yes, PC is a big factor in their supporting radical i-slam, but good old cowardice is the MAIN reason.

  • wanumba

    ALMOST! Almost had me nodding … BUT! It’s Maher. He actually thinks Brazil doesn’t use or drill oil.

    McVeigh’s political leanings as IMPLIED by Mr. Opportunist Bill Clinton and AMPLIFIED by the media, don’t really match what he was busy doing and why a so-called “right-winger” would be looking up Islamic terrorists for guidance.

    The liberals make human chains and “die-ins” to keep people like Mumia from being executed, because they say it’s ‘wrong” but McVeigh? First time we EVER saw the libs line up for “Fast track.” McVeigh is no longer available for questioning, and there were PLENTY of them. The back-handed faux compliment that “Right Wingers” who love their country doesn’t make sense when matched to McVeigh’s decidedly unloving murderous actions. They do NOT collude with foreigners to murder innocent Americans. “Right wingers” are quite aware that “America” is “The People.”
    It’s Liberal Left crap and phony narrative, which Maher is steeped in.
    Good luck with trying to be “tough” with the grim “weeper” Ellison, nincompoop.

  • squeaky

    islam being all accepting and comfortable enough in its own skin to accept those who have found another path they choose to follow – or not. mostly not.

  • Mitch Rapp

    how did Bill Maher get so smart so fast?

    Last week he was praising Obama, Obamnomics, Obamagas and Obamanutz

  • Bobbi

    I’m in shock.

  • BradInMo

    So, we take everything out-of-context when it comes to the bad, that would mean we do it with the good as well. The question then becomes, what is the context of the one that saves a life and saves the world? Is the life that is saved one of a believer or an infidel? If he saves an infidel, what is the context of the world?

    Anyone really know?

  • Spider

    Progress, but still needs work.

    The libs are still straining to keep these nebulous ‘Right Wing’ militias and hate groups on the par with radical islamic groups that are defined, real, and in our faces 24/7.

    I stopped the video before listening to Ellison’s retort. Don’t think I missed anything revelatory.

  • Ginger

    I bet the muslims DNA is so complicated that no DNA specialist would never figure out the parent. They think they have the right to marry little 9 year old babies and rape who they choose even male to male but they kill gays?

    Me wear a burka and take their abuse! HELL NO!

  • Taxpayer

    Did Maher fall down and hit his head? Well, whatever the reason, it’s about freakin’ time he applied some actual logic to the situation.

  • Jay.Mac

    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  • bg


    Ginger #24

    that reminded me of the following..

    An open letter from the founder and president
    of the Alliance of Iranian Women.

    Honorable Speaker Pelosi:

    I heard you say that the people who oppose the construction of the Ground Zero mosque should be investigated.

    Investigate me. I oppose the construction of that mosque.

    This mosque, built in such close proximity to Ground Zero, is intended to send a message to America and another message to the Muslims who are gravitating toward human rights laws and secularism. We are sure that this mosque will cause nothing but division and justified ill will towards Muslims in this country.

    I came to America as a political refugee, fleeing from the Islamic rule in Iran that subsumed a secular, woman-respecting government. As a human, woman, and a mother, I could not live under nor subject my daughter to such brutal, barbarian tyranny. What I see now occurring in my new home, America, is Islamists forcing their policies in bits and pieces, here and there. It is terribly disconcerting, not only to me but to all Iranian Americans and the large majority of Muslims who came to America to live in peace, freedom, and prosperity.

    Madam Speaker: The Islamists are using the laws of this greatest of democracies to implement their ideology in any way they can – whether by propaganda, intimidation, the misuse of political correctness or anti- discrimination policies, or the minority status that this society puts at their disposal. Plus the most powerful of all tools, the money – the limitless petrodollars coming from foreign Islamist dictators with anti- democratic agendas.

    Because the American Constitution calls for the separation of religion and government, the Justice Department, the ACLU, and others constantly minimize the influence Christianity and Judaism have on American secular society. What we, American Muslims, wonder: why is there an exception for Islam from the rules applied to others, even though the Islamic human rights record is deeply problematic and contrary to all the civil rights and individual rights laws of this great republic?

