A New Obamerism: It’s Not War… It’s “Kinetic Military Action”

Take that… You overseas contingency operators.
The Obama Administration is now redefining war.

The Obama Administration is now calling the intervention in Libya- a kinetic military action. Explain that to the kids playing army with their GI Joes.
(They can still play army, can’t they?)

Despite the word games, the war is as unpopular as ever

President Barack Obama’s intervention in Libya’s civil war has not only failed to win the approval of a majority of the American people, according to a Gallup poll conducted Monday, it also earned the lowest public approval rating of any U.S. military operation polled by Gallup over the past four decades.

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  • rbosque

    Obama isn’t a “socialist” he’s an “agent for change”.

  • StrangernFiction

    Kinetic military action, what is it good for….

  • dwd

    Obama never has a bad idea. Any impression of a mistake or a failure is due entirely to poor messaging, because we’re too dumb to grasp his genius, which is why he has to keep inventing these new terms to help us understand.

    It must be hard to be perfect, when no one can see it.

  • bg


    lol, just posted about that here..

    btw, France supposedly shot down a Qadaffi jet..


  • Kate

    Sometimes I just get soooo depressed…….

  • Somewhat Reasonable Voice

    Kinetic Military Action – KMA
    Kiss My A$$ – KMA

    Hey Bambi! KMA

  • Edouard

    The United States of America is entering this “kinetic military action” at the behest of the Arab League, if we are to believe Obama’s own words in his explanation of this military action to Congress.


    “Qadhafi’s defiance of the Arab League” is stated there, in black and white on the second page, as rationale of why we must put the sons of America in harm’s way in North Africa.

    Truly outrageous.

  • http://biggovernment commonman

    Thanks for the link…..

  • mmc

    Redwine article at WND about R2P and who was behind the creation of this policy…..let us know what you think

  • SS_Steel

    I used to make up crap like that on my high school science tests.
    Never worked out very well.

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  • bg


    ps re: #4

    it’s also this..


  • Obama Worshipping Idiot

    I like it!

    It’s better than “contingency operations.”

    @ # 6 beat me to it!

    KMA! It’s almost as good as his new campaign slogan: WTF!

  • Ma

    We’ve got no business nor national security interest with that terrorist state. Where is the outrage from the left about going to war without Congressional approval? Where is Biden who promised to go after such an adminstration with impeachment proceedings? Plus back stabbing by the arab league who were first for it, then against it and now for it again. Why do we can suckered into these quagmires? Haven’t we learned from Vietnam or Cambodia or Bosnia or Somolia yet?

  • Robert

    I think it is not war he is redefining as much as U.S. policy.

    1. He is subordinating U.S. national and Constitutional authority to that of the United Nations.
    2. He is elevating the motive of humanitarianism above that of the national interest.

    Obama is doing these things without informing the public. If administration officials are not asked questions about these aspects of the current situation, then the aims will be achieved without national input.

  • Formerly known as Skeptic

    The term “kinetic action” has been in use by the military for years to describe the “kill people and blow sh*t up” operations as opposed to force protection, stabilization operations (politics), etc. These are all PARTS of warmaking. Appropriating the term as a euphemism to AVOID calling it war is *ahem* disingenuous.

  • Ma

    Our military deserves much better then these morons in charge.

  • mmc

    Who is guiding BO’s foreign policy……guess who ???? This is not an elected official and as an American I am outraged…..

  • Big L

    “What me worry?”- Alfred Brack Neumann
    Still think this Gaddaffi ‘kinesis’ is all Kabuki. The insurgents are members of his own tribe and are shills. It is for Quadaffi to say “look I have dissidents too” and thus block any real protests. also it is drawing out any opposition that can be killed off.
    One reporter went to the hospitals to see the waar-wounded and found just regular sick old people. He was quickly given the hook by the anchor and the report was never heard again.
    It plays into Quadaffi agenda to have the West attack him also.
    He will stay and his power will be consolidated.

  • Joe College

    It doesn’t really matter. As long as the major channels of communications to the American people are squarely in Obama’s corner, not enough people will even hear about this.

    As of now, there are no Associated Press stories carrying the word ‘Kinetic’. That means there will be no mention of this in the newspapers that land on American doorsteps tomorrow. It is through the wire services that the newspapers get their national and international news.

    As for electronic channels, CNN has the term on some blog — so they can say they covered it. Time also has it on a blog — so they can say they covered it.