Harry Reid slammed the “extreme positions” of the tea party this morning on MSNBC. Of course, he’s talking about extreme positions like cutting spending, reducing the debt and living within your means. Democrats believe these are crazy radical ideas.

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From the transcript:

“I believe the Tea Party is short-lived. I think you will find even the people that claim they are Tea Party folks will either be gone as a result of their extreme positions or they will move to the more moderate position, which is certainly not being a liberal, that is being a conservative. I think with the economy getting better, you’re going to see less and less agitation from the Tea Party folks.”

Last month Harry Reid said the tea party would disappear too.
Fat chance, Harry.




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  1. Sure, real America is just now showing up idiot.

    We’re not retreating we’re digging in and fortifying.

    Powder is dry

  2. This is like frigging living in the Twilight Zone with all these politicians being so completely out of touch.

  3. The Tea Party exists to try to rein in corrupt, irresponsible politicians like Harry Reid. The Tea Party will not disappear until after Reid and his kind disappear.

  4. The tea party is only in its infancy.

    Two Dumbocrat party leaders indicted for fraudulent tea-party organization:


    In Detroit, of all places, the home of Section VIII parasites.

  5. The economy is getting better?!

    Did someone slip Reid a discount coupon for the Moonlight Bunny Ranch?

  6. Harry Reid stole his last election. Every poll had him down by 4+ points election day.

  7. Of course Harry’s hero would be Lyndon Johnson: http://mises.org/daily/1126

  8. spending trillions more than you have is not “extreme.” brian #6 reid was elected by the frequent voter.

  9. As long as there are “Harry Reid’s” in Congress, there will be a TEA Party or a majority of voters with similar sentiment.

  10. GOP “leadership” blazed the path for Reid’s comments. GOP “leadership” put out hit pieces in the media yesterday about Tea Party and conservatives in the congress. Their plan since the election has been to silence Tea Party influenced election winners. The GOP agrees with the left. They were happy to be in the minority. The Tea Party is the only one that cares about this country.

  11. #10 this is what republicans have been doing for years. they run for office as conservatives, when they get to washington they become liberals. putting people on the dole to buy votes is the best way to keep yourself permanently entrenched in power. they have been pulling the wool over the voters eyes for years. well the bank is broke and the wool has been coming off the eyes for the last few years. so they better get use to the “extreme” ideas of the tea party because they are not going away anytime soon.

  12. You’re quite the joker, Harry. We are saying the same about you!

  13. The Tea Party will disappear? Only in your dreams, Dingy. We’re just getting started. Politicians of both parties better watch their P’s and Q’s because we’re watching them — and getting ready to raise hell — again.

    No wonder Congress has such a spending problem. They think Wishful Thinking constitutes a natural law.

  14. We will decide that, Harry. We will decide EVERYTHING.

  15. #14-Ella:
    I hope you are correct that we will decide. I’m quite concerned that Baraq Hussein-al-Bama will spend the next two years governing by executive order. These commies will do everything possible to defeat us.

  16. Hey Harry…keep deluding yourself…you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  17. Damn Harriet you need a face to face with Former Oakland County Democratic Chair Mike McGuinness and former Democratic Operations Director Jason Bauer, they seem to have a very different view of the Tea Party clout, but then you hardly ever get out of DC and its Liberal traitors how would you know whats going on in America. Face it old man your past your prime, not even Pelosi wants to be photographed with you two all cozy.

  18. in his dream. . .

    In the immortal words of John Paul Jones: “I have not yet begun to fight!”

    Harry, you big lib & loser, — You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  19. Reid: “…the people that claim they are Tea Party folks will either be gone…”

    Not just no longer TP, but gone? Is this a threat or a premonition of murder?

  20. Ah Harriet, my son-in-law has lot his job. as has my daughter. The prospect of getting another are pretty dim for both. The only reason her home is not in danger, is the money I have put away for my own old age is better spent doing my job as a parent. Your not only a bald face liar, you are part of the reason the job market sucks. You and your irk get before the American people daily claiming things are improving, you lie.

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