    Why is Islam given a pass that is not given to Christianity or Judaism?

    Madam Speaker: You are a powerful woman in the world, but you don’t care much about the human rights of hundreds of millions of women and children who need the support of the people like you to gain their individual freedom. You claim to be for the women’s right to choose, but then you ignore the right of women and children to have human dignity!


  • mg4us

    Kudos Bill Maher for sharing pretty sound reasons why radical islamists are a major threat to this country. . . but you forgot one VERY important one. .
    When people come (immigrate) to the United States – they are expected to assimilate and add to the melting pot of our society. . and abide by OUR Constitution. . . not separate and dissipate OUR American Way by insisting their own rules (Sharia Law) be instituted or pledging alliances to foreign entities or enemies!

    Now as for Congressman Keith Ellison. . . he continues to be a liar. . he says he was raised Catholic but joined the Muslim faith since they preached inclusion. . . excuse me. . . but Jesus taught inclusion (why did so many gentiles follow) as well as love thy neighbor & the Beatitudes as a blueprint for what garners blessings from God Almighty.

    No, Congressman Ellison, you tipped your hand when you said you joined the Islamic faith because they supported the fight against apartheid. . . you continue to lie and slander. . . when you were in college, there was no apartheid here in the US! MLK and others had led the way for Civil Rights. . . and you being in college and elected to office are one of the beneficiaries of that struggle. . . you reap where others sacrificed and sowed!

    No, the apartheid you struggle is against the “white man” and western civilization. . . admit it!

    You are a liar, a divider and a disgrace to the office of Congressman!

    Now why didn’t you put on another cry-baby act with Bill Maher like you did with Rep King at the Congressional hearings?. . . oh, Bill pissed on your charade?

    PS – how did the people of MN elect this charlatan? Next time,
    Please THINK before you VOTE!

  • moron

    Bill Maher, elitist, snob, holier than thou has a clue? Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

  • greg

    Any one notice that WON WTF gave a one hour presser yesterday about his energy policy and there are no none zip nothing zero comments in today’s media. Look for yourself even in the conservative blogs. This must be a miracle

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  • Ang

    I find it hard to believe, not quite buying it, was he setting up Keith Ellison, so that he could inform “us”?

  • donh

    Yes there is a real depth of understanding there in Maher’s words. I really applaud his complete destruction of the Timothy McVeigh comparison the Muslim liberals always use to shield islamic terrorism. I have never heard ANYONE say this.

  • Bustr

    Well, well.

    If one of the liberal group-think metronomes say its time for the Koran to be seen for what it is, Western Civilization might finally open it’s left eye.

  • kansas

    Funny how people can become brilliant when you agree with what they say. I happen to agree with him on this one, but it makes me wonder.

  • Big L

    for Ellison post, ck out
    they did “Keith Ellison for dummies”. Plus five other ones. Ellison was involved with
    farakhan as a NOI-er. He ran for Cong in the 90’s as Keith elliso-muhammad. and for
    state wide office as Keith Hakim. there is a lot there.

    also didn’t Bill maher say it was too bad that Obama did not have martial law rules and declare
    HealthNoCare and a bunch of other things as passed and in effect?

  • redlite

    For once in my life I agree with Maher. Good on him for speaking the truth to this idiot’ Ellison is a publicity seeking fool. If he weren’t the only Muslim in the Congress no one outside of his congressional district would know who he was.

  • Sally

    Bill was almost there- but blew it.

    He should have responded (in conclusion) that if those “few who want to hijack do it only in the name of politics and not religion” then why do they yell what they do before they slaughter?

    (and we know what they seem to always yell… it is not anything close to, “Praise social justice!”

    That would have been a fair question and would have put Ellison’s bunk in its place.

  • jzaik

    Holy Shiite!! Someone stop taking their dummy pills?

  • VirtualCommenter

    There is something else that needs to be said. If I find myself in agreement with Bill Maher, I think it is time to think seriously about this clip:

  • Solaratov

    I find it hard to believe that maher really believes anything that he says along that line. More likely is that he’s just trying to rope in some Conservatives to expand his dwindling audience.

