Iranian Regime Set to Execute Two Gay Men By Stoning

The Islamic Regime of Iran is to execute two young men for homosexuality by stoning.

Mahmoud Asgari, 16, and Ayaz Marhoni, 18, were gay Iranian teenagers from the province of Khuzestan who were publicly hanged in Edalat (Justice) Square in Mashhad, northeast Iran, on July 19, 2005.

The International Committee Against Stoning released this statement on Sunday:

According to the news we have received Ayub and Mosleh, 20 and 21 years old, are in danger of execution by stoning in the city of Piranshahr in the province of Kurdistan. The two young men are currently imprisoned in the city of Orumieh. They have been accused of having and filming homosexual relations. Pictures of President Ahmadinejad were incorporated into the film and loaded onto their mobile telephones. In additions, headshots of Khamenei pasted over a donkey were also found on the mobiles.

This film fell into the hands of the regime’s agents in Piranshahr who immediately ordered the young men’s execution by stoning to instill fear in the people of Iran. The news indicates that they will be stoned this Friday, Jan 21st 2011.

The International Committee Against Stoning calls for immediate action to protest the Islamic Regime’s medieval and brutal sentence against these two young men.

We particularly ask the people of Piranshahr to contact us immediately with further news about this case, and to prepare to prevent this heinous act. We urge the young people of Piranshahr to hasten to the aid of Ayub and Mosleh and declare that they will not permit this tragedy to occur in Piranshar. We must gather and collectively declare that we will not permit the Islamic Regime to murder and stone the youth of Iran in fear mongering acts.

We call on people everywhere to spread the news of the inhuman and medieval act against Ayub and Mosleh and do whatever they can to save them.

Hat Tip Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi

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  • Todd

    My spiritual rant his morning….I am becoming so sick of this twisted perverted religion. Jesus said to love your enemies but it is so hard to think as Christ would when you see this injustice consistently occurring in the uncivilized world such as Iran. I believe God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. But these young men deserve to live and die as old men. When Jesus was at the well and the Samaritan women came up to get water he knew of her sins. He even told them to her. If he had been a muslim he probably would of had her stoned to death right there. But no Jesus is and represents Gods love to mankind. He told her he could give her a much better life than what she had going. He told her to go on and sin no more. She was forgiven! Lets keep these men in prayer and believe God will intervene.

  • Granny

    They have been accused of having and filming homosexual relations. Pictures of President Ahmadinejad were incorporated into the film and loaded onto their mobile telephones. In additions, headshots of Khamenei pasted over a donkey were also found on the mobiles.

    This is what stoning these young men is really all about.


    Where are the very loud gay rights groups in the U S on this?

  • Granny

    #4 – Where are the very loud gay rigts groups in the US on this?

    The same place they were when those two young men were hung. Missing in action!

  • regularguy

    How pious of them. When, otherwise, muslim men often take liberties with young boys throughout much of the rest of islamic world to remain “pious” for their female brides.

  • Khan Krum

    I think that the Left needs to be asked: is this the diversity that we need to be celebrating? At what point does their hyper-relativism run into absolute right and wrong? Incidents like this are telling at how faulty relativistic thinking is. The same liberals who push acceptance of homosexuality in all their social experimentation in the West will turn a blind eye to this and say nothing. What does that tell us?

  • auntie em

    This is where the left gets really weird.

    Christians don’t hang gays, but their sharia law loving islamic homophobes do, and they love them….

    The liberals don’t like people much less believe anything they preach. They don’t live it, and they don’t accept responsibility to ignoring the blatant injustices that are perpetrated by their own: muslims, environmental terrorists, islamic terrorists, black panthers, illegal aliens and drug wars, abortionists, Ft. Hood shooter, Tucson shooter. These are the people/demons? in their ranks, and they support them in their sins against humanity.

    God forgive them.

  • Khan Krum

    Well, I guess the answer to my question is: liberals hate America much more so than they hate America’s enemies, or, they love America’s enemies much more so than that love America (take your pick).

