One of the prominent socialists in Congress went on Russian television this week and told the audience that the US is a “banana republic” without wealth redistribution.
The communists must love Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) in Russia.
The Blaze and Freedom’s Lighthouse reported this:

Schakowsky also recently said that if the US reduces spending, we’ll end up like a third world country… Let’s just say she’s not an expert on economics.

She would be so much happier in Cuba or Venezuela.
Why doesn’t she quit trying to destroy America and buy a one way ticket to the Island Paradise?




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  1. Isn’t her husband the convicted felon who wrote the blueprint for Obamacare in prison while serving time for 16 counts of bank fraud….?

    That’s right...he was.

  2. A much greater problem is the significant lack of grey matter between her ears.

  3. Let’s start with her wealth.

  4. And the sheeple of the ‘great’ state of Illinois returned this babbling itch to Congress last month. I sure hope they are proud of themselves. Perhaps they will rise from their stupor in 2012 long enough to be deloused and do some scratching.

  5. This imbecile is so stupid not to realize that ‘wealth redistribution’ is the prime condition to establish a ‘banana republic’. What a dangerous moron.

  6. when we mistake charity with contributing to the bad behavior of others. there is a difference between helping and enabling.

  7. They like to talk about relieving suffering, but who caused it? The socialists who complain about an upper class not paying enough to the poor are like seriel killers complaining that the rich don’t pay anything to bury their dead murdered victims. …and who was it that just cut medicare and failed to raise cost of living on Social Security the last 2 years while raising the 6 figure salaries of government workers?

  8. when you pass income from productive citizens to non-productive citizens……wealth that is earned is appreciated much more than when it is given without any expectations. we have people in society who have never learned discipline and the limitations that exist in life. skipping the hard work that brings about the success of those whose wealth they covet while expecting the same results should be given to them in the name of social justice.

  9. She should have stayed in Russia. But, they probably prefer her here, doing her “duty” to destroy this country. I am starting to believe more every day that McCarthy had it right. The Marxist moronic lemmings are simply useful idiots for the Communist cause; in other words – traitors. Jan is a prime example. She should be removed form office for violating her oath to protect and defend the US Constitution.

  10. Yes..Paris Hilton’s family will leave there money to her, It’s up to them if they wish to do that.
    It’s not the government’s money. What part of this concept don’t YOU Democrats understand.

    Democrats, we don’t work for you, you work for us and we told you so this last Nov, 2010.

  11. Thomas Jefferson had a certain way of dealing with traitors, I’m sure Josiah Phillips knows…

  12. “She would be so much happier in Cuba or Venezuela.
    Why doesn’t she quit trying to destroy America and buy a one way ticket to the Island Paradise?”

    The real question is what kind of people keep re-electing this woman? Do they all think like her?

  13. Like most leftists in America, they don’t understand the difference between socialism and communism. Socialists tax wages while communists tax wealth. Which one do you think she supports? Which one do you think the vast majority of Americans would favor if they had to make a choice between the two?

  14. #12 Theadora

    The people that keep electing her are either unaware or apathetic, of course it doesn’t help that the kids are taught that communism is “neat o” now..

  15. #13 Oldguy

    My choice is Colt .45, the conscious and caring American people will not accept either socialism or communism ever.

  16. She’s not even a useful idiot. . .

  17. Isn’t she a racist for calling Obama a monkey (who rules banana republics but alpha monkeys/ apes?)?
    Jan is beyond help, and though she needs serious intervention, her voters require even more serious help.

  18. Q: What is the difference between Obama and Putin?
    A: Putin is not a communist

    She is obviously living under the delusion that the Soviet Union still exists. Modern Russia may be a quasi-dictatorship but it has reject the Socialist model of organization.

  19. Apparently she has never actually been to a Bannana Republic. Maybe she meant the Womens clothing store. She is a spoiled, brainless kwat.

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