    He’ll revert to type soon.

  • bg


    CrackerMike #17

    re: [good old cowardice is the MAIN reason]

    that’s what kills me, albeit terrorists and journOlists are at opposite
    ends of the spectrum (so to speak), they’re COWARDS down deep..

    [Oh, well, I’m afraid of what the…that’s where I’m really afraid. I would like
    to criticize Islam much more than I do publicly, but I’m afraid for my life if I

    Hypocrite much??

    Earth to O’D


  • Frank H

    Dear Bill,

    I give you credit for having the [email protected] to say that out loud. Let me know how it works out for ya’

    Frank H

  • Rob De Witt

    Fairly shocking to hear this from Maher, all right – which my cynicism convinces me is the point of his saying it in the first place.

    “Edgy.” You know.

    However and nonetheless, the re-entry of the Timothy McVeigh narrative into the public consciousness would be well accompanied by this story:

    Muslim terrorists manipulating a home-grown nutcase. Works for me.

  • truth teller

    I am actually impressed by Maher…could he possibly be seeing the reality we have been seeing for so long? Won’t hold my breath, but would be nice.

  • Ginger

    You got to watch this….It is Michelle Bachmann being interviewed. I love how she used the wording of her birth certificate.

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  • BurmaShave

    Muslims assure us that the Koran is the incorruptible and immutable “word of God.”

    I guess that there are just a few little problems:

    1. There is literally violent disagreement among Muslims concerning just exactly what this “word of God” is.

    2. Keith Ellison assures us that the “word of God” is all sweetness and light; however, there are millions and millions of malicious Muslims who vehemently hold to various viciously violent versions.

    3. The Muslims’ so-called “word of God” Is manifestly very mutable and thoroughly corruptible.

  • Marsh626

    It’s so annoying how mindless leftist audiences applaud along to politically correct lies. They really do believe that islam is a tolerant religion of peace that has been hijacked by a couple hundred cave dwellers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And why do they believe that? Because the leftist media tells them that.

    The book of the same name as that lecture needs to be required reading for all Americans.

  • Thingamajig

    WTF. I hate when it comes down to Maher to defend my point of view.

    via Tatler: Wouldn’t it be something if the Democrats at that hearing on radical Islamic terrorism, used talking points handed them by a group tied to the very fountainhead of radical Islamic terrorism?

  • “I was looking for social justice” <– COMMIE !!

  • MoreEntertainingnFiction

    Yes, of course, what better place to go than Islam when looking to promote “social justice.”

  • retire05

    While the left loves to refer to Timothy McVeigh, how many of you have ever heard of Hussain Hashem al Hussaini?

    Well, Jayna Davis has. And when the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing felt like all avenues regarding that tragic day were not being persued by the federal government under Bill Clinton started voicing those doubts to Davis, she went on a chase for the truth that was basically swept under the rug in Clinton’s desire to wrap the bombing up quickly.

    Davis wrote a book on the tragic failure of the federal government after so many lost their lives, The Third Terrorist. In it, Davis names the Third Terrorist, fingered by many in Oklahoma, as Hussain Hasham al Hussaini, for former Iraqi soldier. And it seems that al Hussaini has surfaced again and like so many of the stories that Jim covers that are ignored by the MFM, few have covered this story. But one has:

    Where we all fooled about Oklahoma City? Did the same man who said only one small sentence about the U.S.S. Cole really know that Iraqi [Muslim] militants were involved in the Oklahoma City bombing?

    Now, I’m not a grassy knoll kinda person, but Davis does make a solid argument for her claims of Muslim involvement in the OK City bombing. I suggest everyone go to the link I provided and educated yourself about what can be considered as one of the biggest coverups in our nations history.

  • 1) Yeah, religious pluralism… in Saudi Arabia.
    2) This short clip was so filled with taqqiyah. Gosh.

  • Bert

    Even a broken clock like Maher is right once in a while.

