25 Killed in Libyan Protests; Qaddafi Regime Sends Mass Text Message Warning “Live Bullets Will Be Fired”

Brutal totalitarianism on full display as the citizens of Libya rise up to protest against the 41 year reign of Muammar Qaddafi.  25 people were reportedly killed today during protests.

Renewed protests turned violent across Libya on Friday, with opposition activists saying dozens were shot dead during funerals and marches for those killed in anti-government demonstrations this week.

Sources from northeastern city of Benghazi told the German Press Agency dpa that 25 protesters were killed there Friday. There was no independent or official confirmation.

Anti-government demonstrators smash a monument of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's Green book in Tobruk, near the border with Egypt. Image from DailyMail

Yesterday it was reported that 19 people were killed and many of them were killed by snipers of Libya’s internal security force.

Bloomberg reported:

Libya’s “Day of Anger” protests against Muammar Qaddafi, in power for 41 years, led to clashes with pro-government forces in which at least 19 people were reported killed.

An opposition website and an anti-Qaddafi activist said violence broke out during marches yesterday in five Libyan cities, according to the Associated Press. The 19 deaths were in the second- and third-largest cities, Benghazi and Beyida, according to Al Arabiya television. An opposition website said some demonstrators were killed by snipers from the internal security forces, according to AP.

UPDATE: Showing the true colors of modern day Islamic totalitarian rule, Qaddafi’s regime sent out a mass text message on Thursday warning potential protests that “live bullets will be fired” if they show up for protests.  Apparently they weren’t kidding.

UPDATE: The Guardian is reporting that Anti-Gadhafi demonstrators have taken over several cities in eastern Libya but have suffered scores of deaths.

UPDATE: Reuters is reporting that Anti-government protesters have seized control of the eastern Libyan city of al Bayda after they were joined by some local police, two Libyan exile groups said on Friday.

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  • Marsh626

    Someone needs to put a live bullet in him.

  • Granny

    Qadaffi was a terrorist before his recent “rehabilitation” and he remains so today. And he is a dictator. What else would you expect?

  • american patriot

    Muslims acting like Muslims,

  • Lee

    Wasn’t this the guy that wanted the Palestinians to revolt against the Israeli? Gee, I guess he likes revolutions unless they’re against him, huh? That’s different, apparently.

  • Ella

    Is Obama for or against Khadaffi? Let’s get an answer to that and then publicize it widely.

  • Khan Krum

    Ella, that’s a good question. Recall that al-Bama’s spiritual mentors Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan have visited Khadaffi and are swell pals with him.

    I think what we all really need is for Nobel Peace Prize winner al-Bama to go back over to the Middle East and treat them to some mo’ shuck-n-jive, fo’ shizzle. Shuck-n-jive!!!

  • MVH

    Lee @ #4 1:10 pm

    Same question popped in my head when GP posted that video of Libyans being shot just a few days back.

    Be careful what you aaaask for, Mo. What goes around comes around. Don’t forget that ‘next time you utter something stupid while you’re prancing around in your pumps! Or are those stilettos?

    From the mouth of Pharaoh, indeed.

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  • Rick “the Ruler”

    #6, Khan Krum:

    That’s Right, Khan Krum! You are spot on.


    Didn’t Ronaldus Maximus (President Reagan, to the profane) take care of this petty, two-bit Libyan Loon decades ago…

    … as he did, also, unto Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega and That Sandinista Socialist Social Club…



  • bg


    just a sample..

    JDS: See no jihad. Hear no jihad. Speak no jihad.

    [President Obama and his national security leadership have bought into a false narrative promoted by organizations and leaders with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, such as CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and ISNA (Islamic Society of North America). Dozens of such individuals have been placed in his administration, including Dalia Mogahed, a top Mideast adviser to Obama who made the astounding assertion last October that most women in the world associate sharia law with “gender justice.”


    It states in part: “The Ikhwan must understand that all their work
    in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the
    Western civilization from within and sabotaging their miserable house…”}

    “Our confrontation with America used to be like confronting a fortress
    from outside. Today we have found an opening to enter the fortress
    and to confront it from within.”
    ~ Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi

    {What better way to sabotage a nation from within than to dupe
    its leadership regarding the true nature of, and motivation for,
    the threat that is arrayed against it?

    The results of this administration’s arrogance
    and foolishness speak for themselves.]

    Europe and the U.S. Should Agree to Become
    Islamic or Declare War on the Muslims.
    ~ MQ

    Along came a black citizen of Kenyan African origins, a Muslim, who
    had studied in an Islamic school in Indonesia. His name is Obama.


  • Khan Krum

    Granny commented:
    Qadaffi was a terrorist before his recent “rehabilitation” and he remains so today. And he is a dictator. What else would you expect?

    Yes, that’s right. It’s funny how that “rehabilitation” occurred under the liberals’ nemesis, George W. Bush, castigated as an absolute dolt. Now we have the smartest president evah! and the most accomplished woman evah! in charge of the Snake Department and all this doodoo is a’hittin’ the fan o’er yonder. Kinda makes you wonder about things, doesn’t it?

  • bg
  • bg


    tweet via Sandmonkey

    #Benghazi protesters burnt down the radio station and taken the media
    and will make announcements shortly!! BREAKING URGENT #Libya


  • bg


    OT: ht AJ-E

    US vetoes UN resolution on Israeli settlements

    also uprisings in Jordan and Iraq..


  • bg


    LIBYA: Google map marks protest, violence, deaths


    @EnoughGaddafi Different story from @ChangeInLibya who claims all
    electricity has been cut. What’s the truth? Confirmation required.

