Two U.S. Citizens Arrested; Accused Of Being Taliban Arms Dealers

Oded Orbach (pictured below), and Alwar Pouryan, both U.S. citizens, have been charged with selling drugs and weapons in an alleged effort to help the Taliban fight American troops overseas.  Orbach and Pouryan were arrested in Romania last week and are being held there while they await extradition home.

(NBC Chicago)

A total of seven men have been charged in this world-wide sting operation.  Charges were also filed against Maroun Saade, Walid Nasir, Francis Sourou Ahissou, Corneille Dato, and Martin Raouf Bouraima.  Saade and Nasr are Lebanese, Bouraima and Dato are from Benin, and Ahissou is Togolese.

They were arrested last week in Liberia, where they are in US custody. All are expected to be prosecuted in New York.

NBC Chicago Reported

Oded Orbach and his wife raised two adult sons in an upscale Highland Park neighborhood. But no one could ever nail him down on how he made a living.

Some heard he sold office supplies. Others were told he was in the import-export business. Many thought he was a retired cosmetic industry executive.

But a Taliban arms dealer? That’s the accusation leveled by federal authorities as part of a criminal complaint unsealed earlier this week against Orbach and five foreign nationals.

He and another American, Alway Pouryan, were arrested last week in Romania.

Orbach faces one count of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and one count of conspiracy to acquire and transfer anti-aircraft missiles in the wake of a sting that started in late 2010 and spanned the corners of the globe.

Authorities in Romania arrested Orbach on Feb. 10, the very day federal authorities raided his Highland Park home.

The five foreign nationals are accused of trying to move “tons” of heroin and cocaine for the Taliban through West Africa to destinations in the U.S. and Europe.

Orbach is accused of trying to sell weapons to the Taliban in West Africa so the terrorist outfit could protect its heroin labs against United States military attacks in Afghanistan.

“We eliminated an entrenched global criminal network, preventing it from moving ton quantities of cocaine, laundering millions in drug money, and trading arms to the Taliban to undermine the rule of law and kill Americans,” said DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart.

The criminal complaint says Orbach was in charge of the financing for the weapons and “that he wanted the payments… to be placed in safe deposit boxes in different bank locations with two sets of keys to each box.”

In e-mails obtained by federal authorities, he wanted $49,000 for a heat-seeking, suface-to-air Stinger missile, $87,000-$110,000 for a Javelin missile and $2,750 for a 40mm grenade launcher. He also offered to send a colleague to train the buyers how to use the equipment.

Orbach never got to finish his business, however.  According to authorities, he was dealing with undercover federal informants every step of the way.

“As alleged, the defendants charged today, including two US citizens, were prepared to provide millions of dollars in dangerous narcotics and lethal weapons to men they believed represented the Taliban. This alleged effort to arm and enrich the Taliban is the latest example of the dangers of an interconnected world in which terrorists and drug runners can link up across continents to harm Americans.”  – US Attorney Preet Bharara –

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  • bear

    Highland Park….Chicago? Isn’t that where ayers and the poser-in-chief are from? Gollleee, what a coinky-dinky.

  • MrGoodWench

    Just another guy in the neighborhood 😉

  • Sandy

    Obama and Ayers are from Hyde Park. Highland Park is a ritsy suburb on the other side of the city.

  • bear

    Let’s see……the lefties claim that only the poor and downtrodden are prone to jihadism. But here again we are introduced to active terrorists whose neighbors include Michael Jordan. I guess I’ll have to alter my definition of poor and downtrodden. Hey! Here’s an idea……let’s have the lefty idiots tax THESE guys, and leave Americans alone.

  • bear

    Thanx, Sandy! I wasn’t aware of how many ritzy suburbs Chicago had. There seem to be a number of them.

  • dunce

    Another open borders success story. They knew where the best city was for a criminal enterprise base. The smell of corruption like a dead fish for a mayor.

  • Joe Blow

    Chicago just keeps on giving……..

  • Stuart

    Bear #5 Hyde park is on the south side of Chicago not far from U.C. While Hyde park is among the more affluent neighborhoods it is not to be compared with Highland Park. Highland, Wilmette, and Wenetka is where the real wealth of Chicago lies.
    Hyde Park is the home of all of the South Side pseudo intellectuals.
    If Wilmette and Winetka are the Hamptons, Hyde Park is Greenwich Village.

  • Catherine

    Maybe a nice bowel of mushroom soup OOPPs those mushrooms had botulism with the food shortage so sorry?


    OT but thought important

    She says the conditions in northern New Brunswick have wreaked havoc on the wind farm this winter

    more windmills freeze means job loss??


  • Cue the Brady Campaign whining about how the “Gun Show Loophole” facilitated this arms trading in 3…2…1…

  • Ceroth

    These traitors shouldn’t even make it back to the US. They should be taken out into a courtyard and shot and then the family should be charged for the labor.

  • bg


    they shoot horses don’t they, gah!!

    just shows to go ya just never know..

    but hey, look what we have in the WH.. pffffT!!


  • bg


    bear & Sandy (et al)..

    i’ve no idea where all the info i posted about this and Obama connections to
    it years ago went, (GP’s old post sites have gone “poof” :-().. but here’s an
    couple of updated tid-bits for now..

    Lawsuit says billionaire Auchi owes investor
    for Rezko’s stake in South Loop site

    [Mr. Auchi, chairman of conglomerate General Mediterranean Holding SA, already owned 50% of the sprawling, 62-acre site in a venture that included Mr. Rezko, who was a top fundraiser to former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

    Mr. Auchi structured his purchase of the rest of property so that Mr. Rezko could avoid paying Semir Sirazi, according to a complaint filed last week by Mr. Sirazi in Cook County Circuit Court.]

    Kirk linking Giannoulias to Saddam Hussein

    i recall posting maps with directions to the areas Auchi et al had
    purchased property, and believe they were located in Highland
    (of courcse he had purchased other proertires as well, and
    not only in Illinois)..

    more here..

    as previously, a disclaimer: anyone who knows the area well and can
    attest as to whether i got it right or not, please do so, thanks.. 😉


  • Buffalobob

    Time to build the gallows.

  • kay

    as a former chicagoan all i can say is
    – drugs, weapons, everything I left in 1986 is still there and THRIVING.
    Gooooooooooo Chicago!

  • befuddled

    a ton of cocaine and other drugs–must’ve been what was left from charlie sheen’s party. white people should know by now, if you don’t give a cut to community organizers like jesse jackson and al shaprton, you will never get a big deal like this to fly, just ask Comcast.

  • bg

    OT.. ht AJ-E

    (they had film of it, they also have films on all the protests..)

    btw, people are also protesting against Putin & the extremely short
    film about the stateless in Kuwait, is absolutely heartbreaking.. 🙁

    Violent clashes as demonstrators halt neo-Nazi rally in Germany

    [Thousands of anti-fascist demonstrators breached the barriers
    and charged into the site, which around 600 neo-Nazis were trying
    to reach from different parts of Dresden.

    Other demonstrators blocked the roads leading
    to the reserved area at the city’s main station.]



  • GrayRider

    We give away citizenship far too cheaply. Ya think???

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  • bg


    btw re: #17

    i’m hearing Angela Merkel is not going
    to fare well in the upcoming elections..