  • Jackie

    I can’t believe he would say something like this……..shocked, I tell you.

  • Dan

    I really, really hope some Mooselimb extremist kills Maher. It’s win-win.

  • Swifty

    He’ll never work at NPR again. Oh, wait. That was Juan Williams. My bad.

  • lakewriter

    an aside, totally frivilous comment – omg Mitch Rapp is here! I am about to pass out. Love the guy! LOL

  • RalphF

    It’s good thing Bill Maher doesn’t have a gig on NPR. It would be history.

  • aprilnovember811

    He’ right on everything except the McVeigh part. There is more to this McVeigh story. A man who allegedly was with McVeigh was arrested in MA yesterday. I’ll post a couple of links below. He is a Muslim who worked in Sadam Husseins Army. This is possibly a huge coverup by the Clintons and others. McVeigh was a socialist as was his family. They were agnostic. Like Obama it is a creation of the left to lay this on the right wing. There may be a possibility that the documents stolen by Sandy Burger(why isn’t he in prison) were related to the OK City bombing. They didn’t want the public to know that this was the beginning of Jihad attacks on the US.

    Don’t rely on the FBI for the truth. They seem to go whatever way the wind is blowing politically in my opinion. Look at Obama. They don’t know he isn’t American born? I don’t buy it. I don’t believe a word coming out of the Federal Government anymore.

    After Obama’s lies and those that go along with the lies how can you. I remember after 9/11, there were pleas from the government, “If you see anything you view as suspicious contact us?” We tried to let them know about Obama’s questionable past and we’re ridiculed. They are liars and can’t be trusted. Personally I don’t believe TWA Flight 800 had anything to do with an air conditioning problem. My husband is a commercial airline pilot. He said he has spoken with people who have sat on the tarmac on those planes in Saudi Arabia for long periods of time and the air conditioning issue is bunk. I believe it was a surface to air missile that struck that plane. Do you remember how the FBI was initially involved and all of a sudden they are taken out of the mix?

    We have a very criminal government. There are exceptions but I never in my life would have believed the deception that is being tolerated by the courts, Military, Congress. It’s something I would have thought third world countries would put up with, not America. It makes me sick.

    Did you also know that the weapon that killed the border agent Brian Terry several weeks ago was provided to the drug cartels by the Obama regime. Watch the link below. I can’t understand why there isn’t more outrage at this. It’s like no one cares that our government is providing weapons to the drug cartels to kill our own citizens. I can’t even look at these people anymore. I just want to spit on them. Obama is using the cover of Government to commit crimes against the country he vowed to protect. What is even more astounding is those letting him and enabling him.

    Whistleblower ATF Agent John Dodson Exposes Deadly “Operation Gunrunner”

    This is about the Jihadist arrested in MA yesterday. He aided McVeigh but it is being hidden. I will never believe a word this government says again. I’m even suspicious of those I once trusted. You have to wonder are they telling the truth or aren’t they. Trust once lost is hard to regain. Please pass this info around if you can.


    From Middle America
    To the Middle East

    Where the story began …

    Moments after 9:02 AM on April 19, 1995, investigative TV journalist Jayna Davis found herself staring at the smoldering shell of the Alfred P. Murrah Building with a photographer by her side recording the unspeakable bloodshed and carnage.

  • Buffalobob

    Some are saying Bill Maher had an Epiphany and now sees Islamic terrorism for what is is. Maybe true, or maybe he may be listening and now hearing what his friend Dennis Miller has been saying since 9/11.

  • MoreEntertainingnFiction

    #51 March 12, 2011 at 10:48 am
    Mats commented:

    “I was looking for social justice” <– COMMIE !!

    This is exactly right. Ellison is first and foremost a communist. He says it right here in this interview.

  • CV1

    Maher is just as likely to rip into the Holy Bible as he is the Koran. He is a disciple of Satan, which makes him the enemy of both Islam and Christianity.

    Bill Maher’s religion is…Bill Maher.

