Disgusting!… Michael Scheuer Says: “Israel is Going to Cost Us Blood & Lives As Long As We Pursue Relationship With Israelis” (Video)

Why does FOX News invite this anti-Semite on their channel?
Security expert Michael Scheuer, who has a long history of making anti-Semitic statements, argued today on Glenn Beck’s program (By the way, there was a guest host. Glenn was out sick.) that Israel was an enormous detriment to the United States.

“Israel is such an enormous detriment to the United States. Our relationship with the Israelis. That it’s going to become clear to the Americans that this is just going to cost us blood and lives the longer we pursue this relationship with the Israelis.”

What a disgusting statement.

Robert Spencer let him have it.

“Well I think that’s appallingly a terrible thing for Mr. Scheuer to have said. Israel is the only real democracy… It’s the only stable government. It’s the only one that protects human rights. And, Mr Scheuer wants us to throw it under the bus for a bunch of people who are going to institute a system of Islamic law that institutionalizes discrimination against non-Muslims and women, extinguishes the freedom of speech and freedom of conscience and is inveterately hostile to a genocidal degree. I think that’s appalling.”

Scheuer believes that once Israel is gone the Middle East nations will love us.
He’s one sick puppy.

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  • MrGoodWench

    I saw this a little while ago .
    It was strange how MS and another guest want America to establish democracy in Egypt because thats what their people want ,
    but NOT support the already existing and thriving democracy in Israel .

  • Chisum

    Lift a rock and out pops an anti-Semite. They’re everywhere lately.

    Sort of like socialists.


  • myohmy

    Michael Scheuer…chicken!

  • sifty

    Fox News is dead to me. It has become another Soap Opera Network.

  • He said so

    Typical Leftest clap trap. Watch for more diversions to blame Israel. See Psalms 83 for the next battle followed by Isaiah 17 followed by Ezekiel 83/84.

  • Shame on Glenn Beck and co. for giving this Jew hater air time. Shame on fox news!

  • And he is a Ron Paul supporter….

  • jainphx

    Wasn’t that schmuck in the CIA at one time? No doubt that he voices the Obama line of reasoning. The “End times are acomen” As I was growing up and reading the Good Book, and it’s prophecies , I read where in the end times every hand will be against Israel. I never under stood that with America as it’s friend and ally, how this could be, Alas I am hearing with my ears and seeing with my eyes prophecy come true.

  • donh

    This guy was in charge of tracking Bin Laden at the CIA. No wonder he got away with it. This guy sounds like he was Bin Laden’s inside handler. Michael Scheuer gives credence to charges 911 was an inside job.

  • Mike

    I saw this a little ago also. It was truly disgusting watching it and the fact that the guest host didn’t give him a chance to explain his horrific comments was even more disgusting. If Israel wasn’t in that region an ally of the U.S., the middle east as a whole would have by now waged war on the U.S. Muslims cannot live under a democracy and Mubarak acknowledges that. The first legislature a democratic Egypt would pass would be to team up with Hamas and Al Queda and rage war against Israel.

  • jainphx

    Yes right after 9-11 it was why weren’t the dots connected. The left went on and on attacking GWB for not connecting the dots. With scum like this placed in charge of anti terrorism, we now have the answer, the left didn’t want the dots connected and went out of their way to assure they weren’t. I say they are traitors, how many times could we have taken Osama out, only to have the left (Clinton) stop it.

  • save us

    Who is paying this clown? The same people who funded Obama?

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  • Jules

    Michael Scheuer is just putting American interests first. strange how both the American left and right find that so objectionable. I watched the interview. Spencer said Israel is a great democracy and so on yet a minute before that he was saying it would be better for Egypt to stay a dictatorship instead of becoming a democracy.

  • Redwine

    Here is a terrific article by the great Caroline Glick on how Israel is a strategic ally of the US: http://www.carolineglick.com/e/2010/04/the-strategic-foundations-of-the-us-israel-alliance.php


    Anytime this person appears on Fox I always discount what he says. It is so slanted by his anti-semitism to be meaningless. Of course this languege is a matter of course for most of the regular spokespeople on other channels. I still watch Fox as it is the only game in town that has some honesty.

  • He said so

    Psalms 83: A coalition of Islamic Nations surrounding Israel will attack her.
    The attack is so viscios Israel has no choice but to destroy those reponsible.

    Isaiah 17: The destruction of Damascus and Islamic enclaves in Judea and Samaria
    (West Bank)

    Ezekiel 83/84 The last player flips into place(Turkey) as a coalition of Islamic nations
    headed by Russia attack Israel. God turns them on each other and helps to
    destroy 5/6 of all of them.

    Daneil 9/27: Enter the anti Christ for the 7 year “peace agreement”

  • ahem

    Yeah, when Israel is gone, we’ll be vitually alone in the world. They’re one of our staunchest allies. Serves us right for putting a communist Muslim in the White House.