    “There is something in the human soul that
    cries out for freedom.” #feb17 #libya

    Gaddafi’s sister leaves Tripoli with her children heading to Germany
    CONFIRMED REPORTS (NFSL private source) #Feb17 #Libya

    BLOOD IS NEEDED IN AL Jala’ and 7th October Hospitals. Please send this
    msg across. People listening to us, facebook, and everywhere #feb17


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  • bg


    oops re: #15

    tweets link

    The status of the air-strips at Benina airport in #Benghazi
    is the strategic bulls-eye in the #Libya revolution. #feb17

    Confirmation? RT @Cyrenaican This in just from the Radio:
    Benghazi residents have arrested Saa’di al-Gaddafi! #feb17

    and a few more via the Sandmonkey

    we did it we did it, benghazi is free, a sat channel will be on air
    shortly god willing, we did it OURSELVES thanks for all support

    Dear arab dictators, the definition of insanity is doing the same
    thing over & over again & expecting different results. GIVE UP!


  • bg


    OT, but related (via AJ-E)..

    Bahrain forces fire at protesters

    [A doctor of Salmaniya hospital told Al Jazeera that the hospital
    is full of severely injured people after the latest shootings.

    “We need help! Our staff is entirely overwhelmed. They are shooting at
    people’s heads. Not at the legs. People are having their brains blown
    out,” a distraught Dr Ghassan said, describing the chaos at the hospital
    as something close to a war zone.

    Our online producer interviews a protester at a funeral in Sitra

    He said the hospital was running short of blood and appealed for
    help to get more supplies. Police had no immediate comment.

    An Associated Press cameraman saw army units shooting anti-aircraft weapons, fitted on top of armored personnel carriers, above the protesters in apparent warning shots and attempts to drive them back from security cordons about 200 meters from the roundabout.]

    Jordan protest turns violent

    [At least 200 government supporters trailed the anti-government protesters, chanting: “Our blood and souls, we sacrifice for you Abu Hussein” – a reference to Jordan’s King Abdullah II before clashing with the opposition march.

    Tareq Kmeil, a student at the protest, said: “They beat us with batons,
    pipes and hurl rocks at us. We tried to defend ourselves, to beat them

    He said at least eight people suffered fractures to the skull, arms or legs.

    “Police didn’t do anything to protect us. They just stood
    on the side watching us getting beaten,” Kmeil said.

    Police spokesmen were not immediately available for comment.

    Some pro-government supporters denounced Al-Jazeera,
    blaming it for fomenting unrest across the Arab world.

    “Al-Jazeera is behind every sickness,” read some of their signs.]

    hah, they hate the truth tellers just as much as some Americans do..

    [disclamer: truth tellers so far as the protests and a few other things go,
    ie: they counter hard ball, not like the wusses we have here.. they show
    direct pictures and interviews done on the ground, not to mention publish
    tweets, take phone calls, etc..


  • bg


    Khan Krum #11

    he had to hand over Saddam’s WMD or else..

    oh you didn’t know??

    yes, maddaS outsourced both terrorism & wmd,
    not to mention funding Palestinian “martyrs”..

    oh, and why do you think Israel took out Syria’s muniti,
    uh, chemic, er, whatever that facility was back in 07??


  • bg


    oops re: #19

    Khan Krum #11

    forgot this.. 😉


  • bg


    disclaimer re: #18

    they may be talking about the other Al Jazeera (aka: Caliphate tv)..

    but don’t think so, as those who are anti-AJ are pro gov & gov is anti-AJ-E..


  • Sandy

    We speak alot about Obama’s culpability in the Middle East mess — how about Hillary Clinton -Under her watch we will lose the entire Middle East. Heck of a job Ms. Secy of State. Another amateur ruins the world.

  • Sandy

    Just one week after Mubarak steps down the Military Govt of Egypt will open the Suez Canal for 2 Iranian War Ships. If Israel is lost to us what will Obama say? Israel was in a hostile neighborhood and we have got to accept things as they are. OMG

  • Tricky_Dick

    This is where Obama and his union thugs would go to maintain power in this country.

  • Rose

    Did Obama call Khadafi and tell HIM to take it easy on protesters, too???

    SO LOL!

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  • Andreas K.

    Anyone saying that this is a pro-democracy thing, look at the images. I see a lot of green flags in it. Green, the color of islam. Sure, they want to throw out old Khadafi. And then replace him with yet another mullah regime.

    Let them kill each other. They’re doing the 5-odd billion non-mohammedans a favor.

  • bg


    in case no one has noticed, the only folks, if any, calling for the death of
    America or Israel, are, and always have been, PRO-GOVERNMENT, go fig..

    green huh, maybe they’re Irish.. 😀


  • bg


    interesting read/s..

    sounds to me like Obama is not only usurping GBW
    vision, but pushing his own MB agenda in the US..

    ipso facto:

    it doesn’t matter whether or not the entire ME is Islamic..

    it always has been, and not only that, it probably always will be..

    the problem is OBAMA’S accommodating ISLAMISTS in the US..

    the DANGER we face from ISLAMISM aka: POLITICAL ISLAM aka: SHARIA
    LAW is everything OBAMA, PC & the Greens et al stand for, redistribution,
    environmentalism, social justice, etc, taking a foothold from within.. keep
    telling you that there’s but a hairs difference between Islamists & Marxists
    (please, look them up, do some of your own research if you think mine is
    crap.. oh yeah, you can add they are both GREEN on top of everything

    Marxists & Islamists (by any other names) have been jointly chipping away
    at our foundation for decades now.. they cannot beat US externally, they
    can and have however, infiltrated themselves so deep into every aspect of
    America’s governmental institutions, that there’s a good chance, given time,
    they just may be able to destroy US from within, not to mention they may
    have already damaged US beyond repair as it is..


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