  • JoeyO


    “I happen to agree with him on this one, but it makes me wonder”

    Don’t wonder too much. Even the most insane minds are right sometimes, while even the most brutal like Hitler had some very positive aspects and comments. No person is pure evil, just like no person is completely blind ~ this is just one of the very, very, very few times Maher showed true real-world encompassing logic.

  • Peter Warner

    #38 March 12, 2011 at 10:17 am
    Sally commented:

    ‘Bill was almost there- but blew it.
    He should have responded (in conclusion) that if those “few who want to hijack do it only in the name of politics and not religion” then why do they yell what they do before they slaughter?
    (and we know what they seem to always yell… it is not anything close to, “Praise social justice!”
    That would have been a fair question and would have put Ellison’s bunk in its place.’

    Excellent point, Sally. I would add:

    2) The ones who are engaged in jihadist attacks also seem to be the most devout. I don’t hear them talking about ‘social justice’ very much.

    3) The Islamic authorities may be mixed, but many (dozens) of them support jihadist attacks, and less than about six are vocal in condemning them. If Islam really was about liberation and not about oppression, there would be serious leadership effort, condemning violence in the name of their god. THERE IS NOT.

    4) Every poll taken of Muslims show a significant percentage (say 10%) support jihadist violence. If they are mistaken, there isn’t any serious effort to correct them within the mosque leadership. That is an indication that in fact those 10% are just the honest Muslims. The rest are practicing deception, which is expressly encouraged within Islam and their book.

    Bill Maher is exactly right in this moment, and he deserves credit for his courage. Well done Mr. Maher.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • bg


    squeaky #19

    thank you for that story (and so many other
    out of the box reality links that you post)..

    ‘They Need to Be Liberated From Their God’

    “The problem is not in Muslims,” he continues. “The problem is with their
    God. They need to be liberated from their God. He is their biggest enemy.
    It has been 1,400 years they have been lied to.”


  • if ellison was looking for social justice why did he join a black racist organization the NOI. if islam is inclusive why does it have the marxist world view that this is their planet and no one else has the right to be here.

  • John

    Bill Maher better watch out for the bus.

  • sifty

    Alternate headline:


  • bg


    aprilnovember811 #61

    oh yes, not to mention the Nick Berg connection..

    God Bless GWB, the last “American President”..


  • Sandy

    Why is it ordinary Americans have been way ahead of the Punditry when it comes to what kind of change Obama really has in mind for the USA? Bravo to Maher but its a little late. People like him helped to put our Sultan where he is.

  • bg


    hear what a Muslim has to say about Ellison..

    please scroll down/up, click on connecting
    links as a you go for more info, thanks..


  • iconoclast

    Maybe Maher is coming around to Ann Coulter’s way of thinking?

    “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

  • Sandy

    If Muslims are such good people why didn’t they condemn the violence committed in the name of Allah? The silence by Muslims to the terror attacks committed against the West and Israel has been deafening.

  • The world has truly turned upside down; I never thought I would respond to a Bill Maher quote with: “What he said!”.

  • BetterDeadthanRed

    The first clue for anyone considering joining this cult is Mohammed himself.
    If you are dumb enough to accept that ” GOD” told Mohammed to marry and consumate a marriage with a nine year old girl ,then you will believe anything.
    Were not talking a 16 yr old or as even some places a 14 yr old who has gone through puberty and was sold or married off , a NINE year old.

  • Stuart

    All right: who stole my #10 clue bat?
    I know it was one of you guys, don’t deny it.
    I want it back.
    And don’t wear it out whuppin on poor Bill Maher.

  • Viv

    OMG, I agree with Maher.

  • me

    Wow. I don’t think Ellison knew what hit him at first and as he tres to respond to the very reasonable approach of Maher. And the audience definitely didn’t know what was going on… first they clap for Maher, then for Ellison. Maher is introducing a very big concept to people who have accepted talking points without any critical thinking. If Maher gets them thinking about the source of evil in Islam, more power to him! If he’s going to get in this human rights fight, he needs to know Muslim lies and be ready to refute so Ellison and others don’t get the last word in like that.

