Socialist Rep. Jan Schakowsky to Russian Media: U.S. Is ‘Banana Republic’ Without Wealth Redistribution (Video)

One of the prominent socialists in Congress went on Russian television this week and told the audience that the US is a “banana republic” without wealth redistribution.
The communists must love Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) in Russia.
The Blaze and Freedom’s Lighthouse reported this:

Schakowsky also recently said that if the US reduces spending, we’ll end up like a third world country… Let’s just say she’s not an expert on economics.

She would be so much happier in Cuba or Venezuela.
Why doesn’t she quit trying to destroy America and buy a one way ticket to the Island Paradise?

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  • NeoKong

    Isn’t her husband the convicted felon who wrote the blueprint for Obamacare in prison while serving time for 16 counts of bank fraud….?

    That’s right...he was.

  • Steve

    A much greater problem is the significant lack of grey matter between her ears.

  • Badger

    Let’s start with her wealth.

  • Iconoclast

    And the sheeple of the ‘great’ state of Illinois returned this babbling itch to Congress last month. I sure hope they are proud of themselves. Perhaps they will rise from their stupor in 2012 long enough to be deloused and do some scratching.

  • Khan Krum

    This imbecile is so stupid not to realize that ‘wealth redistribution’ is the prime condition to establish a ‘banana republic’. What a dangerous moron.

  • squeaky

    when we mistake charity with contributing to the bad behavior of others. there is a difference between helping and enabling.

  • donh

    They like to talk about relieving suffering, but who caused it? The socialists who complain about an upper class not paying enough to the poor are like seriel killers complaining that the rich don’t pay anything to bury their dead murdered victims. …and who was it that just cut medicare and failed to raise cost of living on Social Security the last 2 years while raising the 6 figure salaries of government workers?

  • squeaky

    when you pass income from productive citizens to non-productive citizens……wealth that is earned is appreciated much more than when it is given without any expectations. we have people in society who have never learned discipline and the limitations that exist in life. skipping the hard work that brings about the success of those whose wealth they covet while expecting the same results should be given to them in the name of social justice.

  • DINORight

    She should have stayed in Russia. But, they probably prefer her here, doing her “duty” to destroy this country. I am starting to believe more every day that McCarthy had it right. The Marxist moronic lemmings are simply useful idiots for the Communist cause; in other words – traitors. Jan is a prime example. She should be removed form office for violating her oath to protect and defend the US Constitution.

  • socalsifu

    Yes..Paris Hilton’s family will leave there money to her, It’s up to them if they wish to do that.
    It’s not the government’s money. What part of this concept don’t YOU Democrats understand.

    Democrats, we don’t work for you, you work for us and we told you so this last Nov, 2010.

  • Missy8s

    Thomas Jefferson had a certain way of dealing with traitors, I’m sure Josiah Phillips knows…

  • Theadora

    “She would be so much happier in Cuba or Venezuela.
    Why doesn’t she quit trying to destroy America and buy a one way ticket to the Island Paradise?”

    The real question is what kind of people keep re-electing this woman? Do they all think like her?

  • oldguy

    Like most leftists in America, they don’t understand the difference between socialism and communism. Socialists tax wages while communists tax wealth. Which one do you think she supports? Which one do you think the vast majority of Americans would favor if they had to make a choice between the two?

  • Missy8s

    #12 Theadora

    The people that keep electing her are either unaware or apathetic, of course it doesn’t help that the kids are taught that communism is “neat o” now..

  • Missy8s

    #13 Oldguy

    My choice is Colt .45, the conscious and caring American people will not accept either socialism or communism ever.

  • She’s not even a useful idiot. . .

  • eaglewingz08

    Isn’t she a racist for calling Obama a monkey (who rules banana republics but alpha monkeys/ apes?)?
    Jan is beyond help, and though she needs serious intervention, her voters require even more serious help.

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  • tdiinva

    Q: What is the difference between Obama and Putin?
    A: Putin is not a communist

    She is obviously living under the delusion that the Soviet Union still exists. Modern Russia may be a quasi-dictatorship but it has reject the Socialist model of organization.