  • Mike

    Good article Redwine. I found it amazing how the article predicts that the death of Mubarak(or for that matter his fall) would shifts Egypt’s alliance towards the U.S. in the opposite direction. This is whats happening right now, and to point to Jule’s comment; Michael Sheuer is not putting American interest first. Democracy in Egypt will NOT have America’s interest under its policies, just like a “democratic” shift from Iran’s dictatorship certainly did not.

  • wtd

    Beck isn’t following the journolist meme – hence Beck’s revelations about the Muslim Brotherhood has the left reeling . . .for example, the response from anti-semite Scheuer . . .and Scott Galupo over at US News & World Report: “Glenn Beck’s Egypt Protest Theories Show He’s Finally Lost It”

    Get well soon Glenn Beck . . .stay safe.

  • mmc

    John Brennan another ex-CIA has been less than supportive of Israel to put it nicely…calling the Jewish people al cuds; also he was the white house contact for the organized Gaza Flotilla blockade against Israel-http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=162377

  • Redwine

    Yes, Mike (19). Caroline Glick’s insights into the region are really on-target. She was interviewed by Mark Levin yesterday (1st hour) about the uprising in Egypt: http://tinyurl.com/4o7y6uw

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  • shibumi

    Scheuer obviously has never studied Islam; once the “Saturday people” are gone, the Islamists will turn on the “Sunday people.”

  • He said so

    #18 February 2, 2011 at 5:16 pm
    ahem commented:

    Yeah, when Israel is gone,

    Nope. Jesus said: I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery my brothers so that you shall not be conceited, Israel has had a harding in part until the full numbers of the Gentiles come in. Then all of Israel will be saved just as it was written. Romans 11/ 25

  • Stuart

    I agree with Scheuer in a limited sense. Our support for Israel WILL cost us blood and treasure; sacrifices for Israel will be made. The crux of the matter-and this is where Scheuer and I would disagree- is the question. will this sacrifice be worth it. I think it will. Scheuer probably would disagree. Our nation has made blood sacrifices on the past on the part of many nations, Viet Nam for example. We could arguably afford to cut Viet Nam loose when it suited our fancy. If we do that to Israel the cost to us will be ever so much greater. We must support Israel for our own rational self interest.

  • newmike

    He’s not wrong. I don’t think he feels that “once Israel is gone, they will love us” but Israel is a test. We can either take the easy way out and ignore them while they’re attacked as predicted in the bible or we can take up our god given responsibility and defend Israel to our last breath. People like Scheuer take a more pragmatic approach, devoid of faith which we should understand because God never makes it easy. The choice will be a difficult one, fraught with danger and risk and it will be our faith (or lack of) in the word of God that directs us to the decision that seals our fate as a nation. I firmly believe we will choose wisely.

    End times are approaching.

  • don abernathy

    Hey Mikey I guess they taste like chicken….huh

  • Redwine

    BTW – While Barack Hussein is bust destroying jobs, Israel creates jobs for Americans in the US. Just one example: In Nov. 2009, Israel opened a new IAI aerospace manufacturing facility in Mississippi – http://www.cdispatch.com/news/article.asp?aid=3775 and http://www.starkaerospace.com/

  • Redwine

    busy, not bust. Barry is a bust, however.

  • Mr. Scheuer: Take a flying f*ck at a rolling donut.

  • Richard

    There have always been Arabists in our government, and there are still plenty in the State Department. They are the “realpolitikers” who will abandon the those who share America’s principles and culture for brownie points with the Arabs.

    Of course America pays a price for its relationship with Israel. Nothing that is worth having comes for free. I suppose he thinks we should have thrown England under the bus when Hitler was poised to crush them. What a pinhead. No wonder he couldn’t catch bin Laden!

  • Listen up

    Why do Jews support Obama and the Dems? You would think they would see that being backers of these are like given aid to their enemies. I am so sick of the Obama crowd slamming Jews and Israel…and I am not even Jewish!

  • wtd

    “. . .intelligence agents who operate at the level of Michael Scheuer: a schoolboy, with a schoolboy’s understanding of Islam, and his worldview vitiated by his peculiar views on assorted Jewish cabals here and there. . .”link

    “. . .Think, for example, of that simpleton Michael Scheuer, who was actually put in charge of something called the “Bin Laden” desk, and who knows nothing, absolutely nothing, about Islam. What’s more, he appears to be touched by the same pathological view of “Jewish power” which, by now, we all recognize not as something merely unpleasant, or deplorable, but nowadays, as in the 1930s, given the nature of the enemy, renders Scheuer and others like him positive security risks. . .”link

    “. . .Mr. Scheuer at the conference stated that there were no Terrorists at Guantanamo, only insurgents. At the prison in Afghanistan where John Walker Lindh was captured, all the prisoners were insurgents, not terrorists. Then Scheuer had the audacity to claim “tha Al-Qaeda’s strength is not in religion but American policies which are not popluar in the Muslim world”. . .I doubt if Mr. Scheuer, and others like him, have ever met a Terrorist they didn’t like.” link

  • Redwine

    Listen up (#33), many Jews who voted for Barack Hussein and the Dems are liberals first and Jewish way down at the bottom, if at all. But there’s a growing movement of Jews turning to the GOP lately. Please don’t forget that there are many wonderful conservative Jews.