  • All passages in the Koran that speak of the sanctity of life are speaking only of Muslim life. Non-believers are considered animals. Too bad Maher doesn’t know that. He could have shut that Muslim scumbag down.

    Notice that it is Ellison’s Leftism that drew him to Islam. Leftism is the ideology of hate and destruction. No wonder he found Islam so compelling.

  • squeaky

    “The first clue for anyone considering joining this cult is Mohammed himself.” personally the idea that the only way you get out is feet first was a deal breaker. i still like to think i have control over correcting any mistakes i make.

  • squeaky

    putting on a burka is a whole lot easier than trying to take it off when you decide that maybe it’s not so cool after all.

  • kay

    and so now Maher, a liberal, has street cred on calling out the muslim book of koran for what everyone already knows what it is (hate filled) to another liberal.
    well, i could say finally! but what would be the point? We all know the that book is filled with hate (so are parts of the old testament of the bible). Its the fact that western civilization stopped stoning to death women, stopped chopping hands off, and stopped killing others that wouldn’t convert at the point of the sword.
    And I might add: It was because of those that questioned (ie-Luther) that gave us the internecine wars between protestant and catholics but at least stopped the Inquisition and the darkness that held over the land. And before I get hosed with angry emails – I am a roman catholic, but i know the fallacy of men.

  • bg



    Green Energy Is Really All About Social Justice

    Ten Key Values

    [Social Justice and Equal Opportunity

    All persons should have the rights and opportunity to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment. We must consciously confront in ourselves, our organizations, and society at large, barriers such as racism and class oppression, sexism and heterosexism, ageism and disability, which act to deny fair treatment and equal justice under the law.]

    [Later — during his interview with United Church News — Obama continued his thoughts about religion and politics; specifically, the role of religious principles in reaching a balance between national security and social justice concerns.

    “I believe that democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal values,” Obama said. “Social justice and national security are both universal values, values that may originate for some in their religious beliefs, but are shared by us all.”]

    ”I am certain nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards
    of individual freedom as the striving after the mirage of social justice.”

    “I have come to feel strongly that the greatest service I can still render to
    my fellow men would be that I could make the speakers and writers among
    them thoroughly ashamed ever again to employ the term ’social justice’.”

    ~Friedrich A. von Hayek

    Obama & The Green Movement

    please scroll down/up, click on connecting
    links as a you go for more info, thanks..


  • aprilnovember811

    Someone posted the link above to this article but I felt it was important to be posted again. Here is an excerpt I pulled from the article,

    “My investigation determined that Hussain al HUSSAINI possesses a social security number issued in 1994 in the state of Massachusetts. For reasons unclear, it was reissued in Texas in 1995. Several dates of birth are associated with al HUSSAINI, all listing his month and year of birth as September 1965. He also has a lengthy list of aliases, including but not limited to Hussain Hashem Jassem Al-Hussaini, Hussain Hashem Al-Hussaini, Hanan Hashim Jassem Al-Hussaini, Adnan Hashim Jassem Al-Hussaini, Salem Hashim Al-Hussaini and eleven others.”

    Are all of you aware that Obama has used many fraudulent social security numbers? He has one issued to him right now that is from someone in CT. I’m sure it’s nothing, right? I’m sure the FBI would be on top of it right????

    Washington, DC is full of arrogant, pompous, know it alls. They will never learn. They still have their tombstone mentality.

  • aprilnovember811
  • MoreEntertainingnFiction

    #85 March 12, 2011 at 2:13 pm
    bg commented:

    Some like to say green on the outside and red on the inside, but CO2 being plant food they are really totalitarian all the way through.

  • sybilll

    The dolts over at Democratic Underground can’t WAIT to upload Maher’s clips on Saturday mornings. I’m going to donn my hazmat suit, and go see how well this went over.

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  • Oldpuppymax

    My GOD….Maher got one right.

  • grizzlybare

    Must be the new crop of mushrooms. That can’t be a “clean” Maher speaking.