  • apodoca

    This is so wrong. Such a crime against humanity!

  • focked

    Ms. Valencen, please give us some perspective regarding this tragedy. This is in your wheelhouse, right? You made a point of informing everyone of your lesbianism—on a thread about the New START Treaty! Condemn and denounce this atrocious behavior.

  • Mueller

    They have been accused of having and filming homosexual relations. Pictures of President Ahmadinejad were incorporated into the film and loaded onto their mobile telephones. In additions, headshots of Khamenei pasted over a donkey were also found on the mobiles.

    That’s it?
    That’s their “crime”?
    The people in the Iranian streets need to start ‘disapperaing’ members of the regime.

  • apodoca

    Where’re ActUP, GLAD and all the other organizations that have been terrorizing Christians in America, tossing condoms in St. Patrick’s, engaging in sex inside and outside the church, depicting the cross and other symbols of Christianity as butt plugs and such? Where are they? What consolation do they have to offer these unfortunates in Iran? What support? None. No homosexual organization has ever condemned an Islamic country for their atrocities against homosexuals. Instead, they support Islam.

  • liberalsareoncrack

    Maybe Rosie O’Donnell can reason with them and stop them.

  • scituate_tgr

    “In additions, headshots of Khamenei pasted over a donkey were also found on the mobiles.”

    Kids today…

  • focked

    “In additions, headshots of Khamenei pasted over a donkey were also found on the mobiles.”

    Should have used a camel, than all would be forgiven:)

  • squeaky

    “Where’re ActUP, GLAD and all the other organizations that have been terrorizing Christians..” probably with NOW and all those other empowerment groups working on their latest diatribe against the U.S. somehow the fight over gay marriage, etc vastly overshadows the hanging of gays for being gay or dropping walls on them. on another issue [at one time] that i thought was outrageous i was told that it was their custom [pesky customs] and i had no right to dictate how they handled their affairs. when thoughts hold more value that actions……..

  • DigitalTroglodye

    Somehow, Christians, Sarah Palin, et al., will be blamed.

  • B-b-b-but…. Mahmoud told us there were no homosexuals in Iran.

  • PaleRyder

    Hurry Sean Penn,there is still time for you to be a human shield.

  • Look, the religion of peace is at it again!!

    PEACE!!?! Wherfore art thou, oh religion of PEACE?!/sarc

  • Taqiyyotomist

    They also stone baby girls to death. Regularly.

    And then our Quisling media defines these people as “conservatives”. Funny that. In America it’s not the conservatives who are killing the babies.
    “Thousands of babies are being found murdered (no word on how many in the rural areas, as huge swathes of the largely rural nation are left out of the count). Nine out of ten dead babies found are female.

    “Another note on the reportage and the media collusion in advancing Islam — do you notice that when the horror of Islamic law (sharia) is exposed, the media calls it “conservative” Muslims? Get it?

    “These slaves are diabolical. It’s not enough that they have sold out and submitted; they insist that you submit as well. “Conservative,” my eye. Devout is the correct word. Pious Muslims.”

    Only demons stone little babies to death. These are the uruk-hai of which Tolkein wrote. And our “Libs” are his Grima Wormtongue, and his Saruman the “White”.

  • Andreas K.

    Do you hear this?

    Yep, that is the sound of (sh)amnesty international, the pro-gay groups (who scream “homophobia!” at me for saying “I don’t care if Alfons Haider (Austrian actor) dances with a man at Dancing Stars (our version of Dancing with the stars)”; I don’t care cause I don’t watch our ORF anymore) and all the super-smart intellectuals being… utterly silent.

    #22 Taqiyyotomist

    And when I say we should just drop a nuke on those f*ckers and be done with it, I’m the evil one.

    I did that last year before I went on vacation. I suggested it in a “discussion” at university. Boy was I flamed. Then some nut said “You should go to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and see what it does!” Love that “argument”, cause I go there every year and personally know several hibakusha (none of whom has ever blamed the US for those two bombs.) The whole “discussion” quickly detoriated into the usual “islam is peace” BS. I left it before it went into the usual “it’s the Jews’ fault anyway” crap.

