Ahmadinejad celebrated the 32nd Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution today by waving an anti-Israel sign at a protest.


The Iranian President also told the crowd that the Egyptian protests will result in a Middle East without Egypt and US “interference.”
The Jerusalem Post reported:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Egypt’s popular uprising shows a new Middle East is emerging, one that will have no signs of Israel and US “interference.”

The Iranian president spoke as the country marked the 32nd anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. His remarks came hours after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak refused to step down, angering hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who have been demanding he relinquish his three-decade grip on power.




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  1. Liberals are genetically incapable of recognizing evil. The cab driver is telling us what he wants to do and we are ignoring him.


  3. I don’t understand that sign, maybe Obama can explain what it means

  4. No coincidence that the sign is in English.

  5. somebody should lob him a grenade or a JDAM

  6. I wonder if that kook got that sign from Bill Ayers or Code Pink? Maybe lil barry Fed Ex’ed it to him?

  7. Iranian Mullahs Begin Blocking BBC Persia News Feed, Apparently Not Wanting Their Citizens To See What’s Going on In Egypt


  8. Ahmadinejad calls for Mideast without Israel and US


  9. he’s a man of peace. someone the left could love.

  10. In Persian it says “death to Israel”, in English it says “down with Israel”.

  11. and it says “death to Israel” in Arabic on the bottom.

  12. That looks like astroturf to me. Paid for by US unions perhaps?

  13. So…anti-Western, but uses a sign with English??? Does that even make sense???

  14. Like any Jihadist, he’s using the media to spread his gospel of death. May God send him with the devils!

  15. May God strike that genocidal bastard and his ayatollah masters dead.

  16. “Egypt will never be the same …”

    ~Barack Hussein Obama~

  17. Sometimes I wish someone would kill that guy.

    But then I remember that he’s not the one making the calls. If he gets killed, he’ll just be replaced with another tool.

  18. It’s much like 1979 . . . pro-US autocrat overthrown by “democracy” movement, military in control but undecided as to which way to go politically.

    In Iran, the junior officers would not stand with the regime, so the revolutionaries took over. It’s been working out great so far . . .

  19. 0bama:

    Those are my thoughts exactly… even though I got the Jewish vote.

    I am really falling in love with Ahmadinejad. I want to have his baby. I’ll butter my buns for that guy any day.

    My limousine is running and Barney Frank is waiting in the back. It looks like I will get some tonight.

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