  • BarbaraS

    I love the comment that “300,000 won’t be able to feed and clothe their families”. I wish I had made the salaries these deadbeats make. The teachers in this country are falling down on the job. 82% of our schools are failing, mainly because poor teachers can’t be fired. We keep throwing more and more money into education and get nothing for it. The police didn’t do much of anything to stop the violence. This is why I am against unions especially for the public sector. They strike and we have no security. They strike and we have no street clean up or garbage collection. They are striking against us. They are using blackmail and extortion against us. And blackmail and extortion is all the unions have. That and the backing of the dimocrat party.

  • Lol

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and I think this is what happened with bill maher!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Late to chime in, and, as nobody has noted this fact yet:

    Yes, the Koran is hate-filled….but, no, it is not HOLY.

    Words have meanings. The Koran might possibly be the most UN-holy book ever written.

    Anton Lavey’s Satanic Bible doen’t even come close to the evil that is the Koran. Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” are not even close to the unholiness that is the Koran (although, both come close). Folks need to quit calling it the “Holy” Koran. My last dump was more “holy” than the Koran.

    I also hate it when folks discuss “desecration” of a Koran, or of a mosque. Hey, nitwits: you cannot desecrate something which IS NOT SACRED. It’s not possible. I could do nothing to a mosque or a Koran that would make it any less sacred, less holy, than they already are. These things are of the Devil himself.

  • bg


    Rob De Witt #44

    wow, thanks..

    adding that to #61/71 & #86/87

    Official: Kerry failed to act on pre-9/11 tip

    [A third federal aviation-security agent, one still with the government, has stepped forward to say he also warned Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry about security lapses at Boston’s Logan International Airport before the 9-11 hijackings there.]

    also lets not forget Obama lived in MA, and had several
    SS numbers, one being that of a long gone dead man..


  • IndieJones

    Maher seems to have a problem naming the leftwing violent groups who loved setting off bombs and who used heavy weapons….Like… the Democratic Underground, the SLA, the Black Panthers….the SDS…..

  • # 53 retire05,

    Now, I’m not a grassy knoll kinda person, but Davis does make a solid argument for her claims of Muslim involvement in the OK City bombing. I suggest everyone go to the link I provided and educated yourself about what can be considered as one of the biggest coverups in our nations history.

    Terry Nichols, McVeigh’s co-conspirator, had travelled to the Philippines to learn bomb making from muslims there, supposedly Ramzi Yusuf (who was the man behind the WTC bombing in ’93 and who lived there at the time while planning the Bojinka Plot to blow up cross pacific airliners). I have no doubt muslims were involved in the Oklahome City bombing; they found a useful idiot in McVeigh to do their dirty work.

  • So there really is a liberal with some common sense.

    But don’t be surprised if he follows up with some Bible bashing or some harsh words towards Christians for the sake of sounding like he is well balanced in his thinking.

    I will have some respect for him if refuses to bash Christians, our Bible, and the Tea Party.

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  • Joanne

    There is nothing ‘holy’ about the Koran.

  • John

    Maher is simply a less articulate version of Christopher Hitchens, in that their dislike for all religions trumps their liberalism (though Hitchens has been moving away from doctrinaire liberalism for the past 20 years).

    He dislikes organized religion enough to reject the idea that since most American conservatives are Christian, the default position for the left should be to claim Christianity and Islam are two sides of the same coin. That’s a bit better than you average liberal regurgitating Keith Ellison’s talking points simply based on the “The enemy of my enemy…” idea, but don’t expect Maher to be seeing the light on too many non-Islam related issues any time in the future (though he did chide some Truthers in his studio audience a couple of years ago, so that’s another brownie point for Bill).

  • Maher’s right about Islam, of course, but as someone noted above, Maher hates all religion and draws no distinction between one like Islam that literally wants to kill all nonbelievers and establish a global caliphate and Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism. It’s all one and the same to him.

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  • bg


    retire05 #53

    apologies, missed your post..

    re: #96

    thank you..


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  • JT

    At least the atheist is consistent I will give him that, and for once he is right.

  • Jim Ryan

    for once he is right

    If you hate everything, you will sometimes hate the right things. (See “stopped clock.”)

