Bummer. Michelle Obama’s dress slipped off during the Commie Red China Obama State Dinner tonight.

First lady Michelle Obama talks to President Barack Obama as they wait for the arrival of China’s President Hu Jintao, Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011, at the White House in Washington.« Read less
(AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Oh… My bad.


(Michelle Obama’s Mirror)

It was just another one of her bizarre dress selections.




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  1. Those of you old enough, remember when Carol Burnette wore the drapes?

  2. I recall MO being taller than BHO. here even with her hair piled up, they are the same height.
    qiestion: does Obama wear lifts?

  3. Well, it’s better than what she wore to the Tucson Memorial…she looked ready for a 50’s sock hop…..I actually like this dress….she’s not all “misses”.

  4. Will you wingnuts please quit sniping at the First Yeti…er…Lady? It’s so uncivil.

  5. It’s probably deliberate. I bet she thinks it makes her look edgy or coquettish or something. And completely un-First-Ladylike. But what’s new?

  6. The Prez’s hair has magically went from gray to black in one weeks time. Check out a pic of him at the Tuscon pep rally.

  7. When does she go back to Kashyyyk?

  8. Slow news night Jim? Yeesh. Again, why do we have to be as catty and juvenile as the Kos Kidz??

  9. Give the Obama’s a chance. The rest of the world like them better then the Bushes. 100%

  10. That dress looks like the drapes in my dentists office.

  11. It seems unlikely that she could have been unaware that one side was hugging her upper arm. She may have seen pictures where models or Hollywood bimbos let their clothes fall off one shoulder, and thought, “Hey, I can do that.” But it’s totally inappropriate for the situation, and the dress wasn’t made for that kind of look.

  12. I was thankful she’s not Janet Jackson. OTOH, Jackson would still be much better.

  13. #10 Why do you think that is? It would be like saying the rest of the NFL would rather see Aaron Rodgers backup play. Or The rest of the NBA would like to see Kobe’s backup play.

  14. I didn’t realize that George Barris did couture.

  15. Aaron, the First Lady is supposed to represent our country with dignity while she’s being pampered on the taxpayers’ money. We have every right to comment when she embarrasses us — as she usually does.

  16. Aaron, why don’t you change your name to piss and moan? That’s all you do.

  17. You could land a plane on that back.

  18. This woman has absolutely the worst taste in clothes I’ve ever seen. All she wears are big pleated skirts whicch really give her that wide-load appearance.

  19. Giant black lobster.

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