RIGHTNETWORK has a big announcement!

The Premiere of Joe The Plumber’s new show on RIGHTNETWORK.
Check out the preview now…

Whaddya Know, Joe?




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  1. artists and Patriots using their talents to BRING it ON!!!
    I love it and am so swiping this !!
    Thanks Jim-

  2. ++

    forget coffee..


    Godspeed & God Bless The American Tea Party!!


  3. This will be a hoot!

  4. Go Joe, go!

  5. Great! F… yeah!

  6. Joe, I love you, man. Joe Rocks! I do guess I have a man crush on Joe.

  7. How many lies per show will he make?

  8. Joe’s got a great personality and way about him. I’ll have to tune in.

  9. KICK AZZ JOE and take names later

  10. c’mon joe do some investigative journalism. this is what this country is really lacking, not another talking head.
    #1)where is the ‘if i take care of obama, he’s going to take care of me.i won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage, gas…’lady. let’s see how she is doing 2 years into the obama presidency. hell, i want to know what her husband does for a living. at least he was working while she was star gazing. how does her husband feel about his nutty wife?

    #2) the lady that made public joe’s records, what does she have to say. after she quit her position and got a better democratic “patronage” position with the obama government, how does she feel about it all? interview some lawyers and judges and government officials and tell me what part of the law says that she should be allowed to be looking at official documents again. why didn’t he sue the pants off of her. what she did was criminal. don’t you have to have some level of security clearance or modicum of trust to be entitled to work in government and handle sensitive documents.

    #3) line up all the teachers at the wisconsin capitol and ask them who they voted for, from the president down, how much they make, including pension and benefits, and why would keeping the status quo be better than laying off 5,500 of their fellow teachers.

    #4)with obama’s radical past, wouldn’t he be disqualified from doing pvt. manning’s job.speaking of obama, interview another student that actually remembers him.

  11. It’s not that I want to punish your success, Joe, but doesn’t Obama deserve some credit for it?

  12. LMAO!!!!!

    You guys are still pimping this clown?

  13. Joe I’m looking forward to your new show. The lefties must be worried with all these talented
    tea party people coming forward. Obama did do you a favor Joe. He brought forth a man
    that asked him a common sense question, something our lefty press will not do. God speed
    Joe, you will be great!


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