  • FGT

    You know, I used to think the death penalty was a good thing. There are some people so evil they need to be removed from society….permanently.


    With the truth becoming increasingly rare in our society the thought of our government killing citizens is unsettling. The way things are headed I can see a time where the only people sentenced to death will be conservatives. We wouldn’t want anyone inciting violence with vitriolic rhetoric because THAT would be considered crimes against the state.

  • urallheartless

    i swear all of you right wing nuts have nothing better to do than point ur fingers at gay rights groups and liberals. you are all causing more hatred in this country than anything. who the hell cares if someone is gay or lesbian. get over it. you are all a bunch of sheep following the “bible’s” word. have some friggin open-mindedness the bible is such a double edged sword its ridiculous, so many inconsistencies and hypocrisies i cant even count them! and half of ur right wing political beliefs are based on ur blind religion. Oh the people in this country baffle me…peace:)

  • Taqiyyotomist

    And we get blessed with another mindless outpouring of incoherency and idiocy.

    We’re pointing fingers at the Muslims for STONING GAYS TO DEATH, you friggin blind imbecile.

    As a result, we show more compassion for gays than the deafeningly silent so-called “gay rights” groups who are afraid to criticize Islam, but who, like yourself, have no problem at all attacking Christianity and the Bible. Get some perspective.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #25 Never heard: “Don’t be so open-minded that your brains fall out.”

  • OotaPootaSolo

    Gee… Conservatives have something in common with the thugs in Iran! The desire to kill gays!

  • these are the people our politicans are bringing to america with their religion of peace and all the gay rights group support them. i wonder what rights gays will have when they take over here.

  • greenfairie

    Hey, Iran, stop the H8!

  • mueller

    Uh. No.

  • TheresaAK

    #25 appears to be anti-gay. Yes, this idiot is accusing those here who have decried this barbarism, who stood against the murderous actions towards the gays under their “oh so peaceful religion” of being anti-gay, and doth protest too much.

    These types are self loathers who are either fighting inwards struggles of being gay or are themselves anti-gay.

    Much ado about nothing in that liberal’s head.

  • I wrote this confirmation of this report (

    If you want to do something, urge a protest by Hillary Clinton. Protests against the stoning for adultery of Sakineh Ashtiani appear to have resulted in punishment changed to imprisonment.

    It may not work but direct protests by western governments have ‘worked’ in the past.

  • eaglewingz08

    But there are no homosexuals in Iran. Amamadjihadi told us that three years ago.

  • enoughoftheracistleft

    Ah yes, the religion of liberalism.

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  • money gets votes

    they beat gays to death in russia also. only in America are they protected…that is why they hate the west—.anything goes (well at least for the liberals )

  • bg


    leftists are lovin’ it, they can’t wait to do that to conservatives..

    idiots they be are ignorong the “gay” factor to get at you & me.. *sigh*


  • artsykr

    #25 January 18, 2011 at 9:44 am
    urallheartless commented:

    oh and

    #28 January 18, 2011 at 11:30 am
    OotaPootaSolo commented:

    The following goes for you as well.


    This lesbian will say it again and again–

    Now Wake up!! and GO BACK and RE-READ these people’s comments… just where are you seeing any hatred coming from these people towards gays…where? It has been Conservatives who have been posting these articles Conservatives who have been screaming about the deaths of gays at the hands of Muslims… and where have you been? Suckin the teet of barry and nancy…that’s where! And in the meantime another gay teen gets killed or a baby gets stoned or a woman gets beaten… I am sure they all appreciate what you have done for them… ass.

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  • martin

    don’t know which is worse….the young misguided boys, the stoning/hanging, or the comments in this thread. they’re all pretty damn bad.
    i’d like to think that we’ve come a lot further than this, the saints tell me we have…rumi, shams, shibli, et al…..but us men and women….well, brothers and sisters…..we really depress me.