Lefty Boy Wonder & Journolist Founder Ezra Klein: “The Constitution Is Impossible to Understand Because Its Over 100 Years Old” (Video)

Lefty boy wonder and Journolist founder Ezra Klein made the news again today. He thinks the US Constitution is impossible to understand and is outdated.

This makes perfect sense since Ezra Klein was one of the leading voices behind the unconstitutional Obamacare law.
Via The Blast:

By the way, Klein once insisted that if you oppose Obamacare you will help cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. So this wasn’t the craziest thing he’s ever said.

Iowa Hawk answers Klein.

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  • arnonerik

    It’s a good thing the left has all the intelligent people. If I was as smart as they are instead of just an ignorant TEA Party supporter I wouldn’t be able to understand the constitution either.

  • rbosque

    The Constitution is a rather short document and she doesn’t understand it? But I suppose she understands the thousands of pages of Obama-Care and the numerous socialist policies each with thousands of pages long.

    Is she serious or that stupid?

  • Buffalobob

    And the bible has to be beyond his comprehension. Along with any book that has more printed words than pictures. My guess is he really, really like pop ups.

  • Granny

    rbosque, unfortunately today’s “top students” rarely know how to spell and have trouble defining words of more than two syllables. The problem isn’t the age of the Constitution of the United States of America (which, BTW, Ezra, is more than TWO hundred years old – apparently math is not your forte either!) – it is the piss-poor reading skills of “smart” people like Ezra Klein.

  • bear

    I understand that the “Constitution” is a wooden boat somewhere near ted kennedy’s grave, and they gave a tea party on it. What’s this klein guy got to do with it?? Was he there?? Just a minute……I think someone exchanged my meds for washington post subscriber pills.

  • arnonerik

    Where did this bozo go to school. He probably can’t handle Shakespeare and the King James Bible either.

  • MrGoodWench

    Question :

    Das Kapital was written more than 100 yrs ago. How come Ms Ezra has never found that book confusing ?

  • mark

    Klein said every person who reads the Constitution has their own opinion of what it means. Really? The US Constitution was written by the founders of this nation. It serves as the foundational blueprint for how this country works. It’s confusing? Our Supreme Court and lower courts rule according to the Constitution. Our President swears in and swears to defend the Constitution. And nobody understands it? Do you think our founding fathers were so stupid as to write such confusing prose? Or do you perhaps think there is air between your ears? Clearly the US Constitution is very hard to fit into a socialist world-view because it opposes it. Perhaps the confusion is there?

  • pete t

    Any smart individual would trust ezra klien over any bafoon here

  • bg


    The Boiling Frog Syndrome

    August 11, 2001
    by Steven Yates

    [Thus revolutions tend to bring about bloody dictatorships rather than
    improved social systems by forcing abrupt change on entire, complex
    societies (political arrangements, economic relations, etc., at multiple
    levels) and they destabilize everything. Relations that have formed over
    generations are suddenly broken apart. Human beings, like all systems,
    dislike instability intensely. In practice, they will turn to the first person
    who promises to restore stability to the system, and that person is usually
    a dictator who clamps down on the entire society from the center.

    But there are other ways of changing one kind of socioeconomic system to a fundamentally different kind of system that minimize or localize abrupt, destabilizing change. Gramscian “revolutionaries” have learned this lesson well – although they do not speak the vocabulary of systems theory, of course. They have learned to get what they want by pursuing their goals gradually, one step at a time, through infiltrating and modifying existing institutions and other systems rather than overthrowing them and trying to create new ones from scratch. Clearly, a central-government initiative calling for abolishing the U.S. Constitution would have provoked an armed upheaval at any time in U.S. history, and it is at least possible that anything this abrupt still would. U.S. citizens, that is, would jump out immediately if thrown into that pot of boiling water. But if the haters of Constitutional government proceed in small increments, they eventually gut the Constitution almost unnoticed – particularly if they carry out their initiatives in multiple components of U.S. society (so-called public schools, the banking system, the major news media, the legal system, etc.). Moreover, Gramscians have found that the road to centralization is much easier if “paved with good intentions,” expressed in pseudo-moral language and portrayed as a source of stability to come. Myriad small disruptions in the lives of individuals and local communities can be rationalized as the price to be paid for the utopia just over the horizon. “You can’t make an omelet,” so the saying goes, “without breaking a few eggs.” So systems accommodate and incorporate these small steps, absorbing the disruptions as best they can and not allowing them to threaten the system’s overall stability. But when a system absorbs these small steps instead of repelling them, it incorporates them into its basic functioning and its transformation to a different kind of system with entirely different arrangements between its components has begun. Or in terms of the Boiling Frog Syndrome, the frog is in the pot, and the temperature of the water has begun, very slowly, to rise. ]

    i would say we’re more towards the bubbling point than not.. *sigh*


  • Ken

    Ezra,you d#psh*t, did you not pass ENGLISH in school. Maybe you went to one of those liberal schools where English is not required learning ….Like HARVARD or UC Berkley. That is the only reason I caan think you liberal a$$holes can’t understand the United States Constitution. But get ready dipsh*t, we are taking our country back one voting pricint at a time. Then idiots like you will not recieve degrees from universities uless you can actually understand the words you read. I have a copy of the Constitution of the United States of America on the desk in my office. I have read it and I understand it. The problem with our system now is that too many Judeges have caved to the “public” opinion and made rulings by that. The founders were far smarter than any leftist a$$hole practicing law today. Our unfortunatel situation today is that judges these days try to legislate from the bench because those bastards don;t understand ENGLISH. They think just besause they say “it” is so that is the law. Guess what, that’s why our legal system is sooooo backed up. Even those dumbass judges can’t understand English.

  • donh

    Why can’t talk like this be treated as sedition ? When the media starts making the case for officially voiding the constitution, can a government coup siezure of power be that far off ?

  • bg


    Constitution of the United States

    how many pages does the ObamaKennedyDodd Health
    Care Bill consist of?? and how many have been read??


  • pst314

    Klein isn’t stupid, just dishonest. (Insert a string of profanity between “just” and “dishonest”.)

  • Ginger

    If he is not part of the “gay night” at the white house he is working on it.

  • Sally

    I think the constitution to the “progressives” is like:

    pouring water on the Wicked Witch, or
    holding up a cross to the devil or…

    you get the idea.

  • aprilnovember811

    Looking at Obama and the rest of them is like looking at Satan. I swear they’ve all climbed up from the fires of hell. We are going to have to push his lack of eligibility even more now. I think they are becoming even more devious if it’s possible. I think Obama and the old hippie Abercrombie are trying to fabricate a phony birth certificate. I hope any hospital thinks twice before being an accomplice in this.

  • StrangernFiction

    Statists are the enemy. Ezra Klein is a statist. Enough said.

  • Henry Hawkins

    lol@Iowa Hawk’s post on this (linked above).

    Don’t worry, Ezra. We’ve got folks who can read it for you.

  • myohmy

    Overated, idiot, dumb? He must be not intelligent at all.