  • K~Bob

    By Mr. Sheuer’s logic, defending freedom anywhere is a threat to stability.

  • Redwine

    Mark Levin just remarked on the disgraceful Scheuer.
    Love, ya, Mark.

  • Khan Krum

    You say that this is one sick puppy. Actually, he’s a werewolf. And he has rabies.

  • donh

    Scheuere is playing blood libel. When muslims kill innocent americans, he blames the jews. Our friendship with the jews is the problem not the antisemitic bigotry of the islamic religion. He needs to blame the jews for 9/11 because he cannot deal with his OWN guilt failings with regards to mismanagement of Osama Bin Laden .

  • John Stanford

    Um…. I thought he was just saying his opinion? Are we still allowed to say opinions? This is called the “assault on free speech.” (Glenn Beck claims that Media Matters is assaulting his free speech, fyi.)

    (By the way, Michael Scheuer was probably just referring to the fact that terrorists hate Israel and that Islamic nations and their ilk will cause terrorism and violence against Israel’s said allies. As always, Mr. Gateway Guy disagrees with the fact that terrorists hate Israel, but in fact, terrorists do, and violence is the result of such conflicts.)

  • bg


    Impeach Obama out & put this man in his place until the elections, and
    then elect him.. i am so sick of stupid self-absorbed Americans, gah!!

    President Obama’s Message to the Muslim World:

    Walk the walk and then we’ll talk the talk

    by M. Zuhdi Jasser
    IPT News
    January 23, 2009


    Recently, President Obama’s transition staff announced that he would like to deliver a speech in the first 100 days of his administration in an Islamic capital to improve America’s image in the Muslim world. The best venue for this speech is certainly Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The following is the speech President Obama will never give to the Muslim world. But it never hurts to dream…

    President Obama:

    Thank you. As we begin to lay the groundwork of my administration, I have been looking forward to this, my maiden voyage as President of the United States into the Muslim world. As the son of a Kenyan immigrant to the United States, I cannot help but understand the plight of minorities in the Muslim world and the desire of so many who live in Muslim majority nations to flee to the United States in order to live in freedom. I have fond memories of my childhood years in Indonesia but still thank God every day for my family’s desire to live in the land of freedom in the United States.

    But I know we can see a day when Muslim-majority nations can be lands of freedom. Yes we can. But first we must usher in change. Change from the despotism and militant Islamism which has ravaged the human rights of those living in Muslim nations. But the first step is doing away with denial. On my inaugural I said, ‘To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.” I am here to extend a hand to all of your citizens and especially those who believe in freedom.

    The Saudi royal family has certainly been generous to our universities and Presidential libraries. But it is not a surprise how little criticism of Wahhabism or political Islam comes out of those universities. How can we be a beacon of freedom for your people, for the world, when our human rights standards vary with the highest bidder? The opportunity I have had in America to become President is the sign of a nation which honors the rights of every citizen equally before the law.

    Yes, you can see a day where every Saudi, every Egyptian, Syrian, Iranian, and Pakistani has the same opportunity. But that needs real change, real education, real human rights. It is time for the Muslim world and its nations to honor the rights and opportunities of every one of its citizens who happen to come from outside the tribes in control.

    Every human being living in Saudi Arabia should have the right to build a house of worship, not only Muslims. Theocrats have enabled a shar’ia based legal system which is an anathema to liberty and basic human rights –all in the name of the religion of Islam. Your Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has tried to make any discussion in the United Nations on this subject illegal by pretending to just want to protect the name of Islam through what are clearly blasphemy laws. I will not stand idly by as the OIC turns the UN into an Inquisition. I am here to tell you that I will do what I can to stop U.S. funding of the U.N., which dishonors its charter and what Eleanor Roosevelt and her colleagues in 1948 described as “the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all people.”

    I will also remind you of another warning uttered by Eleanor Roosevelt, “we must not be deluded by the efforts of the forces of reaction to prostitute the great words of our free tradition and thereby to confuse the struggle.”

    Many of you have lost faith in the United States because we have in fact been hypocritical to our ideals of freedom by catering to the oppressors of so many Muslim-majority nations. We will no longer abandon dissidents in nations of the OIC because of fear of diplomatic or economic repercussions. Abraham Lincoln described the United States as the “last best hope on earth” because so many had fought valiantly for the ideals of freedom which founded our nation. From the victims of the genocide in Sudan to the female victims in Saudi Arabia, to all those victims of oppression in the liberty-deprived nations of the OIC, I will dedicate my foreign policy strategy to letting the world hear your voices, while we no longer cater to the voices of your oppressors. I am putting them on notice that until they walk the walk of freedom, we will listen first to the talk of those who want freedom from them.

