“No Labels” – No Morals – No Scruples… RINO-Leftist Group Stole Their Logo-Design From NY Artist

The RINO-Leftist group “No Labels” completely stole their logo-design from a New York website “More Party Animals.”

(The Gothamist)

The “No Labels” group appears to have no conscience and no morals either.
The RINO-leftist group that popped up only after Republicans took back the House stole their website design from a New York graphic artist.
The Gothamist reported:

Today Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and some other boldfaced political names got together to launch “No Labels,” an organization calling for a new era of non-partisan political change. The non-profit, according to Politics Daily, plans to “endorse and perhaps help finance candidates in party primaries but not in national elections.” Their slogan is “No Labels. Not Left. Not Right. Forward.” But considering how closely the group’s logo/design (Twitter!) resembles the work of graphic designer Thomas Porostocky, they might want to change the name to No Copyright. [Update: The No Labels designer says it’s just a coincidence that he and Porostocky must have used the same clip art file…but Porostocky tells us his animals are original. More below. Update 2: Now the No Labels designer admits the animals are too similar!]

Maybe a better name for the confused RINO-leftist group is “No Morals.”

Ben Smith posted a letter from No Labels designer Dave Warren who says the similarity is just a clip art coincidence.

More… Nice Deb notes they may also have taken a few things from the failed Coffee Party organization.

And, Stacy McCain has much more… “The Fierce Fury of the Angry Mob of Impassioned Bipartisan Moderates”

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  • RedBeard

    Gee, I don’t see any similarity there. I mean, the art on the left is on a shirt, and the art on the right isn’t. Totally different.

  • Jayne on the left coast

    They look exactly alike to me. No labels and they are pushing their own shirts. HA!!

  • The “No Labels” guy admits the images are “too similar.” You’re kidding me. How about “exactly alike.”

    Hey, how bout admitting “my bad.”

  • Khan Krum

    These morons always take the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis to an extreme. They are idiots.

  • listingstarboard

    Liberals are incapable of any original intelligent thought.

  • Granny

    That is no mere “similarity”. It is enough to get the FBI calling at your door for copyright infringement!

  • Rob Crawford

    The “not a copy” claim falls apart when you realize they have the same animals in the same arrangement. How stupid do they think we are?

    (Oh, wait. They’re used to dealing with Democrat voters…)

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  • Missy8s

    For God’s sake if you know anyone thinking of joining this group make sure they know that “No Labels” is a “progressive” group before they do!

    Michael Bloomberg’s involvement alone should set off alarm bells for everyone.

    When Bloomberg says “non-partisan solutions” you can count on socialist outcomes!

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  • Robert

    “Bipartisanship” “Civility” Compromise”

    These words are bandied about by the political class so that they can try to continue business as usual. They want to mask their agenda and diminish the effect of opposition. Remember that, not long ago, it was “I won” and “sit in the back”.

    In my opinion, we need MORE polarization. We need more definition of ideas and more clarification of what the statist career politicians of both parties are trying to do.

  • Militant Conservative

    Spot on Robert. This is what has revitalized the conservative movement.
    Socialists coming out and showing the public who and what they are.
    Joe citizen in ANY political party is not socialist. So they lean more tword the conservative idea of liberty/freedom, limited government and reduced spending. Most people can get onboard for this, except socialists.
    powder is dry

  • RedBeard

    Compromising with people who are doing wrong is not an admirable goal. Standing for what is right is an admirable goal.

    Bipartisanship, like tolerance, is a refuge for those without principle.

  • Rock

    First they took the idea from the Tea Party, next they took their logo from another, soon they will try and take your freedoms! Bloomberg is a screaming a$$ Socialist out to redefine America. Only thing missing is the Hammer and Sickle.

  • bigkahuna

    The no labels party is what you get when you are too stupid to call your self a weak ass independent who really are liberals who havent the guts to say I am a liberal. ” You are too smart to be a liberal and to wrong to be a Republican.”

    Way to start out the party of no labels with a label of thief! a clip art coincidence ? Yeah you saw art you didnt create and you clipped it onto your logo. How original.

    Typical liberal tactic when dummycrat, liberal, slimy, progressive, enlightened and other labels fail and perpetuate negative connotations and show failure you simply rebrand the pile of sh*t. Thistime they call it the no label party. Still the same ole pile of sh*t.

    What they are is the no balls movement not the no labels movement.

  • gastorgrab

    Redistribution of creativity?

    Seriously, everything that leftists have was stolen from someone else. They don’t know how to think for themselves.

  • JD

    Do the no labels shirt say made in Pakistan?

  • Warthog

    Let’s look at these grass-roots, “unlabled” people, shall we?