  • Oldsailor

    Apparently she has never actually been to a Bannana Republic. Maybe she meant the Womens clothing store. She is a spoiled, brainless kwat.

  • MWTexas

    What else but this moronic dribble could you expect from an ignorant socialist loser elected by more socialist losers in state that’s rapidly circling the economic drain? I hate to speak this way about fellow Americans, but in a banana republic it’s every man for himself. If the citizens of Ill. for this vapid Bolshevik kind of representation, well, I guess they got it.

  • M Malone

    Her husband’s a bank thief and as we regularly see, Shakowsky herself is a poorly educated woman with some pretty serious personal problems.

  • StandUp4Chuck

    I am utterly disguested that this turd would use Paris Hilton as an example of why the tax cuts shouldnt be used. She worked hard for her money….laying on her back on the bed while her boyfriend films her is hard work.

    This commie needs to be removed asap. These people need to be hearded on a plane and dropped over the nearest communist country where “redistribution of the wealth” is in full swing. Drop her off with Hugo down in south america and see how she likes his system. The wealth envy coming from our supposed “leaders” is astonishing. I work hard for my money and want to leave it to my children and these turds want the government to take it and redistribute it to those who sat on their a$$ and didnt do anything. I can tell you if this is the model we have when I am near death, I will find away around it. The government wont get their grubby hand on any of my hard earned wealth.

  • Banana republics are usually a dictatorial socialist ( fascist ) phenomena… Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua are a few examples. The only wealth distribution they support is to take it out of the hands of the producers and stuff if into the pockets of the ruling party’s hacks.

  • xqqme

    it is said that wealth rarely survives the third generation. Paris Hilton is a perfect example. She will only inherit $60M instead of the billions on file. How long do you think that will last her? Seems with her life style, that’s wealth redistribution on meth. i give it 6 years.
    Schakowsky thinks herself a member of the ruling class immune to the demand to ‘share her wealth’. When TSHTF, we seize their ‘wealth’ first.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “I am starting to believe more every day that McCarthy had it right.”

    The fall of the Soviet Union and the resulting release of documents proved that McCarthy was exactly correct in his assertions. Too bad the documents regarding the biggest Communist-Soviet operation in the United States are still locked away with the FBI file of one Michael King, aka Martin Luther the King. Does a free country lock up the information about a political agitator and his foreign government handlers?

    They had to discredit McCarthy because the big operations were coming soon, and they needed their people to be in place in the media, Hollywood, the news rooms of every major newspaper, and of course of the campuses of American Universities. If McCarthy had been allowed to continue his Patriotic work, we could have eradicated the scum who destroyed our culture in the 1960’s and 70’s. The Electric Chair that meted justice to the Rosenbergs should have been in operation 24 hours a day 7 days a week including Christmas Day from 1953 to 1960 at least. We might still have a free country if it had. Instead, we are on the verge of Socialist dictatorship, just like McCarthy tried to prevent.

  • GLM In Ohio

    I”ll buy the ticket for her … I’ve made that offer to several liberals in my neck of the woods, but none of them will take me up on it, dang it….

  • chuck in st paul

    “Let’s just say she’s not an expert on economics,” or much of anything else apparently.

  • chuck in st paul

    #24 December 21, 2010 at 8:53 am IOpian commented:
    “The only wealth distribution they support is to take it out of the hands of the producers and stuff if into the pockets of the ruling party’s hacks.”

    Now why does that seem familiar somehow…. hmmmmm.

  • RedBeard

    There is a reason why the good people in downstate Illinois distrust, and often despise, Chicagoland politicians. Case in point.

  • Chisum

    From Doug Ross:

    QOTD: “Basically, moonbats want an economic system in which the energetic and able are enslaved to a nonproductive parasite class. One problem is that people forced to work not for their own benefit but for the benefit of hostile freeloaders aren’t as productive. The closer America comes to the communism our rulers are incrementally imposing, the less productive the slaves will be, until we reach the point that they aren’t willing or able to produce anything at all. Then there will be no drinks for anybody, and utopian equality will have been achieved at last.” — Van Helsing, Moonbattery

  • StrangernFiction

    She is absolutely a traitor, as are most of her congressional comrades.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    There is a machine located somewhere in Illinois that cranks out A$$hats 24/7. Will someone please turn it off?