    My administration will hold every nation in the Muslim world accountable globally for the human rights in their nations. It saddens me that, according to Islamic legal experts of fiqh, I should have been tried in an Islamic court for apostasy when I chose to be Christian early in my life rather than choosing the faith of my father–Islam. I will not countenance the barbarity of laws of apostasy by ignoring them. By ignoring them I am tacitly supporting them now from the bully pulpit of the U.S. Presidency.

    After the Cold War ended in 1989 and we witnessed the fall of communism, it became obvious to many of us that we had to abandon our hypocritical support of Islamists. Our enemy’s enemies will no longer be our friends unless they first share our ideas of liberty or can demonstrate a genuine desire to liberalize their society for all citizens. In a bipartisan American spirit, I recall the words of former President Reagan and envision liberation and “peace through strength.”

    We will no longer compartmentalize our interactions with Muslims and non-Muslims in the world, where we ask for vastly different standards of human rights depending upon the nation and our fear of oil prices or of Al Qaeda. From this time forward, faith is irrelevant. What matters to me as President of the United States is the human rights of every individual in your countries. Full diplomatic relations will be predicated upon a respect for your citizens’ freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom from blasphemy laws, freedom of assembly, freedom from apostasy laws, and equality of the sexes.

    I am told by my predecessors that my idealistic dream of freedom and liberty for the citizens of the Muslim world is laudable but simply impossible. I was told that your influence upon the cost of oil makes your apologetics for terrorism and the Wahhabi-Salafi inspiration of that terror immune from criticism. I cannot live with that hypocrisy, and neither should you.

    King Abdullah’s recent interfaith initiative in New York was good enough on the surface of American soil, but until the women of Saudi Arabia have equal rights on your soil the window dressing of interfaith work will mean nothing to us. Reform your laws, reform your treatment of minorities and then I’ll begin to believe that there is some truth in the King’s interfaith work.

    Walk the walk and then we’ll talk the talk.

    I have spoken to many Muslims who dream of someday making their pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca in what is the most spiritual journey for a Muslim. But their bright spiritual dream is constantly overshadowed by the fact that their dream takes place in a nation in which not one of them would ever want to live or work. The abuse of human rights in Saudi Arabia is so great it makes the most holy of sites for their faith an anathema to them. It is truly sad for any human being of faith to find that their most holy site to visit is not even close to being their most holy of places to live.

    I hope I am not being too forward. But when I spoke of change – I meant real change and not a veneer. I am talking about the type of change in which the standards we set for our citizens inside the United States are the same we advocate for all human beings outside the United States. Our foreign policy for decades has been too much about short-term gains and not enough about the long term. I will not be another President in the long line of those who come to the Middle East and do photo opportunities with leaders, only to stay silent to the inhuman injustices perpetrated by your governments. Almost three generations have been lost since World War II. We need change before the fourth.

    Terrorism is just a tactic. We are fighting an enemy who cannot be defeated on the battlefield alone, but must be combated with ideas. We must marginalize and defeat the ideas of political Islam which ultimately drive the dreams of militant Islamists. They seek a theocratic Islamist state. I truly believe that change will not come from democratic reforms alone which will only usher in a government of the majority- a ‘mobocracy.’ But real change will come when, in addition to democracy, we see the ushering in of the ideas of minority rights and of equality of all before the law.

    I believe there is an innate human preference of liberty over Islamism. Yes, you heard me correct—Islamism. I will be canceling the administrative policy which bizarrely prohibited the use of that term and other appropriate terms like jihadist or Salafist by our governmental personnel. We will never win a contest of ideas against an ideology we cannot name. If you disagree, begin the debate, but don’t kill the debate. I truly believe that you will welcome this change since the majority of Muslims in your nations, if left to their own devices, would not want to live under political Islam. Most people want to live under governments based upon reason and the rule of law, rather than under theocracies based in oligarchy.

    It is time for the United States through my leadership to usher in a new Marshall Plan for the Muslim world – ‘a Jefferson Project,’ if you will. We will no longer sit idly by as the Muslim Brotherhood spreads the ideologies of political Islam across the Middle East and into the West with little to no competition – no counter-project. I hope the legacy of my administration will be a global movement to counter political Islam. I know this will gain bipartisan support in the United States since the vast majority of Americans can ultimately appreciate the dangers of shar’ia and its driving theocracy.

    Just as you have pumped oil and Wahhabi literature into the West, we will begin an initiative to share equally with our Muslim global neighbors the ideas and scholars of liberty. Every diplomat will now begin handing out translated versions of classics books on liberty written by Bastiat, deTocqueville, Hayek, Rand, Jefferson, Madison, Freidman, or Adam Smith. We will translate book after book of ideas which carry the ideals of liberty, and reverse the project which the Brotherhood has tried to spread to the west. We will find your leading anti-Islamist and liberty-minded reformers and give them every opportunity to spread their ideas.

    We will begin women’s rights and equality programs in every nation and lift up those leaders as icons of your next generations. We will begin translating many western liberty minded websites and videos for distribution in the Muslim world. We will also begin to help all the political dissidents who are prisoners of conscience and not leave them to forgotten diplomacy.