    (from their website) Featured Speakers:
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg – party flipping opportunist
    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand – D (unlabled is her maiden name)
    Congressman Bob Inglis – primaried out former R, uneployed RINO
    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa – Mayor of LA (DREAM supporter)
    Congressman Tom Davis – RINO (prolly the most conservative of this lot)
    David Brooks – communist, I mean fifth-columnist New York Times
    Joe Scarborough – Oh, please…
    Mika Brzezinski – MSNBC is label enough, thank you.
    Senator Joe Lieberman – DEMON – except in regards to Israel & Defense
    Senator Evan Bayh – *snort*
    Senator Joe Manchin – *chuckle*
    David Gergen – *giggle*
    Governor Charlie Crist – party flipping opportunist
    Lt Governor Abel Maldonado – huh?
    Ellen Freidin – Who? No really, who? Search yeilds some Florida lawyer
    Congressman Michael Castle – lost senate bid to a witch who turned him into a RINO

    (He didn’t get better…)

  • Bradinmo

    looks more like a ‘spot the differences’ game to me.

  • aprilnovember811

    This is another leftist front group. “No Labels.” Mark Levin was talking about this last night. Is this how they look at the world? They buy a house, doesn’t matter what type, they buy a car, doesn’t matter, “no labels,” no Honda or Toyota, “no label.”

    This is absolutely childish. “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything, you’ve got to be your own man, not a puppet on a string. ~Aaron Tippin

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  • does this mean that animals are going to get to vote. looks like the Animal Crackers Party.

  • melanerpes

    Some labels are private property. Here’s due warning: ©
    Some labels are registered trademarks. Here’s due warning: ®

  • Ruebacca

    No thank you.

    If you can’t say your a Reagen Republican, then it’s lest likely you will act like a Reagan Republican. Because what I want is a Reagan Republican.

    Remember the 25 years of economic growth, strong dollar and evil empires falling on their face. I want that.

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  • gail

    As an amateur artist myself and a great appreciator of the graphic arts in general, I am totally scandalized. These people should be sued big time.

  • gail

    the More Party Animals design is very distinctive, very creative, and completely adorable. It was swiped.

  • Just_Saying

    So, where’s the elephant?

  • Agent99

    YEP! Newly elected Senator Joe Manchin (D) WV helped launch this Commie Group!

  • Radegunda

    Some of those in the “no labels” crowd are always putting racial and ethnic labels on people, whereas we in the “right-wing extremist” crowd would say “human” is enough of a label.

  • Agent99

    So Stupid, this is beyond belief! Socialists are intentionally bankrupting and ruining the USA, and we are supposed to get excited about “No Labels”.

  • Radegunda

    It looks like they just took out four little birds at the bottom and slightly shifted the placement of the moose and the anteater — and presumably thought that would make it “not a copy.”

  • bigkahuna

    By asking anyone to believe they are not liberals and that the logo wasn’t stolen..then I would say their movement would be the bowel movement.

    Because they are talking sh*t

  • BigBamboo

    @ Warthog, looks like all of these members belong in the Land of Misfit Toys! Ironic that is what their stolen logo looks like also.

  • mmc

    Remember the left has no morals……this should not suprise us

  • Stuart

    Did I tell you guys I just finished my artistic masterpiece? I call it the Mona Lisa.
    Don’t confuse it with the other Mona Lisa that some Italian guy did. Any similarities to that one is just a clip art coincidence.

  • Neo

    Those who think Mr. Bloomberg would want to build a similar kind of organization, be it No Labels or something else, are assuming that the growing power and disaffection of independent voters who identify with neither Democrats nor Republicans make a third party more viable than it has ever been. In fact, though, the rise of the independents represents a movement in exactly the opposite direction — away from party organizations altogether.

    The Times thinks a “third party” based on the power of “NO” just isn’t in the cards.

  • police_design

    And thats why the Left can’ understand Inteligent Design … coincidence? No… pure case of plagiarism. Pay up No Label Jerk!

  • The snake symbol seems to fit them very nicely. BTW, isn’t “no-label” a label?

  • Cher Cropper

    Dog squeeze!! Why is it when the Donks become a minority in either or both houses of Congress they want to be bipartisan? Bipartisan in their definition means you have to agree with us.

  • Ohio Granny

    I got an invite to join this group through meetup or facebook. one of those. so the very first thing they send me is a list of those who support their efforts and THEIR LABELS (ie – Democrat/Republican, Senator/congressperson, job description, etc.).

    So I guess the one with no labels would be the useful idiot who gives them any gravitas.

  • Clifford

    To the No-Labels,
    As a Christian I will always decide my stance on issues, be they economic, political, social,etc, via Biblical Christianity. If that upsets people or makes them hate me, so be it.

  • PaleRyder

    Amazing how these ‘no labels’ suckasses come along everytime the left gets bitch-slapped in an election. After the last 2 years of calling the right anything but a human being, now they want to put labels aside and do what’s best for America. Kiss my right-wing ass and rotate on it you lying leftist trash. We do indeed intend to do what’s right for America,that will include stomping the entire life out of left-wing hate and lies and eliminate your disease from politics in America. Take your whining ,sniveling little crybaby labels and brace yourself for the truth being used to stomp you into the trash bin of political failures,just like your hero zero in the whitehouse.

  • Al

    What a bunch (flock?) of parriots you all are. Nothing but the same old name calling and half-thought-out accusations. No solutions, no new ideas, you just vomit back up the rantings you were fed today by those who do your thinking for you- Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck. Those guys are making millions off your unwillingnes (inability) to think for yourselves.

  • old white guy

    no labels is now a label.

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