  • Theadora

    #26 “McCarthy was right.

    A great book is “Blacklisted By History – The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy” by M. Stanton Evans.

    It is worth a read.

    The truth has to get out!

  • steven Jeffries

    Does any one see it besides me from white house down lib side the use of [democracy] The United States is, indeed, a republic, not a democracy but in all interviews of late they use democracy and These people represent Us !

  • The Elector of Saxony

    #34, he was exactly right and history has proven it. Once again, they had to stop and discredit McCarthy because he could have saved our country. Instead, the Communists made the long march through our institutions and have now destroyed them. Individual liberty? Gone. Freedom of association? Gone. States Rights? Utterly subsumed by the Empire. Property Rights? On life support. Borders? Erased. Decency? Destroyed. Morality? Dead. We should have been arresting these people, instead we put them on our Supreme Court, made them Generals, forced every State in the Union to accept a National holiday for one, elected them to high office, gave them Pulitzer and Nobel prizes, gave them Oscar and Emmy Awards, mansions and limousines, let them run our schools, let them warp and pervert the minds of our children. McCarthy might have made sure they got the chair or a firing squad instead.

  • Mark

    Being a complete fool and traitor has gone from despicable to fashionable in the commiecrat party.

  • Sally

    The reason for the growing poverty is their assault on prosperity, as we all know.

    “Trickle up Poverty”, the title of Michael Savage’s new book, is 100% on target.

  • the greatest income gap in america is between the american politican and the american worker. over the last fourty years we have seen the rise of an american nobility with a divine right to the income of the american worker. over these years we have seen a steep concentratuion of wealth in the hands of people who confiscate wealth taken from those that create wealth.

  • R.B.

    Shakowsky is a known Communist (Democrat) along with most other Felon-ois Politicians, who are rapidly turning the State into a Banana Republic, along with her €omrades Gov. Quinn, Crookago Mayor Daley, Senators Bobby “Black Panther” Rush, & Dick Durbin. Shakowsky & her husbands income & her freebee political perks probably put her in the same income bracket as Paris Hilton, so she has no room to talk. Further, there is a LARGE Middle Class in the United States. They were the ones who threw many of Shakowskys fellow €ommunist Politicians out of office in the November 2010 Elections, with the biggest Democrat defeat since the 1930’s. This woman has a screw loose and only gets media exposure from the socialist owned and operated mainstream news media. While she pads her pockets with skimmed Illinois Taxpayer dollars, she preaches her Communist philosophy to any fellow simpleton who will listen. She is a periah who preaches divisiveness, class envy, and failed Marxist philosophy, in attempt to draw the less intelligent voters into her communist web, with paltry gifts of free government handouts in trade for their votes. Shakowsky, please move to your mother country if you love Communism so much. However, you are probably not wanted there either.

  • Jerry C

    Jan Schakowsky knows what she’s talking about when she stated America is a banana Republic. Her congressman father gave her her congressman job. She won her job again by running as a write-in (near impossible). She got a judge out of retirement to open a case against her opponent by smearing him with no facts. Yep. She knows America is a banana Republic specifically because she’s employing banana Republic tactics. THERE IS NO WAY LEGAL AMERICAN VOTERS VOTED THIS SCUMBAG INTO OFFICE. Hence, as with all banana Republics, the voting process is corrupted as well (as everything else). America is dead. DEAD.

  • Right is Right

    Shakowsky, like her husband the convicted FELON, has never done an honest day’s work in her life.

  • sifty

    I hope she is the first one sent to the New Siberia Gulag in Berkeley.

  • willyd1

    I always have problems with my spelling. I get the “W” and the “B” mixed up. Rep Shakowsky is a stupid witch. Oops, I think I did it again.

  • gr1zzly

    how dumb is she, looks like now that Illinois lost a congressional seat because of the census, they will know what district to redistrict to the vapors.

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