    Domestically, I am going to ask American Muslim organizations to make their thoughts clear on where they stand regarding the ideology of political Islam and its impact upon radicalization and its obvious conflict with secular liberal democracies. We will no longer cater to apologists unwilling to join us in this ideological debate on the side of liberty. I will ask them to unequivocally condemn the freedom deficits in their motherlands from Libya to Pakistan, while also calling out terror groups, networks and individuals by name.

    Having listened to Reverend Jeremiah Wright for many years, I know too well the impact of a fiery minister who mixes religion and politics. I will call for all interfaith work to be predicated on our imams, rabbis, and priests coming together to call out hate, intolerance, Islamism, and violence in Muslim sermons around the world. I will call for Muslim leaders around the world to begin the painful process of creating a post-modern Islam not at odds with modernity.

    The OIC has had an American Muslim representative for a little over a year now, and I am committed to making that position more meaningful and representative of real change. It will no longer just be a ‘listening’ post. I call upon the OIC to repudiate laws which restrict freedom in the name of Islamic law–sharia. I call upon the OIC members to declare unequivocally that they reject the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights and reaffirm their signatory status to the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights. The two are inherently incompatible.

    The security of all free-minded nations and their citizens demands that our greatest minds and strongest personalities come together and counter the daily dose of despotism, monarchy, tribalism, corruption, conspiracy theories, anti-Americanism, anti-Westernism and political Islam which has become a staple for so much of the “Muslim” media. If I, as a minority in the United States who now stands before you as President of the United States, cannot advocate for real religious freedom and liberty for everyone who lives in your nations, then who can?

    Yes, you can change. Yes, we can all change and defeat
    Islamism, the greatest threat of the 21st century, together.

    much more here..


  • BRAVO. Robert Spencer is my hero.

    “One reason for the sustained pursuit of good philosophy is to counter-act the malignant evil of bad philosophy.” – unknown

  • Ozark Lee

    For the purposes of clarification – jeeze the comments are starting to read like they just came from Media Matters – Glenn Beck did not host the show tonight due to an illness.

    To his credit Eric Bolling, who did host the Glenn Beck time slot tonight on the Glenn Beck set, did the Eric Bolling Show, not the Glen Beck show. It drives me crazy when Laura Inghram subs for O’Reilly and tries to do his show and not hers. O’Reilly pretty much sucks anyway but it doubly sucks when it isn’t authentic with a guest host.

    Like most viewers I was somewhat shocked at Scheuer’s comments but he has shocked me before. I don’t know that he stated or even implied that everything would be peaceful in the world were it not for Israel but Israel is the laser beam focus of hatred in the “Muslim” world and the United States by association is drug into the mire. That said, it is worth the sacrifice in my opinion.

    I have watched Michael Scheuer for years and I have always found him to be brutally honest in his opinions, even when I don’t like what he says.


  • Pat the First

    I have had questions about this guy for quite a while. I heard him say something a few months ago that made me go . . . “WHAT????” I usually turn to something else if he is going to be on some show. I don’t trust him very much.

  • retire05

    Peace will NEVER be achieved in the Middle East until Islam goes through a reformation. In Islam, there is no such thing as free will. All human events are predetermined by Allah.

    Where are the women in the Egyptian protest? How many have you seen? Do you really think that democracy can be achieved in Egypt when women are still treated like chattle?

  • victoria_29

    This jerk wad can go live in Iran & KMA

  • CT

    I am shocked I had never heard this insanity from Michael Scheuer before. I had no idea he was such an idiot, he has lost all credibility with me for ever along with anyone else that takes this fool seriously.

  • Genisis 12:3 Speaking of Israel
    I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families on earth will be blessed through you.”


  • bg


    Government Rebuts Convicted Hamas Charity’s Appeal

    [The Muslim Brotherhood created the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) to “collect donations for the Islamic Resistance Movement [Hamas],” according to “overwhelming evidence presented at trial,” government attorneys said in their response to defense appeals.]


  • apodoca

    “Israel is going to cost us blood and lives.” Future tense. Arab countries have cost us blood and lives. Arab Muslims cost us blood and lives here in the U.S., more than 3,000 (including SJS victims). We don’t have to worry about Israel lobbing a nuclear one at us. The Muslims? All the time.

  • apodoca

    Hesaidso, there’s no Ezekiel 83 and 84.

  • I’ve followed a good deal of Robert Spencer’s writings. I like him, he is a good man.

    I’m glad he stood up and chastised that idiot for his anti-semitism.

  • TJ

    What he said is wrong and how he said it is reprehensible but it is just what Glenn has had similar monologues about at times, at least that is how I took it. Unplug from the world and become isolationists. Unplug from Egypt dictator. Unplug Jordon dictator unplug from Saudi dictators, if necessary unplug from Israel, unplug from everything and be self reliant.

