On Tuesday the Obama Administration asked Hosni Mubarak to step aside.
On Wednesday they said that transitioning power “now means yesterday.”
On Saturday morning the Obama Administration said Mubarak must stay.
On Saturday evening the Obama Administration said Mubarak should step aside.
On Sunday Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Mubarak must stay in power.
Today the Obama Administration said that political reform will be a gradual process.

Is it any wonder then that the Obama Administration has alienated all sides in Egypt?

An anti-government protester wears a niqab and a headband in the colors of the Egyptian flag at the continuing protest in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo, Egypt Monday, Feb. 7, 2011. (AP)

In another blow to the Obama Administration, Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman told reporters today that there will be no regime change in Egypt and that Mubarak is not planning on leaving office anytime soon.
Salon reported:

Vice President Omar Suleiman warned Tuesday that “we can’t put up with” continued protests in Tahrir for a long time, saying the crisis must be ended as soon as possible in a sharply worded sign of increasing regime impatience with 16 days of mass demonstrations.

Suleiman said there will be “no ending of the regime” and no immediate departure for President Hosni Mubarak, according to the state news agency MENA, reporting on a meeting between the vice president and the heads of state and independent newspapers.

He told them the regime wants dialogue to resolve protesters’ demands for democratic reform, adding in a veiled warning, “We don’t want to deal with Egyptian society with police tools.”

At one point in the roundtable meeting, Suleiman warned that the alternative to dialogue “is that a coup happens, which would mean uncalculated and hasty steps, including lots of irrationalities. We don’t want to reach that point, to protect Egypt.”

Pressed by the editors to explain the comment, he said he did not mean a military coup but that “a force that is unprepared for rule” could overturn state institutions, said Amr Khafagi, editor-in-chief of the privately-owned Shorouk daily, who attended the briefing. “He doesn’t mean it in the classical way.”



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  1. Just how many coins is 1600 flipping anyway?

    Besides the one with the bird on it.

  2. Has Obama done ANYTHING that hasn’t caused trouble? Has he tried to get the best information about ANYTHING? He’s either the worlds worst bumbler or he’s actually doing exactly what he’s planned. Which is it?

  3. Obama, I do not listen too, he is a liar on everything. Best thing is a grave.

  4. Looks like Obama had some promises or some knowledge from behind the scenes. It all fell thru.

  5. I am frightened when people like O’Reilly and Krauthammer don’t GET Obama. If they do understand this CON, they sure don’t speak the truth.

  6. The good news is that obama has quit smoking so the mrs says anyway–LOL

  7. obama wrong again as always

  8. This isn’t going to settle things. The BM won’t let Mubarak ride this out. I think the riots and demonstrations are going to get musch worse.

    Trumpka is taking notes for the riots he will stage when a Republican is in the WH.

  9. “Um, um, um, um, um” is NOT a foreign policy.

  10. So the revolution will happen in September..BFD
    Hussain can wait

  11. The CIA knows regime change is dangerous in Egypt right now. Have not heard much from Leon Panetta. Look for him to step aside soon. Remember, he is an ex Clintonite.

  12. Big L #4

    re: behind the scenes.. who else but the Egyptian Communist Party?

    ‘Next are extracts from a C.P.A. statement on the revolution. The rhetoric is both accurate and significant.

    The Communist Party of Australia stands in solidarity with this heroic struggle in Egypt’s political and economic life to achieve democracy, jobs and bread.

    We are witnessing a national democratic revolution, a determined attempt to overthrow a corrupt reactionary, pro-imperialist regime.

    The popular mobilisation we are witnessing on the streets of Egypt also has its roots in the courage and persistence of the organisations representing the workers and other progressive forces – among them the Communist Party of Egypt – who have worked for many years under very difficult conditions to rebuild the workers’ movement, weakened by successive cycles of repression and political persecution.

    Egypt occupies a highly strategic position, straddling Africa and Asia, and it controls the Suez Canal, the vital shipping link for oil and other products moving between Asia and Europe and beyond.

    The US and its European and Israeli allies will fight to prevent the Egyptian people controlling their nation’s military and energy policies, and what passes through the Suez Canal. The threat of military intervention hangs over the nation. Imperialism has invaded Egypt once before to maintain control of the Suez Canal.’


    Odd how things always seem to lead to Zero and his International Socialist alliances, Ayers, Code Pink..

  13. This is precisely why the demonstrations have continued. The protesters didn’t trust either Mubarak or Suleiman to keep their word.

    Elections are currently set for September, because Mubarak is on extended temporary medical leave. If Mubarack steps down now, is permanently disable, or dies, elections will be held in 60 days.


    One of the problems with the old system is that candidates had to declare and run in a very short time span.

    ElBaradei, backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, wants to scrap the constitution altogether and abolish parliament now.

    Mubarak is right on one point: ElBaradei’s plan will lead to chaos.

  14. Egyptian forces should arrest and deport Code Pink, US union and other commie agitators, although I’d prefer to just leave them in Egyptian jails forever.

  15. Here you have the support of global socialist unions (watch for all of the exhortations to “social justice”) for the socialist/Islamist riots in Egypt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWqOKbYM1UI

    This is not a popular uprising, but an attempt at a putsch.

  16. Based on Obama’s nonsensical responses, one can only conclude that he’s incompetent. What’s funny is that the left has been praising Obama’s “intelligence” lately. Shows how stupid they all are.

  17. rbosque! You are AWARE, that the number 1 visitor to O’Bama’s White House, has been SEIU Union thug Andrew Stern?? (now retired and under Federal investigation)???

    How coincidental.

    Obama is FILTH.

  18. Redwine. BINGO.
    Most Americans are too stupid to know who these COMMIE LIBTARD AGITATORS ARE.
    Fact is. So FECKING MUCH CASH is involved, that the LEFTARD COMMIE/MARXISTS and UNION THUGS, can afford, will afford and do afford….INTERNATIONAL THUGGERY and AGITATION.

  19. gus (#19) – Remember that the huge piles of cash that drives the evil anti-American activities of the union thugs come from dues and Barack Hussein’s greasy palms by way of the US taxpayer.

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