  • AuntieMadder

    I refuse to give Maher “atta’ boys” for hating all religions equally (unlike the rest of the hypocritical, Islam-lurvin lefturds) or virtual high-fives for being right this one time (almost right, that is, since the so-called “moderate Muslims” read from the same Quran as the so-called “Islamic extremists”). Still, I hope he got the attention of some of his libturded audience and that they reconsider their Muslim-luv.

  • Peggy

    I am just not impressed. The headline makes it seem like he had Ellison on the run but in fact he was way too soft on him. Maher let him talk for most of the segment and didn’t have a reply to Ellison’s skating after the “hate-filled” remark. I think in the end, Ellison looked good. The audience seemed to like him.

    In fact, Maher had nothing but that one punch and the amount of time Ellison had to talk without any rebuttal at all just left me frustrated.

    I would have especially liked to attack Ellison’s claim that he was attracted to Islam because of its social justice and equality message. This is, and always has been, the sugar coating on this faith that attracts a certain kind of seeker like flies to sugar water. They always claim that this is the real Islam and that the rest is not when the truth is the opposite.

    Why didn’t Maher come back with the fact that Catholicism also has a social justice message and that Catholic churches also look like a rainbow, so what was the real reason Ellison converted? I don’t think he would have to advocate for the Catholic Church to point that out. In his own terms, he could point out that fact and say that the Church is still evil for instance (I don’t think it is, I am just imagining his point of view)

    In other words, for an atheist, Maher was oddly respectful of Ellison. He could have gone for the jugular but he didn’t. Instead, he gave Ellison an entire segment to advertise for Islam.

    I call false advertising both on Ellison and on the headline here.

  • Peggy

    PS. I also would have pinned Ellison one his two “nice” quotes from the unholy koran.

    One, I would have come back with the different weights in Islamic law for murder depending on who you kill. And all of the inequalities of Sharia law.

    Two, I would have fired back “No compulsion in religion, huh? How about all those pagans given the choice, by the anti-prophet mo himself convert to Islam or be destroyed? What about the death penalty for leaving Islam?”

    Gosh, Maher is either ignorant or a push over or a combo of both. Little dilettante weenie.

  • Alex

    I give Maher some credit for asking tough questions, but he loses me when he allows Rep. Ellison slip in his bogus murder-in-the-name-of “politics” myth. I guess when a muslim detonates a suicide bomb yelling “Allah Akbar” what he means is “I strongly object to your two party system!”

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    #22 BradInMo

    See #81 (The sanctity of human life is as regards Muslims, not infidels)

    All those “No compulsion in religion” and “sanctity of life” verses are from Mohammed’s early days of trying to gain converts while he was still in Mecca (thus referred to as the Meccan verses). Later on, after ol’ Mo fled to Medina, he started revealing more violent verses like “Slay the unbeliever wherever you may find him” (the Medinan verses). Some converts asked him about the contradictions between those earlier, mild verses and the later bloodthirsty ones. Mohammed explained that Allah told him “Sometimes I think of a better thing for you”, so when an earlier revelation is contradicted by a later one, the earlier one is considered to be abrogated (canceled out) by the later one.

    Because all these revelations appear in the Quran, and because the Quran is considered to be the literal word of Allah, eternally perfect and immutable, the original verse is ALSO considered to be true and perfect. That’s the inherent duality of Islam, where the conflicting interpretations of “which verse applies to this situation” come into play. So, peaceful moderate Muslims consider the peaceful moderate verses to apply to most situations in day-to-day life; they acknowledge that Mohammed did reveal the other verses but believe they only apply during time of war (when then entire community of Muslims is under attack.) On the other hand, strict literal fundamentalist Muslims believe that –until all nations are subjugated by Islam– any and all non-Islamic nations exist in opposition to the will of Allah and therefore are technically at war with Islam, and all the verses of hate and killing are applicable. Only when the world is unified under the Islamic caliphate, they believe, will those peaceful Meccan verses take effect.

    A couple of interesting links:

  • Millitant Conservative

    He used both hands and finally found it.

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