    But Israel has no better friend than the US so it is a catch 22. Which is better a semi secular dictator who is oppressive, does out dirty work with torture via rendition and kill his own people but at peace with Israel or a Islamic dictators who will destroy Israel first and then the world at a accelerated pace killing millions in their quests for a caliphate and will not stop until that is done.

    It is Americans hypocrisy of Man Can Rule Himself in the American experiment with all men are created equal, but not those people over there in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordon, Syria and any other American sanctioned dictatorships. They need a ruler to do what every they want to their unfree surfs, slaves and subjects but we can be free over here.

  • bg


    wtd #34

    thank you..


  • bg
  • Mike

    Hannity just ripped it apart hahahah

  • Joanne

    Why would a western or european country want the Middle Eastern/Muslim countries to love us. They stand for everything we abhor.

  • Alonzo

    Um…. I thought he was just saying his opinion? Are we still allowed to say opinions? This is called the “assault on free speech.”

    So, according to you, he should be allowed to give his opinion, but if we give our opinion in opposition to his, it’s an “assault on free speech.”

    How come he has the right to free speech but we don’t?

  • GGMac

    I can’t say with absolute certainty, but if I’m recalling correctly – several years ago Scheuer was commenting at Little Green Footballs, got into a row with [perhaps Charles Johnson] someone – or several – and the upshot was he admitted to being a Muslim convert, and then ‘left’ in a huff.

    Wish I could say for sure – perhaps bg knows. It certainly would explain his attitude toward Israel. You know – like Obama’s.

  • GGMac

    To Alonzo, at #58. Exactly. Kind of like how they just love playing the “which came first – the you’re-racist-against-Muslim-chickens, or, you’re-racist-against-Muslim-eggs” game.

  • destiny_2012

    Michael Scheuer THINKS he is so smart and polite always saying, “Yes, Sir Thank you Sir.” What kind of person is this anyway? Thanking someone to listen to his garbage mouth and trying to appear humble. He is a hypocrite. Israel is the only friend we have in the middle east. They helped us in many ways not known to the public. They deserve our support not betrayal. I do not think Glen Beck would not approve of this. He needs to apologize when he comes back. BO has made a royal mess of our friends and loves our enemies. BO MUST GO! HEY HEY, HOE HOE, BO MUST GO!

  • Judith

    Unlike for the Arabs, no US blood sacrificed for Israel. Israel has never asked an American soldier to fight for it. As for the treasure, most of the foreign aid assistance is loan guarantee grants that Israel pays back on a timely basis & in fact susidizes some of the US arms producing corporation as Israel is forced to use the assistance to buy US arms. Furthermore, If it weren’t for Israel blowing up Iraq’s nuke facility Osirik in 1981, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia would have been invaded by Iraq (Us would never have gone into Iraq if Osirick was still there.)

    Another great Glick radio interview on Obama abandoning US allies & US credibility just to look good on CNN at her web site http://www.carolineglick.com/e/2011/02/interview-on-the-grandy-group.php

  • Radegunda

    John Stanford #40, do we not have a right to express our opinion about what Sheuer said? Do only leftists and anti-Semites have the right to free speech?

    And please show where “Mr. Gateway Guy disagrees with the fact that terrorists hate Israel.” You can’t. You lied.

    Israel is a convenient scapegoat for Muslims who will not take responsibility for their own failures, but anybody who thinks the absence of Israel would diminish Muslim hatred of the U.S. and the West generally is a fool.

    Any American who feeds the Muslim scapegoating of Israel is foolish and morally bankrupt.

  • Mike Bell

    I think he’s right. So what’s his point? That because the relationship may very well cost American lives that it’s not worth having? Is this guy’s position that NO cause, no country, no belief is worth dying for? Pathetic. Also worth mentioning that Israel is a scapegoat that in a way deflects SOME of the hatred. Oh sure, they say they hate the USA because of it’s relationship with Israel, but this is utter nonsense. If Israel gets overtaken by Arabs, what then? No more scapegoat…they would start a) killing each other bigtime, and b) focus entirely on the new scapegoat…the USA.

    These barbarians just hate. They are evil. They need to be killed. I’ll leave the analysis, navel gazing, rationalizations, etc., for the liberals. It’s really quite simple. Nothing will stop them, nothing will appease them. Their goal is sharia for the entire world. It’s Nazi Germany all over again. Unfortunately, a substantial segment of the left is aligned with these evil Islamofascists. The new useful idiots.

  • mrtod

    it is amazing to me how little education there is out there concerning radical islam, they dont hate us because we are friends of israel they hate us because we believe in something other than islam it is there mission to spread their sick twisted ideaology worldwide the western mind (especially the liberal western mind) cannot comprehend a theology or ideaology that believes its responsible for taking over the world but they believe they are bringing the rapid return of the 12th emom and the more violence they create the more quickly he will come. wake up!!! people they are using our own freedom against us here they can spread their hatred unabated but over there we are murdered in cold blood for the slightest rebutle it doesnt take a genius to see the disadvantage but i still believe if we will wake up and stop this politically correct nonsense and call out the murderers where they work live and worship and never forget that israel is our God given ally who has never been exterminated, the philistines tried it the eygyptians tried it , the romans tried it , hitler tried it and now the muslims have been trying for years and not only have failed but have had to watch as the God of glory raised them from the ashes from the far corners of the world and reinstated them in their native land , no my friends you dont want to end up on the wrong side of this small jewish state thats half the size of texas, Jehovah has declared and history has proven him right that God himself watchs over Israel and he will continue to bless those who bless her STANDING WITH ISRAEL IS A NO BRAINER

  • Khan Krum

    PamLinson wrote: Genisis 12:3 Speaking of Israel, “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families on earth will be blessed through you.”

    That’s what my grandfather — a Pentacostal music director from the southern Appalachians — always said. I say, Amen and to paraphase Limbaugh, “learn it, love it, live it!”.

    I still think that this guy came from the same litter that produced Wolf Blitzer. He is part Canis lupus (see http://fr.academic.ru/pictures/frwiki/67/Canis_lupus_laying_in_grass.jpg), which is o.k., but the fact that he has rabies is very disconcerting. Maybe he needs to be taken to a vet?

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  • JZM

    Excellent comments in general.

    But don’t call this jerk Scheuer an idiot; he’s not.

    On other topics, he’s well-spoken, interesting, informed. That makes his “swerve” against Israel all the more chilling. It’s irrational. (but “from the heart” obviously)

    I’ve seen him a number of times on Fox; I’ve been disappointed at how all the Fox hosts are unprepared and just let this poison spew out, without challenging him.

  • richard friedman

    What is chilling is not Scheuer’s anti-semitism but the fact that our intelligence agency would employ someone obviously lacking it. His argument for Islamic resentment of the west is as illuminating as saying the Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor because of the resentment they harbored for our bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Scheuer needs to be humiliated in public debate which for odd reasons Fox will not let pass…..

  • FU

    Calling Dr. Scheuer an anti-Semite is just one more of the RACIST RACIST RACIST tactics that go something like this: Hey white-boy. Give to us what is totally unfair and disproportionate
    —(e.g. affirmative action; preferential unchecked immigration to the world’s richest country; special attention to our religion/culture/color-remember you have no color white boy, we are people of color; or in this case 1/3rd of the world’s foreign aid causing us to be despised by 1 billion Muslims, etc., etc..)
    or you’re a racist, bigot, xenophobe, or in this case anti-Semite.

    Sorry people, expecting us to pay well over a billion a year for the last how many years to finance WAY MORE than the defense budget of a rich country who’s members we already saved from the oven with our blood, AND to keep paying without question —IS RAAACCCIIIISSTT. F U ALL.

    Props Dr. Scheuer for having the guts to stand up to this, yet another, pc white-boy tax.

    My people aren’t the racists – you are. BUT, you’re getting closer each day to pushing us into a racial war with your jealous hatred. Remember, we didn’t just dominate with guns. We dominated militarily in the time of swords and shields. You WILL find out if that savage genetic in the Anglos is real. Believe me, it’s REAL. It’s THERE. It’s boiling. You think you can get ethnic on someone’s ass. YOU HAVE NO F-ING CLUE. Please for the love of all that is worth saving. STOP pushing US!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff

    People on the right need to wake up and listen to Dr. Scheuer, who I assure you is quite devoted to the constitution and the American way of life. I have noticed the creation of a certain kind of “Christian Zionist” in recent years. They seem to have more love for Israel than their own country. I remind them that thousands of Americans, mainly Christian from the South, have died in recent years in a policy that is designed to promote Israel’s interest, not necessarily America’s.

    I would also remind them that the same NeoCons have a palpable contempt for “Middle America” and have been on the forefront of opening our borders to millions of illegal invaders. NeoCons are just Leftists that need the us of American military power for their aims. Indeed, the same people that run Hollywood and the media have spent almost 3 generations denigrating Christians, Whites, and traditional Americans — and yet you are willing to let your sons die at their behest. Ethnic networks and manipulation are quite real, people on the Right should at least be aware of it before they slavishly send their children to die for the sake of people that have contempt for them.

  • Jeff

    Richard Friedman, #70, is a good example of why there is no independent thought in American foreign policy circles. He is furious that an uppity traditional American like Michael Scheuer would dare value the blood of his country men above those of others …. say Israelis. How dare he! Doesn’t he know what the US is good for? It’s sons are to be sent to die when the elites (who hate this country and many have dual citizenship) tell them to!

    You can see how careers re destroyed if they dare question the Israel Lobby. The irony is that the same people that support the Israel Lobby have nothing but contempt for average Americans, especially White Americans. Many of them have been at the forefront of denigrating American culture, especially WASP culture for 3 generations.

  • Jeff

    mrtod #65, can you at least get the NeoCons and the Jewish intellectuals to stop denigrating and humiliating White Americans while we are in the act of dying for Israel? Of is that too much to ask?

  • FU

    Jeff – I’m so glad to read from someone that actually get’s what’s going on. Do you find many other people that agree with your view? I haven’t. Look at the entirety of this thread. Dr. Scheuer seems to be the only one making these opinions publicly. Or at least the only one allowed to.

  • MQ

    I agree with Jeff and Michael Scheuer who is not the only ex cia agent who has expressed this view. Unfortunately, too many in the media are reluctant to say these things for fear of being lambasted as anti-semetic, when in actuality they are disagreeing with our gov’ts, (and the media’s), policy of cozying up with Israel in foreign policy matters. Pat Buchanon was complettly driven from his presidential campaign because he had the honesty and temerity to suggest that we had 2nd and 3rd cousins to Ariel Sharon, as well as dual citizens, working in our own state and defense departments, supposedly in Israel’s not America’s interests. Douglas Feith, 2nd in command to Donald Rumsfeld, was caught passing confidential defense dept. secrets to AIPAC, and barely got a slap on the wrist. It is time that American interests were left to Amerians if they are to fight and pay for wars.

  • mrtod

    i dont need a lecture from anyone concerning on fighting for this country i have and will again as well as my dad my grand dad my father in law(died at 62 from agent orange) and two uncles one of which crawled 2 miles with 26 rounds in his gut in korea so me and my family have paid in blood for this great country and one thing i have personally experienced as well as my dad and others who served in our family is that there are 2 soldiers we could always depend on the brits and the israeli boys, they personally are responsible for saving the lives of 2 of my family members, as to the issue of islam hating us because of our relationship with israel thats the most mis informed point of veiw i believe that is even possible, islam doesnt hate us because of israel they hate us because we are from the west, they hate our culture,they hate capitalism, they hate the way we treat women, and i fought so that my wife and my 2 daughters wont ever be treated like personal property or worse yet like a dog stoned in the street, you never see israel treat there women that way you only see it in muslim countries, they believe its ok, well i dont, and the other democracies especially israel will fight to the death with us to keep it from happening, again this is actual personal experience not some paranoid delusion of everbody get whitey or even worse that if we would just cut all of our jewish ties then we could all just gather around a campfire and sing love songs with radical islam, really!! surely you cannot be serious, so i guess my veiwpoint is this you can believe what you want in this country me and my family have fought as well as millions of others to make sure you can and you can support who you want to but as for me and my bunch we are gonna dance with the ones who brung us and im betting that when the chips are down my british brothers and epecially my jewish state brothers will be there to fight with me again as before for the common goal of freedom and the right to serve the one true God and if you really want to save some money we spend more in this country killing babies every year than we spend on helping our ally and only real democracy in the middle east israel, we are spending 100’s of billions trying to get the same result from iraq (a democracy thats friendly to the us in the middle east) wake up folks we spend a few billion to help our jewish friends fight the same enemies who killed us on 911 and are trying to kill us now and oh yea im as white as they come but my wife is hispanic(born in arkansas) i guess that makes me a racist in someones book really get a grip

  • David Christie

    Oh My God..

    How dare this creep criticize the Middle East’s only Racist Apartheid “Democracy”?!!!

    How dare this fiend suggest that giving more money to the Zio-Nazis to make terrorist enemies for us isn’t more important than our own national security, economy and infrastructure?

    How dare this anti-Senmitic Nazi not put Israel First above all else???

    It just makes me want to cover my ears and scream Holocaust… Holocaust.. HOLOCAUST!!!

  • mrtod

    some folks have a legitamate complaint about all kinds of things this country and its leaders do, and some actually have facts to stand on the ones who dont always seem to resort to unfounded accusations and OH YEA BRILLIANT INTELECTUAL NAME CALLING !!!! no thats an oxymoron no such thing as INTELLECTUAL name calling its just REGULAR NAME CALLING when you have no real facts just make up SOME THEN make up some names to call people CAREFUL YOUR TRUE CHARACTER IS SHOWING you all have a great day and God bless you anyways!!!!!!

  • To me Michael Scheuer was just a name floating around the news, until the Philadelphia Metro had an article and announced a terror expert was coming to Philadelphia, his book tour at the library and University of Penn bookstore, and he spoke on Radio Time. It turns out the Philadelphia Inquirer announced a more elaborate presentation at the Foreign Affairs Council.

    His manner was easy going, and I started out agreeing with him that Iran wasn’t a threat, even though he didn’t refer to my contention, that Iran was using criticism of Isreal as a weapon to belittle the Sunni powers who Iran was actually far more preparing to fight with than Israel. Scheuer presented what I see as an important fact, bin Laden is actually very dangerous, in such a way as to make us even more helpless in dealing with the al Qaeda danger.

    More details on why I think Michael Scheuer is making the US more helpless in a complicated world follows:



  • Dov Coder

    He is the darling of Russia Today…as is every antisemitic loon with an opinion. Scheuer should get more zinc in his diet. More zinc, less histopenia. Increased histamine levels — less of a chance you’ll turn out to be a paranoid schizophrenic.